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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it will be with us most of the day today. bundle up out there this morning. 54 degrees going to 64 for the afternoon hours. the wind comes down later today. i'm talk about that in my full forecast in less than ten minutes. hot spots at 6:00 on thursday morning. good morning i'm road warrior hilary zalla. with that wind, we have a high wind advisory on the sunshine skyway bridge. i'm watching it closely. so far no significant delays. make sure you are cautious and holding on to the steering wheel. coming up we'll look at the bridges into tampa, the howard frankland bridge, gandy bridge and courtney campbell causeway and i'll also get you drive times. good thursday morning. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. thank you for joining us. this morning people are cleaning up from tornadoes in florida and virginia. we know the storms have killed five people.
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hollenbeck is on top of this storm. is storm is headed to new england. >> reporter: the gusty thunderstorms are pounding down on new england. the threat of a tornado there is low. in a few hours clean up will continue in florida. in virginia some schools are still closed this morning. luckily nobody was hurt. in virginia the death toll just went up to five. in charlotte county, florida, yesterday an ef 1 tornado packed winds up to 110 miles per hour. robert kelp and his wife, linda, say they were nearly blown off their couch. >> i yelled at him there is a tornado. at that time it was over. >> we were here when charlie went through. where do you go? >> reporter: people found anywhere they could to hide. this tornado's path of destruction stretched more than two miles.
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desk to put together this part of the story. we are way ahead of the number of tornadoes we have seen so far. it is astounding. back to you. >> see you at 6:30. the nasty weather is bringing heavy rain. that is causing flooding in several areas. drivers had to be rescued when flash flooding swamped cars in baltimore. south heavy rain caused flooding and sinkholes in virginia. some cars got stuck when things got bad. you may want to check a flight if you are heading out today. that's same system is bringing country. this is video from o'hare airport in chicago. thousands of flights have been canceled as the storm moves from the chicago area east. that could cause major backups heading into the weekend.
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this is all out of northwest indiana. drivers were stranded for hours. one firefighter said rescues on wednesday were some of the most difficult he's ever seen. on u.s. 231 drivers were stranded in snowy and windy conditions after a semi crash causing live wires to fall on the road. >> my car was shaken the entire time from the wind. >> it is brutal out there. >> it took hours for crews to get them to safety. the wind is horrible. some areas got up to four feet of snow on wednesday. republican presidential canidates square off in their 10 debate tonight in houston, texas. this is the last meeting before super tuesday. donald trump has won three of the first four nominating contests. >> if you are among the 65% republicans that think donald
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tuesday is the opportunity for us to get behind our campaign. >> on the democrat side hillary clinton and bernie sanders continue to gear up for the south carolina primary. that's scheduled for this saturday. happening today we'll get a look at how tampa police officers are using body cameras. tampa police will release the video this morning. the department is using six cameras as a trial run. the department is looking for a way to fund the equipment for permanent use. each camera costs $1400. homeowners are not allowed to set up bank yard gun ranges anymore. this comes from a bill signed into law by governor rick scott. the debate sparked up last year when a st. pete man created a backyard. building a home gun range is a first degree misdemeanor. we know how much of a nightmare traffic can be trying
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neighbors say it will be worse thanks to an upcoming expansion of the clearwater marine aquarium. 10 news reporter emerald morrow aquarium. tourists and traffic. >> reporter: instead of having just a flat parking lot like you see here it will be a four- story parking garage that can hold 440 cars. neighbors say this is a huge problem. even though they are adding more parking spaces it won't really help with traffic. they say people coming to the beach will also be able to park here. you know how congested things get when you are trying to get to clearwater. they also say cars will only be able to get out one way. it is just going to be a nightmare maneuvering in and out of here on to the causeway. that's frustrated to people that live on island estates. they say this island was
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and was not meant for all of this commercial development. the aquarium has had such a big economic impacted it was hard to not expand and do more development. i'm doing research. i expect to have numbers coming up on how big of an economic impact the aquarium has had in this area. emerald morrow 10 news reporter wtsp. under a bill passed by the senate, florida would pay to rebury the student remains found on the ground of the dozier school for boys. the bill provides $7500 for burial expenses for each body. the school, which is 60-miles west of tallahassee, closed down in 2011. it was shutdown because of allegations of abuse. islamic state is making a very specific threat in a new video. they are targeting facebook ceo
