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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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fraternal order of police are calling for law enforcement officers to boycott beyonce's concerts across the country. the group believes beyonce used the superbowl to divide americans. they referred back to her video called formation. beyonce kicks off a tour in miami in april. tampa is second on the list. late this afternoon tampa police fired back on twitter calling out reports that its officers were not signing up for the concert at the ramond james stadium. check this out. it says quote what? tampa police department officers have been in formation for days signing up to keep the beehive safe. it looks like there will be no boycott here. the pope says it is okay for women worried about the zica virus to use birth control. this is huge. this is a big change from the catholic church's usual stance.
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control or abortion could be considered a lesser evil than zica. he said as far as the church is concerned abortion is still a crime. one person is in critical condition after this civilian helicopter made a hard landing in the water. that happened near pearl harbor. coast guard said five people were on board. they were taken by to land by boat. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. disturbing video from an attack on a decorated marine. we first brought you this story here on "10 news at 5:30". we want to warn you parts of the video you are about to see are difficult to watch. to give you background bronze star recipient christopher marquez was eating inside this mcdonald in washington, d.c. when a group of black teens came up to him harassing him
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you can see him ignoring them and trying to leave. the teens followed him outside and hit him on the back of the ground and knocked him to the ground. as marquez is on the ground the teens are just repeatedly kicking and punching him. here is a different angle of that. one is here on top of him. robbing him. take his wallet. marquez tried to cover his head up. then he tries to stand back up. they come back after him. police are looking for four people in connection with this assault and robbery of christopher marquez. he is doing okay. he doesn't remember much about what happened since he was knocked unconcious. teens took his wallet and credit cards. he hopes they are caught. growing support for apple ceo's stand against the federal
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you can see the messages left on the amount store window thanking apple for standing up for their security. advocacy group fight for the future is planning nationwide protest outside stores next tuesday to show support for the company's defense for privacy. it is not just customers. apple is getting support from google and the phone encryption battle with the fbi. the ceo of google says apple is right to defie a judge's order to help unlock the i-phone used by one of the san bernardino killers. we show you why apple's fight may end up in the supreme court. >> reporter: the fbi is locked out of syed farook's i-phone 5c. apple is not a company that hands over her customer's private information. u.s. magistrate judge ordered apple to disable the auto erase
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data if the wrong pass code is entered ten times. apple's ceo tim cook says the tech giant doesn't have the technology. developing it would create a back door to not only that i- phone but millions of devices. white house defended the department of justice's request. >> they are asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> reporter: as the war on terror and the rights of privacy collide cnn says apple and the fbi have compelling yet competing interest. >> apple says if you promise you'll only use it once it will get used again and again. >> reporter: google's ceo posted a series of tweets wednesday siding with apple saying we give law enforcement access to day that valid legal orders but that's different than hacking customer's data. apple says it doesn't have the
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government wants. apple could write the software to comply with the ruling. >> in the two months since they killed 14 people in san bernardino's terrorist attack the fbi has been pouring over their electronics and internet history. they have discovered evidence that the pair sympathized with isis and other islamic radical groups. here's why this matters. it is a case about your privacy and what companies tell the government about you. feds allow companies to give you the heads up if they are interested in your information. those are google, microsoft, apple, linkedin and facebook. tampa city council members are holding off on taking action on a sex offender ordinance. homeowners want city council to
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offenders in ybor off nebraska avenue. council members want to wait until hillsborough county passes its own ordinance before deciding what to do next. neighbors want to spread out some of the sex offenders and force sexual predators to live a thousand feet from police stations, fire stations and other safe havens. they have concerns about how the city might act. >> my concern is that the city creates its own ordinance it will go into effect going forward. there by making ybor a penal colony. >> city council hopes to take up this issue some time next week. something to watch for the next time you travel. if airplanes aren't crowded enough airbus applied for a patent that turns a row of airplane seats into a bench. it will adjust for people who are different sizes.
