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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  November 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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"10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> hi and good evening. i am courtney robinson. >> i am mark rivera in for reggie. you have been sharing your photos of the supermoon. these are just a few of the hundreds that were shared on our 10news facebook page. the supermoon lit up the night sky. look at that. that is beautiful.
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photographers were having a heyday taking a look at that unique sight. >> we are diving into whether the supermoon is just a bunch of super hype. it depends who you ask. the science is right. it is closer, bigger, and brighter, but will you be able to see the difference? an astronomer tells 10news sarasota newsroom reporter isabel mascarenas at the very least the supermoon has you looking up and excited about the night sky. >> reporter: hard not to catch a glimpse or photo or two, for three of the supermoon. the closest to the earth by 17,000 miles in 69 years. it's 14% bigger and 30% brighter. >> it's pretty. >> reporter: carol took photos of the moon at five this morning. >> it was beautiful. not as big as i thought. >> it's going to look a little bit bigger, but for the casual observer, i don't think they will be able to see much difference. >> reporter: jeff rodgers,
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planetarium in bradenton suggests focusing on the moon's brightness. do it without the telescope. >> very, very bright in your telescope. not a good time to see features on the surface of the moon. >> reporter: the full moon impacts tides, too. florida's east coast has been under a coastal flood advisory tides one to two feet higher than normal. while the high tide is high right now. the national weather service says the supermoon's super tide will only be above normal for the tampa bay area. and unlike popular belief, rogers says a full moon, super or not, doesn't impact the human biology or behavior. >> maybe it's an excuse to act a little bit crazy. >> reporter: if you can't tell the moon is bigger and brighter, it's worth a little moon gazing. >> really it's a full moon, is what it amounts to. those are beautiful in their own right. >> reporter: in bradenton, isabel mascarenas, 10news wtsp.
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on the east coast are stronger. about 6 inches of water flooded the streets in coconut grove. there could be another 6 inches on top of that because of the seasonal king tide. flooding incidents are up about 400% in miami beach. in the area's sea level rises two feet, you would see a radical transformation. that's why the city is spending at least $400 million trying to keep the tourist mecca higher and drier. >> we are that, you know, the waters are rising high enough that it's interfering with public safety. >> bobby, did you get a chance to see the supermoon last night? >> yes, i did. >> i saw it through some trees. >> i saw it through the higher clouds. the best time to see it is on the horizon, when it's coming up, because the illusion makes it look bigger on the horizon. unfortunately, we won't have much of a chance. this is visibility satellite.
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space. the green is the rain. look at the clouds. a different picture of it, you see the cold front's there. yeah, we have thick clouds headed our way. does not look like we will see it tonight. as a matter of fact, tomorrow morning the sun sets after seven, just before 8:00. sets around 7:52 in the morning. comes up at 6:10 p.m. there may be a couple glimpses of it. the distance between the earth and the moon varies 30,000 miles. right now it's about 221,000 mi it is a lot closer. >> all right. we told you at 5:00 tampa bay supporters of president- elect trump have mixed emotions. we are talking about mr. trump's movement on some of his core campaign promises. i am looking into why campaign promises could be so hard to keep. instead of fully repealing and replacing obamacare, mr. trump
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keeping popular pieces of it, like coverage for people with preexisting conditions. on prosecuting and jailing hillary clinton, trump said clinton did some bad things, but added the clintons are good people, and he doesn't want to hurt them. and on promises of building the wall with mexico, now mr. trump is open to having fences in some places. there are three big reasons it can be hard for candidates to keep campaign promises. the first, a president tries to keep a promise, but because of opposition. in 1976, candidate jimmy carter wooed texas voters. he promised to deregulate the oil and gas industry. in office, he was blocked by liberals in his own party. the second possibility, the president never intended to keep the promise to begin with. richard nixon campaigning in 1968 said he had a secret plan to end the vietnam war. most historians think that's a
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for five years. similarly, john f. kennedy promised in 1960 he would close a mittle gap with the soviet union he knew didn't exist. third, the president can look at the campaign promise as a starting point for negotiation. now, all of that could be what we are seeing here. but i want to put all of this into context. i am working on a story about past presidential campaign promises and how well they turned out. i will show you all new tonight at 6:00. happening right now a georgia father will soon learn how much time he will serve in prison after a jury convicted him of killing his soon. jurors convicted ross harris, including murder, for leaving his toddler in a hot car in 2014. harris will be back in court for sentencing in early december. medical marijuana is expected to grow into a billion dollar plus industry here in florida over the next four
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found the newly passed amendment 2 is expected to bring in about three-quarters as much money as colorado's medical and recreation sales. and folks right now we are staying on top of your evening commute. lots of taillights on the tampa end of the howard frankland bridge. taking a look at a shaky camera there, too. a live look at the backups on i- 75 near fowler. northbound side there not too bad. all right, folks. bucs fans got to take home a little bit more an a wedding ring that belonged to wide receiver short. >> he didn't keep it. the fan went out of his way to return it to short. 10sports justin granit was on the sidelines at ray jay when the pair reconnected. >> reporter: raymond james stadium this afternoon in congestion with the nfl's salute to service, on a day when the bucs gave back to the
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when air force staff sergeant josh ortega isn't at work protecting our country, you can find him at ray jay. that's where he was last thursday. after the bucs' loss to the families, wide receiver cecil shorts gave ortega his glove and something else he didn't intend to. >> an hour after the game ended before i realized there was something in the glove. >> when i realized that, i saw that it was a ring. >> reporter: shorts' wedding ring back to him sent him a tweet. >> he said on twitter he would give me a signed jersey or something. i told him, don't worry about it. you just want to get it back to you. >> reporter: true to his military form, ortega didn't want a thank you. today after the bucs beat the bears, ortega gave shorts his ring. >> very personal. something that symbolize southern california much to me and my wife. for him to actually give it back when i forgot about it in my glove, it means a lot to me.
