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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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fields shows you how on the first day he reports to work tens of thousands of women will also be there to make sure their voices are heard. >> reporter: two different women and different opinions. catherine happening is a republican and she voted for donald trump. mia culbertson did not. >> it's not just about shooting people down. shooting their beliefs down. it's about opening dialogue. >> mia at her boyfriend are so unhappy about the outcome take part in the women's part on -- march on washington. a day after donald trump will be sworn into office as the 45th president. >> i think it's incredibly important to stand up for those who will be more affected by this then we well. >> this is the type of turnout organizers are hoping for on january 21 of next year.
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organizers drumming up support in pinellas, hillsborough and manatee county. avenue thinks it's a waste of time. >> i don't think it's going to make any difference. >> half of the country is disappointed and the other half is elated but you have to give them a chance. people make mistakes. he has already said he has regretted things he said.>> the people who are asking us to expect him and give him chance are the same people who didn't get the obama's a chance for the past eight years. so i don't think it's necessarily fair to ask us to wholly support him when he has continually come out against women and minorities. really saying offensive things and urging supporters to start acting on those beliefs. >> in st. petersburg, tammie fields.
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statement. >> there making voices her tonight. they have been doing it all day. it started with one school but thousands of students from across dc joined in marching to the city in protest. these kids walked out of school and they met at the new trump hotel. they walked past the capital to the supreme court and they blocked it many streets. you can see some of the signs that they are caring as well. they read things like students can change the world. climate change is real and black lives matter and not my president. they organize all of this throso bucks wide receiver mike's evans said he is done protesting president-elect donald trump. after a day of backlash and calls for boycotts. he sat during the national anthem before sunday's game, a game dedicated to veterans. he is apologizing and says he will be standing this sunday with his teammates. it's got a lot of reaction from you on facebook. one rights, protest with donald calls you out you back down. it makes me question your original motives.
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apologized because i wasn't sure how to tell my son he can wear his jersey to next sunday's game. new information about who is and who isn't joining president-elect donald trump and his administration. ben carson has grown close to mister trump over the past few months but told the washington post he prefers a role outside of the administration. on the short list for secretary of state, rudy giuliani and john bolton. the transition team is asking about getting security clearances for the oldest trump children. that means they can learn the country's top secrets. we are talking unprecedented understatement there. some of his kids are still running mister trump's businesses. >> the relationship with the family and the business would be very open and above boards or the walls between the two would be high if the president trump wants to keep faith with promises he made and the
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campaign. >> the president-elect is meeting with his team tonight to talk about who is making the cut for cabinet. friends in atlanta are dealing with bad air. it's not even safe to breathe. take a look at what the city looks like right now. this is atlanta. all of this haze over everything. from dozens of wildfires burning across the south. you can see where the major fires are burning right now. check out this map from the forest service. all of these dots right here, the blue ridge mountains. these dry conditions are only making matters worse. >> more than 70 wildfires stretch across eight southern states. the fires have already charred 100,000 acres and forced evacuations. >> i am concerned. it was at the top of the ridge and now it is down here. it is a nervy and scary.>> in north carolina plains are threatening 1700 structures.
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in north carolina. >> 20 wildfires are burning in north carolina and many investigated for suspected arson. >> that the way this fire is is different. this is the worst thing i've ever been involved with. >> from the flames plumes of smoke. so much that dozens of counties are facing air-quality advisories. a few group at nasa shows the smoke. some of it has started to drift in >> i have twins with asthma and being outside with them i have noticed them copping. >> 40% of the se is facing drought including three quarters of alabama, and half the state of georgia. >> i have faith that they are going to get it out and that we will be okay. >> another challenge, 5000 firefighters on the ground from as far away as colorado, arizona and california. and in this drought there is no rain in the forecast.
