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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10 news at 11:00 starts right now. a 7-year-old autistic boy in special needs classes handcuffed at his school. tonight his mom is fuming demanding changes to the district and deputies. >> i just want to make sure the other kids don't get hurt.
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>> school is the place that parents expect their children will be safe. >> but a pasco county mom reached out to us after her elementary school and sheriff's deputies treat herd son like a criminal. we're told a school resource officer cuffed, detained the boy, and then tried to commit him to a mental health hospital. tonight, we are bigging deeper -- digging deeper into into why they're treating special needs students like adults in a story you'll only see on 10. reporter: the mother says her son faces his share of challenges. at 7:00, the elemental schooler has a traumatic brain injury, a shunt in his head, and autism. >> he can get trick you had -- triggered and upset. he can get aggressive. if you handle it right, it can be de-escalated quickly. reporter: that's not what happened when he had a melt
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>> he raised a pencil up like he was going to stab her with it. reporter: you can sigh the marks on his wrists and body after a school resource officer cuffed him. the sheriff's office tells me deputies followed state law when arresting anyone. they canning handcuffed or skype tied no matter their age. >> they should change that because a child with a brain injury, they put him on his stomach on the floor and put handcuffs behind his back. he was very angry. reporter: the deputy took him to the involuntarily committed. records show the doctor found him to be calm and collected and wouldn't admit him. >> they're not trained to handle the medical with the mental. reporter: pleas for change fell on deaf ears at the school. she hired an attorney sending this letter to the district and sheriff's office that they plan to sue. >> we need to make are make sure everyone that is involved in the education and treatment of these students are in fact properly trained. i hope the other kids are safe
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back. reporter: these teachers could get -- do get special training. i asked the district a week ago ha that training is and qualifications needed. i'm still waiting for those answers. 10 news wtsp. >> the district says there have been 7 stays in the class with with two adults and a deputy. the sheriff's office insists it never wants to handcuff a child, but they have to make sure they can't harm themselves or others. new tonight, a man walked into a restaurant with a match easty -- machete and attacked several people. it happened in columbus, ohio. the september took off. they caught up to him and shot and killed him. we do not know the number of people hurt in this attack, but at least one person is in critical condition. the investigation continues into what sparked the attack. big developments tonight in a 10 investigates investigation that has been going on for four years.
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-- tens of millions of dollars for poorly built homes. we talk to families who have been waiting years to hear this. >> you can see the mold goes from the top all the way down. reporter: the town home has been in dismay for years. >> the whole house is filled with mold from the top of the no, sir all the -- floor all the way down. >> reporter: his home one of thousands of homes with counselorless problems by kb homes. >> i've been in a hotel for 270 days. i have over $50,000 on my credit cards. >> but ten investigates learns that he may finally be getting a glimmer of hope. >> what if i was to tell you the attorney general signed a document saying they are going to pay for all of the losses and restitution for homeowners like you? >> i would have to see it to believe it. reporter: that's what we did. we showed him the settlement in writing. >> that's amazing. reporter: now the settlement
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owned a kb home since april of 2005. that's 18,000 homes: it will also provide relief to thousands who are past the ten year window to take action on construction defects. >> we're going to the second floor where the air- conditioning problems started. reporter: and for homeowners who live in willow brook and waterford asking with as single family owners, you'll be eligible. >> all the floors are warped. reporter: for him, he says with lingering problems that still haven't been fixed, his battle with kb homes is not over. >> today would be the first day, the beginning. reporter: the settlement, he says, will hopefully bring the fight to an end sooner rather than later. >> they have to pay you for all of your losses and restitution. >> i would thank channel 10 for doing the job.
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everything is great. i hope it works out. reporter: generalfer titus -- jennifer titus. >> somebody with my background taking on the big money interests, i think a sanders victory would be of accomplishment. >> i am not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. i'm asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified experienced and ready person to be the president. >> next up for the candidates, the nevada democratic caucuses on february the 20th. tomorrow night, the bay area comes center stage in the republican contest. donald trump is holding a rally at the usf sun dome. he's one of six still vying for the republican nomination. we will bring you live coverage on 10 news this morning.
