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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we begin with breaking news tonight another country is sending out an alert about traveling to the u.s. turkey has issued a travel warning for its citizens wanting to visit the u.s. in blame what they are calling the contested presidential election. they warned citizens about racist attacks and violence. good evening. we are glad you are here. tonight's top story a tragedy overseas. four americans killed. a suicide bomber set off an explosion at an airfield in
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members and two u.s. contractors. the explosion wounded is 60 other service members. the taliban has claimed responsibility. it is attack like these that remind us of the brave sacrifices of the military. that is why we are focusing on something that is called "charlie foxtrot." it is a series of stories focusing on veterans. tonight, casey introduces you to a mother, what could happen to her son, more than 7000 miles away. >> i am afraid. >> reporter: after seeing our story she is even more worried for her all the son. >> is he going to come home in one piece? you know, like mentally. this is when he was a little. >> reporter: from a young age he knew what he wanted to be. now,
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he works in mechanics. >> it makes me feel safer for him, he is not on the front line but being over there you never know what will happen. >> reporter: she believes the government should do more for veterans who suffer from ptsd. >> that is my fear. my son is very strong but those places change people. ths they fulfill their requirement and they need help when they come home. they don't care. it is just like, okay, we are so sorry we don't have help for you. >> reporter: she feels there should be a required mental health evaluation. >> they don't train them for the transition. they do all of this training, how to fight, how to kill people but they don't train them
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disservice. i want him to come back and be a healthy man. have a family. >> reporter: she wishes the same for all the veterans. back to you. >> if you want to see the stories in their entirety just go to our website music played through the theater in paris tonight since the deadly attack on year ago. sting performed a concert. tomorrow will mark exactly one year since the militants stormed of the theater and opened fire on concertgoers. 89 people died. another night of protest tonight in major cities across the country. thousands are chanting the message, "not my president."
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now in portland, oregon. you can see there are police of there. last night one of the protesters were shot. in the bay area dozens of protesters marched today in downtown sarasota. you can see them here holding signs. a day before her prime time interview with 60 minutes pres. is like donald trump is saying it is time for the country to come together. >> reporter: protest against donald trump. from los angeles to new york. >> he is racist, sex is, homophobic, not for the people. >> reporter: but the essay for the people that say this is the way the system works? >> i think it is time to change
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some of these protesters have been out here in front of trump tower for hours. they say they want trump to look out his window and see them. >> we are going to keep him in line. >> reporter: also in the crowd, a few trump supporters. >> i like donald trump. we should give him a chance. >> reporter: in his first interview trump recalled the phone call he research from hillary clinton. >> s nicer. she said, "congratulations. -- she said, "congratulations donald." >> reporter: trump had to public events on saturday but he did tweet saying, "this will prove to be a great time in the lives of all americans." back to you. >> you do not want to miss that interview tomorrow night on "60 minutes." he will talk about the key to winning the election, and the
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>> when you give me a bad story or when someone other than you at another network -- i have a method of fighting back. >> you will do that as president? >> i will be very restrained. >> 60 minutes was also the first stop for president obama. 25 million people tuned in for that interview. we hope you join us tomorrow night for the sit down with donald trump. make sure to watch ten news at 11:00. tampa bay lightning made history tonight at the game. jonathan went along for the ride to see if people on board with a new way a new way to cross the bay. >> reporter: getting to a game a game in tampa can sometimes be far from fast.
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you go over the bridges and you could sit there for an hour. >> reporter: that is why a new idea is being floated across the bay ferry. they are running to -- they are running a child to see if it is a reasonable alternative. the lightning rented it out for 150 fans tonight. here is a split screen showing the ride to the game. on the same screen, on the right, the fans are enjoying the game. the ferry leaving the car in its wake by over 10 minutes. >> if you are sick and tired of driving this is the way to go. >> reporter: it seemed like the ferry scored big but, will it be a home run up with tampa residents who come over for a tampa bay rays game. >> too much money.
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>> reporter: maybe not as smooth sailing. >> we would love to go more often. >> reporter: the numbers will show if enough people are on board to make this permanent. a rare sighta rare sight in the sky. look out for the super moon this weekend. sunday evening around sunset look to the east as the moon will be rising. later look high in the sky early monday morning before dawn. it has not happened since 1948 and will not happen again until 2030 format. >> as you head into sunday evening clouds will be increasing so we won't have clear skies sunday night into
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that is because we are watching a frontal a frontal boundary that is moving through the bay area and as you can see clouds will be increasing. coming up in sports what south florida's quarterback did that has fans buzzing. what a few words on a are bringing one man in a number sense of peace over the presidential election. tonight we want to honor leonard cohen who died at the age of 82. he will be remembered as one of the most influential songwriters of our time. >> [singing] >> reporter: if i knew where
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leonard cohen said, "i would go there more often." he spent five years writing his best known song. >> you want to be sure that you can get behind every word. >> reporter: through much of his 70s he toured continuously and in 2008 was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. his final album was released last month. the title song, "you want it darker" hinted the end was near. anthony mason, cbs news, new
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despite all the tension around the election one man is not the least bit stressed about it. that is because he said he does not know who won the election. >> i started out needing a breather. >> reporter: it has been a very quiet few days for him, no phone, no television, no news. >> i am getting cabin fever. >> reporter: he may be the only person in the world to does not know the results of the election. for now he wants to keep it that way. when he goes out he takes about a few extra tools. >> i tell people, before we begin i don't know who won and i don't want to so please don't tell me. >> reporter: but you know there is always one in the crowd.
