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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  November 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we take a look at the one-on-one with the next president of the united states. fans fire back after a tampa bay buccaneer refuses to stand for the national anthem. and after two pinellasnt sewage into boca ciega bay, the impact it's now having on animals. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm ian reitz.. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist ashley batey. sunday night
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sunday night president elect donald trump gave the country a glimpse into the next 4 years. he re-affirmed some of his campaign promises. as for the others, he said we'll have to wait and see. as far as keeping
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as far as keeping his promise to 'lock up' hillary clinton? he did not give a yes-or-no answer when asked if he still plans to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate his former rival. the president elect also spoke about one of the first decisions he'll have to make when he takes office: appointing a supreme court st from right here in florida..all are conservative. as for same-sex
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as for same-sex marriage: the president elect says the issue has already been settled by the supreme court and that he's fine with it. sunday night you also heard from future first lady -- melania trump. she was asked how she responds...if her husband gets out of line. melania trump says she'll focus on fighting cyber- bullying...during her stay at the white house. did the interview change anyone's minds...about their view of the president-elect? 10 news reporter jonathan petramala went to find out.
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a sunday evening stroll, stop to listen to. president-elect donald trumps first interview on 60 minutes had his supporters, and 60 minutes had his supporters, and other voters interested mr. trump doubling down on some of his campaign promises, possibly softening others like completely repealing the affordable care act. impressions on the st. petersburg streets seemed to be that mr. trump is slightly softening. supporters though say they weren't surprised by anything they heard, and we encouraged. it worked as protests st. petersburg several hundred marching through downtown chanting their displesure at the elections results... but supporting
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election doesn't mean some aren't willing to give mr. trump a chance in st petersburg, jonathan petramala, 10 news wtsp. a different protest happened at raymond james stadium sunday and some fans were upset by evans decided to sit during the national anthem, in protest of president elect donald trump. after the game evans explained his reasoning.
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colin kapernick's protest began. bucs fan adam james lit his evans jersey on fire after he got home from the game. in manatee county -- a boat fire off coquina beach sent smoke billowing into the sky. we're told a family had to be rescued from the boat. no word yet on what started that fire. meanwhile...a terrible diving accident in pinellas county - that left a woman dead and her husband in the hospital. blaise gamba and her husband william were diving five miles off of madeira beach saturday afternoon when blaise started having a medical emergency on their boat. william flagged down another boater for help - who performed cpr on the woman. but by the time marine deputies and paramedics were able to get to her william became unconscious. investigators believe the couple's injuries may be related to some type of diving accident. a tragic accident in polk county over the weekend... a 5 year old boy was killed while riding an a-t-v with his father. it happened saturday on a dirt road in the kathleen area. deputies say 32 year old joshua
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of the a-t-v broke. the a-t-v flipped several times and the two were thrown off. seabirds are dying...after two pinellas county cities dumped sewage into boca ciega bay. that's according to an eckerd college professor studying the birds. our news partners - the tampa bay times - says in all 48 black skimmers died in september after the sewage started flowing. heavy rains prompted a number of pinellas county cities to dump sewage into area waterway this morning investigators are trying to find out what led to the death of an oklahoma state university student. police say friends called 911 from the sigma chi fraternity house...when they couldn't wake their 20 year old frat brother. this isn't the first time there's been a death at this house. in 2012...a fraternity member died from alcohol and heroin poisioning. a warning this morning affecting more than 3 million households! kidde is recalling its night hawk
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are set to last seven years. and safety regulators say they stop chirping -- even if the backup battery is replaced. the recall involves models sold between 2004 to 2010. if you have one in your home, stop using it immediately and contact the company for a free replacement. hurricane matthew is long gone but its impact will be felt in haiti for years. the storm took thousands of lives. surivors now fear cholera. the u-n says 750-thousand people are in need life saving assistance. 10 news reporter isabel mascarenas explains how a water filter -- made using the same technology as used in kidney dialysis -- can save lives. 5 weeks since hurricane matthew hit and the need in haiti's southwest peninsula is just as great. darryl brown with new hope coalition visited earlier this month. sot..18:45:50 "hundreds of people on the side of the road their