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for asthma like symptoms increased by 20%. doctors are telling folks to avoid exercise and eating and yardwork. >> it seems like a week in florida voters since they legalize medical marijuana but there's a lot that needs to get done before all patients who might benefit can start taking advantage. amendment to needs to go through the state legislature. many how it will work. then it goes to the florida department of health. it needs to regulate the cannabis that is sold and to make sure the labels list everything. full-strength medical marijuana will be available by july 1 two qualified patients. the regulations and rules in tonight's big story. what do they mean for schools? children rely on medical marijuana to deal with a range
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can learn from other states that have already made policy for medical marijuana in their schools. evening commute, look at this. a familiar sight to see and that is the howard frankland bridge heading into tampa. a backup. on i-4 you can see both sides slow going near the i-75 exit. you watched and it happen. incredible rescue of two eagles stuck in a storm why wildlife workers couldn't do enough to save them. >> so much can be captured in a single image. look at the one on your screen. you will see the story behind
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let's take in life look outside at gorgeous downtown saint pete. the clouds have been slow to clear today brett metereologist bobby deskins says the sunshine that you saw will stick around and he has your forecast coming up. you've heard it before, a picture is worth 1000 words but for some they of emotions like this one. central florida, a boy and his gesture for the american flag. tonight you will see why that picture is inspiring thousands of people. it's very nature, small-town pride gets passed down generation to generation. >> my dad worked for the phone company and they started doing portraits and weddings in their homes. they asked my wife and i to help them out so we helped.
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downtown leesburg for a decade. high school homecoming parade at the corner studio. the football players and cheerleaders and clay county. the homecoming attendance. >> perfect for prom. >> standing there with her son eric and was eager to see her oldest son and his oldest brother come by. >> his brother the parade because he is a senior. >> my name is adam and i am 18. >> he is in a wheelchair because he's had spina bifida his whole life. he can walk on his own it has to wear leg braces. >> before he was born i was told hurtful things from the doctors and things that doctors wanted me to do.
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something that i'm like no, i'm not doing that. >> over the years he's achieved a lot and looks -- loves science and video games. >> >> me and my other brothers as well. >> they are sitting in this area here. >> he had his camera ready to take photos of the senior flow. >> when something happened he never captured before. >> my sist standing and i shot off three shots. >> the photo captured eric using his arms to boost himself out of his wheelchair. standing for the american flag. is >> i knew what i captured. >> he waited a day to post the photo to facebook. it went viral. >> it was like boom.
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facebook. people called him a patriot and hero and they said he is the kind of young people this country needs.>> now that is a role model. sarah campbell said i will forever be grateful for this young man. it shows me that people remember and respect the soldiers and their fallen brothers.>> my husband was one of those fallen brothers. i loved this. >> it's to people think that much of my son. >> pride in the flag encouraged him to defy his own odds. his patriotism encourage the world he doesn't know.>> nonetheless it is that kind of thing that happens when something like patriotism gets passed down. >> i can explain it.>> she says pride. >> out of her -- overwhelming. >> it doesn't explain it good enough. it's amazing. he showed these people what he could do. >> that is beautiful.
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all of those comments were right. he really is a role model. >> for everyone. after that picture of eric spread on facebook a wheelchair company gave him a special standing wheelchair. >> pay it forward. we need to get him to every football game. every stadium. we have dry conditions out there and it has been a terrific fall afternoon. stormtracker 10 is drive. we had sprinkled yesterday and now they are out of here and off to the south. there is decent rain through the bahamas and basically to the southern keys. you can see we get rid of the clouds and it took most of the day to do this but we are getting rid of them now. a beautiful sunset with a few clouds. florida southern college, the newsroom out there this evening. looking nice. kind of cool. 72 degrees right now. it is 69 for crystal river.
