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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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petersburg. a little bit warmer than most this morning but everybody ready -- will warm up this afternoon. sprinkles possible but we are not tracking rain chances per se until the cold front moves in on friday. we will talk about the timing on that front coming up. hotspots at 6:00 on wednesday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. accident in pasco county in hudson blocking all westbound lanes co grand club drive east of us 19. and in sarasota county, a crash blocking southbound lanes of us 41 and this is at proctor road. coming up, i will have detours on both of these accidents and get you drive times.
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welcome to 10news this morning. i am allison kropff. the comeback comes win against the indians. exciting news about who you will see about the thanksgiving parade. going to vote early and told you already cast a ballot. sarah hollenbeck is live at the supervisor elections office. hundreds of people are telling us the story ticked them off. >> reporter: reaching out and saying in today's day and age why are there not more safeguards in place to protect you and let you know and the supervises of elections office know when you vote and how. that is why the story is boiling so many people's tales because not only can you relate but you think it is just ridiculous that this is happening.>> she said you vardy voted and i said no i have not. you voted at another pull.
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>> that paper jam prevented it from issuing a ballot. but she had already checked in according to that machine. >> had not contacted the news media i would've been in that pile that would have -- probably never. >> once 10news stepped in her out she was right and was able to cast a ballot. this morning you're giving us great feedback on facebook. the comment getting the most attention is from chris offering this idea. voting machines should have cameras taking snapshots of the voters face and time and proof that you cast a ballot. others weighed in and said there are other tests for other states that already have that system with the photo scanning. or what about a prince. local supervisor of elections
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are great but it all comes down to time and money. two of the most valuable things when you come here to the election office, the one thing you value is being able to cast a value -- ballot so quickly.>> election offices are assuring you these cases are extremely rare. >> yes. they say this rarely ever happens and that you can absolutely trust the system but you can rest assured that we will take your suggestions to them and make sure there is something else they can do to try to protect you.>> final push in a few hours. vice president joe biden will be in the bay area and he will be campaigning for hillary clinton as part of a get out the early vote of that. he will speak at the museum of science and technology this morning. doors open at 9:15 am. the president making his way to the sunshine state today. he will travel to miami and stay the night and tomorrow at 10 rallies for hillary clinton in miami and then jacksonville. donald trump crisscrossing
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speak at events all over including miami, orlando and pensacola. we don't know if he will make a stop in the bay area before election day. he also heads to jacksonville tomorrow. clinton will campaign out west today after she and former president bill clinton stopped by the bay area. she was in dade city while her husband was in st. petersburg. their trips were aimed at the minority vote critical to deciding the presidential race. in the 2012 presidential election last voter exceeded that of non-hispanic whites. minority vote is down so far this year. some people who attended the clinton rally in south st. pete said both candidates have an address issues affecting minority communities. >> we want to make sure we are equal with everyone else in the united states on education. we need to look at that. >> in dade city, former miss universe campaign with hillary.
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message. with election season almost over six days away, one airline is taking advantage. >> spirit airlines is offering free flights. but you have to fly on election day. the airline offered the special flights and if you flew november 8 it was 100% off. keep in mind the offer expires at midnight. 6:05 am. we have learned that two officers in iowa were shot and killed overnight in ambush this happened at 1:30 am in des moines. police say both officers were sitting in their patrol cars when they were shot. we understand police are searching for the suspect and we're working to get more information and once we learn more we will update you. all they wanted was $5000 but they got a lot more. protesters of the dakota axis
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gofundme. the contributions have topped $1 million. this money is being used to help the group to stay in north dakota to protest the pipeline. it does not get more exciting than this. there is going to be a game seven in the world series. cubs be the indians on tuesday night in game six. university spokesman chris bryant had more hits including a home run and areata struck out nine out of five. the last time both of these teams made it to a game seven in the check out this. this is a skyline of the windy city. you can see one of the buildings has let's go cubs lit up. fans are wild on the streets. they will be out again tonight to go out on top. they may have not have won on tuesday but you can get free tacos from taco bell today think -- thanks to the indians. it is part of steel a taco campaign.
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the first inning. they will give out free tacos today. we have that on our website. type in the address for a location near you to get a free taco. and make plans to watch the game. thanksgiving tradition. the lineup for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it was announced and you will see lots of stars. tony bennett, sarah mclachlan, miss piggy and kermit the frog, olympic gold medalist hernandez coming up, new clues into what really happened to amelia earhart. a lot of you are talking about it online. what thieves left behind after stealing a candy bar. this is a bizarre story.