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not crazy. >> i would like to make it but i will be lucky to make it to next tuesday. absolutely beautiful weather today. hopefully we will have the same tomorrow. it is looking good with high pressure in control. if you want to get outside on sunday it will be nice out there. as you can see we were try today. i want to show you a time- lapse. this is from the camera overlooking the bay and the boulevard. you could see a lot of people out today. we saw mostly sunny skies today. this is the first full weekend
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current temperature there is a big difference depending on where you are. 69 in clearwater. check out the coast, right now it is 50 in brooksville. so much cooler for the coast. it is definitely cool across the northern tier of the country. right now 30 in syracuse. 38 in cleveland. washington, dc checking in at we have high pressure building in across the eastern third of the country. we have a frontal a frontal boundary to the north of this area in time it will push through monday night into early tuesday in the meantime it is keeping moisture around and that could give us some fog tomorrow morning and clouds will
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monday morning. here are your wake up temperatures for sunday morning. 55 at the airport. nature coast down to 50. i think low temperatures could drop just a little bit since we are already seeing things cool for that area. 60 is the backup temperature for anna maria island. polk county in the mid-50s. you might want a light jacket or sweater as you head out the door in the morning. it is going to be a little cool. in the afternoon dry and miles and keep in mind we have a great event tomorrow is your last chance to check out the festival at the park in st. petersburg. it is going to be really nice out there. finally, wrapping up the entire event with the "doobie
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another big event, the chicago bears are in town taking on the tampa bay buccaneers. mostly sunny and comfortable at 1:00. dew points starting in the 50 but they will climb by sunday night. so a little more moisture bringing back into the atmosphere. you can see the shades of orange that board that indicate dry air but this indicates moisture. this is monday evening. the best chance to see any rain over the next couple of days will come late monday. tuesday dry air comes in. i want to walk you through this, wind out of the east, there is the fog we are talking about but it should be lifting by about 11:00. sunday if we get a little sprinkle it will be far east but i think most of us will stay
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wind shifting to the northwest later in the day. high tide at 130 from -- high tide at 1:35 in the afternoon. sunday, monday looking good. monday we have a slight chance of a few showers. clearing skies and more sunshine for you and temperatures in the upper 50s tonight, mid 60s monday morning and cooler again for the end of the >> we had some breaking news. interstate 275 there is a roadblock here due to a patrol car that has crash.
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pucker up, how about a kiss before hitting the game winner against undefeated clemson? he drilled the 48-yard kick handing the number 2 team in the country a loss. also, washington goes down. michigan currently on upset alert. you know this one meant a little bit more to must champ. here is the play that ended his coaching tenure in florida. right here. it is the keeper. overtime touchdown nearly two years to the day. will must champ returns to florida as the head coach of
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he did not recruit this guy. starting for the injured quarterback. he should be your starting quarterback. under duress he hits louis. tech this one out. 17 of 21, the gators get the win 20-7. >> defense optional in this one. tide at 42 in the 4th quarter. quarterbacks should not be able to do that. miami at virginia. nfl teams are highly interested in this kid. why not with that size? beautiful spiral to richards for 77 yards. 30 for-14.
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>> it would have been the lightning in sharks in the stanley cup and it still hurts. it does not feel any better tonight. things get messy in the 1st period. is this a goal? patrick marleau crashes into bishop. it was challenged and ruled a goal. 1-0 sharks. a few minutes later this one not complicated. tommy wingels with the goal. bolts lose this evening. >> doug martin is expected to return against chicago on sunday. the running back has been out since we 2. with or without him they have not flex their muscle. >> reporter: it has been broken for three season.
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games at home is the worst in the nfl since 2014. does it get loud enough? >> it does. it is fun. to crowd gets into it. >> reporter: teams win on average 50s -- teams win on average 50 for seven -- teams on average win at home 57% of the time. e only done it 15%. >> that is on us. we go out there and play with a reason. >> reporter: a a little crowd noise would not hurt. they say they want it to feel more like denver or chicago. may be the true test of a fan base is when a team is at its worst. that certainly is the case for
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>> we just try tried to go out there and win football games. >> they desperately need a win at home. they owe it to the fans. >> we will be cheering for them. we are back in just a minute. z262jz zy6z
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finally tonight a school janitor is bring smiles to students in new hampshire. take a look at this, he has started making designs into the carpet. the teachers say the students actually look forward to come to school to see
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