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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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when a law enforcement officer was ambushed in st. antonio, texas. there's now healing after a st. petersburg church was vandalized with offensive messages and drawings. the temperature is starting to drop. so you may want to to protect your plants. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff.. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist
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a massive manhunt is a massive manhunt is underway after a police detective was is underway after a police detective was murdered outside of police headquarters in san antonio, texas. marlie hall has hew details. police released a picture of a person of interest in the shooting death of a police detective in san antonio. witnesses say benjamin marconi, a 20 year veteran of the force was conducting a traffic stop in
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the suspect got out of another car and opened fire. the suspect reached the driver side door he fired a gunshot toward detective marconi striking him in the head. the suspect then reached in through the open window and fired a second shot. the 50-year-old officer was rushed to the hospital where he later died. sot chief mcmanus most families will be celebrating the holidays, sapd will be burying one of its own because of an ultimate act of cowardice police say the suspect got away in a black car with tinted windows. marconi's death follows the ambush killings of police officers in iowa, texas and louisiana earlier this year. this type of senseless violence is unacceptable. texas governor abbott released a statement expressing his condolences. he also said attacks against law enforcement officers will not be tolerated in texas and must be met with swift justice. marlie hall, cbs news. for now, the chief has ordered all san antonio
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traffic stops this is the time of year where you watch the weather closely to see if you need to take steps to protect your plants. no one is watching more closely than the farmers . 10 news reporter jonathan petra- mala spoke to one in plant city. sure it's cool, but not too cold for a cone. in fact it's perfect weather for what parkesdale market is most famous for jim meeks says it's the kind of weather that helps produce exactly the taste you want...especially wi s cool weather crop, it helps boost the size and sugar levels. with no freeze warnings forecasted farmers will be alert, but not alarmed. a treat for farmers who are always at the mercy of mother nature. a bay area congregation heard messages of love a bay area
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sunday at the first service since their place of worship was vandalized. after the election, they found drawings of swatiskas and the words "make america great again" on their driveway. 10 news reporter garin flowers shows you the alarming trend gripping the country. garin flowers gov. andrew cuomo jerry small candace shultis trt: 1:35 the peace at this st. petersburg church was interrupted last week. a hate symbol was chalked into the ground along with president-elect donald trump's campaign slogan make america great america. nat but, that's not stopping members of king of peace metropolitan church from worshipping. sot i believe we were targeted for who we are. senior pastor candace shultis represents the primarily lgbt congregation. on sunday, she didn't shy away from it telling them they weren't going to live in fear and love will triumph. sot we were gonna continue to
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problem all over the country. the southern poverty law center has found 701 incidents of hate speech, harassment and vandalism since the presidential election. they say most of it occurred the first three days following it.and that cases involving anti-immigration are the most reported. sot the ugly political discourse of the election did not end on election day new york governor andrew cuomo addressed a church as well.saying the hate crimes need to stop. sot these acts of division are the exact opposite of what america stands for. over at king of peace.members were a bit rattled. sot i hope that those people who do that type of thing will come and talk to us. but, like their pastor, unafraid. sot i'm a former marine actually and i don't fear much of anything and i'm certainly not going to fear someone who sprawls hate on the sidewalk. in st. petersburg, garin flowers, 10 news wtsp.
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poverty law center says about 40 percent of the cases happened at schools. we have that full report on our website -- wtsp dot com it's going to be a tough day for law enforcement across the country. three officers were shot on sunday. one of them died. the two others, including one officer from the sanibel police department are recovering. sanibel is just southwest of fort myers beach. police say officer jarred ciccone was shot in the shoulder during a traffic stop. he has since been released from the hospital. police say the suspect drove by the officer and shot him while he was working with another driver. he was in his patrol car at the time. the suspect was taken into custody shortly afterward. another death rocked the first responder community this weekend. a firefighter in savannah, georgia died after a rescue on the river. shocking cell phone video shows people scrambling to get out of the water and find their loved ones
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across the river collapsed. dozens were hurt. firefighter michael curry was helping pull people from the water when he suffered some kind of medical emergency. the exact cause of death has not been released. curry had worked for the department for 13 years. he was a single father to an 8- year-old boy. a local hometown hero! the oldest living original tuskegee air-man, willie rogersof petersburg - has died at the age of 101 - but 10 news reporter tammie fields shows you how his life and his amazing legacy live on. george lucas's film - "red tails" is hollywood's version of world war the u.s. military recruited a fearless group of african-american fighter pilots to help reclaim the skies over europe. willie rogers is no actor...he was
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non-stop battle they had to also fight. discrimination. humble. rogers worked on the ground - in logistics and administration - he was so low key about his participation though- that many in his own family didn't even know of the extent of his service until later in his life. i spoke with st. petersburg mayor rick kriseman about him - over the phone. r rogers the "key to the city" and a special proclamation last year when this great grandfather turned 100 years old saying there's a lot we can learn from him.
