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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  November 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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mission: to get your vote. no matter what age you are, it's never too late to start a new career and we take a closer look at how investigators go about solving a deadly hit and run good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm ian reitz.. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist ashley batey.
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bring you an unprecedented crime prevention project. what -- if anything -- can you do to keep your home safe from burglars? you're going to hear directly from the experts. not police -- but convicted burglars, sharing their secrets. questionairres were mailed to 86 prison inmates -- currently serving time for burglary. we wanted to know -- how did they do it? to help you better protect your home and family, here's investigative reporter-- kyle iboshi. they can strike in a matter of minutes. burglars breaking into your home- stealing cash and valuables. so to help neighbors avoid becoming a victim,
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9:32 "see that house right here, prefect" like former career criminal- jerome gilgan. 2:20 "how long does it typically take to break into a house? all depends on the house, you can be in the house in less than a minute." :28 as part of an unprecedented crime prevention project- kgw's investigative team mailed questionnaires to 86 prison inmates- serving time for burglary. they answered anonymously from prison- explaining how they broke into homes- and what time? most burglars said "early morning "or "afternoon"- specifically "between 12:30 and 2:30" or "between 2-3"- often targeting homes with big fences or limited visibility from the street. 6:43 "what do you notice about this neighborhood? bushes, lots of bushes. i mean if you look, you can't even see the front porches on any of these houses. :51 you really can't
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front door before breaking in. and if someone answered- they'd say "wrong house, sorry", "seen my dog" or "looking for a friend." one burglar would even "carry a clipboard" pretending to conduct a survey. 8:08 "you knock on the door- oh, i'm sorry. must be at the wrong house- then you got to get out of that neighborhood of course." :11 many burglars said they'd think twice if there was a vehicle in the driveway. they didn't like hearing a radio or tv on inside the home- , "absolutely not". lights on in the home- really didn't do much to stop them. and those signs for a security company- well, the burglars said they're a joke. 12:06 "security signs out front- that change anything for you? no. not at all? no, people stick those in :13 doesn't do anything. no." :12 when asked for the one thing homeowners can do to avoid being burglarized- the criminal experts had some interesting ideas. "get a camera- make it visible." "get a man eating dog"
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are a deal breaker for me." but also- "know your neighbor" 4:53 "like this neighborhood here, i wouldn't even go near cause you've got too many people. you've got somebody here, somebody here- three people outside- lot of activity. yeah, i'm not even going to walk down this street." :06 these burglars want to get in and out- without being seen. so as a homeowner- make your place visible. cut back the trees, open the blinds and make it look like someone's inside. burglars say getting inside is the easy part. it's often through an unlocked door or a sm but then, the race is on. they have just a few minutes to grab and go. when asked where'd they looked for hidden valuables... one burglar said, "everywhere! from the stove and freezer, to the fish tank and toilet tank." another thing... several burglars said they did surveillance before breaking in.