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this is 20-year-old justin frank who is a student at alabama a&m university. what he did was he started a food pantry in his own dorm. we will have the story coming up. 6:08 am. let's take a look at the bridges. howard frankland bridge is picking up a little bit as you come into tampa. your drive times across the next 30 minutes and you will be that backup. and live look also at the gandy bridge. we're looking on the pinellas side of the bridge towards tampa and the drive time here is five minutes. no fog and no rain this morning. we are in terrific shape and we will be even better off when we had closer to the weekend. i'm tracking that cold front and let you know when it arrives and how long the fall weather is going to stick around.
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amendment 1 is endorsed by florida's firefighters... because it does solar the right way. amendment 1 protects consumers from scams,
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i spent 22 years in the air force, and i was a republican for every one of them. i was rationalizing donald trump's behaviors until... i don't want my granddaughter thinking it's okay to be... treated that way, and my grandson growing up thinking... that's how you should treat women. scas me, that scares me a lot. so hillary's got my vote. we don't see eye to eye on everything, but she's strong, and i respect her. and she's someone that my grandkids can respect too.
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z25r2z zy6z y25r2y yy6y why are out-of-state billionaires attacking amendment 1? because amendment 1 keeps them... out of your wallet. with amendment 1,
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starr welcome back. 6:12 am. this story may be solved. new evidence that could prove amelia earhart died as a castaway for the evidences supports the theory that she didn't die in a plane crash but as a castaway on an island. transmission where her plan -- plane landed safely, and partial skeletal remains found in 1940 could belong to amelia earhart. researchers were studying the files and they determine the bones are consistent with a female of ehrhardt tie. a hollywood shocker. johnny depp is taking rally to wizard world. he is going to make a secret appearance in the new film fantastic beast and where to find them. he makes a cameo in the first film but will have a bigger
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in case you are familiar, fantastic beast and where to find them is set 60 years earlier than harry potter. they are expected to be five films in the franchise and fantastic beach is out november 18. this is cool video. 17,000 turtles have been released into the amazon. the turtles on the verge of extinction and they have been protected so this is a good sign they may be able to get off the list. officials hope this will allow them to reproduce in the natural habitat. if you haven't seen this next aurea -- story, chances are you will today. >> someone broke into a student's car at kansas state and they stole one thing. a tictac candy bar. out of everything in the car. the candy bar was missing and
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>> it said i saw this candy bar and i love them. i didn't take anything else from your car. i'm sorry i am hungry. i got a kick out of it. i thought it was funny.>> that is so weird. >> what was stranger about this is it is his wallet and cell phone was left behind in the car and his car was unlocked. thankfully it was just the candy bar taken. people are calling this guy the kit kat i now. kit kat heard about this and they tweeted him and said we will's new kit kat bar. >> lock your car doors. [ laughter ]. next time it won't turn out so good.>> they could've stolen his wallet. hillary, how are we doing out there. that happens to me all the time. cabins -- candy disappears in front of me. sort of. things are quiet. let's go to sky tenant check
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keeping an eye on this spot that's been busy this week especially in the southbound lanes. you can see now it is white. the drive time is 17 minutes from state road 56 to the selmon expressway but the southbound lanes, the headlights coming at you are getting heavy. if you are traveling in pinellas county the only accident i'm on top of is in st. petersburg and this is on fifth avenue south at 40th street it should be cleared soon. that is northeast of gulfport. the two biggest accidents of the morning may require you to take a detour especially this one in pasco county. this is hudson and this is blocking all westbound lanes of county line road at grand club drive east of us 19. the detour if you are traveling, take a road north called cobblestone drive and head on springhill drive. than if you have to get onto us
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if you go onto the map you can see exactly what i'm talking about. this map doesn't show the smaller roads. in sarasota county i'm on top of this accident on us 41. there are some lanes blocked in the southbound direction at proctor road but you can still get by here. i'm not seeing a delay so i want to take a detour here. it would be i-75 and that would be your best bet if you are traveling far along us 41. polk county, things are quiet. if you have problems on the roads, send me an email. i am your road will help you with safety issues. email me, road warrior and i will help you with safety issues. email me, tracking light rain on the east side of the state. there may be a few sprinkles moving through from time to time. temperature today will only be around 10% and largely going to stay east of i-75. once again we're off to a quiet start this morning so we're looking good as for getting you out the door. you have comfortable
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you may need a light jacket this morning but by this afternoon that won't be the case. we will be climbing into the 80s later today. for those looking to get a morning workout in you will be in fantastic shape. nothing in the way of rain. lots of sunshine so make sure you have the spf 30 and the shades on. 86 today. looking good. 86 will feel close to 86, maybe degree plus heat. just a warmer above average day than what we typically see for the start of november. that changes towards the end of the week. here is the set up are we track a jet stream that will take a dive to the south on thursday. by friday that will push a frontal boundary through which looks like it is arriving late afternoon early evening and then we continue to see northwest winds moving in behind it in the upper levels that will keep the cool air in
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weekend. we are looking great for the food festival. we have the grand tasting kicking off tonight and as we had through the next several days we are looking great. isolated rain chance on friday. saturday will be breezy but it will be spectacular out there. if you like a crisp fall feel, sunday morning is the best bet. temperatures around 60 for the bay area. inland spots will drop back to the 50s. the rain chances here are taking you to 4:00. this is the front. notice a stray sprinkle possible east of i-75. the coverage this time around will be rather low. not going to worry about widespread showers or storms. just a 20% chance and a few quick showers moving in and out . this won't linger. we look ahead to a gorgeous weekend where we are on top of the cooler temperatures. we have an extra hour of sleep.