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the nation and world. this is your 60 second scan. a riverdale georgia police officer has been killed in the line of duty. officer barney was served a warrant when the suspect ran out the backdoor and opened fire hitting the officer. department. bulletproof vest. a mystery stomach virus has strung nearly 200 students at a small pennsylvania college. the symptoms are similar to periods of vomiting. health officials don't know the exact cause but they say every student had eaten at the campus seats. yes. lawmakers voted down a bill seat size. before releg ration, they arranged 18 inches wide today. the eagles will play
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they will perform a hit song. you can see the grammys live right here on cbs10 news. that's your 60 seconds. it's an emergency that happens over and over and over and over again. homeowners say they are fed up. airplanes are only supposed to land on a noise sensitive runway at the airport. in emergency or bad weather conditions, but it is happening every day and as we investigate, we discovered the federal aviation administration says it is powerless to help those homeowners. reporter: plane after plane after plane flying over homes in south tampa on their way to land at the airport. >> they have gotten much worse over the last year to two years. the air traffic coming over these particular neighborhoods has increased mull applied tremendously. reporter: david has been
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for more than 16 years. he says the airlines aren't living up to an agreement. the agreement limited the use of the noise sensitive runways, except for emergency or extreme weather conditions. >> and we have a real difficult time with that as we can hear right now. >> exactly. this is definitely what we hear you're right. >> so there is increased noise in these neighborhoods, but it guidelines. reporter: janet says part of the increased noise is because of new construction. they add because the faa averages the quiet times when the planes aren't flying over the homes, it says there's no there. >> so i have something really loud over my house, and then i have lots of quiet under neat. if that doesn't impact my
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significanted increased noise in your home? reporter: the faa says the agency can't even question the airlines why they're using the runway. you have no stick or ham tore regulate the airlines who land on that noise sensitive runway? >> there's no regulation that specifies they can't use that. >> it's like this every day, 7 days a week. reporter: there's a new study that says the faa standard for noise impact has no scientific basis and even the faa is reviewing its standards. mean tile, the airport told the faa the new construction would not impact the surrounding neighborhoods. clearly it has. still to come. >> i don't believe it should have got tone this point. it's a restaurant alert. what we found at a bay area pizza joint. two middle school students rushed to the hospital. what they ate at school that's illegal in florida. and check it out.
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is up to now. amazing sunset tonight. now we get you ready for your friday and weekend forecast.
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it's a restaurant where health inspectors found droppings in september. >> more problems for the new york pizza. the restaurant located at 303 main street in auburndale shut down as an emergency closure just last week, after an inspector found a whole new set of violations. 10 investigates takes you inside the kitchen in tonight's restaurant red alert. >> there are multiple locations. this is the auburndale we're talking about and while we can tell thank you appears employees are trying to get the violations cleaned up, as you're about to see, they have a long way to go. flavorful. reporter: chris is ordering the new york pizza for his very first time picking up food for his -- for his young sons. he was shocked to learn about the violations leading the
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the main issue, live roaches crawling around the kitchen. >> this was all the day of, no sanitation issues. we took care of it. reporter: the manager agreed to show us around his kitchen, but we quickly started noticing potential problems. what do we have here? this is just some -- some degreaser. the chemicals stored on the prep table next to the pizza sauce and cheese. some of the food is -- >> it shouldn't be there. reporter: we also spotted bleach stored on the drink machine above the ice. throughout the kitchen we found food stored on the floor or in the case of the tomato sauce left uncovered all potential violations. so if somebody comes over here to wash the dishes, it's not splashing down here. we found some of the most disturbing issues in the walk- in cooler like this box up on the top shelf. >> that should be garbage. reporter: oh, that's garbage?
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appeared to be rotting produce liquefied and covered in mold. >> this is cheese and tomatoes. we don't want that moldy stuff dripping down on to the bread and the other ingredients below. we'll get rid of that. reporter: they were previously written up for allowing the refridgeiation unit to drip into the dough that problem is directed. we found water on the floor. it's almost like mud or sludge down there on the floor. it was down in all that gunk where we found more food just sitting in open bags. so this is -- this looks like chicken parm. this was stored on the floor. >> maybe it fell back behind the shelf. reporter: they are working to get rid of their roach issue. a week earlier, the health inspector documented close to 80 live roaches crosswalk around the kitchen -- crawling around the issues. the employees insists they are working hard to keep the kitchen clean. >> business it importantly we have a name we want to uphold.
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reporter: after hearing about some of the lingering violations, this father had second thoughts about feeding the pizza to his kids. >> this report is not acceptable. i don't believe it should have ever got tone this point. it's a shame. so i hope they get it cleaned up. i hope they do a better job in the future. reporter: in our visit as we pointed out potential violations, employees jumped into action to correct them on the spot. a state inspector ways back this week on tuesday writing up ten more violations and objectionable odor in the walk- in cooler with the floor still very dirty. 10 investigates. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family, a time -- it's time for 10 weather. that woke you up. that woke you up. i guarantee it. >> speaking of wakeups, will it be as cold as it was this morning tomorrow morning.