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the 25 minute propaganda video shows photos of the ceos being targeted. the extremist group says it is responding to growing efforts by the sites to combat terrorism. cuba is one of the last countries without a reported case of the zica virus. the military is working to make sure it stays that way. look at this video. 9,000 soldiers have been going door-to-door across the island nation filling homes with mosquito-killing fog. they have doctors at airports and cruise ship ports monitoring passengers that show symptoms of the virus. in the u.s. the virus has been confirmed in 22 states. 32 cases are in florida. all of them related to travel outside of the united states. three of the cases are pregnant woman. we hear about the dangers
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you are sleepy. >> chances are we have all done that at one time or a another. a new aaa shows 87% of us have done that in the last month. being on your phone, driving while you are tired, impaired by drug or alcohol, speeding or not wearing a seat belt. 33,000 people died from car accidents in 2014. that is expected to increase by 9% for 2015. the white house is looking to close guantanamo bay. a scary time for the pilot of this plane and the people in a neighborhood where it had to make an emergency landing. surprising move apple is
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good morning. here is a bridge update. we have high winds out there. be careful across the bay. coming into tampa the northbound lanes are quiet. drive time five minutes. courtney campbell causeway looking good. live in sky 10 this is west of bay port. you can see lanes coming into tampa very quiet. about six minutes to cross the bridge. sunshine skyway bridge has a high wind advisory. be careful there. bobby? >> we'll likely keep the winds on the skyways most of the day today. winds come down later today. 64 today with a few clouds. then sunshine. 61 tomorrow.
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south of i-4. warmer after a cold start on saturday morning. 65 on saturday. the cold air across the nation will lift it and we'll get warmer as early as sunday. i'll talk about that coming up in my full forecast next. it is thursday february 25th. this is your eye opener. a look at today's headlines at 6:00. >> everything is destroyed. unbelievable. a tornado outbreak leaves eight people dead and dozens hurt. this severe storm system left a path of destruction in the carolinas and virginia and is slamming the northeast. florida didn't get away unscathed. 30 homes were damaged by a tornado. >> we found about 30 cars stuck in the snow. that same storm system is bringing heavy snow and whipping winds to the midwest. that storm is now moving east. push back against tourist hot spots at the clearwater marine aquarium plans to expand.
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here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. the feud between apple and the fbi rages on. in an interview with abc the company's ceo maintained it would be bad for america if apple helped unlock the i-phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. the ceo said he is prepared to take the battle to the supreme court. as "the new york times" is reporting apple engineers are working on a new security measure that will make it possible for the government to break into a locked i-phone. the white house is considering brian sandoval to fill the supreme court vacancy. he is a former federal judge who stepped down from the bench in 2009 to run for governor. women, this is an important story here before you head out to work. there is a new career building survey that found one in five human resource managers admit
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companies. a survey found men are three times as likely to earn six figure salaries. a pilot is safe after an emergency landing in a miami neighborhood. he was on a maintenance flight when the plane started to lose power. he was a short distance from the airport and needed a safe place to land. he landed by this house. it is propped up on the fence there. fortunately no one was hurt and there was no damage to the home. it is incredible to see that in your backyard. >> it didn't damage the home. >> and everyone was okay. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla moving in the 6:00 hour. we are usually seeing stuff pick up at this point. >> good morning. if you are heading out the door we are seeing traffic pick up. no big delays though. drive time in southern hillsborough county up i-75 from i-275 to the selmon
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let's go live to our sky 10 network camera along i-275 heading south here near hillsborough avenue. southbound lanes are picking up. no delays. drive time 15 minutes from the apex to i-4. all majors still quiet this morning. i have an update for you in pinellas county. that exit ramp [ no audio ] it all cleared before rush hour. so no issues. i want to let you know of a drive time in sarasota. construction has cleared along i-75 between state road 70 and university parkway. no issues there anymore. all lanes are back opened. u.s. 41 drivers from university parkway your drive time is 18 minutes. in polk county it is quiet, as well. a delay on polk parkway after bartow road. nothing to worry about. speeds down to 48 miles per hour.
