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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  December 14, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm CST

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it's december 14th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." >> i love you to death. i want to see you. i want to hold you. i want to kiss you. i miss y >> a gut wrenching message from a father -- >> who has not seen his son jason for ages. >> the story behind the remarkable moment they reconnect. a filmmaker fails to notice a great white, until he got nudged in the back by it. the moment the shark and snorkeler meet eye to eye. >> that was the scariest and exciting thing ever. >> dental school is stressful.
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videos is helping students blow off steam. ? i think i found myself a cavity ? >> we have christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web. ? all i want for christmas is you ? >> it's mariah's holiday classic, but all this youtuber wants -- >> is to look like mariah carey. >> see the final result and decide for yourself. >> can she sing like mariah carey, that's the quon video starts and it seems we're chasing behind the guy running through water. he turns around, suddenly see the speed increases, whips off his hat and rushes the guy off. absolutely enormous bear hug. you can barely hear them as they are pressed into each other telling them how much they love
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here is a fantastic one. all started, actually, with this video. >> what's your name? >> mccarthy. >> who are you looking to connect with? >> jason mccarthy, my son. >> anything you want to say to him? >> jason, i love you to death. i want to see you. i want to hold you. i want to kiss you. i miss you so much. >> daniel has been homeless and living on the streets of new jersey for a couple of years, hasn't seen his sonor of years and this message got put out and got shared and shared and very quickly they were able to find jason and connected them. this is when father and son were reunited. >> who was the guy actually daniel questioned? >> funny you should ask about it. if this seems like a lineal story, right back at the beginning of this group miracle messages, we skyped with the guy that started this movement, inspired by his uncle who spent
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turns out two years later it's still going. not only is it still going, it's growing. remember how it started in san francisco? now you can find them in new york city, d.c., ft. worth, london, calgary, philadelphia, vancouver, and l.a. it's all volunteers. they try to find people and get their messages out. the philadelphia chapter put this together. the two of them back together again. the best christmas present you could ever have. there is a they are looking for about $50,000 to cover the whatevers of travel or anything like that. the information and the videos are on our website,, click on tv show or use our mobile app. you never know, you could help some people connect. >> gone on over to australia. this is ash gibbs. he thinks it's a myth there are
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about to go snorkeling, so he's going to myth bust. >> hello, a great white shark. >> there goes the myth floating by. he said he didn't notice the great white until he got nudged in the back by it. now it comes right back around. what myth? >> did he take a shark cage? >> no, he was just snorkeling. the great white doing his best to prove him with hard evidence that we are here. >> of all things, set up come and literally go. >> nudge you on your shoulder. >> here's the thing you also should realize from watching the video, these things aren't out to eat you. this thing was doing its own thing and encountered this d dummy. >> it circumstanced for about two minutes and when all said and done, he was quite freaked out. >> i said i wanted to film a great white. that was the scariest and moats exciting thing ever.
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pretty much wherever you go. >> i'm shaking. these athletes are receiving their trophies for having accomplished a skiing feat. first, second, third place for the men, first, second, third place for the women, but you're thinking what on earth did they do to get these trophies. >> red bull logo in the background got me worried. >> which means it's going to be epic, because unlike other skiingeo extreme that we've had on the show, this one actually shows you just how difficult some of these jumps are. >> falling. >> off a mountain. >> and you get a real appreciation for what these guys have to go through, because sometimes they do not land their jumps. >> geez, man. >> have the nerve to pull off back flips and stuff in the middle of this. >> how would you even qualify? it's not off skis, not a double black diamond.
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>> like falling. >> it's not quite parachuting. >> anyone else feel after watching this they need to make the trophies a bit bigger? >> yeah. what else do i get? >> here's your ribbon. >> participation. you survived. >> you want to see the whole thing, head over to, click on tv show, or check it out on our mobile app. get the snot kicked out of you. >> yes, you could, if you pick up a very young buck mule here. that's what martin is doing. martin's home happens to be at the southwest wildlife foundation of utah. he and his wife got home and discovered somebody had put this little deer in their yard. their yard is fenced in, meaning somebody had to put it there, probably because they are rescue people.
