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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'm on top of a hot spot in bradenton. u.s. 301 is shutdown in both directions from a fatal accident at 63rd avenue at state road 70. take u.s. 41 around this. i'll have more detours coming bay area bridges. good wednesday morning. morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm mark rivera. in alabama and mississippi six twisters touched down last businesses. >> eight states are under a threat this moment from alabama to indiana. we are talking about severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and even damaging winds. in other parts of the country,
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flooding. weather experts say you can blame this on one weather system for everything we are seeing across the country. you can see the damaging tornadoes there. look at that wind spinning. somehow nobody was hurt. the damage is extreme. at least six and up to nine tornadoes are been reported in mississippi and alabama. now we know they are all from the threat of severe thunderstorms and flash flooding continues this morning in the southeast. >> the fact is we only lost material things. there is nothing here that can't be replaced and we didn't get a scratch on us. we are not hurt. we just have a lot of work to do. >> the best news is nobody was hurt or killed in any of those areas in either state. this is what i'm working on now for the next half hour.
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storm were given another warning today to watch out. severe weather continues to sweep across the country bringing snow from colorado to wisconsin. 13 million people have been impacted. parts of colorado are digging out of more than a foot of snow. in kansas, conditions left drivers little visibility. several big rigs were stranded. plows are having trouble passing the roads themselves. 1600 people lost power in lincoln, nebraska. >> it is a moment where you go back to when people didn't have power and you to adapt. >> flight schedules seem to be back on track. as the zica virus continues to spread more people are wondering could we have a wide- spread outbreak here in the united states. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live in tampa.
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here across hillsborough and across the country are concerned about the outbreak. they are not worried this will get out of control across the country. so far we have 30 cases of people in the u.s. with the virus. a third of those cases here in florida. health officials are scrambling to try to figure out how to keep everything under control, especially now that we know one person out of texas got sick from having sex with someone who had the virus. just how do you protect yourself from the zica virus? i'm looking into what health officials are saying. i'll have an answer coming up at 6:30. reporting live in tampa emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. u.s. health oversite committee will hold the first congressional hearing into the flint, michigan water crisis today. this comes as the governor will meet with city officials and pastors to proposed $30 million in state funding to help pay the water bill of those
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he'll bring it to lawmakers next week. presidential canidates are hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire today. that primary is next tuesday february 9th. there were mentioned emotions after iowa this week. donald trump is brushing off his second please finish to senator ted cruz. he said he was told he would have a hard time in iowa and he didn't spent as much time of effort there. marco rubio is a percentage point behind trump. >> you have to convince more people that conservatism is the right approach for america. i have done that and will do that. >> hillary clinton enters the new hampshire primary as the underdog by 18 points. top army and marine corp officials are pushing all women should have to register for the draft. it will take up to three years
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they will not lower standards to bring women into grueling jobs. the case of cop killer daunte morris will go before the supreme court today. the new u.s. supreme court ruling might apply to their cases. florida's system of imposing death sentences was unconstitutional because it gave too much decision-making power to the judge instead of the jury. dna from the marines killed in a helicopter crash off the coast of hawaii last month may have been found. u.s. marine corp says the families of the identified victims were notified. coast guard first reported two helicopters collided during the night of january 14th. one denver broncos player has been sent home.
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in a prostitution sting but released by police. happened tuesday in a motel parking lot. his brother and suspected prostitute were cited in that position. coach kubiac said it was better for the team to continue for the superbowl without murphy. on monday a mailman went to the door and say someone put a cat fish in their mailbox. several other families in the area say that happened to them. we sometimes enjoy rubbing in the nice weather we have here to our friends and family up north. >> now there is a marketing scheme built around that idea in chicago. every wednesday several cars
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riders will be given prizes and a trip around pinellas county with virtual reality goggles. the high today in chicago will be 28. the high in st. pete today will be 78 degrees. explosion causes a giant hole in a plane shortly after takeoff. >> images from the plane after it makes an emergency landing coming up at 6:33. while companies are hoping to cash in on their superbowl commercials one florida bank is hoping their inspires change. in manatee county a deadly accidentally has shutdown part of u.s. 301. we'll get to that coming up with hilary zalla in a few minute.