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for work, if you are in lakeland from polk parkway over to i-75 it is taking you 15 minutes. you are not seeing any delays just yet. a really good time to get out the door. bobby? >> thank you. it is 6:17. we are rain-free this morning. the front has come through. it is over into the bahamas now. i wanted to show you storm tracker 10. a lot of times we get moisture picked up off the gulf of mexico. that can produce a sprinkle. i think we are looking good out there right now. a couple clouds out there from that process but they are falling apart. have your sunglasses ready to go. we'll start with a few clouds and go partly sunny today. look at the wind. that's the moon on the bay in sarasota. it is really blowing out there. there is the houseboat we have been watching. we'll keep the wind with us for the better part of the day. it has mixed up the atmosphere.
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we are in the lower to mid 50s now. lakeland 54. 56 sarasota. river view 55. 54 new port richey and clearwater. how about 18 almost 20 degrees colder this morning than this time yesterday. that is our area. it is almost 30 degrees colder in tallahassee. certainly a big time change behind the cold front. winds are out of the north and the west. that means we'll have higher surf and high rip current risks and higher tides along the immediate beaches of the gulf coast. bradenton has a wind gust of 16 miles per hour this past hour. we have seen those in the 30s. especially northward. 53 degrees at the bus stop this morning. put a jacket on the kids and pants because of the fact that we'll have mid 60s, low to mid 60s for highs today. it is not cold but shorts will be on the cool side, i think. as we go through the afternoon we'll get a lot of sunshine and slow warming. it will be on the cool side.
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of the north and west it is going to stay chilly. today. sun is up before 7:00. 6:59 down at 6:28. boating is certainly not good. heavy chop on the bay. small craft advisories are up. five to ten foot seas. a touch warmer saturday. that's after a cold start saturday morning. it will likely be the coldest in the lower 40s in most areas. low to mid 30s for the nature coast. sunday warms up nicely as we go to temperatures in the lower 70s. monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week beautiful weather. the next cold front, guys it looks very similar to what we saw yesterday. that will arrive late wednesday into thursday.
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there are mixed emotions on the proposed expansion of clearwater. >> coming up, we'll tell you why neighbors are planning to rally against the proposed changes. new study released on the cities and states that stay up the latest. you might be surprised where people in florida are losing
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drive times near rush hour. how are we doing? >> nothing major. still in the green across the bay. i-4 drivers you are about to head out the door and you are going west, between i-75 and i- 275 in tampa it is taking nine minutes. i-75, anyone coming from wesley chapel area heading south from state road 56 to the selmon expressway, it is taking you 17 minutes. bobby? >> fairly windy on the bridges this morning and this afternoon. partly cloudy skies and mid 60s for highs today. mid to low 60s for the north. there is the storm system. you can see the last six hours with rain on the northern end
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if you are traveling today look at the great lakes and the ohio valley. it is quiet and headed out west. likely every time you hear about hover boards you think of a fire started or people falling off of them. >> amazon is taking them off the site. walmart is pulling them off of the shelves. the company wants to wait until suppliers comply with the new safety standards. target and toys r us stopped selling them at this point. new york city is the city that never sleeps. there is a growing number of people all over the country working graveyard shifts. iowa is the state with the most people up all night. they look at how many people go to work between noon and midnight. florida came in at number 26. pine hills near orlando has the most people up at night.
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there is a unique little kitten bringing lots of fresno, california. >> some see your tv. bring the kids over. you have to see this. this is sally ann. many have been calling her mustache kitten because of the pattern on her face. she was left in a donation bin at the salvation army. she was taken to the shelter. food. sure. you have to see this 500 pound grouper.
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joining us on the live stream. we are on facebook. come over and say hello. we are talking about coffee and
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. happy thursday. things are calming down quietly weather wise.
