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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz.
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safety alert for you. the national highway traffic safety administration could recall up to 90 million airbags...because of a dangerous defect. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live along gandy boulevard in st. pete. emerald, this would just add to the list of the millions of cars that have already been recalled. - yes, there are about a dozen makes and more than 100 models of cars affected by this massive is one of them... - so is honda, bmw, gm, mazda, mitsubishi, nissan...and the list goes on - the national highway traffic safety administration says it could recall the vehicles because many of these airbags made by takata have ammonium nitrate in them...which could make the airbags explode in a crash and send shrapnel flying - the nhtsa has already fined the company millions of dollars - but that's too little, too late for the people
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defect... - nine people across the country have already died because of these airbags - and many more have suffered injuries - so how do you figure out if your car is on this recall list? - i'm working on that angle of the story and will show you how coming up - live in st. morrow, 10news, wtsp. investigators are what led an uber driver to go off on a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. six people were killed and two others were hurt. 45-year-old jason dalton admitted to the shootings in court. police and prosecutors still believe the shootings were random. dalton was denied bond and does not have an attorney. developing this morning.. disgruntled drivers with a popular ridesharing company are trying something new. they are creating a new ridesharing company called "drive society." the app is currently under development. drivers frustrated with uber's rate cuts are ready to drive for someone else
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a website promising drivers perks like roadside assistance and free vehicle maintenance. the founder of the company hopes to be able to pick up the first riders sometime this summer. a wake-up call this morning for parents to talk to your kids about sexting. right now, 11 students at lake placid middle school are being disciplined for taking and sharing naked pictures and a sex act on video. the sheriff's office is investigating and the 6th through 8th graders could also face fines, even felony charges for child pornography. the scandal prompted the principal to call this emergency meeting monday night with shocked parents. during the investigation, the school discovered
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them off campus. the school alerted their parents. you can get talking points about sexting and check out social media apps to monitor, at wtsp dot com. a big day ahead for g-o-p presidential candidates. republicans caucus in nevada today to select their party's presidential nominee. after winning primaries in both south carolina and new hampshire - frontrunner donald trump is looking to win against rivals ted cruz and marco rubio once again. cruz is going into today's contest without one of his top aides...after firing him over a misleading video suggesting rubio insulted the bible. meanwhile, democratic candidates are focusing on south carolina. their primary will be this saturday. hillary clinton is hoping to keep her momentum going after a big win in the nevada caucus over bernie sanders. right now.. clinton is leading sanders in several polls. a big debate across the country is unfolding right here in tampa bay. today, a large group of people will come together at the apple stores in tampa and brandon to protest the fbi's order to get apple
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door into iphones. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live outside international plaza. sarah, even microsoft co- founder bill gates is weighing in on this one. yes, we've heard from a lot of tech giants and most of them stand by apple--saying the protection of iphone users is vital and apple shouldn't have to be forced to break their own software-- putting anyone who uses an iphone at risk. but that isn't bill gates message at all. gates argues as long as safeguards are there-- people want the government to act and follow up on leads-- even if it means getting a back door through iphone security. he adds: "historically, the government has gone to phone companies, banks and lots of companies to gather information." gates says the government should not be blind in fighting terrorism
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things before they today these rallyers will argue the opposite. they want to keep the government out of any and all iphones. here's what i'm digging into now for 6-- what does all of this mean for you? would your iphone's sucurity really be at risk if the fbi gets backdoor access? live at international plaza, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp news to report this a victim in last crash in hawaii has you may remember this video we showed you. who was in critical condition, died from his injuries monday night. he was one of five people on board. the helicopter pearl harbor thursday. the cause of the crash is under investigation. an investigation is underway to find out what caused a in north carolina. fought for hours to but they had to pull back for safety when the roof started to fall. no one was hurt, but sadly the building that was almost a century saved.
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morning after walking away from this plane crash. the man took off from a small airport near los angeles on monday, and for some reason, tried to turn back. people who saw it all happen say before he could land, the plane plunged onto the street. no one else was hurt in the crash. a major highway project is getting the green light this morning. on monday night.. the tampa- hillsborough expressway authority voted to spend about two and a half million dollars for an elevated highway over gandy boulevard in south tampa. the highway will be an extension of the selmon expressway from dale mabry to the this will help tampa traffic from anyone crossing the bridge. a daytona beach discriminated breastfeeding her child at a flea and farmer's market. she said she rented a booth there and brought along her six-month old. at times, she would have to child. things changed when management approached her about it on friday.
