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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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are all human beings. >> reporter: some messages are more personal. officer jessica sullivan is thankful for her dad's cancer being in remission. officer trip shwenk is thankful for the life saving donation of a kidney from his sister-in- law. >> it gives a little insight into each individual officer. we are all people doing the job. >> reporter: who knew sarasota police chief had mad tennis skills and a who also goes by cupcake. the facebook postings appear every 30 minutes on thanksgiving day. ate simple way of using social media to help police officers connect with the people they protect and serve. officer scott patrick, a 14- year veteran. >> thankful for our three beautiful kids and we have one on the way. >> reporter: patrick hopes the facebook messages help bridge the gap that has led to so much violence against law enforcement officers. >> we are out here to help people and try and make a
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bivment tt. >> i'm thankful for this job this year. >> she is a 4-year-old rocky on the job for just three months. -- she is a 24-year-old rookie on the job for just three months. >> it is scary honestly but it is a job i love and it is a risk i'm willing to take for something i have a passion for. >> reporter: officers thankful for the community they serve. the posts of continue to post through 11:00 tonight. it will total 34et for photographs. we have aposted several of them here on our page. for many, it is a thanksgiving tradition, storming the stores to get an early start on the black friday deals. 10 news reporter beau disciple are is live for us at the tampa premium outlets. the doors just opened at 6:00 and you are one brave man. >> reporter: you know what this they are just now getting ready
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out here. this parking lot has been filled with cars. we arrived around 5:00, about an hour before the shops even opened and it was mostly full and people are streaming into the mall. let's take a look over here at the center of the mall. there are two stores, the coach store over there has some huge sales going on and you can see the huge line outside an we actually have some video of the line. but also, they are just now opening kors store as well. people have been waiting for an hour or more. i want to bring on stacy nance. she is the general manager here at tampa premium outlets. stacy, you've been working black friday for 19 years. it gets crazier and crazier. >> i have seen it grow to something so wonderful.
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we're all kind of in this holiday spirit and taking advantage of all the sales. the atmosphere is so much fun. a lot of family traditions are started on this day. >> you actually -- you enjoy working this day in some ways. >> in some ways i do. i will be here until early morning and then the next shift will come in. but i love it. it is kind of this extra thrill because it is a different type of day for us. this is the start of the holiday season. >> reporter: very briefly, there some good deals to take advantage. >> i think way will probably partake in some of those tonight myself. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: good look tonight. i know you'll be busy. we'll be staying out here through outevening to monitor the shopping situation. guys, back to you. >> real quickly, you know, controlled is good versus crazy. you mentioned coach. tell us about some of the other deals and the other sales that you are seeing this year? >> i walked -- i was actually
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walking around after they closed last night and i was looking at the signs. a lot of them say 50% off, 60% off. can you see over to sunglass hut over there. inside the window, they have that big 06% off sign. every store has these deals going on and keep in mind, this is an outlet mall so they already have some pretty good surprises. it is an exciting way to save out here. plenty of people taking advantage of the very, very good deals. >> thank you. 6,000 american service members are celebrating thanksgiving in iraq. cbs' holly williams shows you the troops are getting a taste of home. >> reporter: they're fresh- faced, many of them not long out of high school. >> radio check being over. >> reporter: and they're america's soldiers in the fight against isis serving with the 101st airborne division here at
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>> reporter: it is a long way from home for private first class ona yavment beam axe 19- year-old from fontan a southern california on his first tour of duty. >> this is my first one. i came out of basic a couple of months an went to school an stuff like that. then straight here, you know. >> reporter: private beam and many others at camp were children when the u.s. invaded iraq in 2003 and told us they don't know america's recent history here. but five years after the u.s. said it had left iraq for good, there are now around 6,000 american service members back in the country again. private first class patrick mehan from massachusetts is part of the security detail for the senior officer whose work in the camp's command center launching air strikes on isis. >> the idea is that you could
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senior officers. >> yes, ma'am. >> is that stairy? >> no, ma'am. not really -- is that scary? >> reporter: big jobs resting on very young shoulders. specialist monique frink, a 22- year-old, told us she is thankful for her grandfather who also served as a military cook inspiring her to enlist. >> they gave it to me. i loved it every since. >> reporter: a passion to serve their country in many different ways has led them halfway battle to defeat isis extremists. holly williams, cbs news, camp swift, northern iraq. >> a very big thank you for all of the brave servicemen and women currently serving our country all around this world who can't be home for the holidays. the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city went off without a hitch this morning. the three-hour event featured dozens of giant balloons, 26
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heeder and dancers. there were performers from stars like tony bennett and regina specter. it has been a thanksgiving tradition since 1924. >> we have been here since 4:00 a.m. so just the energy that you are feeling all around, it is nothing like what you see on tv. it is amazing to be right here front and center. >> security was tight at the parade today. bomb sniffing dogged z and uniformed with assault weapons were set with 80 sanitation trucks fill with sand parked at intersections to be barriers against a potential attack. while you are enjoying your day off, our first responders are on the clock making sure that you stay out of harm's way. as they are working today, firefighters in lakeland are wearing a new piece of equipment designed to keep them safe. grady trimble shows you why the department is make the investment.