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a lot of you probably celebrate. more than 31 billion bottles of wine are sold worldwide every year. a writer at wire magazine recently studied what is in a bottle. they found more than just grapes. there can be 200 potential additives in your wine. all used to preserve the change the color and texture. winemakers only have to tell you if they add sulfide which can make drinkers with allergies sick. some say the labels should have to tell you everything in a bottle of wine. stuff. >> that's right. spring training teams are flocking back to florida. a lot of history was made here. there are questions about where the longest home run happened. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the road looking for the babe's big swing. >> reporter: every spring
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>> baseball grew up here. the stars that went through here, especially in st. petersburg is tremendous. >> reporter: the biggest star was the babe. >> babe ruth carried this town back in the 1920's and 30's. during spring training the population of the city could double. >> reporter: all to see his home runs. but the sight of his longest is up for debate. there are plenty of places in tampa bay to take a nice walk. april 4, 1919 babe ruth hit a 587 home run in tampa. the campus claims he was babe's longest homer. depends on who you ask. some say it wasn't. >> this is the air. of home plate in the old waterfront park stadium. >> reporter: will michaels wrote a book about st. petersburg's history and said
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>> he hit a whopping home run believed to be, for sure, the longest he ever hit from this particular site here to what used to be the west coast inn. >> reporter: 624 feet, that is if you believe it was the longest. >> there is no documentation of him hitting another home run anywhere else as long as this. this is babe ruth here. >> reporter: it is hard to tell where his longest homer landed. so the legend of the great spring here. central. i got to see the actual room. it was very small. but it is where the babe stayed. >> he was not a small man. every player in the baseball hall of fame has
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>> there are nine signed babe ruth balls on display at the
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time for stories making headlines across the state,
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around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. it took four months but a natural gas leak is sealed in california. it was coming from a well more than 8,000 feet under the ground. neighbors will now be able to breathe easier when they return home as the air quality is back to normal. bill cosby has demanded an accuser repay a 2006 settlement. cosby says andrea discussed the case with law enforcement and that is a breech of contract. saudi investor owned company has been working on air force 1. for the first time the pentagon acknowledges they have been servicing president obama's jet. it is a boeing subcontractor and doesn't have unsupervised access to the aircraft.
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behind the trending hashtag #1,000 black girl books. 11-year-old marley collected and donated them to children who didn't have access to books. this has been a wild election year. this is a strange question. what do donald trump and justin bieber have in common? think about it for a second. as far as sarah palin is concerned the two think a lot a look. allison kropff teamed up to learn more about this unusual pair. >> reporter: at first glance the republican front runner would have little to nothing in common with the canadian pop star. former alaskan gone said the pair changed their view on abortion. trump should be appreciated for
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>> i was going through a list. like justin bieber. >> justin bieber? >> yeah. who made statements understanding the sanctity of life. in the past it was no big deal to him. he is one example. >> reporter: cnn's jake tapper seemed surprised by that example. it is true trump changed his position on abortion. in 1999 while considering a third party presidential run he said he was pro-choice. by 2011 he declared he was pro- life. justin bieber's change of heart isn't as easy to find. he mentioned he was against abortion when he talked to rolling stone. >> we know he said he is against abortion when he was 16 years old. after that interview and before we didn't see other comments about abortion. it is not as if he made the same pivot as donald trump. >> reporter: seems like
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because of that palin's claim is false. if some other record pops up puntden fact will reconsider its ruling. i'm dion lim. coming up on "10 news at 6:00", using more of your money in the fight against zica. is it being spent wisely? we are finding out what your dollars are doing. >> reporter: a car accident leaves this yard destroyed. the inside of this home was damaged all because of a 13- year-old girl. don't miss your weekend plans without watching our road warrior report. warning for drivers as events descend on the bay area. that's on "10 news at 6:00". hello friends. happy to be joining you on a gorgeous thursday evening. this is a live look from wesley
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you can see not a cloud in the sky. as well. storm tracker 10 giving it the day off. there is nothing to track out there. we enjoy and deserve this nice weather. we have had an unusual winter with el nino. we have had lots of rain and rough weather. we are in a stretch of nice weather that will continue the next few days. current temperatures ranging from 69 in st. petersburg to 73 degrees in tampa. a little warmer as you get away from the coast. high pressure is in control. that gives us sinking air or substance in the weather office. with that it is hard pressed to find showers. winds out of the north and northeast. out of the surface out of the north and northwest in the upper levels. a big temperature difference across the nation on this thursday evening. look how warm across the south central plains.