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returned the next day to get the same booth...she was denied. the daytona beach flea and farmer's market released a statement in part saying, they got complaints from vendors the woman was using loud and graphic language. we've all done it. forgotten a friend's birthday until we see it posted on facebook. simply writing on their wall, facebook has a new feature to message be more meaningful. but first, starbucks lovers, attention to this. changes are coming to company's loyalty rewards program. coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s primetime.. starting at 8:00, n-c- i-s.. followed by n-c-i-s: new orleans at 9:00 and limitless at 10. then catch 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his messing.
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republicans caucus in nevada
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republicans caucus in nevada today to select their republicans caucus in nevada today to select their party's presidential nominee. after winning primaries in both south carolina and new hampshire - frontrunner donald trump is looking to win against rivals ted cruz and marco rubio once again. cruz is going into today's contest without one of his top aides...after firing him over a misleading video...suggesting rubio insulted the bible. a warning for you before you get behind the wheel this morning. investigators at the national highway traffic safety administration say the takata airbag
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cars. this would nearly triple the 29 million recalled so far. the airbags have been linked to nine deaths in the u-s. as many as 120 million takata inflators in u-s cars have the same volatile chemical, ammonium nitrate, used in inflators that automakers have recalled. demonstrators are expected to stage rallies at apple stores in the bay area and across the country to show their support. this comes as the company is going through an encryption battle with the f-b-i. apple is refusing to comply with a court order to create a back door that would allow the fbi to access data from the i- phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. the company's appeal is due by friday. if you have a friend with a birthday coming up, instead of just posting happy birthday on their facebook wall, you can now send a video! facebook is launching a "birthday video cam." check it out. you'll see a prompt on friends' profiles when you want to wish them a happy birthday. then, you can record 15 seconds of video. the birthday video cam is out on ios on
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next few months. coffee lovers, listen up! starbucks is changing its listen up! starbucks is changing its rewards program making it harder for you to earn freebies. right now, 12 transactions gets you one free item. starting in april, the rewards will be based on dollars spent. so for every one dollar you'll get two stars, and 125 stars gets you a free item. so, it will take about 62 dollars to earn a free item. that's something many aren't happy about. starbucks said it
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loyalty program members in the u-s in january. even though january. even though customers aren't happy to hear about the changes, starbucks predicts the new program will lead to higher spending. newspaper tease: tampa bay times and
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tampa bay times and the ledger a set of twin sisters hit the lottery with their pregnancies. not only are they pregnant at the same time...they share another incredible bond. live look at the moon over st.
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has gone up in the
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the consumer price index shows food prices nationwide have gone up 31-and-a- half-percent in the last 10 years. during that time, experts examined more than 300 goods and services that increase your bill. they found eggs, tobacco and smoking products, margarine, uncooked ground beef, shelf stable fish and seafood are the top five items. to see more, head to our website, w-t- s-p dot com. one utah family just got a whole lot bigger. not only are these sisters twins, they each just gave birth to a set of twins! this isn't the first time either. kerri, kelli and their husbands now have eight twin babies together. nine kids total including kerri's middle child who is not a twin. it's a statistical anomaly, but this family calls it a miracle...with the help of in-vitro fertilization. coming up on 10 news this morning.. news this morning.. a scary statistic for florida. sea levels are
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low to mid 60s as you step outside. rain moved through overnight last night and is out here. but it is still damp in most
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72 by 10:00 a.m. and close to 80 this afternoon. a few showers will roll through our area later today and that storm system that moves across testing texas will be there tomorrow. hotspots at 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning. there is a big accident reported in pascoe county and san antonio blocking all lanes east and west on state road 52 at 575 it's blocking the entrance ramp to 75 as well. i'm working to get more details and will bring those to you coming up. before you head out the door to work this is a story you do not want to miss. the government government could soon recall up to 90 million cars.


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