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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10news at 11:00 starts right now. he is the man behind the push for medical marijuana. now, could john morgan be your next governor? do you have a travel horse story? head to facebook right now to share it. this is about $1800. the growing problem prescription drug prices that are higher than a mortgage payment. a mortgage payment. it ultimately affects every one of you. the problem is making it difficult to live comfortably. good evening. >> our team along with tegna is looking into why prescription drug prices continue to jump in cost. we are not talking a little
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here is the report. >> reporter: no one needed an actual barbecue to consider this. a grilling. heather bresch, ceo of mylan. maker of the now infamous epipen. what we found might want to fire up that grill a few more times. >> this is about $1800. >> reporter: using the national average database the investigation tracked 100 prescription drugs that are 70% more expensive now than they were in 2012. drugs like the one that is made a a teacher has to take. the condition can make it
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to avoid that she takes a drug, it now costs 500% 500% more than it did in 2012. >> we are putting peoples lives at risk. >> reporter: it is not just obscure drugs. >> without insulin i i won't be here. >> reporter: he is one of 1 million americans with diabetes. your health based on money. his insulin has jumped 100%. >> it is a big ticket this amount of money that these companies are making off of prescriptions. >> reporter: most of the drugs on out of the start new. the fda approved 55 of the 115 years ago. 29 of 29 of that 100 are generic. common ones and antibiotics.
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>> we spent more than anyone on healthcare. >> reporter: researchers though the u.s. spends a $300 million on prescription drugs, that is $1000 for every american. >> we don't have a health care system. they are just trying to make money. >> reporter: thanks to healthcare plans more of us are saying the price spikes directly. >> i see it every day. do i eat or buy by prescriptions? now, we take the investigation national, to south carolina, texas and georgia. >> this is not fair at all. this is a disgrace. >> reporter: as of the investigation shows those who feel the to look beyond the epipen failed to see anymore than a mere 1% of the problem.
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is chris vanderveen. >> you can find the entire report on this is a big issue with many different facets to it so we will continue digging. tomorrow night we tear into greedy executives and call on congress to fix the problem. you have seen the protests. people marching, carg sitting during the national anthem. we found out today, that player may not have voted. is it okay to protest if you have not voted? you can go to wtsp right now or you can also cast your vote on our app. we will keep checking in to see what you have to say.
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national anthem yesterday. across the bay area and the nation he is a hot topic. one man was so upset he burned his jersey. adam james only talked to 10news saying he no longer supports the buccaneers player. >> to do that right there in front of veterans, i thought that was embarrassing. i was actually embarrassed to be a buccaneers fan. >> evans says he was protesting the election. many wanted to know if he even voted. we did find this, check it out, louis murphy posted this picture on instagram asking, who voted and who didn't? mike evans right there replied, no. with so much divisiveness we asked that those who did not vote for donald trump to see if they could find one nice thing
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>> reporter: if someone said you had to come up with one positive thing. >> not even his hair. >> reporter: what about you? >> no. >> name one positive thing you respect in one another. >> reporter: during the debate even the candidates found something nice to say about each other. >> i respect his children. his children are incredibly able and devoted says a lot about donald. >> she does not quit. she does not give up. i respect that. >> reporter: but getting voters to complement donald trump was like pulling teeth. finally we got this. >> we could share shoes. >> he had his own television show. >> reporter: we found these two. >> he probably doesn't have too
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>> reporter: in the end it was much easier to get people to be positive about america. >> unity, that is what we need. >> i think ai think a lot of this has driven people apart. >> reporter: that will be the big question moving forward. no matter who you supported, can we all just come together to work in support of making a better country? back to you. >> how about this one? john morgan for gov. tonight there is a place for the man who helped push for medical marijuana. right now there is an online petition calling for support for the outspoken attorney and fundraisers to run for gov. in governor in 2018. there has been speculations about other candidates. gov. governor rick scott can't run