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bridge update as we are
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morning rush hour. a look at the howard frankland bridge north of 4th street on the pinellas side. things picking up as you are heading into tampa. your drive time is six minutes to cross. sunshine skyway bridge not looking too shabby. you can see traffic very light. drive time is just 17 minutes. i'll here to help you beat the backups are traffic every ten minutes. i'll have another update coming up. bobby? >> thank you very much. sky cam showing great visibility. high clouds coming in from the south and west. warm winds 5 to 10 mixed up the atmosphere and kept us warmer. no fog this morning. this will change everything. this frontal boundary will put severe weather in alabama, georgia and the carolinas later today. it brings a cold front through here tomorrow slowly. that will cool us down. three-day-forecast shows big changes. low 80s today. 75 tomorrow with rain in the afternoon and evening hours.
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i'll talking about the weekend forecast coming up in ten minutes. time now is 6:11. it is wednesday february 3rd. this is a look at today's headlines in 60 seconds. part of mississippi and alabama are cleaning up after several tornadoes touched down tuesday night. the twisters left a trail of downed power lines and damaged homes. no one was seriously hurt. >> it is a game changer. we have to be prepared as a nation. zica is spreading. 28 country and territories are dealing with a zica crisis, including here in florida. there are nine confirmed cases. two in hillsborough county. >> he comes in third. i come in second. donald trump no good. marco rubio unbelievable night. new hampshire is the new battleground in the race to the white house. first primary is a week away. canidates are doing their best
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around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. the first cvs family will open inside a target today in charleston. thousands of in-house pharmacies. targets and clinics will go through a transformation. pharmacies will stay opened as they get revamped. today president obama will visit a u.s. mosque as the first time as president. this comes as muslim americans are seeing an increase on threats and attacks on places of worship. he'll visit the islamic society in baltimore. eight people are recovering after being rescued from floodwaters in mississippi. sheriff's office and fire department were evacuating people from their homes. because of how quickly that water was rising, military trucks were called in. heavy rains caused all that flooding. the waters have since receded. as much as $5 million for 30 seconds is how much companies are paying cbs for
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sun trust bank is one of those companies. they say their ad will be different. they hope it inspires change. the commercial will air during the fourth quarter's two minute warning and kick off the onward and upward campaign for financial stability. >> it is a call to get people more engaged about their financial well being and to take control of their financial life. we are not looking to sell a product. were trying to get people to think of a better life. >> for more ads you might see head to what do we have on the roads? >> unfortunately i'm on top of a fatal accident in bradenton on u.s. 301. 301 is closed both directions at 63rd avenue. you can see a semi was involved
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this closure could last well through your morning commute. i want to show you how to get around this. you have a couple options. u.s. 41 is a good one heading south into sarasota. that runs parallel to the west. option. that runs to the east. you have side streets you can take to get back to u.s. 301. i'll let you know when a lane is able to open. hillsborough county majors not looking bad. i'm on top of a broken down car at the selmon expressway in tampa. this is blocking a lane. watch out for that. sky 10 network camera shows downtown tampa i-275 isn't looking bad. drive time is 15 minutes from the apex down to i-4. pinellas county, i-275 looking quiet for you, as well. this is a live look at roosevelt boulevard. these northbound lanes are
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gandy bridge. you have a ten minute drive time. a good time to get out the door if you can. polk county your drive time is looking great. polk parkway 65 miles per hour. if you are heading into tampa for work your drive time is 15 minutes to i-75. if you have any problems on the roads i'm your road warrior. i'll look into any traffic safeties you are seeing. let me know what they are at bobby? >> thank you very much. we are much warmer out there this morning. as a result we don't have much fog this morning. visibilities looking great for just about everybody. a patch or two can't be ruled out. closer to sunrise 7:30 to 8:00. i don't think it will be a major issue. we have mid and high level clouds coming be. they acted as a blanket and kept was warmer. they are not producing any rain.
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we have a small chance of rain this afternoon at 10%. here's the big story. 72 degrees in tampa, river view and bradenton. 68 is our cool spot. the average high temperature for this time of the year is 71. we have already beat that. we are going to the low 80s today. south to southeast winds is one of the reasons we are warm. the fact it is 5 to 10 miles per hour. that will stay with us today and come towards the south. i think we'll watch for sea fog this morning up to clearwater beach. no issues out there this morning. including the bus stop. 71 degrees. not much fog out there. very warm now. warmer this afternoon. have those kids ready with basically short sleeves and shorts for today. southeast winds at around 5 to 10 this morning. i do want to show you sunshine around the area today. bring your sunglasses.