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it is windy this morning. mid 50s. some lower 50s north of i-4. the wind is up around 15 to 25 miles per hour. it will stay with us the first half of the day and come down. a lot of sunshine is expected today. cooler temperatures over the next several days. we'll look at the pollen forecast this ten minutes. hot spots at 6:30. good morning. i'm road warrior hilary zalla. there is an accident reported in manatee county in bradenton at u.s. 301. there are lanes blocked there. let's go live to sky 10. we are looking at i-275 and busch boulevard heading south. look at all the head lights. it is getting busy for morning rush hour. i'll have drive times to get you out the door on time coming up in less than ten minutes. good morning. it is 6:30. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. glad you are starting off your thursday with us. severe weather system is
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cuba to canada. right now new england is being hit with gusty thunderstorms. it is from the same storm system that caused a deadly tornado in virginia and caused damage in florida. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in sarasota. the number of tornadoes we have seen in the past eight weeks is astounding. >> i had bobby dig up the numbers for me. we had 22 tornadoes in florida in the last eight weeks. that should be the number seeing in may. usually in an entire year we get 66 tornadoes. we are way above schedule. you can blame el nino for a lot of it. we expect this will only get worse and we'll see more devastating tornadoes like this one in virginia. five people, including a toddler were killed wednesday in virginia as a severe storm system moved north after leaving death and destruction in the south. the victims were a 58-year-old
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old boy who died inside a mobile home. destroyed. eleven of them are bad enough that people are not living in them this morning. they had to stay in a hotel. they are just waking up in back to you. some people in indiana are waking up to four feet of snow on the ground. it is horrible conditions there. even first responders saying these are some of the worse they have seen. blowing snow made it tough for firefighters to rescue stranded drivers. thousands of flights have been canceled as the storm moves east. with president obama's planning to close guantanamo bay peta wants what is left for the facility. peta sent a proposal to the
6:33 am
the facility to highlight the number of abuse people and animals have gone through throughout history. the obama administration says if the facility is closed it intends to keep guantanamo as a base. when you think of the clearwater aquarium you think of expansion and hope. there is fighting going on behind the scenes to keep it from growing any more. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live at the aquarium. neighbors are saying this expansion will make traffic worse. it will lower their property values and it is hard to ignore the economic impact the aquarium is having. >> reporter: that's right. over the last four years this aquarium brought in $2 billion worth of economic impact into this area and tens of thousands of jobs. that is huge. neighbors say they are unhappy with how the city has gone about trying to make this expansion happen. they have already appealed the plan and tonight they'll be
6:34 am
everybody knows what it is they are so concerned about. to be clear they say they really love this aquarium and they support the mission since it started in 1970's. this $45 million expansion, that could include adding a new dolphin pool and a 440 space parking garage just does not work for this tiny little island that was developed mostly for residential use. neighbors say they feel like the city has left them out of the equation. on the discussion about expanding the home for the animals, they want their voices heard, too. well. neighbors will be having a meeting tonight at 6:30 on st. brenda's church. it is unclear what the city will do with their appeal. as of now construction is set to start as early as 2018. reporting live in clearwater emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. a woman says she is suing
6:35 am
government over flight 370 which went missing two years ago. she wants $7.5 million in damages over the loss of her husband on the plane. his death was caused by negligence and a breech of the airline's contract. the hillsborough county commission is locked on how they'll pay for critical transportation needs. most of the discussion on tuesday was about the transportation funding deficit. the county staff says the most reliable source of funding would be a half cent sales tax. that would have to be approved bethe voters. commissioners are concerned whether it will pass. other taxes like a five cent gas tax hike is being considered. >> it doesn't generate the done.
6:36 am
cents a gallon goes to federal, state and local taxes. americans want bottled water. bottled water sales in the u.s. are up 16%. half of those surveys say they are drinking more flavored water replacing high sugared drinks. something to watch for since medical marijuana could be on the ballot in our state. since colorado legalized marijuana two years ago emergency room visits by out of towners have spiked. doctors say experimental pot smokers aren't prepared to handle the side effects including hallucinations and anxiety. the products have delayed reactions which can trigger an overdose. colorado's visit is related mostly to recreational if someone you know is looking to become a teacher you'll want to pass along this story. pasco county schools is hosting a job fair today.