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do you think twice about giving out your number? you should. tonight, we tell you how these are swiping your identity. >> reporter: we asked how many of you have a home a home phone, nearly half of american households don't. here is why you might want to think about having a second number. we know how to protect our social security number but think about everyone that asks for your cell phone number. we give out those numbers really to strangers. that increases your risk for identity theft. with your name and number? can dial crooks can dial into all kinds of information about you. protect yourself, just say no. don't give out your number unless it is necessary. to block your number you can hit star 67 before making a call. other apps let you keep your
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smart phone for free or a small fee. the better business warns to watch out for people calling you requesting your information. they could be digging for the pieces they need to still cause your identity. a new developments in the case made statements by the documentary "making a murderer." a judge has ordered the killer to be released from prison. that judge overturned his conviction this summer >> reporter: now says he can go free under supervision. attorney -- and now says he can go free under supervision. the attorney general plans to file an emergency motion to put the release on hold. a jury found a father guilty of murder for leaving his son to die in a hot car. in 2014 police say justin ross
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son in the car. justin ross harris faces life in prison without parole. he will be sentenced next month. millions of you are probably heading this wears this holiday season. but what if things don't go as planned? your flight is canceled, there is a traffic jam? jennifer has what you need to know in case you run into a travel nightmare. >> reporter: we have all been there, a travel nightmare. >> the engine cau >> the plane could not land so we stayed in orlando for two days. >> the airplane was delayed. there were no hotels available. i spent two days in the airport. >> i ran out of gas. >> reporter: we are making sure it does not happen again. we are taking their concerns to
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>> if there is a problem contact the airline directly and find out exactly what kind of things they will give you. >> reporter: is there anything hidden that i can ask for? >> the airline has the responsibility to get you to your destination whatever the scenario is. whether it is an hour for now or even tomorrow. the timeline for when they get you there determines what they have to provide you. >> reporter: t only this? >> not necessarily but there is something that passengers can research and that is called the contract, it is the fine print on your airline ticket. you can research exactly what that airline offers. >> reporter: when it comes to driving is there any way to save time and money? there are plenty of apps out
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in tampa, jennifer titus. >> if you have not booked a flight he says the best time to look for tickets is just after midnight. dress code controversy. offensive or misunderstood? the story behind the shirt. what shows up in your facebook feed. what one person says is wrong with the jelly in your favorite donuts. >> still tracking a couple of showers this evening but i
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i have no problem with her walking around in this shirt. i understand what it means. >> it is world diabetes day and a a junior's attempt to raise awareness about diabetes ended up getting her in trouble.
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>> reporter: it is a tedious routine she has had since she was six. doing it ten times a ten times a day to test your insulin levels. >> most people when you tell them their first assumption is so you a 20 much sugar. >> reporter: so many misconceptions about the disease. so she started her own club, "the dead pancreas. -- "the dead pancreas society." her mother designed t-shirts design t-shirts last year for the club to wear on a walk. >> it represents what diabetes is about. >> reporter: she wore her t- shirt to high school and was told to take it off. >> she got a dress code violation. >> reporter: it seems after a
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>> absolutely not. >> reporter: the -- this t- shirt actually won first place at the diabetes walk in lakewood ranch. >> every person that knew a diabetic laughed. they got it immediately. >> reporter: she said she won't wear it to school again but will continue to raise awareness about the disease while dealing with all of the things that go with it. >> it sure gets your atte have you ever read something on facebook and wondered if it was true? now they are taking steps to get rid of fake news feeds. some critics suggested phony stories may have influenced the election. mark zuckerberg says that is unlikely but he says work has already begun that will allow facebook to flag false stories. about 15 minutes ago we asked is it okay to protest the
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you can see right here at the bottom of your screen 9% said yes, it is okay to protest. an overwhelming majority, 91%, say no. we do want to thank you for interacting with us. good monday evening everyone. for most of as this evening us this evening we are 65 with some sprinkles out there. it is very, light rain. temperatures will continue to fall solely overnight. -- temperatures will continue to fall slowly overnight. if you watched at 5:00 you see a lot of rain over the nature coast. that has slowly moved to the south, it is now in bradenton