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and the nice stretch of weather continues into tuesday of next week. make sure you check out the 10 weather forecast on the road with the radial partners and tampa bay, 94.9, sarasota top radio, 106.9 fm. spanish maxima 92.5. atlanta on thursday night, football. i am ryan bass. the bucs have a short week. and they also have a short memory. the falcons fly into town thursday night and buck's mac beware. they have to leave that offense. fsu college football, playoff hopes are dead but they are planning to fight for the game. they face often rally -- raleigh. the head coach went to nc state. the florida gators defense roles against arkansas saturday. a dangerous razorback offense.
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gators have to be focused. i am ryan bass. that is the buick come team huddle. the need to feel connected can sometimes be stressful. coming up especially for children, before you have technology breakdown we will help ease your mind a bit. one airline passenger is on cloud nine this morning. it is awesome. this is because of an in-flight announcement. we will tell you what happened coming up. let's go live to progressive field. be an exciting one between
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. we are working to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. technology can be exhausting especially when kids are
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too young and how much screen time is too much. here things you want to keep in mind.>> she will search things like gymnastics and ballet. >> and turn what she watches on her ipad into tow points and twirls. it is 6-year-old presley and she would spend 10 hours a day if she could on the screen. the first greater uses technology at home and in the classroom. e online. >> too much screen time is definitely a thing. >> mom nicole is working to find a balance. >> it got us in trouble a few months ago because she up to the bill by $30. also she wanted to watch the tv and use the phone at the same time. we had to create boundaries. >> considering the american academy of pediatrics suggest you do the same.
6:25 am
turn off the television at dinner and parents, monitor your own use of technology. you want to eliminate the tile -- time your child watches videos and avoid technology for children under two years old. >> it is a privilege. and ipad is the first thing we take away. >> i just try to find it. that one. >> presley showed mom go to hiding spots. better safe than sorry. doctors say an overwhelming use of technology can lead to health problems like eyestrain. attention problems, sleeping or eating disorder but when done safely get ready parents. >> she learns differently which is counting in mandarin and spanish. >> they could teach us a thing or two. >> noting to be overwhelmed. -- no need to be overwhelmed. >> when we were in a classroom were using this program and they were taking a pop quiz.
6:26 am
you would not think it was a test. >> it's a good and a bad thing wrapped into one.>> a change that changes the dynamic. we are about to pick up on the interstates and tampa bay. coming up, i will have a live look from sky 10. and if you updates on the accident. the weather won't be an issue for the commute that if you look ahead to the weekend we see the cool down but there are some rain chances with starbucks. there may not be a
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first there is shaving. blades. comfy lubrication before and after. and also cooling. oooh. i got goosebumps. gillette proshield chill with lubrication before and after the blades. shields and cools while you shave. proshield chill from gillette. the best a man can get. proshield.
