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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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candidates have been out as the winds and the whiteout conditions are hitting the new england area. forecast is expected to be 6- inches of snow to fall through tomorrow morning. chipotle is back open. the chain's restaurant closed to give employees to know about food safety. you will remember norovirus and e. coli sickened people in several states. what employees learned and will it be enough to regain your trust. >> customers streaming in for lunch got a surprise with locked downs and empty restaurants. >> i wish i would have known before i came. >> chipotle restaurant
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tuned in for a tell la conference outlining new standards among the enhancement blanching raw vegetables. we are committing $10 million to help local growers to provide meat and product in safety protocols. >> even those that missed out on lunch are encouraged to hear about the safety. >> if it is a health issue. i think every restaurant should go through something like that and educate their people and i hope they get it clear because i love this place. >> they are taking a big risk and caring about the people they serve. >> the employees returning to work encouraged. >> exciting to see what we can become. it is only will make us better. >> bo is the in-house food safety expert and joins us. the big question that a lot us
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that restaurant going to be safer for us? >> the centers for disease control never found the actual source. it could have originated on a farm. some of the problems could be prevented by what you do in the prison and washing your hands extremely important and that's part of the new plan. they will dip some of the raw vegetables in boiling water before they make your taco or burrito. long enough to make a person sick. >> you have been doing this for a long time and have been in a lot of restaurants. in your experience, do you think that's enough? >> certainly this is a commendable first step. company wide changes in policy. ultimately it will be up to the front line employees so people making your food to follow these new rules day in and day out and that will be one of the biggest challenges and it is for any major restaurant hack to make sure the employees are doing the right thing. courtney and reggie. it looks like the issue is
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to make sure that no one else gets sick. thousands of bottled of clean water are on their way to flint, michigan from tampa. people saw them struggling and turned to social media with a # help to flint. now 25,000 bottles of water are on its way to two nonprofits in flint. >> it is not all about the money. it is about reaching out. >> a change that they say they probably won't be fighting for if flint weren't mostly poor and mostly african-americans. if you want to help head to and click seen on tv. that's not all the democratic national committee announced that bernie sanders and hillary clinton will scare
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thousands of your friends and family are likely zipping along our roads heading home from school, shopping or work. over the weekend three children in polk county never made it home. tonight ten news reporter tammy fields speaks to one of the relatives says this tragedy could have been worse. >> it is hard to even imagine the loss of three young children in an instant and all of these children were either in their car seats or wearing their seat belts. >> had a smile and a little twinkle that he will get what he wants. >> with tears welding up in her eyes, karen pull ark can't believe her nephew 6-year-old little boy is gone returning from a theme park in kissimmee. two of them did not make it
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anthony's mother fianci was driving in the pouring rain. it was dark saturday night when he lost control and slammed head on into another car according to polk county sheriff's office. >> javier is not doing well and they don't know if he will make it. >> anthony died. a 6-year-old and 8-year-old in the vehicle they collided with died. as tragic as it is it could have been much worse because anthony's siblings were in the car with him, too. >> do buckle your children up always. it saved the two girls lives. tammy fields 10 news, wtsp. such an important reminder for us. if you are not sure if your child's car seat is installed properly and if you have questions about when your child should be in a booster seat go to
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half hour to talk about failing pinellas county schools. five elementary schools in south st. pete are considered failing. the meeting takes place at 6:00 at gibbs high school. members of school district are expected to attend. parents promise a large crowd when they get theirs tonight. a consumer alert. a tack preparing fishing scam. this is where an email targets your tax filing professional saying they need to update their information and the second one is irs communicating to you and they will never do that so if someone feels aggressive to get that cash
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not legit. the third one is an email fishing scam telling you to update your information. it looks like something from the irs but maybe there is no dot in the web address or ask you to email your profile. remember the irs will not email to request personal or financial information. you simply put are a short sited utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution. putting a face to unconventional super bowl ad. if you lose fantasy football like this, this fan is facing his crummy season on the street. the winds are increasing as we head through the overnight. that's along a frontal boundary, we will let you know about the impact on the temperatures and a look ahead to that important weekend forecast coming up.
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sky 10 network camera. this is your commute at i-4 and nebraska avenue. and take a look at i-275 at the end of the howard franklin. >> i can't. >> it is monday. >> download the 10 news app and avoid getting stuck in a
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at florida time now for stories making headlines. the 60 second scan.
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investigating a shooting after a mardi gras parade. witnesses heard a dozen shots. turkey has closed its border for security reasons. only people that need medical care will be allowed to cross. turkey has taken in over a million refugees during the civil war. a runner died after taking part in the 12th annual krispy kreme challenge. dropped out of the race after having chest pains. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. doctors later pronounced him dead. parades marched the first day of the china new year. dancers started it and it is the year of the monkey and you will see red and that means
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the super bowl over and done and the broncos thank the panthers. 24/10 to win the championship. carolina is not the only loser. bobby lewis is in st. petersburg that means a decade long tradition continues. one, two. three. >> there is nowhere for chris to hide. >> nice hair cut. >> the football season is over. now. league. >> and how bad were you? >> bad. >> chip's keyboard saved him. >> 29, 63 that resulted in chris bergstrom wearing this. >> i think it is awesome. >> roughly 57 million americans which means there are thousands of losers each season but most
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this sort of punishment. >> he gets to wear a toga and sandwich board waving at people from all walks of life from downtown st. petersburg. >> his buddy thought it was a good time to cash in with the season. the annual rules state that loser of the fantasy football league must look through every car window and wave at the driver or dog and passing a pick he must smile. being a loser. >> get out there and wave your hand. >> it is all in good fun. the winner and motivation to do just a little better next fantasy football season.