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next step in his transition by interviewing potential picks for his new administration. rudy giuliani arrived at donald trump's golf club as a leading contender for secretary of state. nats of donald trump "and other things to.." on "saturday" - "mitt romney" met with the president-elect along with vice president elect mike pence for the same job. sot mike pence "governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of s interviewing a parade of potential picks for key posts in his new administration. new jersey governor chris christie who was recently demoted from the transition team is also on the list of interviewees today. possible nats from christie when it happens trump named alabama senator jeff sessions as his nominee for attorney general but there are questions about his past statements and his civil rights record. sot from chuck schumer i would not want to support him unless i
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he would still have a strong civil rights division in the justice department." during a break from the transition process this weekend pence was greeted with boos and some cheers at a performance of hamilton - as well as a direct message from the cast. nats that set off a tweet storm from donald trump read trump tweet "the cast and the producers of hamilton, which i hear is highly overrated should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terr b pence say no reason for any apologies. ""i wasn't offended by what was said i will leave it to others on whether it was an appropriate venue to say it." toys r us is
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scary situation for a family in washington. they had just bought a tonka trunk from the store. on the ride home, they say it burst into flames. the family says toys "r" us apologized and promised a refund. the company released a statement saying this appears to be an isolated incident. check your fridge! sa-bra is recalling many of its containers of hummus because of possible listeria con-tamination. here's what you'll want to look for: if your container has a "best before" date anytime between now and january 23rd: throw it out immediately! with thgi days away, here's some good news: your turkey dinner will be a little cheaper this year. the american farm bureau federation says the average meal serving 10 people will cost $49.87. that's a 24-cent drop from last year's average . turkey, milk and pumpkin pie mix all cost less this year. we have a lot to get to coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning.. ian is in the newsroom with what we are working on this morning. one of the biggest shopping days is almost here.
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friday to score those amazing deals. the most have items they say you should take a look at on amazon. a big night for the music world. coming up, the biggest things you may have missed from the american music awards. we are working on all those stories, plus ashley has your chilly monday forecast and hilary is checking on your roads. plus...we're doing something different...sharing some of our favorite thanksgiving recipes.... hope to see you in 20 minutes...starting at 5am. still to come here on 10 news early morning, a new video out of syria. it shows moments before an airstrike on a hospital. although some families are separated, it doesn't stop them from loving one
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bobby weather
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new video out of syria this morning
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moment an airstrike took out a children's hospital in aleppo. nurses had to scramble to evacuate babies to safety. three floors were destroyed. sunday night an about 275- thousand people are trapped in the war-torn city. it was an emotional day along the ti-juana, san diego border. families separated by the border lined up for a chance to hug their relatives. on sunday, families come to this park, known as "the park of friendship," to see their loved ones wall. it is the only place along the entire border where these meetings are allowed. president obama spoke briefly with russian president vlad-imir putin today at the summit of asia-pacific leaders. this was the first meeting between the two since the u-s accused russia of trying to interfere with the election. the 4-minute conversation ended with a handshake. still ahead on 10 news early morning... there are many great marriage proposals out there, but this firefighter found a way to propose to
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coming up on 10 news and c-b-s. starting at 8:00, kevin can wait, followed by man with a plan at 8:30. at 9:00, 2 broke girls. at 9:30, the odd couple. at 10:00, scorpion. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests michael weatherly and carrie fisher. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app
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estep came up with an epic way to propose to his girlfriend, jessica. he planned out a fake fire drill at the high school where jessica teaches! with the ring inside a handmade box, estep stepped out of the fire engine! he got down on one knee and of course, coming up on 10 news this morning.. it's starting to finally feel like news this morning.. it's starting to finally feel like fall out so pull out your sweaters. the weather dropping is something a lot of people are looking forward to and some not. trump is still on the search for his transition team, but he has two candidates under consideration for secretary of state what will be the most popular gifts this year? it might not be a surprise to
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with another look at your weather and traffic, in three
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