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is get you back out in the wild where he belongs. >> so he carries it to the car. >> i think i saw this in a movie once with chris farley, david spade. this doesn't go well when you put the deer in the back of the car. >> it's going to go well, because martin says while other people shouldn't try this at home, he says he knows what he's doing. >> this is about the safest place i could put him. >> they take it to an area that's better, they take it to a winter grazing area. once he puts the creature down, all's well that ends well. i think it's pretty obvious that this deer really isn't stuck. >> get out of here. you're in a barn. >> this is the feed barn. >> otherwise known as the chinese all you can eat buffet.
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>> this deer does what he can do. >> what are you doing? >> gorging. >> making out like a bandit, what's it look like i'm doing? >> i feel bad for this creature, not welcome. eventually after running back and forth over the piles of grain, they were finally able to coax this deer out of the feed barn. >> that's crazy. all seems calm in the yard. >> but this one gets y. get smashing. >> bang! :oh! and a dude shows his love for his wife. >> by scaring the snap out of her. >> see why his funny joke doesn't exactly scream romance. feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol?, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand.
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>> he and his classmates got together to make this video and usedeveral songs. theyre lyrics ttune of "cheerle. ?ndoved over to "serman" >> all right, all ri all rit. >> they did say make anybody sing. turns out they were wrong. >> like really wrong. >> this one's a club banger. eastside boy. ? we could drill to the line ? ? get low get low get low ? ? to the dental to the wall ? >> and on par with the dental office theme.
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>> extracting the wisdom of their industry for this. >> just had her wisdom teeth taken. >> in australia, all seems calm on the road. pull up to this intersection and as you can quite clearly see from the plethora of lights in front of you, it's bang. straight through that red light comes a sort of red/orange color. that silver car slams into the side, but the story continues. you can hear sirens. >> car chase? >> yeah, you see that red/orange car come straight through, mount that curb right there. the whole front left is messed up and right behind you see this unmarked police car and another on the right-hand side continue in pursuit. there were a couple of other
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police are now looking for that female driver, because this actually stopped for the public safety. >> they let the person in the red car go, even though the car was that damaged. i have to believe it was moments from ending. >> i had exactly the same gh cet starts get dangerous, y tav sy othe public atlae. this next video from, erythi o there on the ground, but ts one gs crazy fast. bang! >> oh! now, i am going to straight-up let you know the personnside survived. elderly woman endedp with a broken wrist. >> that car flying when it hit the tree. >> yes, it was. slow it down to a quarter speed. see how it just crushes the entire right-hand side of this car. >> do we know what was going on with this elderly woman? >> it seems as though she may have fallen asleep at the wheel. that's the reports that have
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look over the area, care for the person inside. but it's, honestly, a miracle that a broken wrist and cut to the head seems to be all that happened. >> we all strive to be in loving relationships, but i don't think that's how things actually turn out, proven in this video. >> tyler! >> because this is apparently how this dude loves his wife, by scaring the snap out of her. >> even from the first scare, what's she do? looks at him i love you, but i wish i didn't sometimes. >> at some point in the relationship of living with this man in your house, you shouldn't be scared anymore. >> i'm going to live with you, but you get me every time. >> you would think at some point she'd get over it, but she doesn't. in fact, this video is full of clips and she's scared in every single one of them. >> i would just change the ring
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>> that's cold-blooded. >> he probably delivers her a glass of wine after every squeal. need to relax a bit, here you go. >> if he didn't scare her, she wouldn't have to. >> she knows it's ridiculous she gets scared every time. you can see it on her face. guess what, it's you again. >> some of us can't help it. >> see, towards the end of the video she's getting more seri >> if you want it to stop, stop reacting. >> i wish i could stop. >> babe! stop! dad's birthday breakfast surprise. >> i can't believe you're here. >> i came from the breakfast special. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, this little girl's got a special new toy. >> just like --
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promotional considerations provided by -- have a birth mark just like you? where's her birth mark? is her birth mark really
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pretty close to home for me, as well. i want you to meet 6-year-old karina. the great thing is, karina has a special goal. >> hey, hey. >> you can see on the doll's face and legs, the doll has a birth mark just like karina. she as a result of this was put up for adoption in china when she was 9 months old. she then spent three years waiting for a family until she was adopted by states. now, of course, she has had some hurtful remarks come her way. well, just see this wonderful, special moment when she's got this dolly that she just loves and looks just like her. >> what does daddy say about your birth mark? >> beautiful. >> beautiful? does mommy tell you the same thing? >> yep. >> yep. what do you tell her about her birth mark?