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richey. we are falling through the 60s for the evening and 74 in sarasota. one of the warm spots along with tampa at 72. we have 70 in largo and down to 69 in seminole and all these numbers will be falling to the 60s for the evening hours and by tomorrow morning we are widespread 50s. a few degrees cooler than where we were this morning and there is the overnight forecast. it is dry and clear skies. we will have a better view the nearly full moon that we missed yesterday. we have some of that on sunday night. it will be bright. we are looking at sunshine for your wednesday. north to northwest winds initially and they will turn around to the northeast in the afternoon and come back are generally inwardly went. lots of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s. on thursday, watch the winds. the northeastern wind is a warmer wind. the sun shines down on the land and heats the
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and takes warmer air and blows it. that is why we can warm-up. we are not talking a lot. mid-70s wednesday was sunshine. upper 70s on thursday and friday is similar but friday we get close to 80 degrees in many spots. it is a seasonable forecast if you will. 78 or 79 is where we should be this time of year. sun up tomorrow at 6:53 am. on wednesday evening. here comes the shot of cold air. watch where it it is diving to the mid-atlantic so that is when the core of the cold will be. we will get a glancing blow. that will come through with a friend on saturday afternoon. don't worry about rain on saturday. but of the two days, saturday is the warm day with upper 70s to near 80 and look at sunday. we may not get out of the 60s for highs and that is after waking up in the upper 40s to
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with clear skies. it's going to feel fantastic if you like that kind of weather. look at monday morning. 39 in dade city. crystal river will be close. it will be about 39 degrees in brooksville. areas east of town and hernando, upper 30s. most of the areas monday morning getting back up. this is thanksgiving week and we will be in the 40s and maybe 51 at the beach. seven-day forecast will be a little bit of a roller coaster. mid-70s tomorrow perfect for this time of year. close to 80 on thursday and friday. saturday will be close to 80 as the front comes through but it will be breezy saturday night into sunday. and even with full sunshine on sunday i think we stay most of the day in the upper 60s. monday after the call the start of this will end up back close to 70 degrees and after another cold start on tuesday we will make it back to the mid-70s and have a brief warming trend. do remember this, the bald
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orlando last week. we have a sad update. the eagle that wildlife workers rescued has died. the audubon center for birds of prey was treating her over the weekend and she started showing signs of paralysis and if you are wondering about that other eagle, the ended up finding him and they could not. it flew away during the rescue. the audubon center posted a statement today says we are going to continue educating the community on why we must conserve florida's environment to help prevent future loss of our nations a symbol of freedom. we would like to thank the community for the support. hundreds of people including posted thank you's for trying to save the eagle. before we head to break we want to show you this. look at this gorgeous sunset over the clouds setting above
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let us know when you start your holiday shopping. big names. some of the most well-known bay area sports icons are gathered together right now and in the middle of it all, 10 sports anchor ryan bass. these athletes are being honored.>> reporter: it's going to be a star-studded night in tampa as the florida sports hall of fame will induct five new members into the of fame class. it will be a stellar class. it is headlined by biggest names you've ever heard of in the tampa bay area. john gruden who captained the buccaneers championship. phil esposito, the vanguard godfather and cofounder of the tampa bay lightning. johnny damon, a world series champion and other notable names. jeremy foley who spent 20 years as the elastic -- athletic director at the university of florida.
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let's welcome here now and congratulations by the way on being inducted. 20 years you spent as the athletic director. are you enjoying retirement? >> 14 days in and i'm trying to figure it out. when the 4:00 phone calls, they are not coming to me anymore. >> what does this mean for you to be aligned with some of the greatest names the state has had sports wisecrack >> you don't get in this business hoping this will happen in for almost like what am i doing here. it makes it even much more special for me. to be here with esposito and johnny damon is like i am starstruck. it's a special night and a special honor. >> 27 championships you have overseen. one of the greatest moments you've had? >> i've had plenty of them
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championship with coach boyer who is a member of the hall of fame is in special -- is special. it meant a lot to all of us but for the longest time people told us we could be successful in basketball. i will be honest because it's hard to win national championships, all 27 with special. >> thank you so much congratulations. >> guys, it will be a special night here. coach spurrier in the house and the best and the brightest in tampa bay in sports history tonight in tampa. ryan bass.
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