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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they will be watching the we are here but we are not inside the auditorium itself. we are in a smaller venue, a hallway in an atrium. not it makes you wonder whether the rubio campaign know something that we are not privy to. given the size of what they need , obviously not the largest of venues. all of that said, here is the there really is no clear path for marco rubio. to get the gop. winning florida would things -- make things more difficult for donald trump. >> rubio needs to focus on the
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follow him to try to sway their perception of rubio and put them in the best light. >> i don't think he will drop out considering that it might go to the convention. >> he can hope for someone endorsing him. things could happen. again, if rubio was to lose florida tonight he has a long way to go. >> publicly marco rubio has been confident today. behind the scenes at we are told the mood in his campaign has been more somber. rubio has said that the candidacy will continue into tomorrow. they plan to campaign in the state of utah. reporting live, eric glasser. 10 news. marco rubio is not alone in
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donald trump is in palm beach and democratic candidate hillary clinton will be in west palm beach. her opponent bernie sanders and senator ted cruz will be in their home states. governor john kasich will be in columbus, ohio. mark rivera is taking a closer look at voter turnout and how that is affecting the election. i have been talking to election supervisors and they told me this is the kind of excitement surrounding the primaries as much as they had seen in past general elections. many said they haven't seen anything like this before ever. looking at the numbers tonight, we're looking at unofficial results from hillsborough county. received 1000 more republicans coming out to vote than democrats. on the democratic side you see an increase stable turnout.
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action in florida. this is live data. more republicans voting more today. same and pascoe county. lopsided the republican turnout. we can do one of two things out of that, marco rubio did his job for job at voter turnout. donald trump may have added to the republican base. we are staying on top of this tonight. with your boat, decided the future. mark rivera. 10 news. breaking down what is really at stake in tonight's primary. this is how many delegates are up for grabs. in florida there are 99 on the gop side and 246 for the democrats. keep in mind florida and ohio are rain or take stock states. what is next. look for more endorsements for the candidates including people like governor rick scott
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before making a decision. the polls close in about 55 minutes. cannot 10 news for instant results. download our free to the tsp app and put us at 11:00. revealing body cameras footage of a takedown of a suspected drunk driver last night. pascoe county sheriff said christopher conti was out of control and intoxicated. deputies followed him from port richie to trinity where he ran to patrol cars. this body can video shows his arrest. the video you are looking at will help sheriff offices around the case. taxpayer concerns in tampa.
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the authority to schedule we saw these long lines at the month. file. the ceo gawker on the stand today in the former professional wrestler hulk hogan sex tape trial. the jury looking at how the views celebrity privacy. gawker founder nick denton says right to know and a public figures privacy, there is a other. he was asked by hogan's attorneys what he thought about the article. he said he didn't have a problem with it. hogans attorney made him read part of the article out loud. >> i thought it was a relatively gentle peace under the circumstances. >> dehumanizing. >> think of the end for aj
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that had a touch of sweetness to it. >> the defense rests sometime tomorrow afternoon. new information about fallout surrounding tampa politicians. if anything went down on the hillsborough transportation initiative and if things move forward again after the criminal investigation was finished. >> reporter: we reviewed the entire 2000 page sheriff's report in which elected officials were cleared of wrongdoing in hillsborough. the report shows evidence of noncriminal public record violations and claims ignorance from county commissioners. valid addresses some questions regarding transportation it raises more questions about government transparency. >> it is what it is. at this point we need to move
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sandy murman is a commissioner admonished by investigators for not saving public records from their phones. this year's report detail how controversy of consultant beth leytham was in constant contact with officials regarding taxpayer projects. >> what it does is a level of trust and we have known that since the beginning. to ignore that trust is not good. >> a detailed help public records were often ignored by the top politicians. detectives wrote after seeing the pattern of communication investigators attempted to obtain deleted text messages from the cell phones of ms. leytham and hillsborough commissioner ken hagan and tampa mayor bob buckhorn. they were not able to. >> it said it asked if you had all text messages. and no longer had any of them. >> i said they were personal in nature and not covered.
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ethics investigation. by a large transportation advocates will use this report as a way to clear the air on the cloudy but important debate regarding possible transportation referendum on hillsborough's ballot. >> can they salvage a transportation fix? >> i hope so. we are still facing a huge backlog. this investigation doesn't negate that. hopefully we can move forward. >> i stories have already prompted public records and lobbying pyxis. check those out along with the uncut video from today's interview on the 10 investigates page. taking a look at yuba county, polk county is in limbo when it comes to changing sundaes liquor hours. county commissioners discuss the topic today. liquor stores and bars start at noon on sunday but in some cases across the street in lakeland business starts selling
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before making changes. trias -- dress for success made a stop in sarasota. the gain notoriety in the bay area when socialite joe kelly revelation of his affair with his biographer. >> i have said that i have have focused forward that obviously i have had made mistakes in life and what you do is what we do in the military which is conduct an action review. general david petraeus talked about the challenges we face today including international security changes. what you, 10 news. partial -- precious wildlife in the bay area.