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let's start in the southern penniless and hillsborough counties, south tampa with some light sprinkles now. we will keep this activity for a good half hour. more rain points south but it is very light rain. that trend will continue. polk county, most of this now will be south of interstate format. move south towards winterhaven. lakeland is just about done with the rain. fort meade you have a few hours left of light rain. sarasota, you have not seen a lot yet but it is moving in. lakewood ranch you will get some sprinkles coming in about 15 minutes. look at the rain that is offshore. that is what still has to come through. that will will --
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eventually we will clear things out. 58 in 58 in brooksville already. 67 in bradenton beach. temperatures are in the 50s for hernando and citrus county. here is a the forecast model with the rain going away overnight but i i wanted to show you sprinkles left over, 5:00 in the morning, pen folks traveling in the morning watch out for that rain. otherwise we have sunshine in the afternoon. sunny on thursday and fantastic weather coming up. tomorrow is going to be nice. the sun will come out in the afternoon. a cool shot of air is coming in with a cold front on saturday evening. no rain with it but look what
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80 for a 80 for a high on saturday. 70 for a high on sunday. we are going to watch this area here, 70% chance of a a disturbance towards the end of the week. we will track it all for you and alert you if anything does develop. look at those numbers next week. highs in the 50s and those in the 40s. before you grab your next krispy kreme ask yourself, your donuts dishonest? >> i eat them all day long. i think a lot of people do. a man is suing them for $5 million because he says they are fooling you. a lawsuit filed on behalf of all customers alleges the glazed the raspberry filled and maple iced the glazed donuts aren't made of the real stuff. the guy claims krispy kreme uses artificial
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the chain says it does not comment on pending litigation. >> does it taste good? i i will still eat it. it still taste good. >> earlier we discussed the backlash from mike evans. we heard your reaction and now we are hearing the reaction from the club. >> hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking?
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yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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less than four months ago dirk koetter was asked about colin kaepernick's decision to kneel. his response, i would be disappointed if are players did it. he stood by that statement today when mike evans set out the intimate in protest of donald trump on sunday. >> reporter: are you disappointed that he decided to sit? >> yes, i am i am disappointed but i also respect his freedom of speech and freedom of expression. >> aside from the protest the buccaneers have been bit by the injury bug. smith will miss the next three weeks with the injury. >> tonight the ball to shut out
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when asked about the sweep the coach said "i wish we played them more" here is what you need to know from the win over the islanders. this kid was styling. 35 saves and his first shutout of the season. he was spectacular. >> here is what you need to see. checked his passing from the capt. steven captain steven stamkos. he assisted on both pe tampa bay outscored the islanders 14-2 in the three- game series win. >> fsu's women's basketball team nearly upset yukon. they had two seconds to win it in the final seconds. had they won they would have ended the huskies 75 game winning streak. that one hurts.
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hungry, hungry hippos, you will love this. look at this at halftime yesterday. it was fantastic. we were the real winners. this is gold. i want to see this everywhere. >> this is brilliant. >> it is fantastic. i was hoping i would i would find my game in the closet to bring it in today. >> we will be right back. carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella.
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finally tonight the spirit that they colorado high school are a lot brighter because of some students. look at what they did. a a small group covered all 900 blockers with post-it as won. -- a small group covered all
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they say they are going to do this again if the student body is in need of a unifying message. >> i love it. that is cool. that must have taken forever. >> that is awesome. thank you for joining us. have a great evening.
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right now at the volkswagen
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: president-elect donald trump, thank you for sitting down with me. >> thank you. >> stephen: really nice place you got here. it looks like >> a li-- a little bit, a little bit. >> stephen: now, with your victory, i'm sure you've been getting a lot of congratulatory phone calls. have you talked to putin? >> he actually called last night. >> stephen: i also understand he sent you a large wooden horse as a victory gift, correct? >> it is so big, it is so-- it's so enormous, it's so amazing. >> stephen: have you looked inside it to see if there's anything before you open the gates and bring it into america?


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