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starr good morning. time now just shy of 6:30 am. off to a nice start this morning. no visibility issues and it is not warm and looking great all around the bay area and sarasota where we see 68. 69 tampa. 66 clearwater. 71 st. petersburg. everyone climbing to the 80s this afternoon. many of us don't get into the 80s this weekend. more on that and the rain chances we could see with the next cold front coming up. good morning. here are the hotspots on your
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the westbound direction in hudson in pasco county. this is from an accident at grand club drive east of us 19. that's the life to the first slowdown of the morning. 275 in hillsborough county at busch boulevard. we are getting heavy here. coming up, i will have your drive times and also look at your bridges. it is wednesday, november 2. i am allison kropff. i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. this is your eye-opener. you can change your vote trump will make america great again. >> to ask like this. i will tell you who, a bully. >> we are six days from the presidential election and the race is tightening. both candidates are making a final push for votes. hillary clinton will be out west today and donald trump will campaign in florida. they said you vardy voted and i said i haven't. >> voter concerns. a woman shows up at the polls
6:31 am
she already voted. chicago, what do you say. >> one more game, the cubs beat the indians forcing a game seven in the world series. that is tonight in cleveland. 6:31 am. on top of breaking news this morning, this is out of iowa where we learned that police in des moines are searching for a suspect that killed two police officers in ambush style attacks overnight. the shootings happen within 20 minutes of each other and it was just after 1:30 am this morning when it happened and police say the officers were sitting in their patrol cars when they were shot. they do not believe the officers had interaction with this person before they were shot and killed. we are gathering information and once we learn more we will
6:32 am
a college student who saw his classmates giving meals because they were trying to stretch out their money, they started a food pantry in the dorm to help. >> emerald morrow has been looking into this. a very serious situation that students face every day. >> there is a recent report out that shows more than 40% of students who are surveyed have problems with having enough food to eat and it's easy to say well go get a job or work part-time. a lot of the students actually do work part-time. the even have meal plans. because they may have other s members at home, money runs out before the semester is over. 20-year-old student justin frank started a food pantry. he decided to do something. he took $40 and bought noodles, juices and snacks as well as hygiene items and stocked his dorm for students who needed help. classmates can get three items twice a week and when the word
6:33 am
it went completely viral. people from all over started asking how they can help. >> it makes me feel like an blessed. i didn't have anything to eat so i appreciate this. >> he has helped 100 students at his school and is training someone else to run the pantry after he graduates. you know food pantries at different schools. obviously the schools are aware of this issue but what if the student goes to school where this is an available.>> there is an option that students can go to. they can turn to government help. people think this is negative and there is a negative stigma attached to food stamps but that is an option for students who work 20 hours a week or have a campus work-study job. they do have to be working to get the help but they want to erase this negative stigma and
6:34 am
when they need to make ends meet. >> you wouldn't think about this. it is not something you really think about. it's really tough. >> some kids don't have parents who can help them out and give them extra cash. >> the power of the student and what he did to help folks. how this is spreading. it's interesting. as you wake up this morning you may be dreaming about a new career. it is never too late county deputy is now breaking into the restaurant business. lenny's grill & subs owner jim harmer opened up a restaurant and so far people are packing and. they want to check this place out. it is the second major career change he's made in the last decade. bring cancer-causing to enroll in the police academy when he was 48. he quickly became decorated. and then cancer struck again but he got a hunger for another
6:35 am
he was being given chemo. >> one day my wife said why don't you call and see what that's about. see if the franchises available. >> he did and this is what happened. he hopes to open up more shops all around the campus. the reward is up to $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest in the case of a deadly hit-and-run. one woman was killed at a point -- and a polk county deputy was hurt badly. one in a string of recent hit and run crashes. we talked to a investigator. they have their ways of tracking down drivers. >> reporter: the first thing we do is canvas the area so looking for surveillance cameras and looking to see if dot has a tracking camera that is near the area. was there business owners around or witnesses. broken lens covers. may be a piece of your bumper. these cases, especially the impact they have, they leave
6:36 am
