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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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and i'm ian reitz. right now votes are still being counted in new hampshire following the nation's first primary. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is in studio. sarah, trump and democrat bernie sanders are the clear winners yes, and boy does interesting race to the white house. new hampshire different candidates the iowa caucus.
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where ted cruz and hillary clinton claimed victory. this makes what wi happen next in nevada and south carolina even more interesting. after winning in iowa, ted cruz didn't even come in second in new hampshire. billionaire businessman donald trump snagged an easy win in tuesday's primary, with ohio gov. john kasich running a distant second and cruz in 3rd with the other gop rivals just behind. all of them are vowing to campaign aggressively in south carolina. and the big question on a lot of our minds-- when these candidates get to the florida primary on march 15.... how many of them will be left? coming up at 5-30... who isn't going to make the cut. is marco rubio safe
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ian.... all eyes will no be on south carolina and nevada. the republican primary in south carolina is saturday, donald trump there with ted cruz second. is next for candidates.. that's also on saturday, february 20th. developing out of michigan this morning, several people are hurt after a shooting with a deputy at a high school. it happened tuesday night in muskegon. police officers and deputies were already at the basketball game since they hearing a group of people were planning a fight. when they kept them from getting inside, one person from the group refused a deputy's order to drop his weapon and turned it towards the deputy. the city's police said the deputy quote, " did what he was trained to do." we still don't have a lot of details on the shooting, but we do know several people were sent to the hospital. we don't know anything about how they're doing right now. school will be closed today as the investigation continues. right now, crews are investigating a deadly plane air force plane crash in indonesia. an air force spokesperson says
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earlier this morning close to its based located in malang. it crashed into a house, killing both people on board and injuring a woman inside the home. she was taken to the hospital where she is in critical condition. a crime alert to tell you about this morning. today, sarasota police will share more details about 40 car burglaries that happened monday and tuesday. they happened at three different locations. bb&t bank on second street, the hollywood 20 movie theater and wells fargo bank on main street. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at the movie theater. emerald, all of hit are just minutes other. - yeah...if i started walking right would only take me about five minutes or so to get to each location to the other. - and apparently, these thieves didn't have to work really hard to get into most of these cars...because police say most of them were unlocked. - here's a look at one say was behind this matthew gunn - at
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who took part in all this - police say there were three other kids also involved it's all part of a larger crime trend we're seeing across the tampa bay area where criminals are taking advantage of unlocked doors... sarasota police say in their area alone, there have been nearly 50 car burglaries since the beginning of the year...and in most of those cases, very few people took the time to actually lock their doors. so if you had your car parked at any of the locations that were hit...make sure and coming up at 5:30, i'll be sharing with you some that will hopefully convince you to lock up. live in sarasota, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp. the number of zika virus cases in the u-s is on the rise. just a few hours ago, health officials in americans who have traveled to zika-striken countries. it's affected 17 states, including
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the vast majority of zika is spread by a mosquito, which is seen primarily in the southern states. while there hasn't been transmission by mosquitoes within the u-s yet, the cdc fears it could only be a matter of time. in hard-hit countries like peru, fumigation efforts in hard-hit countries like peru, fumigation efforts continue. experts say wearing insect repellent is one way to avoid zika. the world health organization calls zika a "global health threat." china has reported its first case of zika. they say a man who recently traveled to venezuela contracted the virus. the country's family planning commission says they do not expect the virus to spread there. the royal caribbean cruise ship that was damaged by a powerful storm will arrive in its home port in new jersey tonight. 'anthem of the seas' went through a storm with hurricane force winds and 40 foot waves on sunday. that forced the
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cabins until the storm passed early monday. four people were hurt, none of them seriously. new this morning.. the department of justice is considering legal action against the city of ferguson.. just hours after city leaders call for a revision to proposed changes. the changes were announced in front of a packed house tuesday night. it took months of negotiations before the settlement with city leaders. many were still nervous about the which will total nearly four million the department of justice began investigating after the shooting death of 18 year old michael brown. in health news this morning.. a new report is looking at the outcomes at v-a hospitals. researchers at yale found that patients who go to veterans affairs hospitals for a heart attack, heart failure or pneumonia have lower death rates compared to patients who go to non-v-a hospitals. but the study also found the re- admission rates were higher at v-a facilities. catholics all over the world, and here in the bay area will observe ash wednesday today. today is officially the start of lent. many of you will
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services today and participate in a 40- day fast that leads up to easter. easter falls on march 27th this year. a flight from boston to san diego makes an emergency landing in denver. the man who passengers say is to blame for disrupting their flight. but first, a family has a warning for you this morning about what caused their one million dollar home to go up in flames. live from
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news back in the morning. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan...
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pacifica, california where the coast guard pulled a man from the ocean off the coast after he was swept away by a powerful ocean wave. officials say the man was on the beach with a woman when he was hit by the wave. a witness says that the man may have gone into the water to help the woman get out. the woman apparently was able to swim back to shore. happening today.. michigan governor rick snyder is expected to announce a proposed spending budget to help the people in flint. he is requesting 195 million dollars to help with the water crisis and another 165 million dollars to update including water state. will be outlined in the annual budget presented to the legislature. a winter heat wave is setting records in southern california. temperatures in the region hit the 80s and 90s on tuesday. the high in downtown los angeles reached 89 degrees beating february ninth by four degrees. other records for the day were set or
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degrees, santa barbara, camarillo and at los angeles international airport. a hoverboard is being blamed for a fire that destroyed million dollar home in tennessee. take a look. the fire happened last month in nashville. investigators say two teens that lived there hid upstairs after hearing noises on the first floor. they hadn't realized that the hoverboard they were playing with had caught fire. one of the teens had to kick out a second story window and jump down into her father's arms. the other was able to climb down a ladder. everyone in the family made it out safely. this is just one of dozens of fires reportedly started by the popular
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in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk
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and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. surfers heading to california this can expect massive waves this weekend. what's helped experts narrow down the perfect time for the mavericks surf competition. but first, you don't have to go far to give your loved one a special valentines day this sunday.
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morning.. ikea is recalling
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the retaining clips breaking causing the glass shade to fall. 11 people have been injured. the recall includes the hyby lamp sold from october 2012 to january 2016 and the lock ceiling lamp sold from november 2002 through last month. ikea is urging customers to return the lamps for a full refund. target is offering gender neutral bedding for kids to its home decor line. the pillowfort collection will offer themes of neutral colors. the retailer removed the boys and girls signs from its toy and bedding aisles last year. days out from valentine's day. and some good make it a good one. wallethub looked at the best and worst cities when it comes to financing the holiday. san francisco, california tops the list. orlando came in and tampa ranks 15th. wallethub looked at prices of restaurants, number of attractions and
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rounding out the list of 100.. cleveland, detroit and hialeah, florida. it's a day one police officer will never forget. at 5:37,the surprising visitor who actually wanted to be inside his patrol car. but first, the state is finally getting some help for its fight against the zika virus. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app store now.
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