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hidden key. this time next week -- we will be telling you who the next president of the united states is. between now and then-- the bay area is a "bulls eye" in the race for the white house! both hillary and bill clinton spent time in our area tuesday.. their mission: to get your vote. but as 10 news reporter jennifer titus tells you-- their trips are aimed at groups critical to deciding this year's presidential race. nats of hilary:5-5pm pkg--you know what donald trump was talkinga bout at pasco hernando state collegehilary clinton took the stage with former miss universe--- nats-.36mis houskeeping-5 pm pkg a week before election daythe two hoping their message spoke loudly to women and hispanic voters. 19:15:10 'it wasn't such a great country for african americans 50 years ago' while former president bill clinton made a stop in south st. pete speaking to a diverse groupfocusing his speech on the black vote nats--19:15:56-
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we are as a country- the minority vote critical to both the clinton and trump campaign a census bureau report found in the 2012 presidential election black voter turnout exceeded that of non-hispanic whites. 204800 i live in south st pete but wanza vinson says she doesn't believe the candidates have addressed questions impacting the black community. 204837 'noones answering no questions no one' recent reports also show that the minority vote is down---a reason why the clinton campaign is pushing hard to spread the message to get out and vote 180942 'theirs a lot of enthusiasm and minority knows that we expect ot have a good turnout' jen suand democrats will also be looking forward to this weekend to get the minority vote as souls for the polls kicks off this weekend where congregations will be encouraging church goers that after church go straight to the polls in st pete jennifer titus 10 news wtsp donald trump donald trump
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he blasted clinton over the fbi's renewed investigation into her emails...and focused on rising premiums for "obamacare." today-- trump will be in miami, orlando and pensacola. hit and runs are some of the hardest cases to solve. once a car takes off -- there's very little evidence. now polk deputies are having a hard time cracking a case that killed a woman and severely injured one of their own. beau zimmer tells us it's going to take a lot to crack this case 47:14 nats of car zooming by. few clues. one witness killed injured. so just how do investigators go about solving a deadly hit and run? 30:59 the first thing they need to figure out. is what happened here. dui investigators say many hit and runs involve driver impairment. 29:45 they're all over the road. they don't know what they're doing. their perception of distance and time. is off. by the time they even realize they hit
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down the road. 29:56 then they go into panic mode. saying wow if i get caught and i'm impared. what's going to happen to me. 30:05 they just flee the area. and they go home. they ditch their car and they run. hit and runs often go unreported. for hours. even days. putting detectives at a disadvantage. 31:43 obviously the first thing we start doing is canvassing the area. 37:58 broken lens covers. maybe a piece of your bumper. and a lot of these cases. major impacts they leave the whole bumper. but finding the vehicle is only part of the puzzle. proving who was behind the wheel can be an even bigger challenge. and that's where cameras come in. 42:05 maybe this area over here doesn't have any cameras. we would look even back further. so maybe the walgreens over there has a camera. or maybe the traffic light they passed through has a camera. the big break can even come days or weeks later. 34:46 typically with any type of crash.
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typically this car is going to go to some type of body shop. or some insurance company is going to be notified of it. 35:06 especially in the case where a vehicle hits a person. that's a distinct kind of damage. beau zimmer, 10news wtsp. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning.. allison is in the newsroom with what we are working on this morning. new evidence this morning surrounding the death of amelia earhart. why researchers believe this new evidence supports the theory that she did not die in a plane crash. big news this morning about actor johnny depp. the movie franchise you will soon be seeing him in. we are working on all those stories, plus ashley has your wednesday forecast and hilary is checking on your roads. that's all coming up in 20 minutes. coming up next on 10 news early morning.... we have 5 more hidden fees...and how to beat them.
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we all hate getting hit by
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so we asked you at home: what are the charges you despise the most? 10investigates' noah pransky is the man with a fix. this morning-- he shows you the tricks so you can avoid paying up. we heard you loud and clear when you told us our "5 worst hidden fees" just weren't enough....check out all those tips at fees. so now we're back with the 5 next worst hidden fees.... and how to beat 'em. starting with the suggestion of: car "dealer fees what a joke!" not to mention the destination fees, doc fees, dealer prep fees, undercoating fees, online advertising fees, vin etching fees... kelsey mays, with is it all legit? "a lot of these fees are bogus fees that
