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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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team. ryan, this has definitely started a firestorm. what's the bucs coach saying? >> reporter: yeah, it certainly has, courtney, and certainly the topic of discussion had nothing to do with the critical buccaneers win sunday over the bears. it centered around mike evans' decision to protest the national anthem and sit as he boy accounted president-elect donald trump. now, dirk koetter said months ago when asked about colin kaepernick's decision to kneel during the national anthem he would be disappointed if one of his players decided they would not stand during the nation ended 30 minutes ago, he echoed that same sentiment. >> are you disappointed that mike decided to sit? >> yeah, i am disappointed for that. again, i respect mike's freedom of speech and freedom of expression. >> reporter: he said he texted with mike evans last night. he would not divulge the details of that conversation. this story has enraged fans
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valladolid spoke with that fan who -- mike evans' jersey. >> to see it happened is shocking. >> reporter: adam james is outraged over tampa bay buccaneers mike evans sitting out during the national anthem to protest president-elect donald trump. >> america is not right right now. i have common sense. >> reporter: this video of james setting evans jersey on fire he says he doesn't regret it. >> reporter: would he burn it again? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the bucs game was held to honor our military heroes for veterans appreciation day. >> to do that right there in front of them, i thought that was embarrassing. >> reporter: veteran robert thompson agrees saying he put his liven the line for our country. so whether evans likes the president-elect or not, he shouldn't have done that. >> it's the wrong time, wrong
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like that. >> reporter: christian says he has ever right to do what he did. many of you wanted to know if evans cast a ballot in this election. i did some digging and found evans is registered to vote in galveston, texas, where he is from, but that doesn't prove whether he showed up to the polls. then i found this. bucs receiver lewis murphy posted this picture on his instagram, who voted, who didn't? mike evans replied no. in st. pete, shannon valladolid, 10news wtsp. >> that doesn't help fans' perspective on this mike evans situation. i can understand fans being upset with evans for protesting, especially the fact he did it on veterans day weekend and this day, sunday,
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a very different scene with mike evans sitting during the national anthem. one fan told me on twitter he will not be attending any more bucs games. he says the bucs are disconnected on values. other fans said this will not affect their decision whether or not they will watch or attend games. evans had said th to continue this protest for the foreseeable future. live outside here at one buc place, ryan bass, 10sports. developing tonight president-elect donald trump and his transition team are filling out his administration. the most controversial aappointment so far stephen bannon as trump's chief strategist. the former ceo of "breitbart news" has been accused of using
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in his first extended interview after the election, mr. trump is now hedging some of his tried and true campaign promises. 10news political reporter mark rivera shows us what that means for his die-hard supporters. >> reporter: we have been coming out to sun city, republicanon of the golf carts since before the election began talking to donald trump supporters. we want to know what they have to say about the two kinds of downtown we are seeing now. the one on the campaign trail who says he wants a full repeal and replacement of obamacare, and this one. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> reporter: you are gonna keep that? >> also with the children
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extended period. >> reporter: he wanted hillary clinton to be jailed. >> a special prosecutor? >> i don't want to hurt them. i don't want to hurt them. they are good people. i don't want to hurt them. >> reporter: and he wanted a deportation force and massive border wall with mexico. now. >> they are talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. i am very good at this is called construction. it could be some fencing. >> reporter: what do his supporters think of these changes so soon after the election? >> i don't think any one person can absolutely run the country. it takes a full team. >> reporter: it looked like the name of the game now is compromise. >> he is realizing, yeah, it can't all be my way. it can't all be everything that i want, that we have to truly work together. >> he was adamant about his
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candidate does that. >> reporter: and if he can't deliver, some say it will be. >> business as usual. none can completely through. they have the senate and everybody else to deal with it. presidents can't just snap their fingers, wave a magic wand and everything's, you know, peachy, hunky-dory, all that crap. don't work that way. >> reporter: i am working on a story about why it could be hard for polian campaign promises. that will be all new at 5:30. mark rivera 10news wtsp. a neighborhood on edge tonight after homes in their community are vandalized with anti-trump messages. take a look at what was spray- painted on two homes in east tampa. police are still looking for the people who did it. it appears they also set a fire in between the two properties. neighbors tell us the hopes are vacant, but they worry theirs
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sleep, we would have all died. >> they should have it removed right away. you know, it's the hate behind it that i am really afraid of. >> neighbors say overtime past couple of days they have -- over the past couple of days they have seen two suspicious men in the area. check this out right here. you have to see it. the ground opened up and swallowed a car. not just part of the car, but all of it. it looks like something out of happened right in citrus county. deputies say the hole opened after a water main break on truman boulevard in bilal. -- in beverly hills. >> i didn't think it was real for a minute.
