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tv   10 News at 630pm  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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"ride for roger"... tow truck drivers rally together to remember one of their own... killed on the an alleged hit-and- run driver.## and new details in the shooting death of a virginia police officer.. what we're learning about the accused gunman...and his ties to the pentagon. and -- they're supposed to be a safer alternative to cigarettes... but tonight we show you why a woman says she is done with vaping. tammie fields. our top story... the emotional man killed...while simply trying to make a living... more than 100 tow trucks drove >> a man killed while
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more than 100 tow trucks drove with lights flashing along the h frankland bridge. >> florida highway patrol says the driver that killed him left the scene and ditched the car. huffman was arrested later that evening in st. petersburg. they hope this ride saendz message to all drivers to move over. >> move -- please move over. we don't want to be out there any more than you want to. we want to go home. >> he had just finished call stranded. he made sure they were safe and
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>> first thing he did put two people in his car keep them from harm's way and he gets hurt himself. that's who he was>> >> we'll have more about the driver accused in this. >> we are learning who the boater is who drowned in plant city. two men were on the boat near turkey creek reend business lane when the boat flipped. both men tried to swim to safety. >> a small plane crash on a road in gainesville this afternoon. take a look. investigators say the pilot reported a fire in the plain's cockpit before it went down. the pilot and the passenger went to the hospital to be checked
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an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pent gone after police say he opened fire on his wife and others. officers ashy guindon was killed on his first day of patrol. and two others officer were responding when investigators say 32-year-old hamilton shot and killed his wife and opened fire on officer. >> '14 clearly had a -- she clearly had a passion to serve others. >> a six year marine corps service was just sworn in on friday. this picture was posted friday. a wild night of unre salt lake city. the officers were trying to
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teen and the other person. the teen was holding a broom stick and wouldn't follow their commands. nearly 200 people were seen officers. in california three people stabbed at a kkk gathering it started as a fight between kkk members and counter protesters. 13 people were arrested here fight. one that was arrested was a clansman that stabbed a demonstrator. a woman? n maple was blaming an e-cigarette that exploded in her knocking out her teeth. she ran to get help and what's the the car burst into flame. >> i pushed the button and it
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i saw sparks fly off into the passenger's side. a report shows many of the explosion over the year are from lithium battery failed. jour choice 2016. the most important date so far in the race to the whus is happening that th we are -- break down the story behind the story of super tuesday and what to watch this weekend starting with early voting on monday. with early voting starting this week. how big of a deal is it for tampa bay voters? >> the fact there's a trend going on people getting out and voting early. with walk up voting starting this week and continuing until election day. a lot of the election for florida could be baked in by the 15th of march and give one
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with super tuesday occurring this week also, there's momentum that someone is going to be riding and as voters go to the polls they will remember and vote. >> what can we expect from donald trump? >> super tuesday is going to develop the baseline from going forward. if trump has a big day winning most all states in the local polling of each of those states he seems to be leading now all expect in texas. he will come out the big winner. for momentum as he heads into the rest 2069 election cycle. this can -- the rest of the election cycle. this can give him a platform to say i'm the candidate time for these other guys to get out.
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in applicants head to a big change coming to bay area schools tomorrow. when students step on campus in the morning. a different law enforcement agency will be entrusted with keeping them in spach no more zephyrhills police department. they are ending their contract there. now sioux corporal will start their resource. many more rip current warning signs. the first of 78 being install and sand t park. and teach you how to break the grip of rip currents. >> we are hours away from the trade deadline and the lightning could be having active.
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like at the current temperatures in land o'lakes. 72 degrees. mild in pog k city and st. pete. will you need your umbrellas for the up coming workweek in we'll break it down. >> first, heading out to the farm for a special birthday party.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than
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needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. >> welcome back. he calls himself we firsted
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when he came to our studios to do a live interview. a termly ill child's favorite show. >> whe fortune. >> that was one major check off his bucket list. today he got a chance to fulfill one more. we were with him for his first birthday celebration. >> erik has never had a formal birthday party but his 10th year made up for it all. hundreds greeted the termly ill boy. >> how are you feeling now? >> reporter: and the star wars
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why the big party? erik hasn't lived an easy 10 years and still facing an uphill battle. born with a congenital heart defect and has pulmonary hypertension. >> this is what got us through the last week with the doctor telling us we're going to the hospital on monday. >> reporter: his mother and family and friends were touched by the overwhelming support from across the country. >> this is for him. and all these people care about him and lo him. >> reporter: the people that planned this. how many of you knew him? >> not a single person>> reporter: not not decision yell silly van who hosted the event. >> tells you how amazing he is as a little boy percipient takes one picture, one -- win picture, one visit o'of him to become attached.
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his spirit is amazing. >> reporter: those who know him -- the least they could do for the little boy that makes him smile. >> if you can't get enough of eric or you would like to help him out, go to we have more information about him. take a moment here to look at your screen. a beautiful day across the bay area today. home you -- hope you got a chance tone joy it. this is what it look looked like on the water. can't complain about today. it started out chilly. it warm up nicely. >> i always love it how it ends up like this. the perfect end to the weekend. with the warmer temperatures and we felt that today.