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there were plenty of heroes at ray jay on sunday. they are the men and women like ortega. and while the bucs put a smile on his face while deployed overseas, today ortega did the same for a man who just wanted to find his wedding ring. >> she couldn't believe somebody would be that nice to return a ring. it was just showing his character the way he was raised. it was pretty cool. >> that is awesome to see. >> i know. that's a cool wedding ring, what is that made out of? >> i am surprised he plays in his wedding ring. you would think he takes it off. i bet now he makes sure he has that off. >> for sure. and of course thank you for your service. you go online to buy some clothes, maybe even a coffee maker. >> yeah. >> but what else do you buy online? companies are finding new ways to push the edges of e- commerce. why you don't have to be a hands-on shopper.
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neighborhood or something, or girls that feel like they need to have the royal treatment. >> yeah. that is what i am 'talking about. the royal treatment right there. a birthday party for everyone in one incredible neighborhood. that's coming up on the road. holiday shopping kicks off in the next few days. this is your chance for an awesome giveaway. this week "10news this morning" as well as the gold diamond source has teamed up to give away a
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look at this right here. downtown tampa. bobby deskins is tracking some
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in two minutes he will let you know when the sun will return and he also has some cooler weather in the forecast. two weeks from today madison harrison will turn 10 years old. the young entrepreneur decided to celebrate her day a little early and in a really unique way. 10news reporter bobby lewis is on the road in st. petersburg where one little girl decided to make others the store on her birthday. >> madison says >> reporter: from the outside it's not the prettiest on the road. >> it will be more sparkly when i get everything done. >> reporter: we all know it's what's on the inside that counts. >> i have never done this before. >> oh, you have to go in. >> reporter: the same holds true for little girls, even at a princess party. >> the best part is just to have fun. >> wait, smile. >> reporter: that little photographer is madison harrison. >> and take one. >> reporter: who decided
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her tenth birthday, she would give a gift to some new friends and foster children. the chance to be a princess for a day. >> because some girls just don't get appreciated, and i think it's important for every girl to get the royal treatment because it's nice. >> reporter: the way things look on the outside isn't always how they appear on the inside. madison has had an incredible 2016. she met steve harvey, appeared on his show, and got to take a she felt like a princess. not everybody on this bus who showed up today has felt like a princess in 2016. so having this experience has really changed their lives, and they have madison to thank for it. >> it's a really exceptionally special day because it's the day where everyone loves you and everyone gets to see how beautiful you really are. >> she is an amazing girl. i followed her on facebook. i followed her through a bunch of different things. to see the joy that she gets out of helping the other
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nothing greater. >> reporter: all it took was a little makeup. bobby lewis, 10news wtsp. >> and everyone is a princess for the day. >> i love that. i mean, this is madison's birthday, and she turned it into something so much more. kudos to her. that is awesome. madison planned that party months in advance and even read a book to the other kids. it was written by a child entrepreneur entitled quote a princess for a day. got to meet her at the station. that girl is going places, guys. wonderful person to have in our community. that's for sure. i know we are trying to see the big moon out there, but mother nature's saying no to us because of this cold front in the area. cloudy skies will continue, and this is what i'm tracking right here. this batch of rain is going to
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pinellas into central and southern hillsborough county over the next couple of hours. most of it is light sprinkles, but some of it is light rain. we really need that because we have been so dry. so let's just let it take time as it moves across the area this evening. heaviest so far on the nature coast. by nature coast that means pasco, hernando and citrus county. crystal, river, hernando is breaking up a little bit. the line is sliding southward. it will be out of the sugar mill woods area 45 minutes. that means hernando, springhill, brooksville, hudson, and conveniently trinity, new port richey, pasco county we are going to get a little bit of rain out of this, including dade city, wesley chapel. now, morning pinellas county has had a couple of sprinkles north of 60. there is the courtney campbell right there. up into westchase, linebaugh, sit res park mall a little bit of rain there. even carrollwood with some sprinkles. now, further south it's
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end of pinellas. bradenton beach, that's moving inland. this is spotty. the rain chance stays with you here in manatee, sarasota county even, even hillsborough and polk county through about 2 to 3:00 in the morning. we will still have a sprinkle chance left over from that. not a lot now in polk county. there won't be a lot. we will have a couple sprinkles. we will be tracking that overnight tonight. it's not going to be any severe weather. no thunder, nothing like that. just a little bit of light beach. this is on the other side of clearwater pass on the southern side. yeah, it's pretty dark out there already. temperatures now about 70 degrees. we haven't gotten much warmer than that, guys, because of the clouds. dew points at 55. a front is coming through. so 60s north of i-4. a couple 70s left over south of there. you can see the difference is right there. 68 in temple terrace. 69 in valrico. 66 in land o'lakes. even largo is at about 68
