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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: parents had children alerting them something happened at their school friday morning. >> she text me says there was an active shooting. he was confused as to what building it was in. >> reporter: this guy was in a class room when the rumors started to swirl. >> we heard a bullet struck a window pane. >> reporter: police can not say yet what it was. they put the school on a full lock down, not letting anybody in or off campus as they investigated. at the end of the day still no answers. >> i immediately ran over here. >> reporter: parents say that's not enough. >> my stomach was turned upside down. >> reporter: there is a big basketball game here on campus tonight that has not been cancel. don't be surprised if you see police investigating what broke a classroom window. for now we are in tampa
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we are on top of developments after an intense fire destroyed a boat in st. petersburg. take a look. one person on board is being treated for burns and another escaped without injuries. sky 10 over the boat fired near the lighthouse point marina 90 minutes ago. safety harbor fire managed to douse the flames and keep the boat away from bay pines boat ramp. right now the wreckage is barely floating. we are waiting to hear from the coast guard about what happens next. allison huffman faced a hillsborough judge this morning in a deadly hit-and-run case. her bond is set at $750,000. prosecutors argued she is a flight risk because she left the sight of the crash and abandoned her car. after a few stops she ended up a friend's house. that's friend learned about the hit-and-run and turned her in. roger perez was helping a cup well a disabled suv on the
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huffman hit and killed him and drove off. his boss told 10 news he is frustrated with the legal system that left huffman on the road despite her criminal history. that includes three dui offenses. if you are looking for a job or affordable home to buy pasco county is going through an economic boom. people are moving there in droves. >> casey learned the school district alone now has 400 job openings. >> reporter: if you are talking teachers for next school year, the answer is profoundly yes. >> projected 780. >> reporter: that's 200 more students for denim oaks elementary because of new boundaries. this principal needs nine teachers next year and is losing two teachers to retirement. >> i'm looking forteachers who are problem solvers.
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these days we want to teach children to be problem solvers. >> reporter: powers is excited the district is taking a proactive approach. she'll be interviewing canidates herself. >> the later you go in summer the less highly qualified canidates there can be. >> reporter: last year the district started off with a shortage. it is trying to stay ahead of the 1500 projected new students. >> we have a lot of new developments. it seems like everyone is moving here now. it is a really great place to raise a family. >> reporter: pasco school says based on new home construction permitting along the state road 54 corridor, once these homes are moved into additional 7,000 to 12,000 students could be entering pasco county schools. >> we are building new schools. we have an elementary school opening up this year. >> reporter: the district says to make sure it is bringing in the best teachers it will check internship experience, do background checks and check records with the department of education. >> people have change of career choices.
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teacher is what drives a highly qualified teacher. >> to look at the positions available head to a multiagency investigation cripples the heroin epidemic in manatee county for now. florida's attorney general joined federal and local law enforcement agencies to announce the arrest of 15 suspected drug dealers. six kilos of heroin and cocaine were seized along with $237,000 in cash and a drug used to mix with heroin. a recovering addict has this message for dealers. >> i want them to know they are devastating lives and killing innocent people.
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city of bradenton had 77 heroin- related deaths. so far this year none. it is a 10 news health alert all new zica cases reported in florida. orange and miami-dade county reported a case. bringing zica to 26 cases in florida. hillsborough county remains under a zica health emergency. the county is collecting spare tires. there is a collection in the county collection center. you'll want to bring a form of i.d. and your street address. so far all of the florida cases originated overseas. for people who planned a vacation, the threat of getting sick is on people's minds. >> this is a big deal. the virus continues to be prevelant in south america, especially brazil which is home to the summer games. today world health organization thinks zica will be weighed
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southern hemisphere winter will be kicking in. if you have already booked a vacation hilton and hyatt hotels are waiving cancellation fees. delta, jetblue and american airlines are working to rebook or cancel flights for you. we posted this information plus a list of places to turn in your free tire at park leader are out in a sea world shakeup. sea world entertainment says the company's chief park's office, zoo logical operator are gone. the company suffers after the 2013 movie black fish. a chance to change the death penalty after the supreme court called it unconstitutional.
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hold since january when the supreme court made its decision. county by county starting in sarasota. get ready for more sun and fun in siesta key. and extra parking. more than 100 spaces are ready for you to enjoy. doctor beach named siesta key the best beach in the u.s.a. a designation it will keep forever. the city hopes beachgoers will remain deserving of the title. greyhound bus service is making a comeback in winter haven. after a six year break greyhound will offer daily trips to miami and tampa starting wednesday. you can catch a ride at the station. we want to remind you of a traffic alert that could impact your weekend. between big events across the bay and construction protects you can expect a mess on the roads. gasparilla distance classic is in tampa.
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clearwater will be bringing in the clouds. among this a big closure in clearwater. railroad crossing at court street is off limits while crews make improvement. we asked the city why did they chose this weekend to do it? the city said cfx made the decision and could not change it. our road warrior hilary zalla found the roads you need to stay away from this weekend. she posted the information on our free app. should manatees be taken off the endangered list? u.s. fish and wild life want to hear your opinions tomorrow. they resonate with tampa bay because manatees swim to our area during the winter months. stay with us.