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in language arts, math, sciences and social studies. job fair takes police from 4:00 to 6:00 at sun lake high school gym in land o'lakes. nasa will attempt to launch a communications satellite from cape canaveral tonight. wednesday night's launch was scrapped because of bad weather. they plan to send the rocket boosting on a floating platform in the atlantic. this is a story you only hear from a story book. >> come over and take a look at this picture. a cape coral fisherman and his friend pulled this nearly 500 pound grouper from a canal. unfortunately he is not alive. fisherman thought the recent release of fresh water from lake okeechobee has something to do with the dead fish. researchers are taking samples. researchers thought when they spotted it it was a manatee. >> i can see that because of
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>> it is huge. it doesn't look real at all. >> it doesn't. >> you would question this picture whether it is photo shopped but it is legitimate. toiletries in hotels when you stay. take them with you? >> hotels hope you'll become a regular because of the toiletries. what they look for is coming up at 6:44. a sea lion escapes the jaws from it. we are tracking a massive canada.
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hopefully everyone is having a good morning so far. if you are heading out the door across the bay the howard frankland bridge is picking up across tampa. we are not seeing a huge delay yet. sunshine skyway bridge same thing. we are not seeing any significant delays but there is a high wind advisory here. be careful. your drive time across the bay 17 minutes from pinellas point drive to i-75 in manatee county. >> give the bigger trucks room on the bridges with the wind out there. it will blow the pollen around. you have probably seen it pile up around your house and on the porch. it will stay in the high range through the weekend. juniper oak and grasses are the main allergens. the weekend is creeping up on us. low to mid 60s the next couple days. lows in the 40s. i think saturday morning will be the coldest with 30s on the map north of tampa. sunday morning chilly, as well.
6:43 am
up into the 70s. warmer into next week. that's coming up in ten minutes in my full forecast. here's dave wirth with a look at sports. spring training. everyone is in camp. including chris fisher. he'll report for us. alex rodriquez is at the tampa. media today. we'll have that for you. two local teams are playing semifinals games in the state final's tournament. that's sports. a severe storm that caused destruction in the carolinas and virginia is continuing to move up the east coast. >> this storm turned deadly with five people killed in virginia. tornados were reported in north carolina. heavy rains and winds sparked power outages in the northeast. >> all of a sudden i heard this god awful racket. they said it sounds like a
6:44 am
no it is worse than a train. i told my babies, i said come on baby let's go. we are going to be in a tornado. >> in florida 30 homes were damaged from a tornado. massive snow storm that left four feet of snow in some places is moving from the midwest to the east. >> thousands are without power as the storm rolled through on wednesday. some people say blowing snow feels like thumb tacks being thrown at them. high winds are an issue if you are traveling. flights in chicago and along canceled. if you are traveling that way check your flight first. folks who live in the
6:45 am
aquarium say the expansion of the marine aquarium will create expansion from their homes. what do you do with toiletries when you stay at a hotel? hotels are paying very close attention to this. that he hope you'll like products enough that you become a regular customers. afterthought. they now want to spend more time and effort to chose the best ones for you. do you really care that much do they make a difference? there is a quiz you can take and explain what you will do with the toiletrys. me. 37% agree with that opinion. facebook page. a lot of people have been commenting on this. a lot of you are saying you smell good. this is the point. the article, when you read about it, hotels are saying it is a luxury now and you'll remember that if a good product
6:46 am
you'll more than likely want to go with that chain again. article. >> now people are saying that he take them if they like them. which means they have had a good experience. >> exactly. a california sea lion survived a shark attack and has a new home and a unique new name. shark bite moved to six flags discovery in california. that's after the sea lion finished rescue and rehabilitation. the sea lion was found last fall after a shark bite. we want to take you live to queens, new york where a ship is stuck off the coast this morning. there is a rescue operation underway. we are still working to gather information on this.
6:47 am
cbs station in new york that a coast guard ship overturned off of the coast. five coast guard members were sent into the water when the ship overturned. they made it safely to shore. they are working to recover this ship. you can see live pictures coming in. we'll gather more information and have updates through the afternoon on and on our 10 news app. looking at our roads no significant delays out there. we have some accidents. i want to start in new port richey in pasco county. there is a crash on u.s. 19 at 454 in the northbound direction. looks like it is not blocking any lanes. it is pulled over. south of there in clearwater at lake road there is a crash here.