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to 10:00 we'll see a lot of it. no problems at all today weather-wise. rain chances after 2:00 to 3:00. it is only an isolated chance. mainly inland east of i-75 through 4:00 to 6:00. again, one or two that would be it. i will want to watch the coastal areas by 5:00 and 6:00 for some of that sea fog to blow back towards the coast. that is a possibility. jim will track that for you at 5:00 and 6:00. the evening is looking nice falling slowly through the 70s. we'll go up to 83 for a daytime high. warmest numbers will be east of i-75. if you are at the beach today, it is only going to top out at 78. that's just because the water temperature is around 63 degrees. boaters a little more breeze today. two to three foot seas. moderate chop on the bay. wind will go 10 knots this afternoon. this morning partly cloudy skies. just an isolated chance for fog along the coast.
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tomorrow morning. here it comes. a cold front will come through. we'll have a few showers around in the morning. better chance for lunchtime and beyond. that was 5:00 p.m. this is 11:00 p.m. to midnight. the rain will be tapering off after med night. afternoon and evening hours tomorrow will be soggy. then we cool things down. weekend. 60s on friday. 67 on saturday. the rain looks late saturday night into early sunday morning. then it is out of here. that gfs model doesn't give us much rain at all. i think we have a decent chance still. the time will fluctuate. stay tuned. we'll track that for you close he. monday mid 60s. maybe only in the 50s on tuesday. i think wednesday and thursday of next week will be some of the coldest air we have seen so far this year. don't forget we are on the
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a boston student finds a way to make a few extra bucks renting his dorm room. >> it may not have been the best idea. we'll explain coming up. you can follow as you head out the door this morning. download our 10 news app. a live look at downtown tampa. it is brighter out there.
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up
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new customers, open a drive times 6:23. we are seeing delays in hillsborough county.
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your drive time is 17 minutes from i-75 to gandy bridge. southern hillsborough county if you are in sun city center traveling along u.s. 301 it is taking you 30 minutes from sun city center boulevard to i-4. speeds around 45 miles per hour. by the way, i-75 still in the green. bobby? >> that's good news this morning. no fog this morning. that's even better news. coming home, i don't think it is an issue. partly cloudy skies falling out of the 80s into the 70s. watch for the coastal fog to try to blow back on shore. big storms in the southeast. look at the rain going up into new england. the tornado threat today is going to be in the panhandle, including tallahassee up through atlanta the eventually through raleigh. east coast travel watch that. west coast is quiet until later this afternoon. that's when another storm system will move on shore. people in mississippi and alabama are picking up the pieces after several tornadoes hit there.
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county, mississippi. no one was hurt when a tornado rolled through. some people say it came up so unexpectedly they barely made it to shelters. the first case of the zica virus spread from sexual contact just came up in texas. >> that person was exposed to someone who had it from a tropical region where the virus is circulating. if top marine army generals get their way women may have to sign up for the draft. it will take up to three years until the combat posts are integrated. the military will not lower standards to bring women into grueling jobs. united airlines is making it easier for parents to travel. after four years the airline will allow families with children under the age of two to board early.
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policy to make traveling less stressful for parents. the change will go into effect february 15th. one in five people suffer from hay fever. if you are one of them doctors say it is time to take precautions. the tablets only create one kind of pollen -- treat one kind of pollen allergy. a live report from san francisco as players get back to practice days for superbowl 50.