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remember this? a house sprayed with bullets. another bay area neighborhood fought back when a man wanted to create a makeshift gun range in their backyard. >> 10 news reporter darren flowers explains why those battles will be a thing of the past. >> reporter: a bill for gun ranges is on the governor's desk. the debate blew up when this man created a makeshift gun range outside his st. petersburg home. his neighbors weren't having it. donna was home with her child when will happened. a neighbor was playing target practice. >> we started cleaning up the glass on the floor and she found a bullet. >> reporter: it could be against the law to turn your backyard into a gun range.
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here's what safety looks like for children and families. >> reporter: kendra said the neighborhood tried to reason with him when he announced his homemade gun range. >> it is concerning and frightening. children were wide eyed and wondering what is happening next door. >> reporter: she has four children. the neighborhood is no place for a shooting range. >> the place to practice was never a backyard. >> reporter: he decided not to create a range. if the governor signs the bill creating one will be a misdemeanor. how wide is an acre. it is about the size of a football field not counting the end zone. >> the attention it got was important. lawmakerring stepping in was important. they represent us. >> reporter: darren flowers 10 news wtsp. >> there are some extensions. accidental shootings and the
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what a gorgeous day it has been. >> i think kate made this on purpose. this is her chamber of commerce weather. >> i love living in florida for our weather. especially on days like today. good news for the folks that you have been viewing all the gorgeous weather inside from your office and now you are saying we can finally get outside and enjoy this sunshine. it is sticking around saturday and most of sunday. time lapse from our theater camera showing blue skies. lots of sparkling sunshine. breezy out there. better news the winds will die down a bit into the weekend. we are not the only ones
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look at these unusual warm temperatures across the south and central plains. san antonio 79. 77 dallas and st. louis. 69 degrees. we have a ridge of high pressure in place. eventually that ridge will break down. as the ridge moves closer we'll see winds relaxed for the weekend. nice boating conditions. wind flow on saturday out of the east southeast. lovely friday night shaping unif you are headed out and about. nice and mild to start the evening with temperatures in the upper 60s. midnight 59 degrees. mostly clear skies. we could see patchy fog early saturday morning. 49 degrees the low in crystal river. 49 dade city.
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coastline. for polk county, lakeland you'll wake up to a temperature we expect some patchy fog with mostly clear skies, right winds and the better chance for the inland. there will be a little more low level moisture streaming in from the atlantic. that's why we have the better it will burn off quickly paving the way for mostly sunny skies during the afternoon with high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. future cast showing middle east mostly sunny skies. nothing more than cloudiness across polk county. perhapses into hillsborough and pasco county, too. i think we'll see plenty of sunshine along the coast. nice and dry for you. the pattern persists as we head into sunday. remember, if you are headed to our local beaches use the sunscreen. uv index up to a 7. the sun is getting stronger this time of year. surf temperature still chilly
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if you are taking the boat out seas one to two. bay waters a light chop. winds east southeast 5 to 10. the clearwater sea blues
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picture perfect with a temperature of 70 degrees. rain chances increasing tuesday and wednesday. this is the european model. this is tuesday morning. i think most of the rain staying to our north. from time to time we'll see a few waves of rain. we get a break tuesday night. wednesday the final front moves through. scattered showers and storms wednesday. drying out by thursday. that's where we'll see temperatures cooling down into the mid to upper 60s for highs. keep in mind on the go this weekend download or 10 news app. it will give you access to our tracker 10. spring training about to swing into action. make sure you watch 10 news next week for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the new york yankees spring training opening game day. the game is wednesday march 2nd at steinbrenner field in tampa. to win tickets watch 10 news this morning beginning at 6:00 a.m. getting kids to read can
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>> not when you have a cool incentive.
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happy friday baseball fans. spring is in the air. today new york yankees opened workouts for pitchers and catchers. yanks made the playoffs last season as a wild card and lost to houston.
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bullpen look like the best in baseball with the new closer chapman who can throw over 100 miles per hour. >> great pick up. to an already dominant bullpen is going to be fun to watch unfold. i'm anxious to see it from behind the plate. we definitely got better. >> i wonder if the bucs will be interested in veteran defensive end chris long. rams released him today. long 54.4 career sacks. only four in the last two years because of injuries. he'll be 31 next month. college baseball season opens tonight for head coach and usf bulls. it is kingston's second year in charge. last year they made the tournament with unfamiliar players. this year 20 new players. >> this year we have older guys that were here last year that did see the success and how we
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they have been able to help the younger guys. we didn't have that last year. nobody knew how we went about our business. >> usf bulls football team made it official today. former bucs quarterback shawn king is the bulls new quarterback coach. king started at gibbs high, tulane and two years with the buccaneers. principal of auburn dale central elementary pulled out all of the stops today in an effort to raise their school's reading score. she invited racers from the speedway to get kids excited about reading. the kids got autographed from real race car driver. the visit is all part of the school's race car theme used to motivate the students to read by competing for accelerated reading points. >> we can teach them through
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want to go and learn anything they want to learn. >> it is so great to see those kids out there. students got some help from local businesses and people in the community who wanted to step up and give back. auburn dale speedway donated racing banners and race tires several times to the school. the school is always looking for book donations. if you have some you know where to go. >> those kids never going to forget that. didn't we get pizzas as a kid? that's it for "10 news at 6:00".
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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>> pelley: pax romana. >> i think he's a terrific person. >> pelley: trump makes peace with the pope on the eve of a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. also tonight, law enforcement's battle for access to the cell phones of criminal suspects. remembering author harper lee, and her american classic. >> it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when a young boy summoned the police, they responded in force. >> i didn't know it was going to


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