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in. it starts just sucking my whole car down. >> reporter: seconds later he jaques knew he had to act quickly. >> i saw water coming in. i better get out of here, you know? that was the first thing. jumped out. >> reporter: he did just in time because all but the tire was submerged. jaques was glad he was alone. >> that could have been bad news. i could have had my daughter with me or anybody else. even if my dogs were with me. >> reporter: bruce gillespie witnessed everything in front of his house. >> i noticed a lot of water bubbling up out in the road. i saw a truck go by and his tail end went down. he made it out. a white car came behind it and went into the hole. >> reporter: works need to pump this water out of the hole to repair the broken pipe and fill in the hole. what caused the water main break in the first place?
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>> i called rolling oaks utility to get answers, but so far no one has returned my calls. >> i am out of a vehicle now. that sucks. >> reporter: he is glad nobody was hurt. in beverly hills, casey cumley, 10news wtsp. >> that is incredible. casey will get answers for that driver right there. i am so glad he wasn't in the neighborhood. kruse are working to -- crews are working to repair the road. a veteran explains his side of the story after a restaurant manager took away his free meal. why the popular chain is scrambling to make things right. we are starting to see holiday decorations pop up all over town. is it too early for christmas
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welcome back. you are taking a live look outside at clearwater beach. it's monday. it's cloudy. it's cold. but it doesn't get relatively cold for us. meteorologist bobby deskins is also tracking some showers. he is gonna tell us when we're gonna see the sun again, i hope no we are counting down. nine days until thanksgiving, which means, hard to believe, ten days until black friday and 40 days until christmas and hanukkah. we want to know, is it too early for holiday music? that is the question we have
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interactive website >> right down here, you are saying yes, 70%. turn it off, 10news wtsp. i do not want to hear the holiday music. vote something back open. on your phone, tablet or your computer to weigh in. we do want to know what you think. too early? not too early? vote right there on our free 10news app as well. vote now. we will check in throughout the broadcast to see exactly what you are saying and if the votes ch meantime, joining us right now is 10news reporter grady trimble. grady, i mean, you have a strong opinion on this? >> i do. i am with courtney. i am going against the majority and take a stand tonight in favor of christmas music. >> very nice. >> you are for christmas music? >> i am. we only get two months out of the year tolis ton -- to listen to it. i know not everyone agrees with me. so i'm gonna put aside by bias
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once and for all. >> a special program of holiday songs and we have selected a group of beautiful christmas carols. >> reporter: it's a tradition as old as radio itself. christmas music during the holidays and the debate persists year after year. is it too early for christmas music? >> in november? i don't think so. i think it's time. >> i am a guy that likes it after thanksgiving. >> reporter: why is that? >> people forget about worrying about what we're thankful for and jump into christmas afterwards. >> reporter: your dad thinks it's too early for christmas music. what about you? >> i think we can play christmas music because it's only a month and ten days away. why not? >> i think it puts people in a good mood. >> reporter: to finally put an end to the debate we went to a radio exec at cox music. home of 24.7 christmas music during the holidays.
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listen to the feedback of our listeners. we obviously stay really in tune with what they're asking for us. i think this year is interesting because people are eager for the season, and the music is a derivative of the season. >> okay. so there is no clear cut answer on when you are allowed to start listening. just so you know, the >> how do we get them to turn it on? >> they gauge it by what their audience says every year. if you want the christmas music, we need to get there faster. >> maybe after thanksgiving? >> you can call into their request line to get them to play it. >> all right. you can weigh in. do you think it's too early? is now a good time to be playing this hol music? go to or on our 10news app. >> i am normally like that guy, after thanksgiving. i am in the mood this year.