hit and run in pinellas was caught on camera after he left the scene of a four car crash running into a hotel. investigators are still trying to find a person in this video. a bizarre story out of jacksonville. mn is facing 20 years in prison after he allegedly buried his mother himself. to collect benefits. brandley adams admitted that his mother causes in july 2014. he said he buried her in the backyard of their home and collected more than $35,000 in pension and social security benefits. he pleaded guilty to theft of government property and aggravated identity theft. this is something of people are talking about on facebook. the cross bay ferry which will launch to the public on friday had its maiden voyage with leaders on board. keep in mind this will have limited hours during the pilot program. the goal is to determine whether it stays. $10 each way between downtown st. pete and downtown tampa. we have the information coming
6:37 am
busiest travel season is just around the corner. airlines expect more of you to fly on thanksgiving. airlines have boosted the number of flights and the size of plains while the price of tickets have dropped. 27 million people expected to fly between november 23 and november 28. popular destinations, new york, la dick, dallas, atlaa, just when we thought starbucks figured it out. we showed you the red yesterday. this was the talk of tuesday morning. it is the holiday. the retailer has a new look but it is not read. look at this. this is the new green. they said the comp represents shared values during a divisive time in the country. no word on if this is the actual holiday. starbucks is keeping the plans under wraps. it sounds like we have to wait to see what the official couple
6:38 am
this is a story that will make you smile. >> this is a good one. a pilot makes an unusual in- flight announcement.>> we also have a very special passenger on board today. her name is anna. she is traveling back to south america to visit her family. i want to make sure she comes back to me. >> qantas pilot julie ellis, he proposed to his girlfriend at world together since they met. as you can see she said yes. >> that is cool. >> i love that. >> you see her face and she is trying to figure it out.>> such a good story. >> coming up, a holiday treat for anybody with a serious sweet tooth. mcdonald's owner is showing kindness. one customer at a time. if
6:39 am
kicking off at 8:00. criminal minds at 9:00 followed by code black and then 10news at 11:00 than the late show
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z25qmz zy6z
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good morning. it is 6:42 am. here is the bridge update. the sunshine skyway bridge is quiet. no traffic pick up too much here. if you are traveling across the bay the drive time is 17 minutes and that is from 75 in manatee county north let's go to the howard frankland . this is picking up in the northbound lanes going into tampa towards kennedy airport exit. the drive time is six minutes. we are looking good as we get out the door. just if you sprinkles near lady lake's and they will head to the. you may catch a few sprinkles on the nature coast. it's not a big deal in terms of rain chances. the downside is we keep with
6:43 am
moderate pollen over the next few days. on the water today we are looking good. we're seeing a moderate chop on the bay, 2 to 3 foot seas. the winds pick up with the next cold front. i will have the forecast and we will look ahead to what is behind that into the weekend coming up. the two greatest words in sports. game seven. that's gonna be a fun one. i am ryan bass. tampa bay is preparing for cubs, indians, game seven with everything on the line. also the box continue their press for the falcons. three keys to a win for tampa bay this thursday night. college football playoff rankings out. the florida gators have a shot of getting into the final four. this is old video-out. it caught my eye. navy seals a parachute jumping into a football stadium in tennessee. this doesn't give you goosebumps, i don't know what well. this is absolutely insane.
6:44 am
river. >> the perspective from that camera, you better aim well. >> they got it. this is kansas city. age is no limit when it comes to loving what you do. >> a guy, john john the and he bought this mcdonald's in 1982. he said a lot has changed since then. there are more menu items. he says the one thing that has not changed over the years is s everybody feels welcome and this is the friendliest mcdonald's in the area.>> i enjoy being here every day. i do the things i want to do with freedom. >> he considers this. he gets up every morning and greets customers every day and they give him a purpose. with the menu, he has apple slices and a salad and
6:45 am
>> you hear so many stories and studies done that if you are working and doing something you love you have a better quality of life. there you go. >> he has the passion and loves getting there every day. depending on who you are now that it is november you may be getting into the holiday spirit.>> i am ready to crank up the christmas tunes. >> if you like the stores and restaurants, they are going there. maybe you are not really just ready to celebrate yet but there may be something that would get you into the holiday spirit. something like this. a candy cane crunch doughnut. dunkin' donuts has an official holiday menu and if you have a sweet tooth you will love it. you will get your favorite, peppermint mocha and the lattes but this year they have added a crhme br[lie latte in two new donuts. the boston cream and the candy cane crunch. the croissant doughnut, a huge craze. there adding that to the menu. candy canes all crushed up on top of the doughnut. it has frosting in boston cream
6:46 am
two days away from halloween. we have leftover candy. now we're talking about the next round. let's check in with hillary. she has traffic for us. good morning. i found an accident and pasco county on san antonio road 52. this is west f i-75 at all pasco road. if you look closely you can see there is a delay. this was initially reported at the 75 exit ramp but it's more west. there is a lane blocked here so give yourself extra time if you use state road 52 to get on i- 75. in hillsborough county, we are picking up on the interstates. the hottest spots are to 75 if you had south passing fowler and fletcher and then i-75 from around fowler down to i-4.