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year. all right. so rain. what will we see tonight? on and face-off sprinkles. not a -- on and off sprinkles. now, what are we doing in the morning? most of you are sleeping at night. this is 3 a.m. through 5:30. i think there will be a couple of sprinkles around for that morning commute. it would be the early part of the commute. i don't think it's going to be terrible causing too much traffic, but there will be a couple of sprinkles now, temperatures will drop back down through the low 60s for first thing tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon the clouds will slowly clear, especially in the afternoon hours. we will start off with clouds. then we are going to clear out for late in the day in the evening hours and then wednesday and thursday bring back lots of sunshine. so it's gonna be beautiful. now, temperatures tomorrow behind the front will be in the upper 70s. mid-to-upper 70s. it will be warmer than today. it was cooler than the last several days. then we will be close up to 80, thursday, friday, saturday. saturday evening the next
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saturday's high of 80, 70 on sunday, 60s for highs. that means lows in the 40s on monday. this may change a little bit. we will track it closely for you. that's the coldest air so far this year. may get us into that christmas music spirit. get ready to check your freezer. there are important ice cream recalls to know about. they were packaged at the same plant. l.a. creamery, agoff va dream and nancy's fancy are recalling me listeria concerns. this is just one of several ice cream recalls recently. the bacteria can take hold in there. so it can incubate for a long time and tracking outbreaks like the one with blue bell can be difficult. that's why some folks are
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to see before logging ton your computer. i am dion lim, and tonight new at six. >> you might think it's your lucky day. you find one of these. a thumb drive at your favorite coffee place, on campus, or maybe even in your mailbox. why experts say watch out. it could be a digital disaster waiting to happen. baby raccoons need a lot of attention, and we just love to take care of them. >> i had to for a second. you heard her and you saw that. meet a local woman who rehabilitates raccoons to give
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right? remember when you had to get everything from a storefront? >> like yesterday. >> like yesterday maybe. [ laughter ] stop. now you just log online, right? there is so many items that you used to depend on brick and mortar stores for that are finally going to e-commerce. >> i don't know if i am quite ready for that yet. think about things like produce or even something you would traditionally want to test out before you bought it like mattress. many thought a bed in a box seemed really farfetched. that company is ringing in more than $100 million of online sales. >> i hated the feeling of walking around and testing the beds on the showroom floor. it wasn't for me. >> she is a similar success story. they streamlined eyeglass sales and manufacturing. that helps keep the price less than a $100. and you probably heard about amazon fresh for fresh produce.
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more than a dozen major cities. >> so cool. all right. "10news at 6" make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards... get a $5.00 gift certificate for yourself.
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it's a small gadget that could be causing you big trouble. the threat that might be looking into your usb drive. this is one reaction to a bucs player not standing for the national anthem. but not everyone we talked to is so fired up. most of us steer clear of
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sanctionary. we are asking the question on everyone's mind, why? "10news at 6" starts right now. >> first the high-tech crime alert. i am mark rivera. >> i am dion lim. just in time for the holidays a new way for cyber thieves to try to steal your financial information and maybe more. >> 10news reporter eric glasser has the warning to save you from a thumb drive thumping. >> reporter: maybe you are at you find one of these. a usb thumb drive u think, my lucky day. there is a warning out there right now heading into the holidays. gigabyte grinches planting these things on purpose looking to steal from you. >> i have never heard of planting usbs. >> that's crazy. >> i can see how people would take them. it's a free memory drive. >> reporter: a lot of people admit if they found one, they would consider keeping it, or
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to. in any case. >> bad idea. >> reporter: he says putting that drive in your computer, tablet, or phone is a recipe for digital disaster. a new rapidly spreading program called bad usb. virtually undetectable, hijacking your info, your camera, even holding your device for ransom. >> it's a danger that people have never had to think about before. >> reporter: thumb drives are so cheap now that they are binary bait left at coffee shops, on college campuses, libraries, and more. in australia talk about devious deception, police there had to issue a warning after hundreds of thumb drives were sent to people's mailboxes. >> getting something in the mail you think it's free and blank. >> reporter: in a recent experiment, nearly 300usb drives were left on a college campus. half the students who found them put them right into their computers. >> you are on a budget anyway.


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