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we would mean an end for a horse farm. >> this is the beach right now. live in st. pete. will get you up to speed especially if you drive the
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tonight, join us.
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ncis new orleans. then 10 news at 11:00. it captures old florida at its best but it's days are numbered. >> was power and impose farm and petting zoo. it has been around for two decades. the farmers tucked away with what used to be a quite undeveloped area in tampa. tonight tammie fields shows you how the area around the farm is changing fast. >> reporter: from the potbelly pig, these rescued animals may be out of a home soon. >> besides donations, this is the big job. >> i like the horse. >> horseback rides on and off the property of that keeps the animals in horsepower for kids the problem is horsepower for kids is is supposed to be using
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may 1 they are pulling the reins back ending the rides for ever. >> horseback riding with a small area. there are 22 houses next to us. >> volunteers say the price of progress is putting the animals. >> we had to put plywood up here to keep the birds from getting to stressed. it is now working with a loud noises. it is not working because they are losing batterers. -- feathers. >> we have taken of a enough living space for the wildlife in regards to new development for housing. >> donations are needed now more than ever to make up for the shortfall. this place that caters to children can't provide.
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>> tammie fields. we are getting it all from mother nature. >> you talk about this blog. >> it is a whirling in and likely a few deified. if you want to share something on social media can retweet. look at the graphic that sent out on the. two different worlds, just a few miles. st. petersburg bridge to the gandy bridge. of miles, and you can see this tour on the sky to network. that is live, friends. we are looking at the building in wesley chapel. beautiful and sunny and hot in here is clearwater beach.
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surprised. there is the look. that is life, and there are people milling about and trying to make the most of their time. if you have fog, it may as well be in the don. we're seeing it push inland. i am tracking it in sarasota visibility on mainland time miles away in a mile in venice. i expected to build in again tomorrow. you can see this is a look at it burning out briefly in the developing and what is going on are two points in the same ballpark within a degree or two of the gulf temperatures which is in the low 70s. high moisture content and heidi points. that is basically the same ingredients to allow for the air to be saturated and thought to develop.
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the perfect set up a dry air and clear skies overhead for the fog. it is like putting a heat down. it is moving the moisture down. 74 clearwater. i want to show you tonight, the one thing i absolutely expect that the need to shut down the skyway bridge will happen again at some point tonight and for the morning. i don't want you guard. at the least highlift blend fdot will have to do that. the temperatures in the two points again this evening especially after 11:00 will be right there in the same ballpark again. keep checking back and keep checking social media. we will send out tweets if the skyway gets closed.
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off guard and know that is highly likely being the height of the bridge. going into tonight we would rapidly after 11 pm midnight see visibility decrease. last night, the model is a little overdone. i think it is important to show because the setup is there in the pockets and the closer you are to the golf with more communities being affected by the patchy dense fog overnight in the wednesday morning. the setup we have, the other main pages, quitting campbell and howard frankland and gandy and mullen both, we will have to watch in the morning as well. we could see patchy dense fog. seven-day forecast, i do expect the next few mornings with
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the heat up on land but the pages will remain foggy on and off. they will be moments for it is not the case so it will be hit and miss. tracking a few rounds of storms. a front stalls to the north. another wave late saturday we overnight and into sunday. we will watch that one closely with the possibility of severe storms. who will have more on this tonight at 11:00. will send out tweets in the
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the lightning on the road at toronto. they won seven of the last games. to for will not pay. he has a body injury. the good news is contract should be good to go tonight. a sucker punch from columbus defenseman dalton proud that sent it could euro off to the training room. he will lose $5700 in pay. josi fernandez remains the most underrated coach in town. 15 seasons as head coach of the
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appearances. 11 out of 15. that is pretty good. we will be headed to los angeles to face colorado state in the first round. the committee put the bulls in the same bridgeport regional as top- ranked uconn. these teams have already played each other three times this season. >> to be honest in the last two years we played uconn more than anybody in the country. and for us to be -- i think our team has played uconn better than anybody in the country. to put us in the same region was a surprise to me. >> raise lost to the phillies today. matt moore will start the game in havana. he got plunked by eric nolan. who said he was okay. i hope so. devonshire meyer, his first home run.
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tonight a mega legoland expansion. five new projects. they will treat a four-day ride with 4d. avon park in an area based on a lego team show and so much more. not just for kids. that is it the 10 news at 6:00. we will see you back tonight at
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couldn't pick trump out of a lineup. now-- >> trump. >> donald trump.


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