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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  December 15, 2016 5:30am-5:45am CST

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for sheriff david clarke to resign..nd ayt u're watching live at ybreakodayon t j4. & i'm susan kim.and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together... after highs got into the mid teens around noon yesterday, the cold front moved through and dropped temps into the single digits along with a 30 mph wind, annd have dropped to 0 along the lake, to -8 inland this morning with wind chills wind . despite for all of se a lot of sun, today only warms up to 8 degrees with gusty winds and lls @staying around -10 all day. tonight is
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and isolated light snow as lows drop to 5. there will be less than a half inch of snow by morning ? incident freelightspeeds at or above posteddrive times in these frigid conditions, requirement. how do they ob handle rough days like today? they say bundling up and understanding the ngers of the low temperatures... are
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buwh you spread christmas cheer it's always a good time you just give more on a cold day because they want to give more because they see you struggling for it if you do have to be outside, health experts encourage you to cov as much of your body as you can. the less skin you expose the better. even in this cold weather... the ovens are running and temperature is hot at the national bakery?w and deli on milwaukee's south side. that's where pete zervakis is live taking a break from the
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now's a good time to download our storm shield app-- get the
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exact location send right to your phone or mobile device. there's also a personalized forecast and interactive radar-- just into our newsroom: if you're traveling out of town next week for the holidays, get ready-- you'll be sharing the road 103 million of your closest friends. triple a says travel on the road and in the air will ?busier than ever before. e to lopres a cheap air fare deals ha mor people-- planning trips out of town. peak travel times run fr decembe23rdhr january second... if you're driving-- traffic lume on th23 christmas eve. if you'r the enof the year boost-- caps off a record breaking year for planes, trains-- and driving. more news now - demoatic state lawmakers ar?:e calling for clarke to resign or be removed from office because ofrecent dehs theounty jail. state senator chrilarson... and representatives jonathan
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issued a statement yesterday, calling the deaths "tragic and preventae" ansaying the dehs are tied to --quote-- "clarke's lack of supervision of his department" a spokesperson for sheriff clarke provided this response: "the sheriff said he is thoroughly withbored this democrat party fake news because he helped donald trump get elected potus. he said they must have heard him speak at trump victory rally and it america great again."tag make following the feds raising a key interest rate for the first time in 20.. kids leard an importnat sson about saving money at the holy church in milwaukee. they were gied with savings accounts ile enjoying fun activities.. the money kids save will be ?matched. 182814-22(("we el its important we want to make sure we help our youth see the importance of investing so they can be prepthe future."))3309((" yoshould try to pay back your loans as
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my loans, then you have to keep getting loans, and you may not be able to get a car or house as you want to."))? this was all part of the "madame cj walker savings club for children"--kids enjoyed arts and crafts, cookie making- - financial institutions have partnered with the a-lego to help build money holiday shipping holiday shipping deadlines. the key dates you don't want to miss. plus... the free way on retailer is getting involved to get more business by making life easier for shoppers. more live at daybreak-- on today's tmj4 is next. and here's a look at milwaukee.. both inside and
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after highs got into the mid teens around nn yesterday,
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single digits aland wind chills to -10 all day. actual temps have dropped to 0 along e lake, to -8 inland thindlladvis wisconsin til 10am. itlot of su up to 8 degrees with gusty winds and windhis stayg around -10 all day. nit ly cloudy with flurries and isolated light snow as lows drop to? 5. there will by morning more ns now - millio of ople asigning up for health care for 20-17.. despite president-elect trump's vow to repeal it as soon as he takes office next month. as of earlier this week
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loged onto health care-dot-gov and selected policies. but for those of you that want coverage to start on january first.. you must sign up today. if you're planning on shipping christmas gifts.. here's what you need to know.for standard ground delivery... get your packages to the post office by ?today. fedex s a friday deadline for standard ground service.with u-p- you have until monday forit's 3 day if you still need to wrap up your holiday shopping... free shngday is ?tomorrow. currently there are more than one-thousand retailers participating this year... promising christmas eve delivery and no minimum purchase.if you would like to e which volves are tmj4-domsted a li cause who ng ringa shipping on mon 15re tha hundred toys..your last thursday... at noon local i time. the store is also ofchrimas eve pickup for orders placed online by
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23rd. coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:when the snow ve tshovel is juhead. then -- on the hunt fora hatchimal? the orthat's stocking up on that ?must have
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oh no. oh no. oh no. hate ts vem, we a situation. man oh man.