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wtsp. >> i see him with the hair sometimes and sometimes without the hair. >> i wonder what happened. it was his disguise. it was a good thing. don't you think. >> the loser has options and maybe to be an animal and be hunted by the rest of the play. >> i hope the loser picks it next year and we get to come along. the next season begins in september. a dog trip to the kennels add to a disaster. the important questions you need to ask before dropping your pet off at a shelter. >> changes after the dead of an 11-year-old bradenton girl found in a freezer. 10 news is going head on head with the head of the department.
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highway hours away from shutting down. a 10 news traffic alert. chilly out there. >> just a future. >> but some people have it worse. check out the streets of bellmar new jersey. under water and that is title flooding from a snowstorm moving off of the coast and the streets are closed in atlantic water. and we are seeing quite a mess on storm tracker ten. look at that snow coming down. one of the reasons i think we right? so we are continuing to see a lot of snow falling all the way from minneapolis to chicago. and back into eastern tennessee. and also with the cold air being pull in behind the massive system that is bringing a lot of snow to parts of new england right now. completely wind down anytime
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for us, we are seeing a pretty nice evening out there. we got high clouds. more of those will be rolling in through the overnight. overall we are in good shape tracking a frontal boundary to the northwest looking really nice. winds are definitely picking up. 64, tampa and riverview and comfortable temperatures but i got to give you a heads up. they will start dropping, not a lot but with the wind it will feel brisk out. 61 your current reading in largo. winds, not keeping, they will get strong overnight especially if you look along the coasts. yellows, winds gusts up to 31 to 40 miles per hour. look at how strong we are talking offshore. that's where we are going to sustain winds about 30 knots. we have a gale warning in effect. the winds out of the northwest and breezy and in fact down right breezy. heading out.
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winds and especially along the beaches and some chilly temperatures. in fact along the coast. in addition to seeing the temperatures only in the 50s tomorrow. we are going see those gusts in the afternoon. up to 40 miles per hour with sustained winds between 25 and 30 miles per hour. there's gale warning in effect tomorrow night where we could see seas up to 15 feet and winds up to 30 knots. bad day to go on the water and planning on seeing the cloud cover. there will be breaks and can't rule out a stray shower. breaking it all down for you. we got the gusty winds and out of the southwest. pulling in that moisture just enough to trigger a few sprinkles as that main line moves through. notice after midnight we see the winds shifting. that cold dry air conditions to
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sprinkles as we head out the door tomorrow morning possible. not heavy downpours. we will not track thunderstorms and out on the roadway. we could see wet streets. in a warming trend for the next several days and we will drop things once again. sunday, we do have valentine's day with temperatures in the low 60s and overnight those temperatures will be falling back down in the 40s. saturday looking like a great a little breezy and temperatures into the upper 60s and lots of sunshine in here and then that frontal boundary will come through and bringing down the numbers for us and overall the front will be moving through and on the chilly side. we will dodge the showers and thunderstorm chances with this frontal boundary. won't be able to say the same next week.
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system next week. have the 10 news app downloaded you will have the storm tips at your fingertips and any warnings. controversy. the connection we are dumbfounded that people still drive drunk. but from a very unlikely
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a bay area woman. stepping away from the traditional psa budweiser went
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english actress helen maria tore into people. a woman survived a crash 15 years ago but she says the ad went too far. >> the commercial is jarring as oncoming high beams. >> we are dumbfounded that people still drive drunk. >> actress helen maria blasted within getting behind the wheel drunk. >> robin powell thought it was too harsh even though she is >> on january 27th, 2001 ... >> tampa bay was hopping. >> she was riding in the car with her son and his friends. >> we were in the car and get pizza and my mountain dew which i love ...
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all night and at 11:45 a.m. crashed into her car leaving her paralyzed and fortunately everyone survived but it changed their lives. >> it is tough. i want to be around so i need to help out my family too. if you mean this much, please all we ask is that don't drink and drive and please make the right choice. >> stop it. >> but when it comes to the budweiser ad she is not as tough as helen maria. >> i will never say you are stupid. i try to encourage you and to make the right choices. >> in tampa 10 news. wtsp. robin is so sweet. i spoke with her last year and she work with mothers for that message. to see the budweiser commercial go to and
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away. a young girl died and, detectives say her mother is responsible and is the agency that protects children to blame.
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of zika. president obama is making an announcement he hopes the virus will stop spreading. ten news at 6 starts now. >> good evening i'm reginald roundtree. >> and i'm dion lee. >> who failed janiya. an 11-year-old girl allegedly killed by her mother and then put in a freezer. we are learning about changes made within the manatee county sheriff's office after janiya's death. only on 10 news. reporter jennifer titus goes head on head with the child protective services. after death of janiya thomas. a 19 page report laid the blame on manatee county sheriff's office child protective investigators.
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