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out-the-door forecast is a warm one this morning. and a fog-free one, too. we are looking at temperatures in the low 70s this morning. and only climbing up from there. were on our way to the low 80s. grab those sunglasses and look for an isolated shower. a better chance of rain will come in tomorrow during the afternoon and evening thundershowers. much cooler for the weekend. that forecast is coming up in ten minutes. morning. it is 6:30. i'm on top of breaking news in bradenton. we are learning that two people have been killed in this
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a semi and car collided. u.s. 301 is shutdown in both directions. live to our sky 10 network camera. another hot spot i-4 in tampa getting slow. this is at orient road at the hard rock hotel and casino. your drive time ten minutes into tampa. coming up in less than ten minutes i'll have a look at your bay area bridges. good morning, it is 5:30. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm mark rivera. the national weather service is trying to figure out how many tornadoes touched down in mississippi and alabama. >> be prepared was the stern management from the emergency management agencies in alabama and mississippi as they warned reds to be prepared for tornadoes, wide-spread showers and damage this morning. the tornado hit in alabama then moved north spinning 45 miles
6:27 am
one severe storm system is blamed for all of this damage. the deep south is on the warm side of this same system whose cold site pummeled the plains and midwest are record snowfall. these places are cleaning up in case more severe weather is heading their way and hoping for the best. allison? >> thank you very much. flights across the midwest are back on schedule after a major snow storm. the blizzard brought a foot of snow to parts of colorado. it cut power to thousands across the plains. new warning this morning about the dangerous zica outbreak. the red cross is asking you not to donate blood if you have gone to a country hit hard by zica. that's even if you don't have the virus. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live at the florida
6:28 am
that's where two cases of the virus have been confirmed. how do folks protect themselves from the virus. >> reporter: be diligent about using bug spray. make sure you are using spray with deet in it. cover your body completely. you want to make sure if you are traveling out of town or out of the country and going to any of the countries like latin north american, haiti or the caribbean, places that have been having problems with the zica outbreak you might want to reconsider those plans. health officials want you to rethink going to those areas if you are pregnant or are trying to conceive. many times people get sick and do not realize what is going on. >> 80% of the victims don't have symptoms. this is a game changer. we have to be prepared as a nation. >> reporter: health officials don't believe there will be a
6:29 am
as we mentioned earlier there is a case from texas raising concerns. someone there contracted the virus by having sex with someone infected with zica. in addition to the bug spray you have to be careful about the type of protection you are using sexually, as well. live in tampa emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. investigators are trying to figure out what caused an explosion that left a massive hole in a plane. it forced the plane to make an emergency landing on tuesday. 70 people were on board. two people were hurt. explosion happened after takeoff. the pilot believes it was a bomb. a small plane makes a dramatic water landing in hawaii on tuesday afternoon and it was all caught on camera. authorities said the pilot was the only person on board when he realized he had landing gear problems shortly after departure. he wanted to return to the honolulu international airport but wasn't able to lower his gear.
6:30 am
crews with there for the rescue. >> seemed like he was on the or the runway. in the end he decided to put it in the water. i give him credit for that. it was a nice textbook landing. >> the pilot was a 68-year-old visitor from australia with 40 years of flying experience. luckily he didn't have any injuries. before you get in the car that this morning there is an important recall you need to know about. toyota is recalling trucks and suvs because the rear mounted air bags can inflate without a crash. improper programming is causing this issue. you can see how to get it fixed at apple's new i-phone is expected to be smaller. it is expected to have a four inch screen. this is a crucial time for
6:31 am
falling blow forecast. an emerson student in boston came up with a creative way to make extra cash. has renting out his dorm room. he hosted three guests before the school forced him to take the ad down. a few hours athletes across the bay area and the u.s. will get ready to announce where they'll play college ball. today is the first day when ncaa allows seniors to sign a binding national letter of intent. 10 news will have crews all over the bay area for national signing day. we'll bring you the latest on air and online at superbowl 50 now four days and way. today it is back to practice for the denver broncos and carolina panthers after an off day on tuesday. >> excitement is building for the players and fans in san francisco. that's where we join jamie
6:32 am
is it getting busier out there? >> reporter: we have been live in superbowl city all week long. it opened over the weekend which i thought drew large crowds over the weekend. i didn't even realize how big it was going to get. yet out of towners started arriving in superbowl city. there are marching bands playing and wine tents set up behind me. i would like to go there for happy hour later. there are so many activities for families out here. the crowds started building as the week progressed. we are excited to see what happens tomorrow. >> how big of a deal is this for small businesses in the area? >> reporter: we visited a local bakery yesterday. she got a $5500 contract. which may not sound like a ton of money. so her, she is such a small business it will provide her with a number of opportunities. she is hoping it may start as a
6:33 am
there are hundreds of businesses in the bay area that were able to connect up to the nfl's business connect program. who got these types of grants and money to provide all kinds of things. superbowl week there are so many events that happen. you need lunches. baked goods. signs and balloons. you name it. >> the last question. how is security wrapping up for the superbowl a few days away now? >> reporter: i have to tell you long. as each day progresses and the crowds get big we are see the security lines get longer. they are being very tight. especially in the areas where there are events happening like here in superbowl city. there is also the nfl experience a few miles away. you see everybody from police officers in s.w.a.t. gear. they have k-9 officers out. you can see people riding around in their uniforms and things but with long guns as
6:34 am
the streets to make sure everything is secure all around the event areas here in san francisco. >> thank you very much. you'll want to stick around for studio 10 live today to get prepared for the big game. >> celebrity chef paula dean will be on the show and talk about her cook book and recent time on dancing with the stars. >> tampa bay rays pitcher chris archer will be on the show to talk at traveling in the offseason and what's in store for this season. you can catch studio 10 live on 10 news at 9:00 a.m. at first glance you may think this is an alligator. take a closer look. it is actually a crocodile. 12-foot crock showed up at an apartment complex in cape coral. >> neighbors say they have never seen crocks in near community.