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are destroyed nothing left gardens are gone animals are gone." brown says he lived in haiti from the age of 5 until he left for college at 19. sot.18:48:20 "these are some of the most caring, loving people i know." splice..18:48:38 "i want to help. they need so much." he's found help in this waiter filter. sot..19:00:55 "it takes the protozoa, diarrheal, ecoli and cholera." brown has delivered 471 filters to haiti.the group's goal 175- thousand filters.1 for every 10 people. it retails for about 50 dollars but through donations it costs the group 20. sot..18:51:40 "it can screw on top of a water bottle use as personal filter." splice.18:51:57 "weighs half a pound can be installed on a 5 gallon or 55 gallon drum." brown says the filters last 10 years, are easy to clean and don't require additional parts.except a bucket. the challenge he says is getting the haitian people to accept new methods of sustainability. sot..18:50:45 "water filters is one way to open the door of their hearts let them listen maybe then they're willing to take new steps, new change, new path in their lives." to ease the people's doubts brown drank what appears to be the filtered water himself.others
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the nasties in the water this is it. it gives them a fighting chance?! exactly now they have hope." in st. petersburg isabel mascarenas 10 news wtsp new hope coalition has set up a gofundme account. the goal is to raise more than 3 million dollars to help supply the 175- thousand filters. before you hand over your money to an online app, there over your money to an online app, there "fake apps" are real. and as 10 news reporter shannon valladolid shows you -- more of the cons surface this time of year, because crooks know you're shopping for the holidays. green screen so what's the worst that can happen if you use a fake app? experts say at bestyou'll be frustrated by those annoying pop-ups or ad crashes at worstyou will hand over your credit card information to a sketchy company and never get your product. "don't click on
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suspicious. secondly, don't allow automatic installation and make sure you have the latest updates to your software." touch screen cyber expert, dr. robert hooker says these phony apps are not are made every day.but also thousands are deleted every day. so it's hard to keep track of them. here's what you need to know about when searching for apps. -look the reviews. are people saying they never received their product? if there are no reviews at allthat's a huge red flag. -can you find the app on the businesses website? -on the description section-does it look like it was written by a professional? if you see misspelled words that's a sign, it could be fake. "keep in mind that all websites are vulnerable. there is a lot of ways for others to deceive people." track fake apps are more like to show up on google play and android devices but sketchy developers are finding new ways to bypass the apple's review process. so just make sure you're always double checking what app you download. in st.pete shannon valladolid 10 news
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we have a lot to get to coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning. allison is in the newsroom with what we are working on this morning. this morning, people in new zealand are recovering after a magnitude 7 point 8 earthquake hit the cotr weekend. the powerful quake caused major devastation on the island. and then there were several strong aftershocks. and just in time for the holidays, which major retailers announced a big discount on hoverboards as part of their thanksgiving night doorbusters. we are working on all those stories, plus ashley has your forecast as we start the work week and we'll take a look at some hot spots as you get ready to head out the door. that's all coming up in 20 minutes. still to come on 10 news early morning, a major fallout over a
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hear from a vet who says the manager of a popular restaurant humiliated him and questioned his service.
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on veteran's day friday a lot of restaurants here in the bay area and all across the country gave veterans "freebies" to show their appreciation for their service. but what happened to an army veteran in texas before he could take a bite of his burger - has a lot of people fired up. angry protestors gathered outside the restaurant was hardly what chili's expected after offering complimentary meals to veterans in honor of veterans day friday. supporters of us army veteran ernest walker expressed outrage after watching video he shot of a manager taking back his meal. > > > > > > walker says earlier he was seated at a table with his service dog earlier he was seated at a table
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customer approached him and asked about his service. > > > > walker says the man left and walked toward the back of the walked toward the back of the restaurant. soon a manager came to walker's table. > > > > that's when walker says he showed the walker says he showed the manager his military identification and his discharge papers he brought specifically in case someone asked for proof of his service. > > > > walker tells us he showed his dog's certification and began shooting the video on his cell phone as he and the manager argued. > > > > in cedar hill, gabriel roxas cbs11 news. don't miss this! despite all the tension around the presidential election, one south georgia man isn't the least bit
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know who won the election. it's been a very - quiet few days for joe chandler. it's been a very - quiet few days for joe chandler. no phone - no tv. no news. chandler may be the only person in the world -- who doesn't know the results - of our presidential election and for now...he wants to keep it that way. when he goes out? he takes along a few extra tools. but you know there's always one in the bunch... chandler swears - he's not crazy.
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students and teachers at their school in new hampshire. ron munsey has started vacuuming designs into the carpets. it might not sound like much... but the teachers say the students actually look forward to coming to see the pieces of art. coming up on 10 news this morning. a series of powerful earthquakes hit new zealand. this morning we're getting a look at the damage left behind.
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from around the world of the record breaking supermoon. plus, are you seeing fake news in your facebook feed? what facebook is now doing to stop it from showing up. we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three minutes.
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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff.


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