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? ?nh ? ? la vie est belle. la vie est belle. the eau de parfum, lanc?me.
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storm team 4 - a big chill is takiover the better part of the country -- with temperatures here in the sidigits. taking a live look outside across southeastern wisconsin. brs ?; anothelook at your weather and traffic together... after highs got into the d
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ugh cold front moved thro d dropped tempinto the single digits 30 mph nd, and wind chills - to -10 all day. actual temps have dropped to 0 along the , his morning with wind chills to -25. a wind chill advisory is in effect for all of se wisconsin until 10am. despite a lot of sun, today only warms up to 8 degrees with gusty winds and wind chills around -10 all day. tonight is mostly cloudy th flurr and olated lighsnow as lows drop to 5. thereill lehaa halfnch of sno morngafter the cold morning, we warm up to 23 friday afternoon with clouds and snow showers by afternoon and evening. there is a winter storm watcfor most of se
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night is snowy and warmerith lows near 20, and the snow continues on saturday with highs in the mid to upper 20s. by saturday evening, we should see 6-11" of fluffy snow. another cold front brings sunny, breezy a cold conditions for sunday with a high near 3 and wind chills to -20 all day. incident free traffic is
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incident freetraffic is light speeds at or above postedive times are on time even with these extremely cold tempertures, that doesn't mean ice is thick enough on lakes or ponds just yet.... while anxious fishermen like to go out during the first ice because it's the best time to fish... don't do it. thickness can vary drastically. "three inches of ice will actually hold seven-hundred pounds, it'll hold a lot.
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problem. the problem is that when you have three inches of ice you can go to places where there is only one inch. so when you're walking, you gotta pay attention" and while we can tell you to stay off the ice... there's no way of keeping you from going on it... so be sure to bring device to be safe. in today's money - shoppers still on the hunt for one of this year's must-have holiday toys may be able to snag one this weekend.on sunday -- shelves with the latest shipment of hatchimals. but if parents still come up empty- handed... members of toys r us' rewards ogram who shop between sunday and the22nd, will be entered for a chance to win a hatchimal. looks like dogs really are man's bestfriend. they're expected to receive two- and-a-half times the gifts than cats this holiday season. that's according to s-l-i systems which analyzed what pet products people searched
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just a couple more months and hinterland brewing's new building in the titletown district should open for the first time... they posted on its facebook page thatew eqpment camen... d according to packer news-dot-com, they should start brewing beer on site by february with a grand opening two months later in april. hinterland is one of three announced tenants for the packers titletown district. trending today: the much anticipated "star wars" arrives in theaters tonight. the film takes place before the events of star wars: a new hope.4sit tells the xrstory of unlikely heroesho )ohave dreaded death star. lochte is ending 20-16 on a highnote. the olympic swimmer announced on his instagram that he's expecting his first child... naturally, e announcement had to involve
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yla rae ng earlier this year.. and got er. still ahead live at caputred on top of one of e world's most beautiful mountains.also-- flame throwing b er ?this guy-- is giving folks something to talk about-- thats next. let's take a look at tonight's prime time 6:30.. "foo betw the rams a the t 7:30 ahawks... en mthe ne
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i. cost le than ziploc yoll thank me lar.ohsay hefts lesshaploc. d taking a live look outside.. sunrise atop the most well- known mountain in japan enchanted photographers this morning.? howautifu. shutter bugs aimed their
5:55 am is only around the winter solstice when you can see ?"diamot. fuji". don't e every day.a unicle ride dressed as darth vader.... wearing a santhat, riding in the snow..... and playin un?an kiaround portland, oregon arou on his one eel cyclwearing a kilt and time he turned it up a and ventur o ch me iseninhappat six-- on live at daybreak.?? including... shoppers beware. the three top financial scams that nsumers may fall victim ton the next week...
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4at six-- ow on the way ?9how much to expect... and why yore hitting road. then -- ink warm thoughts..e co
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and ng ali loo?e-weomto aak. suki got our ?fst school delay into the schools will start 2 hours later today e ofbecausth cold. after highs teens arnd noon yesterday, the cold front moved through andropd temps into the single digits along with a 30 mph wind, and wind chills -?5 to -10actu tps have dropped 0 angthe lake, to -8 inland this morning th nd chills to


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