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plus, easier to keep the kids in line when santa is watching. i didn't say that. all right. guys, tracking some showers out there. we need the rain. now, it's light, but it's actually pretty decent rain moving over hernando and citrus county. it's been spotty elsewhere. it's been really light, and i think that will be the case overnight but i think we will have some showers in the forecast through the evening hours and through most of the overnight hours. spotty hours. it's actually a little bit heavy at times north of springhill, and that's going to continue to crystal river. now, this batch here is slowly sliding off to the southeast. that means another hour or two of light rain, especially from sugar mill woods and spring him. you may have an hour and a half to two and a half hours. hudson keeping some sprinkles. it's going to get a little bit heavier past 6, 6:30 or so. now, right now for the evening commute most of the immediate bay area is actually looking
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port richey, through tarpon springs, east lake area, pinellas county as well, too. the first batch has moved across polk county. lake wales, frostproof showers left over for 15 minutes and that's about it. dry in lakeland and bartow. i got to tell you it's still light. it didn't wet the roads in some places. same in manatee county. just sprinkles. anna maria to bradenton beach, longo key, a will be moving in the next half hour 45 minutes. we have a long line of clouds. by the way, looking for that supermoon tonight. we were talking last week. your best chance to see it was sunday night, last night. that looks like the case. you can see the cloud cover is going to be thick through the evening hours. the front has come through, and that is basically drying us out a little bit. so we have north-northwest
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slightly drier air than what we have been seeing. the winds will turn to the north and northeast through the day. look at the temperatures. mid-60s north of i-4. 66 in land o'lakes. new port richey at 65. 70 in bradenton. 72 at davis island and valrico at 70. fishhawk, north of there, odessa's at 67. 64 tarpon springs. most of the day has been in the upper 60s to low 70s with the cloud cover. tomorrow we start with the cloud cover. i do think here is a chance for i think we keep some sprinkles in. that will fall apart between 7:30 and 10:30. then another batch. see the first one falling apart there. here we go, two, three, four in the morning. another batch of showers. if you are up early tomorrow, 5 to 6:00, a couple of sprinkles will be left over. this model shows more rain than will fall. i think we will have a sprinkle left over. lunch time tomorrow the holes in the clouds breaking up, especially north of i-4. the
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bit of sunshine later in the day. wednesday looks beautiful. thursday looks beautiful as well, too. mid-to-upper 70s. and the sunshine returns. so even some afternoon we will start to get more afternoon sunshine. but 77. that's saying something. we have been in the low 70s today. there is another front headed our way and that will get in here saturday. at this point i don't see much rain with it. there it is saturday night. you think we are looking pretty good. that will bring much cooler air by the end of the weekend. look at the hi 80. 70. that's it on sunday with sunshine. then look at next week. maybe the weather will help out and get you into that holiday mood because we are talking 68 for a high on monday. we will be in the 40s widespread early on monday morning. right now new zealand's government is getting ready to use dozens of helicopters to rescue hundreds of residents and tourists stranded after an earthquake. the 7.0 magnitude quake hit in
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the country is dealing with aftershocks. the earthquake destroyed homes and businesses. you can see some of the damage here on your screen. two people were killed. cows and other livestock were stranded on an island of grass after the ground next to them fell away. damage to a major highway has cut off many stuck in a small town. right now taking a live look outside. your evening commute cloudy and gray all over the howard frankland bridge. congestion on both sides, but especially on the side of i-275. and a live look at i-4. pretty wide open here, although from what we understand starting to slow down on i-4 near nebraska. now, don't forget before you head out the door every morning check in with road warrior hilary zalla. she is tracking the traffic,
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chili's is working hard to make things right after a veteran says his free meal was snatched away from him. earnest walker says a manager at the texas locati side of another customer who questioned walker's military service and his service dog. he even showed his military i.d., discharge papers, even the permit for his dog, but still his confrontation with the manager got heated. the manager took away the meal given to him for free as part of a veterans day promotion. >> this overzealous manager comes out and instead of talking to me man to man, he
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he should have said, thank you for your service, i am sorry, and i go. instead, he says to me, he says your service dog is not reel. what? >> how could you -- anyway, after the story spread over the weekend protesters even showed up outside that chili's. walker's lawyer met with officials from chili's parent company today. walker says the manager who took his food away should fired. soaring drug price also made headlines. it's not just the epipen. >> 10news and dozens of newspapers across the country are dedicating this week to protecting you from greedy drug companies. we have identified more than 100 different drugs that have skyrocketed in price lately. many times there is no reason behind it. we know this is an issue because already dozens of you are sharing your experiences. kathryn says my boyfriend has epilepsy. he is taking his medication four times a day so he will not
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$47 every time with the price continually going up. and karen says, this is so scary for those of us that need medication on a monthly basis. we can not wait to get answers for you. you can see a news story every night this week on "10news at 11". >> we will be sharing the information at our website
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"10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> hi and good evening. i am courtney robinson. >> i am mark rivera in for reggie. you have been sharing your photos of the supermoon. these are just a few of the hundreds that were shared on our 10news facebook page. the supermoon lit up the night sky. look at that. that is beautiful.


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