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>> they got the doll from these guys that made it, a doll like me, and that's exactly what they do. they feel people need to have dolls that look just like them. >> doll is making her situation a lot less taboo, right? she can relate through this doll that is also not so foreign or scary or unattractive, it's just what it is, and we can all move on. >> re-enforces who they are when they are able to see themselves in the things they watch and play with. th >> yes. >> yeah? it's no surprise a video posted by dude squad features this sound -- this crew gets to go to beautiful puerto rico. here they are out on the water catching some waves. >> seeing any trampolines this time? >> they don't need trampolines to get into trouble. they just need mother nature. some sea urchin spines are lodged in the foot.
3:52 pm
bloody. >> sacrificed to the reef. urchin, skin, cut open. >> do we peel him now? >> it's not a jelly fish sting, they just need to pull them out. what do you do? >> pee on it. >> okay, r. kelly. you need to get some tweezers and alcohol prep pads. >> all the dopey things you've seen these guys do, this is the most blood i've seen them produce. >> and it's the most normal activity they could be doin >> urchin. >> it's like nature's splinter. >> these things do sting. they are venomous. however, they are very, very, very rarely fatal. here comes one. >> oh! >> look at that. that was not a little itty bitty thing. hear that? that's the sound of a needle. he was successfully able to pull
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never know what you might step on in the ocean. it's trying to kill you. >> it is trying to kill you. all this beauty guru wants for christmas is to look like mariah carey. >> i want to point out she looks absolutely nothing like mariah carey. see how she uses makeup magic to
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this is such a great put together by becky, and she creates all these pretty rad hair tutorials. this one she's helping us create a christmas tree with hair. >> okay. that's just too creative. how hard is it? >> simple, actually. all you need to do is divide the ha into these two pony tails, braid the top, loosen it up, and at the very end you connect t
3:57 pm
you stretcht out, giving it the shape, the triangular spe of a christm tree. the next thing you do is take ornaments, attach them to bob by pins and slide tm into the hair >> this is really cute. back in the day they used to add ribbons to our braids like this, but that's cool. i like that. >> it's simple. >> that's really cute. mariah cas want for christmas" is a holiday classic. all this fan wants for christmas is to look like mariah carey, so she's done a makeup tutorial on it. first she starts with foundation, then goes on to contour her cheeks, chin, forehead. >> i'm using my oval brush. >> blends all of that, adds a little highlighter. she goes on to blend it and dab it with her makeup there. >> before she gets too far, i want to point out she looks
3:58 pm
>> hold your horses, bud. next step, her eyebrows. >> she has the skinny, rounded brow. i'm going to try my best to copy that. >> now my favorite part, the lashes. >> the eye wigs. >> she nails these eye wigs. and now for the lips. >> for the lips i'm going to take this reddish brown lip liner and completely reshape my lips. >> not often you see women using makeup to make their lips smalle >> lips, see the angle there? she's got that mariah look. >> uh-huh. she's going to need a wig, though, because mariah has honey locks. >> of course, gayle. no look is complete without the wig. tucks her hair up under it and voila. >> oh! >> it's the expression, as well, and the eyebrows.
3:59 pm
carey, though, that's the question. >> don't push it. sometimes it's hard to say next at four.. dangerous windchills now a winter storm watch. storm team 4 tells us how long the bitter cold lasts and when we can expect more snow.. i'm shannon sims.and i'm steve chamraz. live at four is next. janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way. who says no to more? time warner cable's all about giving you more. like the most free hd channels and virtually unlimited movies and shs on demand, so you can binge all day. switch to get ultra-fast internet with
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