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i want to show you a little look backed a at sunday. beautiful clear sxieps a light breeze out there. not as bree zi as saturday. sun setting around 6:30 this time of year. another beautiful sunset at clear water beach. i hoped you enjoyed your weekend. it was a chilly start for some. brooksville down to 41 degrees. 51 st. pete. a 15 to 16-degree difference and brooksville all of us warming up a little as we head into monday morning. 17 in st.. -- 71. high pressure about over head providing the nice quiet dry calm weather. as we head into noned area of high pressure shifts to the east. and we'll see our winds starting from the east-southeast by the afternoon and that's land breeze.
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afternoon. for the this -- this evening we will see increasing cloud cover. that's why it will be warming morning. by midnight with the increasing degrees. if you live in places like citrus it will be cooler at the bus stop. when you're getting kids ready to go for school they definite will you want a jacket or sweater. make sure they can take the extra layer off by the afternoon. it will be warm. 47 brooksville. st. petersburg 58 degrees. 55 in tampa. my bu monday afternoon a mix of shrouds. not as -- sun and clouds. and warmer with highs in the mid
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our average high, 74 degrees. we're above where we typically would be this time of year. 78 in dade city. by the immediately coast coastline as we see an on shore flow. 78 mcdeal air force base and across polk county highs in the upper 70s. lakeland 79 degrees. a nice day. checking out the future cast not -- model. i want to know that we'll have winds in the morning starting in the east. by the noon hour we'll see the winds shifting to the an on shore flow at the coast. again not a purely sunny day. a nice day. definitely staying dry with -- high pressure in control. you can leave those umbrellas at home. if you're lucky enough to be off work and can take the boat out it's a nice day. bay waters will be smooth surf
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seven day forecast. showing lots of sunshine as we head into monday afternoon and tuesday even sunnier. high temps in the upper 70s. by wednesday and thursday a week -- weak cool front that will breen 20% chance of showers thursday. we clear out for the first half of the day thursday and a few isolated showers possible thursday evening through friday, 7:00 in the the morning. now we're clearing out for the weekend. hoichs -- we want you to be able to keep on top of the weather. all you have to do is download the 10 news app in the app store. you'll have access to our sky 10 cameras and you can sign up for breaking news, traffic and weather alerts. tammy? >> thank you. training days under way.
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>> lightning just dropping the puck against the bruins in boston. while both are on the ice. general manager stevizer man is likely working the phone. 18 hours until the nhl trade deadline.
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saying the iowa senators made a dynamic drun the third overall pick hasn't played since mid january. it may have been first exhibition of spring drain training. the university of tampa shocked the philadelphia phillies the spartans went on to win the choup while the phillies finished with the worst record in the major league. >> spartans spring training games. joe irso accepting an award. former [ indiscernible ] easy workload. one inning. three up and three down. expected to be the phils second starters. >> bases loaded for an drew nap. off the glove.
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they jump out to a 4-0 lead. ryan howard, like most of the filly starters observing. taking one to left. the spartans on the board. phils come back with three of their own in the home half for an 8-3 win. >> charlotte. razors testing the limits. they tried steve peers in the second. they will trade in favor of morgan fellsberg. >> ultimately a championship team that's what you want to have. every team goes into camp knowing that. our front office has done a people. unfolds. >>ly go out and show what i can do and let them make a dec.
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i believe i'm the first -- the best first baseman on the team and i want everyone else to think that as well. >> the rays open up play against the nationals. thursday they host the owes and -- owes. >> adam scott over came his bogie gap yesterday. finished one stroke better than serge you yoe garcia. >> nascar. sprint cup series running in atlanta. johnson leading the field after the second caution of the day. daily earn heart, jr. a big melee on the back stretch. johnson still under green.
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dale eastern heart senior. it's the 48th fifth win. >> everybody likes football. this is my favorite time of year. string training baseball, start of baseball around the corner. march madness. hockey and the weather is gorgeous. >> yeah. a lot going on. and the weather is nice. hopefully it will be that way the rest of the week. >> nice here. nice in the honda classic h in the west palm area. monday. tuesday dry. it's wednesday that watching fsh 20% chance of scattered showers. a few isolated showers possible. late thursday into friday. our temperatures, o'notice are not going to dip down. no significant cooler air ahead. enjoy it. it's nice springtime weather. even know not officially spring. >> thank you.
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two hours of the award winning show 60 minutes. don't forget you can take 10
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight on 60 minutes presents, preserving the past. >> the $540 million national museum of african-american history and culture is rising on the national mall. its complexion rendered in shades of bronze, a building of color against history's white marble. >> this is not the museum of tragedy. it is not the museum of difficult moments. it is the museum that says here is a balanced history of america that allows us to cry and smile.


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