6:35 am
have not come out to take it away. it has a tag on it. meaning officers have seen it before. a huge pop star will sing the national anthem before the superbowl. we'll let you know who. a mother makes custom piece of jewelry made from breast milk. that story at 6:46. live in manatee county a deadly accident shutdown part of u.s. 301. it is causing backups. road warrior hilary zalla will
6:36 am
our bridge update into morning rush hour looking
6:37 am
gandy bridge is looking good. 43 miles per hour into tampa. drive time five minutes across. howard frankland bridge still at 58 miles per hour at the end of the bridge. i'm seeing delays near kennedy boulevard. courtney campbell causeway the quietest bridge. you drive time six minutes across. live to sky 10 network camera northbound lanes into tampa heavy. sunshine skyway bridge quiet. drive time 17 minutes. northbound and southbound not seeing any issues. bobby? >> a fog-free commute this morning. that's great, too. if you suffer from allergies or sore throat juniper is up high. there is a little maple and oak. it is that time of year they'll increase. keep that in mind. weekend forecast. it is only weekend but it is never too early to talk about the weekend. much cooler. 82 today. 66 on saturday. 59 to 60 on sunday. the rain chance has been changing.
6:38 am
now it looks late saturday evening into early sunday morning. stay tuned. we'll keep you updated. there will be a couple thunderstorms. severe weather threat does not look large. canidates are hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> after the iowa caucus it could be anyone's race to win. donald trump is brushing off his second place finish to texas senator ted cruz and downplaying florida senator marco rubio drawing third place victory. hillary clinton is campaigning hard after a marginal win over bernie sanders. dna from marines killed in a helicopter crash has been found. >> the happened shortly after the january 14th crash. two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii during nighttime training with 12 marines on board. michigan's governor is hoping a $30 million proposal will help those affected by flint's drinking water crisis. >> he'll first present it to
6:39 am
the lawmaker approve it, that money will go towards paying a portion of utility bills for water that was or will be used in drinking or bathing skin and washing hands. trending this morning. you know superbowl 50 will be full of stars who are not going head to head on the gridiron. beyonce and cold play performing at the half-time show. lady gaga will be performing the national anthem kicking off five decades of superbowl success. i put this story on my facebook page. you can leave me a comment and let me know how you feel about that. lady gaga has a great voice. not a lot of people might connect that. >> everybody sees her wild costumes and interesting comments on stories. nobody really pays attention to her voice. >> i'm sure it will be great. >> it will be interesting to see what she decides to wear.
6:40 am
her new jewelry line can help other mothers cherish their children forever. she learned how to take breast milk and turn it into this. a photo she posted to facebook of a finish jewelry piece was noticed. now she gets orders all over the country. >> every single piece is unique to them and their story. some people struggle to get breast milk. >> it takes three months to fill an order. customized charms cost anywhere from $50 to $200. road warrior hilary zalla is looking at issues on the roads this morning. bradenton. two people have died in this crash. u.s. 301 is shutdown south of state road 70 at the intersection of 63rd avenue. the tow truck is on scene. looks like 301 will be shutdown for the remainder of your morning commute with a fatal accident they have to investigate.
