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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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realized what was happening and helped bring her down. but that family has had more than their fair share of struggles and was just trying to get a roof over their heads. 10news pasco county newsroom corner casey cumley spoke with them so you don't become a victim. >> a week from thanksgiving and a month from christmas you are going to make my family in a worse situation than what they were? >> reporter: paul is outraged to have his family back in a motel after almost giving all of his money away for a fake rental property. the family was recently evicted after 3-year-old jada had an emergency surgery to remove a be nine tumor. >> we have been looking for a home for a month. >> reporter: when he found a rental property and the owner was willing to get them in the home. >> that's perfect. that helps us get on our feet. >> reporter: but the hopes would be shattered when he helped deputies bust patricia lamp for allegedly renting a
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i couldn't believe it. how can there be people that do this? >> this is the first instance i have heard of someone getting realtied. >> reporter: karl stratton says there are ways for you to protect yourself. >> ask a lot of specific questions regarding the property and see if the owner of the property is really the owner. >> reporter: check with the property appraiser to confirm who actually owns the property. use a property management company, and never, ever pay for anything in cash. >> look for red flags. yo conditions of the property, and maybe the age of the roof, the age of the air conditioner. see if you can throw off the person. >> viewers need to be educated because it happens. i didn't believe it. if there wasn't people caring in my life i would have got duped. so i am thankful. >> reporter: now he is hunting again for a place his family and little jada can lie their heads and call home.
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10news wtsp. >> detectives say there could still be more victims. if you have had any deals with patricia lamp, contact the pasco sheriff's office. our governor met with the president-elect and governor scott flew up to new york to spend time with mr. donald trump. this comes as scott says he is considering running for the u.s. senate. he tweeted a couple of photos saying, it's great seeing my friend. scott was re-elected back in 2014, but is limited by law from seeking another term as florida's governor. traffic signal trouble in an intersection in clearwater. it's in the spotlight after a string of serious crashes. our road warrior hilary zalla spoke to a woman who has seen them all and is pushing for a change to the traffic lights. >> reporter: there have been three crashes in the past week and a half at the intersection of countryside boulevard in clearwater. a woman has been trying to get the signals changed ever since
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months ago. she contacted me after feeling she wasn't being heard by fdot or the county. >> i was sitting on the back porch having coffee and i heard impact. the motorcycle is on fire and there was a fatality. >> reporter: in her 17 years as a nurse nothing could prepare her for august 22nd. three months ago when she rushed to this intersection to try to save a life. it was too late. >> pretty tragic and scary. >> reporter: the driver of a flashing yellow arrow when a motorcycle crashed into it. the motorcyclist died. >> the accident could have been prevented in that light was red. >> reporter: several crashes have happened here where drivers make a left turn on the flashing yellow arrow and get hit by oncoming traffic. monday the florida department of transportation and pinellas county signal teams changed half of the intersection to protected green arrows during the hours from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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curlu with the left arrows. they will monitor the intersection to see if all directions should be modified. fernandez says this cannot wait and she wants fdot to make this a priority. >> i don't think they are listening to me directly and are gonna make a change. when you hear screeching sounds we go into panic mode. >> reporter: road warrior hilary zalla for 10news wtsp. >> if you have a traffic problem and state officials around listening to you. contact our road warrior hilary zalla. the the biltmore hotel is being moved 320 feet to a new foundation in december. they held a ground breaking after its move.
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boutique motel. along with the hotel there will be condos and two-story townhomes. a new craze is taking over lakeland and anyone can do it. you paint a rock and hide it for someone else to find. the lakeland rock's facebook page has taken off. 10news polk county newsroom reporter grady trimble shows you with the excitement also comes some problems. >> reporter: it's a movement sweeping lakeland. the facebook page for lakeland members. scott started the page to spread positivity. the idea of painting a rock, hiding it, and making a stranger's day is catching on. >> we are so humbled that the community has rallied behind us. >> reporter: with a group this big comes some problems. the city says people have disrupted a wedding party looking for rocks. rocks have gotten caught in their lawn mowers.