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>> you're feeling a chill tonight, too. a great question. it will not be. we're not dropping as fast or as far. lets talk about it as we wish you a good evening. only 56 right now in tampa. 47 in brooksville. we started this morning at 42 in tampa. there are some 40s, say set a49. lakewood ranch, 47. river view is 48. so, again, there's a little bit of a chill out there, but storm tracker 10, nice and dry and quiet and clear. high pressure is in control. when you see that feature on a weather map, that blue h, high pressure -- you want clear skies, no rain or storms. that's what you want to see by you, that sinking stable air. you need to have a rising air to make clouds and rain form. that's the low. we are tracking a front that will be here in a couple of days, but note again, no rain or clouds along the front. there's another impulse of
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that's what's going to track out here toward the mid atlanta and produce big storms. we'll trade off the high pressure for this front pretty quietly as we go in for the weekend. for the short-term, the next 24 hours, we'll keep that high pressure and beautiful weather in place. so what has been temperatures in very lovely order in the 50s, not as cold at wakeup time. 45 for us in crystal river. a little bit cool in some of our inland areas like wesley chapel. we will start around 41 with light winds. 49 in newport richie. some patchy frost possibly but more than likely a jacket or coat. east of tampa, mid-40s we'll start our morning. from downtown westward, including the shush orbs --
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44 lakewood ranch and temperatures around 41 at daybreak. for your day friday, we'll start around 50. we'll end up at 71. we're going to help you out in case you missed it on social media today, this forecast is too pretty to go to work. so we've actually written you a doctor's note. take a picture with your camera phone or go to our facebook page. it's too pretty to go to work tomorrow. 71 and sunny skies in tampa. 75 in lakeland. great weather. have your doctor call me or actually your boss call me. 68 for saturday with this front coming through. valentine's day, lets talk about it. if you were planning on dinner, any of it, and want to know how it's going to go. gorgeous but cool at 48 in the morning. 67 by lunchtime.
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the next chance of rain is late monday night and looking to be the morning drive for tuesday. there could even be thunderstorms, but until then, friday and your weekend, you've got the doctor's note. what are you doing? get on and be download that thing. don't forget the 10news app on the go. that way you can keep up with temperatures at any time. >> it was quite the scare for two middle school students in tampa today. >> they had to be rushed to the hospital after eating marijuana infused candy. it happened at the middle school. the sheriff's office says the boys were giving the edible marijuana that looked like fruit loops by a third student. the boys are expected to be hook and all parents received an automated message about what happened from the principal. they're warning their kids.
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not take candies or anything from anyone, period. it's not the way i grew up. >> the sheriff's office says the marijuana edible candy was labeled and is legal in some states but not florida. they are investigating how the third student got ahold of it. on the lookout for another defense man. cat lick boys basketball rolls in the playoffs and a couple of
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lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday.
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happy mother's day. good evening sports fans.
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a top driver and a track president talked to students at usf. we report they all learned something. reporter: just 10 days away from dropping the green flag at the 500, two time daytona winner matt ken seth and the president spent the afternoon with the students of the green and gold at usf. >> i thought it would be a great place, just to talk to the marketing students. we've got this champion to talk about the business of sports but now the chance to meet with the racing team and talk about turning wrenches and what it ticks to go fast. >> the equipment is neat and how they use it. >> we're passionate about it when we're able to talk to someone. it makes us excited and the fact it's matt and joey we're talking about it is just another great thing. reporter: nascar has been synonymous with innovation and
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for their fans. one student talked about how it's taking a step backwards about playoffs. >> i think when i started racing, the championship was more of after after -- an afterthought. you were looking forward to that next week. reporter: he was so impressed by the engineer's dedication, he gave them a reason to be excited with tickets to a race. >> kind of shocking. we're excited that we're going to be clearing up or plans and make every effort to go out there it's a once in a lifetime thing. reporter: chris fisher ten sports wtsp. very good. now, the lightning would be out jason for the next three to five weeks. lower body injury. matt carl moves up. slater called up from syracuse and maybe jonathan gets traded. by the time i got to the catholic game, two were already on the bench because they were
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thanks to our friends at the tampa tribune, here's a lay-up. he had 15 points. here's knox on the steal. 26 for knox and running the floor, again, the lob to knox and tc looks absolutely tremendous tonight. 87-30. >> do we have a mercy rule? >> yeah. running clock. >> got it. >> remember the bucks quarterback in high school? they say he's going to join usf. presume lee maybe quarterback coach. that's the report. not official yet. >> really?
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penguins at the london zoo, they got some special treats today just ahead of valentine's day. you see that? they were given their favorite fish. they go crazy for it. they love playing in the water with the -- >> they like eating it. >> they're like hurry up and melt so we can get our fish. the zoo kipe keepers hope they will get them in the romantic mood because it's going to start the -- >> is it like viagra for them? >> probably.
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