6:41 am
cleared out of the way. i'll stay on top of it for you. right now consider taking u.s. around it. in pinellas county i'm on top of an injury accident in pinellas park. it is on 49th street north at south. they are two lanes reportedly blocked here. i was seeing a slowdown earlier. however you are in the green. give yourself extra time this there. live to our sky 10 network camera on i-75 at gibsonton drive in gibsonton. captain al is looking for an issue on i-75 at gibsonton drive earlier. clear, smooth sailing along i- 75 in southern hillsborough county. polk county looking good drive time-wise. anyone in lakeland heading into tampa for work your drive time is 16 minutes. that's a minute delay.
6:42 am
miles per hour. a slight slowdown there near bartow road. other than that, polk county you are looking good. if you have any problems on the roads e-mail me. i will look at any traffic safety issue you are seeing. i'll get you answers. let me know what you see at road warrior and bobby? >> clouds and wind are combined to make your morning commute better than it was yesterday. look at the temperatures. this is huge. you'll feel this. 72 right now in tampa. the average high temperature for the day is 71. we'll only warm up. 68 st. pete. that's our cool spot. 71 new port richey. 72 in river wood and bradenton. high clouds are streaming by from the west.
6:43 am
sunshine out there for today. we are seeing it come up here. brighter there at wesley chapel, honda toyota. this is renaissance hotel international plaza. look at florida southern college in lakeland. go. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds through the day. it is a dry, warm and humid day. lunchtime today 12:30 incredible. mid to upper 70s. partly cloudy. a little southeasterly breeze 10 to 15 miles per hour. after about 3:30 to 4:00 watch for a pop up shower or two. most areas won't see it. by about 5:00 with the winds turning south we could see sea fog along the coast. jim will track that for you at 5:00 and 6:00. keep that in mind for the ride home.
6:44 am
tomorrow we will see an isolated shower first thing in the morning. this is 7:30. here comes a cold front. the rain, especially after lunchtime tomorrow through the evening hours will become more wide-spread. there will be a couple thunderstorms. i don't expect much from it. by 3:00 on fridaying morning things will clear out. cooler air comes in for friday into the weekend. severe weather threat today is up to our north and west. tomorrow that threat diminishes. only a few thunderstorms. we'll track it closely for you. the only main threat will be heavy rainfall anywhere from three quarters to an inch and a half of rain. it is wide-spread. the cooler air comes in and gets colder into next week. take a look at the seven-day forecast. 80s today. 70s tomorrow with the rain. 60s basically through the weekend. sunday, with rain late saturday night into sunday morning sunday may not get out of the 50s.
6:45 am
thursday could see freezing temperatures. some of the coldest air we have seen so far this year. it won't last long but it will be cold. you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. we teamed up with the tampa bay times and the ledger. you can find the 10 weather forecast there and all the great articles they write about the weather. he's written and sing with justin bieber and adele. >> now the late show's host james gordon has a new star sitting in the passenger seat for carpool kareoke. it is the best. live look at downtown tampa. that sun is starting to come up. it is a beautiful start to this wednesday morning. if you are out and about and you catch a picture of the sunrise we want to see it. use the hashtag #rise with 10
6:46 am
20 minutes in gandy bridge to i-4. slowest spot is on kennedy boulevard. live to our sky 10 network camera along i-4. this is near orient road. you are looking at strawberry crest high school there. all the high schoolers going to school this morning. that's a busy area near u.s. 92. leave early if you can. i-4 is definitely getting busy. bobby? >> thank you. planning your wednesday starts off warm in the low 70s and gets warmer. low 80s for daytime highs. bring your sunglasses. there is a breeze out of the hour. if you are traveling it is the south through atlanta. midday. if you are moving towards the west coast it is fine through the first of the day. storms rolling in atlanta today. people in elk ridge, alabama are cleaning up this area. trees were knocked down making
6:47 am
the damage will be visible in a few minute. several tornadoes touched down in the south on tuesday. top army and marine say women should have to register for the draft. the military will not lower standards to bring women into the grueling jobs. there are two confirmed cases of the zica virus in hillsborough county and nine total in the state of florida. all cases related to travel outside of the u.s. florida department of health is monitoring each person. none of them are pregnant women. a new star hops in the passenger seat for the latest carpool kareoke on the late late show. shine for you. >> look at that. cold play's chris martin is in san francisco for the superbowl 50 half-time show. during the road trip they joked around singing some of cold
6:48 am
you can catch the late late show on 10 news after the late show with stephen colbert. thank you for joining us this morning.
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