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necessarily have to pay and you can really try hard to negotiate them out of the purchase price." his advice use these key words: the "out- the-door" price. that will keep the dealer from slipping extra fees in later, or hiding them in the terms of the financing. "don't negotiate on the loan terms yet just make sure you negotiate on that out-the-door price of the car. and if you get a good price on that, everything else should follow." and be willing to walk real leverage you have when it comes to beating unnecessary fees. another "worst," from facebook friend greg how "the rental car company charges you 14.00 for 1.50 in tolls!" sure enough, rental car companies will tack on up to ninety dollars in extra fees, just for the right to drive on automated tollroads! and you may not realize it until the charges magically appear on your statement weeks after you return the car! but here's what you can do about it: before you what each company charges for automated tolling with this helpful link on once you rent....set your phone's gps to avoid tollroads. or, if it's after you've the company; apologize; and ask if they'll remove the extra charges. "call their customer service and try to figure out if there's any way to mitigate those fees before they come and hit your credit card bill later on." and speaking of credit cards... one industry source estimates the
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types of fees! this is local consumer advocate, laurie zoock. "anything from reward redemption fees to balance- transfer fees..." not to mention foreign transaction fees, annual fees, or even fees to increase your credit line! all of which, may pop up unexpectedly. so before you sign up for a new your homework! go to for links on how to find a card free of most fees. and, if you've already got annoying fees on that monthly statement.... just like with rental cars.... try calling up and simply requesting they remove the charges. occasionally waive fees for you if you ask." how about hidden fees on your holiday shipping? if you aren't crunched for time, the us postal service will probably be your cheapest option.... ship from an "approved postal provider" a ups store. they often tack on extraordinary fees to us mail...and never tell you! for instance, we took a shoebox full of these antiques to a number of ups stores around the bay area....and to ship it to the northeast, we were quoted prices anywhere from 17 to 24 dollars! nats "24 dollars!?" compared to just $12 dollars for the same priority mail from the post
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corner. then, there's the ever-annoying ticket surcharge fee! just ask our facebook friend sharon, who was struck by the lightning and online retailers for more than 100 dollars in surcharges during last year's playoffs! and she wasn't the only one who reached out, as online brokers can bait you into thinking a ticket is one price....than switching it to the real cost of the ticket before checkout. what say you, tampa bay lightning? "we specifically have a contract with ticketmaster that was signed back in 2009 different ownership at the time..." that deal requires the lightning to charge convenience fees on top of the et office!?!! that's not the case at many other event centers around town, however, including tropicana field, where you can beat the fees by buying your tickets in- person. but the most fee- free experience in town... is at rayjay. the bucs don't charge any convenience fee, even if you buy your seats online.
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pransky reporting. we have all the specifics on all these life hacks on, or the 10news app. it's never too late to start a new career. just ask a former "polk deputy" who is now breaking into the restaurant business. as 10 news reporter jonathan petramala shows you-- it's just one tiny slice of his story. from this opening shot you might think this is a story about lenny. but it's really about jim. lenny's grill and subs franchise owner number 95. something about these subs has people in bartow packing in thicker than the meat in one of their sandwiches since the store opened a week ago even if it's something you never thought would be on the menu diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007, jim had decided he wanted to do more with his life than the pest control business he
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but within six months working in the county jail, he was honored as detention deputy of the year for saving an inmate trying to hang himself.. soon after jim became a road deputy and apart of the crisis negotiation team where during his only negotiation, he saved a suicide jumper. but last august, jim had to try and save himself again. a routine mri found the brain cancer was back, so he turned in his badge. which brings us to today. jim and his wife had stopped at a lenny's on their way home from a cancer treatment. he couldn't get enough, buying subs by the cooler full to bring home to polk county. now in remission a year later jim is still serving...just in a different uniform. in bartow, jonathan petramala, 10 news
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coming up next on 10 news early morning halloween maybe over but you can still spot batman in one texas town. in one texas town-- you don't
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even bd the ctim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor,
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have to wait until halloween to spot batman out and about. check out his batmobile! under that a man named david. he dresses up every day to bring smiles to people's faces. he first-- suited up just for fun. but now-- he's on a mission to help the community. he goes to charity events and hospitals...and encourages others to do the same. coming up on 10 news this morning.. a woman showed up at the polls and was told that she already voted.
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closer look. vice president biden will be in the bay area campaigning for hillary clinton the chicago cubs beat the cleveland indians nine to three on tuesday night in game six. so -- it's all about tonight's game seven. we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three minutes. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. it's a story that has hundreds of you ticked off this morning. you show up at your polling place only to be told you already cast a ballot... that happened to a lakewood ranch woman and this morning we're getting to the bottom of how it happened. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the manatee county supervisor of elections office. sarah, people on facebook aren't being shy about how they feel about this. yes, a lot of you telling us this


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