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vandal painted a rock drop off at a public park. >> even though it wasn't done maliciously, it's something we need to address. >> reporter: the city has cleaned up the paint and erkhart is making sure this doesn't happen again. >> we don't want them to do it. it's not part of the message our group is trying to spread. be respectful and mindful and treat other people like you would like to be treated and it's all good. >> reporter: they hope people can get everyone how much lakeland rocks. grady trimble, 10news wtsp. >> he has put ground rules on the facebook page and hopes everyone will now follow them. go big or go home. there is a new christmas light show at walt disney world. ?? check it out. workers are using 300 drones to create this colorful display at disney springs. the drones weigh less than a
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lights on each one of them. now, that creates over 4 billion color combinations, and all of those are controlled by just one computer. disney and intel are collaborating, but there is no word yet on when you will be able to see this in person. >> so high-tech. okay. remember those days when no stores were open on thanksgiving? now there is so much competition for your black friday business that stores keep opening earlier and earlier. we have been, should those stores stay open for thanksgiving? take a look at the results on your poll. it's at the bottom of your screen. you see the majority, 93% of you, say absolutely not. no way. now, if you are one of those bargain shoppers, planning which stores to hit for your black friday festivities, check it out. there is some information that you need to know. from wallet hub, the finance website, they have surveyed 8,000 stores and found macy's
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overall discount at 63%. jcpenney, harbor freight, those followed with the biggest discounts. and then kohl's, shopko, fred meyer, craft warehouse, and sears follow. shoppers should aim for an average discount of 39% or higher to avoid the black friday traps. a surgery for lightning captain steven stamkos. >> how the timetable has changed for his re ice. you play with lego bricks when you were a kid, right? a local tampa man's selection i guess is a little nicer than where yours was. where you can see this local builder's crazy creation. that cooler air headed this way? it's on the move. coming across the pacific northwest, across denver now and the rockies. gets here saturday night. will it bring any rain? i will talk about that coming up in my forecast. talking about holiday shopping, watch "10news this
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know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?
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lego builders from all over the country will be here this weekend to show off their color creations. now, one of the main attractions comes from right here in tampa bay. 10news reporter bobby lewis on the road at the state fairgrounds where a passion for a kid's toy brings out the
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man. >> reporter: tampa bay knows thrill rides. both big and small. >> yeah, it's my favorite route now right james burroughs hasn't been in busch gardens in years. there is no need. not when you can build your own 50,000 brick machine. >> in scale, this would be about 100 feet, and the coaster would hit -- we calculated it out in speed. it would hit around 75 miles per hour. >> reporter: if toys were for kids, he might be e kid around. his display will be at brickworld. a chance to immerse yourself in the classic toys. >> you can build anything you want from lego. i mean anything. you can shrink yourself down and immerse yourself right into my display. >> reporter: james wouldn't be on this wild lego ride if it weren't for his very understanding wife dawn. four years ago she asked james to build her a lego restaurant out of bricks. now he is hooked on this lego world, spending 25 hours a week
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rollercoasters and enormous displays like that one based on an upcoming lego movie complete with a hidden panda bear upstairs. james is thankful because it allowed the 49-year-old a chance to be a little kid once again. >> as long as you can do what you enjoy and have fun, that's all that really matters. >> reporter: on the road in tampa, i am bobby lewis. >> it was a fun build. it really was. >> reporter: 10news wtsp. >> >> brickworld is saturday and sunday at the fairgrounds. special events center. builders from as far away from toronto will be here showing off creations like a 500,000- piece 26-foot-long lego battleship. tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> scarves. break out the long johns.
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now? [ laughter ]. >> leggings. >> i am breaking out everything. >> yeah. i did a survey on my facebook page, yay or nay, do you like the cooler weather? it was more nay. i am kind of a yay when it gets here. then i am like nay. >> depends how cold it is. >> it's typical for us. it will not last long. the last couple of days, then back up to 80 degrees towards the middle of next week. that will take us into thanksgiving, this is mary brian elementary. teach-in was today. that is mr. colby's first grade class out there. that little one in the center is -- she belongs to me. that's my daughter ava. we had two classes out there. we learned about the weather and talked about tornados as well, too. we don't just come out to schools for a teach-in. we do it all year. hit me up on facebook at bobby deskins weather. stormtracker 10. nice and dry.
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frontal boundary. i was going to show you the satellite and radar for florida, our neck of the woods. a flew clouds there. it is clear as can be up through new york. most of new york at least. but that line of clouds right there, that is the leading edge of the cooler air. that's the cold front, and that's what's going to push through as we get into saturday night. and even by that time we are going to lose a lot of the clouds. we are not talking about a lot of weather coming through here. here is a time lapse from before. we are looking over from hos it's beautiful out there this afternoon. man oh man, as it went down it was even better. look at this sunset tonight. wow. clear skies. lots of folks out on the beach taking pictures. yeah, it's a little bit on the cooler side, but still nice to head out to the beach. water temperature 72 degrees now. air temp 74. humidity's 35%. so it's dry out there and it's going to get even drier by sunday and monday. air temps well into the 60s.