6:48 am
at that intersection. so far looking at it you are in the green on both roads. hillsborough county we are definitely picking up on the majors. you can see the yellow on i- 275, i-4 as well as i-75 at i-4. looking at i-275 right now, i-75 and apex live from sky 10 we can see head lights. they are all moving south into tampa. drive time for you at the apex south on i-275 to i-4 is taking 20 minutes. you are delayed now. heaviest delays around fowler and fletcher heading south. let's go back to our maps. i want to take you to manatee county. there is an accident in bradenton. no injuries are reported. police are on scene. there are lane blocks reported. no big delays there but you'll have to slow down passing that one.
6:49 am
we are looking at a delay heading into tampa for work. polk parkway to i-75 you are at a 5 minute delay. you are drive time is 21 minutes. give yourself some time there. over to you, bobby. >> thank you very much. rain-free out there this morning. should stay that way. i wanted to show you this. a sprinkle or two could not be ruled out earlier. i think that passed us now as the clouds are falling off. the front is to our east through the bahamas. there is low clouds trying to form over the gulf with the cooler air coming in. i think we'll get some of these. we'll go partly cloudy today. at times mostly cloudy. look at the storm system extending to cuba. 2,000 miles from cuba to the eastern parts of canada big travel weather issue today will be in the great lakes as the backside of that has quite a bit of snow. we saw quite a bit of rain with this. this is 24-hour estimated rainfall with the doppler. you can see a big section that
6:50 am
rainfall totals pinellas and hillsborough county in the yesterday. that's why we had some of that tampa. i know we get it a lot but we certainly had it on bay shore. should not have any issues today. it is cool out there. it is in the lower to mid 50s. these numbers are 20 degrees cooler than where we were at this time yesterday. the wind is up. the air is drying out. dew points are in the lower 30s to upper 40s. the wind will stay with us through the day and come down later tonight. there will be a secondary front that comes through tomorrow. it will bring cooler air in the region. 28 mile-per-hour winds this past hour in clearwater with sustained winds in the 20s. here's the forecast model for today. it is quiet. one thing, some of the low clouds will come over pinellas county and western pasco and
6:51 am
at times the beaches will be mostly cloudy. 63 to 65 degrees for a daytime high. average high this time of year is 74. ten degrees below average. sun is up at 6:59. this evening it will be falling through the 50s. because the wind stays up, we'll be in the lower 50s with upper 40s tomorrow morning. couple degrees cooler than where we are now. cooler air comes in tomorrow. we'll only get in the low 60s for highs on your friday. friday night with the winds dropping off, clear skies and the cold and drier air in place we'll be in the lower 40s saturday and sunday morning. that means mid 30s on the nature coast. we'll have to watch for a possible frost and freeze. 73 on sunday. close to 80 degrees by tuesday. another potent cold front late wednesday into thursday. very similar to what we just had yesterday.
6:52 am
you can catch our forecast in the newspapers. we teamed up with the tampa times and the ledger. look in their weather section and find the 10 news forecast
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. it is almost 7:00. which means you are getting ready to head out the door. how are we doing? >> we are in the red. the morning commute is getting into full swing. here are the hottest spots. i-275, i-75 and the veterans expressway in hillsborough county.
6:56 am
i-75 at i-4 you can see it is not looking too bad. bobby? >> highs only in the 60s. winds will stay with us through the day. a few extra clouds along the coast with the flow coming in off the ocean. official count down to the 80th annual academy awards started this week with the red carpet roll out. massive sections of the carpet were laid down along hollywood boulevard. crews are working to get things ready. hand painting and prepping for the star studded event which happens this coming sunday. if you are looking for love you may want to listen to this story. >> dating app tinder is out with a list of jobs that attracts the most attention. women, physical therapists, interior designer, entrepreneur, pr communications
6:57 am
pilot is the top job for men followed by entrepreneur, radio personalty. >> interesting. this morning. hope you have a great day.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a dramatic rescue is unfolding after wild weather cap sizes a fishing boat near new york city. powerful storms lead a trail of deadly destruction across the east. is there a bombshell hiding in donald trump's tax returns? mitt romney suggests the billionaire has something to hide. u.s. soccer legend hope solo is in studio 57 for her first


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