6:47 am
i-4 near 50th street here and definitely the westbound lanes are really starting to pick up. there was an accident reported near here. i couldn't find it and florida highway patrol has cleared it from their system. the drive time is definitely picking up. 15 minutes from 75 to 275. if you are traveling in polk county, it has been so quiet all morning. no accidents on state road 60. polk parkway, all majors looking good. this crash on tammy on trail. you will see it at proctor road. i am not seeing a delay. if you have problems on the roads, send me an email. i am your road warrior and i will help you with traffic questions in the bay area. email me, road warrior in the bay area. email me, things are shaping up nicely as we start your wednesday morning. looking out over clearwater and sarasota, all of the beaches
6:48 am
once the sun comes up they will look better. it feels great already. 69 tampa, 64 carrollwood. 62 in brooksville. no 50s out there this morning. humidity has nudged up a little bit. we see a little bit more cloud cover on the coast there. obviously you will see that as the sun comes up. that's an hour from now with light rain tracking inland as we look to the east. back to the nature coast, may be a few sprinkles but it won't terms of rain chances for today. as we head into the afternoon a few sprinkles are going to be possible. largely into the afternoon. still the coverage will only be around 10%. what we will see will be very light. not going to be issues. nothing in the way of thunderstorm chances even with the next cold front. temperatures warming up from 70 degrees in the next hour 280 by lunch hour and we keep on climbing into the mid- 80s later this afternoon.
6:49 am
we will fall to the 70s and tomorrow, similar temperatures. it is looking like a great forecast. slightly higher humidity levels. nothing really muggy out there so you will be in great shape over the next several days. than the front moves through on friday bringing with it a 20% chance of showers. most of us stay dry but everybody weekend. look at the start. low 60s and daytime highs around 80 degrees. great shape although it will be breezy on saturday. almost perfect weather out there this weekend. let's go ahead and add one extra bonus to the mix. we get an extra hour of sleep. most of our clocks are already updated but there is always the cars at the ovens that we have to reset. and then looking ahead to next week, it will be great with temperatures remaining in the low 80s.
6:50 am
it will stay this way for four days. to check out the 10 weather forecast with the newspaper partners, get the forecast on the tampa bay times or the ledger. we have waited. a quiet night almost turns into something out of a horror movie. this is a video you may have seen. >> 6 foot crocodile climbs into a pool couple is in the water. the man jumps out and leaves the woman to defend herself by the way. and then the crocodile launches towards her. the man helps fight off the crocodile. can you imagine, hanging out in the pool. >> that is the last thing you would expect. when he gets out it's amazing how fast the crocodile goes through the water. scary. you may be getting invites to holiday parties.
6:51 am
an ugly christmas sweater we have an idea coming up. a big announcement coming up here in a few minutes. let's go back to cleveland. this is the place to be. game seven is tonight. this is going down to the final game. >> it is so exciting. you stayed up last night probably. >> game seven of the world
6:52 am
6:53 am
this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protectinal curity and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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hulu is teaming up with walt disney and 21st century fox. the streaming service to announce the deal. you will have access to 35 networks including fox, abc through the live streaming
6:55 am
it is set to debut next year. whoopi goldberg is showing off style with a new line she calls ugly sweater collection. here is some of what you can buy. these will be available at lord and taylor today but they are pricey. $139. >> crazy. >> especially since you don't wear them again. >> the rest of the year. >> maybe that one party or two parties. >> i guess it's an investment you can wear year after year.>> i don't know. >> i want to do layers underneath the big coat. if you live in a place that is cold.>> we don't.>> let me take you live now to sky 10. 275 at fifth avenue north. things are picking up on 275 as you head north but not really seeing major delays.
6:56 am
tampa. i-4 west towards downtown interchange, the drive time is 15 minutes from 75 to 275. i will show you the seven day. look at the weekend. nothing else matters. it will be gorgeous. what comes through friday afternoon and evening, showers with that. we get temperatures in the low 80s and we get overnight lows in the low 60s and upper 50s. extra hour of sleep because we're falling back this weekend. and then it continues as early next week as well. so if i had a microphone i would be dropping it right now. it is that reveal which school will be recognized as the 10news school of the week. >> if you are a fan of the facebook page you found this yesterday. this is on the school campus. the school of the week is john hopkins middle school in pinellas county. the trojans. 10news will spend time on campus this week and we will learn more about their arts magnet program and they have an award-winning journalism group. we will share it with you on friday morning. tammie fields will be live
6:57 am
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? breaking news. a nh central iowa, after two police officers who were ambushed and killed. >> with six days to go, hillary clinton tries to divert attention from the fbi e-mail investigation. donald trump hopes a hidden vote will put him over the top. and for the first time in centuries, researchers uncover the burial slab where jesus is said to have been laid to rest.


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