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83 in el paso, texas. 19 degrees in syracuse. out west it is warm. 81 degrees current reading in phoenix. back here at home you might want a light jacket or sweater if you are heading out this evening maybe going for a walk or jog or running errands or sport practices. temperature niece and comfortable. midnight 55 degrees. we are not going to drop off too much into your friday morning. look at friday afternoon. temperatures warming into the mid 70s. gorgeous. a little breezy at times with winds out of the north and northeast. looking at our future cast it will be nice and quiet for you. maybe a few clouds across polk county and highlands county. that's atlantic moisture coming in from the ocean moving east to west. our beaches staying beautiful with plenty sunshine.
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you can head out to our local beaches. should be a nice day. if you are running in the gasparilla classic it is looking nice on the cool side. lots of runners enjoy the cooler side temperatures than hotter temperature. this weekend gorgeous. lots of sunshine. 76 on saturday on sunday a few clouds in the afternoon with high temperatures in the 70s. we'll talk about your rain chances monday night into tuesday coming up in the 6:00 hour. when you are on the go this weekend you can keep on top of temperatures, you can watch our sky 10 network cameras and watch 10 news streaming right there on your hand held device. >> reporter: inspiring local
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it is a competition for amateur boxes. ^ the golden gloves. it is coming to sarasota. >> this is a big event. sarasota news room reporter isabel mascareas shows you how boxing helps keep young men out of trouble. >> reporter: boxing has been in mike ford's blood since he was 14 years old.
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china smith former five-time national heavy weight champion inspiration and mentor. >> he is very humble and a force to be reckoned with. >> reporter: china is giving mike and 60 other boxers a chance of getting discovered. china is bringing golden gloves to sarasota february 27th after an 11 year absence. professional. golden gloves is a good opportunity to get my name out. >> reporter: china and mike will be the first to tell you a life in the ring will help keep young men from a life on the streets. >> taking the time and spend three to four hours in the gym we could have been walk down the road. >> reporter: contact sport helps control anger. >> if you have anger issues at
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you got a bag to hit on all day that don't hit you back. >> work hard and never give up. if you keep moving your day will come. >> reporter: in sarasota isabel mascareas 10 news wtsp. >> you can check out the golden gloves at the arena in sarasota. for information on tickets head to i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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a stolen car driven from county to county and crashes in a neighborhood. it is the age of the driver that's getting all the attention. two popular weekend events are sure to tie up traffic. why was a road project planned at the same time? your tax dollars unleashed against the fight against zica but why spend money to spray mosquitoes that are not infected? we are getting answers. good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm dion lim. thank you for staying with us. the big story tonight serious questions in a case of a stolen car with a dramatic ending. suspect is 13 years old. >> it had to be something big. it was a bang then glass shattering. >> that's the mess some
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woke up to after that stolen car slammed into their neighborhood. police say a 13-year-old girl stole a vehicle from pasco county, drove it to pinellas park before crashing into the subdivision walls. bayou point is located along 82nd avenue in pinellas park. 10 news reporter jennifer titus is digging deeper into how this young girl traveled so far and walked away without serious injuries. >> reporter: the owner of this home tells me it sounded like her roof was caving in when a car slammed into this sign throwing hundreds of these bricks into her yard. >> it was just bang! then another huge bang and then you could hear glass shattering everywhere. >> reporter: donna says it was 11:00 p.m. wednesday night when this minivan came barreling into her front yard. >> all of these bricks are part of that wall. >> reporter: the impact through bricks and debris through her


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