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carrollwood 65. st. pete at 71. 75 in sarasota. we have got 69 right now in winter haven. bartow is at 72. but you get in pinellas county, largo's at 70. seminole at 68. look at riverview. 70 degrees. 67 in valrico. fishhawk is just about the same. all right. here is the forecast tomorrow. it's a lot like today. no big changes. i think 80 to 82 degrees. the average is 78. saturday, there's saturday afternoon looks fantastic. you will notice the wind turning out of the northwest later in the afternoon. the frontal boundary is coming through in the evening hours. so saturday night into sunday morning. very cool. very dry air. static electricity type of air. you will maybe break out the chapstick as well, too, because you will be feeling it sunday and monday, especially if you are outdoors. if you like it warm, enjoy tomorrow. now, tomorrow will start cool like we have been starting. upper 50s. mid-to-upper 50s. we will end up back into the
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it's going to be another warm day out there. again something that you can wear a jacket in the morning and peel it off for the kids and put it in their backpack on the way home. boating looks good. a little bit more wind saturday night into sunday morning. it's not going to be a lot. sunday may be a little bit bumpy. northeast winds 10 knots. 72 degrees. i don't see that holding on for long. i think we are going to be in the 60s in the water temperature by monday and tuesday of next week. there is the seven-day. unfortunately, it's dry all the that's great for outdoor plans. a 10% chance for rain saturday around 11:00. next week, there you go, 80 by wednesday, and thursday, thanksgiving, we're sunny with the temperature up near 80 degrees. well, you depend on the quality of booster seats to keep your kids safe. a study reveals manufacturers are making them safer now than a decade ago.
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back of your car. if that's the case we have news about booster seats. they are getting safer. according to the institute for highway safety they tested 53 models. they found 48 of them got high marks. that's significant because eight years ago when the insurance institute for highway safety first started looking at seats a quarter of them got those high marks. >> what makes it better is the lap belt is in a good position at the top of the thighs. it's not riding up on the belly. when t l belly it puts the child at risk for injuries to the abdomen. internal injuries. >> reporter: if you want to check to see if the booster seat or car seat in your car got high marks, we have that information on our website and the 10news app. 10news school of the week. ian reitz visited the school's science classes this morning.
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students and learning about their s.t.e.m. program. tomorrow morning he will be live from the space station flight simulator lab. tune in to "10news this morning." we will see bay area band members showcasing their talent. >> how they are getting ready
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y262jy yy6y i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options.
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live from the suncoast hyundai dealer sports desk it's time for 10sports. >> the lightning in the midst of a five game road trip. that's where the captain is headed for surgery. he will have his torn meniscus repaired and could miss four to six months. the other option was rehab. the latter meant the longer time away from the ice. best-case scenario he returns at the end season. jon cooper said after today's morning skate, quote, we are going to miss him dearly, but our season is over by no means. didn't ben roethlisberger just tear his meniscus and come back after two weeks? yes. but big ben's surgery was a clean-up. not a repair. big difference here. an orthopedic surgeon explains why a meniscus repair is a longer recovery.
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requires time for the tissue to heal. you don't want to subject it to any sort of excessive forces and just kind of give it time to -- for the tissues to repair themselves. >> and if you think those injuries hurt, you're gonna need a deer-crossing sign on cross-country courses after this one. >> watch out! >> oh, can someone ge band-aid? running the last race of his career. drilled by that deer. oh, my! happened at the d3 regionals center valley pennsylvania earlier this week. he got up. he finished the final four miles of this race. reg, dion, watch out when you are running. >> what a trooper. i expected you to say oh dear. oh, deer.. pretty soon they will be
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the knew some band and color guard headed to new york to perform in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. talk about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. they have been practicing and now their hard work is going to pay off. >> they are going to have a ball. >> so so proud of them.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. i know i had one more... 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more?
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: a warning from the surgeon general. substance abuse will strike one in seven americans. he wants a revolution in how we treat it. also tonight, the trump transition. big names floated for big jobs, saving one of the biggest for his son-in-law? >> jared is a very successful real estate person, but i actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. >> dickerson: and tales of two species. climate change could wipe out africa's "gorillas in the mists." >> they're no in control of events, but they're the potential victims of them. >> dickerson: while america's buffalo make a tremendous


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