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>> er with like a family. this is our family dinner. >> reporter: all of firefighters who have to work -- >> we've just got to accept it, i guess. it makes it easier. >> reporter: are pitching in to prepare a din -- dinner at the station. working on holidays isn't the only sacrifice they make whsm they risk their lives running into burning bdle, studies show firefighters also increase their chances of getting cannes engineer it is something i think about on a daily basis. when you have a child, it make you think about those a lot more. you think about your mortality. >> reporter: firefighters are twice as likely to get certain cancers as you and i even with all of this gear on, they can still absorb toxic fumes into their skin. >> so this barrier here helps protect from those carcinogens. >> reporter: the demeanor is investing in these particle filtering hoods. the company that makes them says they are designed to keep carcinogens out. lake land fire says it is one of the first departments in the
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traditional hoods and replace them with these new ones. >> with them giving us some equipment like this to use, it means a lot to us that they're thinking about that as well as us. >> reporter: even though they're working this thanksgiving, the firefighters hope these hoods will keep them around longer. that way, they can spend holidays down the road with the ones they love. lavish gifts with the lavish price >> everything from $50 coloring books to $806 velvet gucci slippers. coming up after the break, yearly christmas catalogue that puts all others to shame. >> plus. >> he chose tampa bay over new york city and a hair net over some fancy office job. one local chef couldn't be more thankful especially since this will be the tenth year he is putting turkey on tam apaps plates. >> we have so much to be thank
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thanksgiving day in tampa bay. will the warm and mostly sunny weather stick around for friday
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go...
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hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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meals on wheels in tampa whip up about 1500 memes a day for tampa residents alone. >> they go out and serve hot and all of the food arrives fresh even on thanksgiving day. >> bobby lewis out on the road where one man has made those
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>> reporter: who doesn't look forward to a hot thanksgiving dinner. >> rice pilaf, barbecued pork, black-eyed peas. >> if i cook it, it's good. >> reporter: which means meals on wheels in tampa is cooking. >> we've got an sure to get 700 done. >> reporter: under guidance ever not just a chef. >> the chef, yes. >> or for tech deads chef tony pineda has been beating the 1500 meals to prep, there is no time to waste. >> it takes a little. you should taste something. >> chef tony, he peek from the heart. he cooks from the heart. he is a very passionate person. >> if you love what you do, should be no problem. >> reporter: a lot has chained in last three deck odes for chef tony. 30 years ago of his a hotshot yuck chef working for a giant catering company. after 20 years, he decided to
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his mustache but found his passion. january2nd marks 11 years here at meals on wheels for chef toney, a job i always wanted and never intends on giving up. >> like i told my it can nickal director, even if i retire, i would still do the same right here to volunteer. i love the mission. >> he always makes you feel loved and makes you feel special and you definitely get a taste of that in the footed as well that goes out ev >> it's lot of work but with heart, everything is perfect. >> reporter: on the road in tampa, i'm bobby lewis, 10 news, wtsp. sounds cheesy but it is true, right? , lot of in the food. >> look at him out there doing the turkey trot. >> some people moving a little bit slower than others. >> maybe they already ate. >> but the weather was perfect.
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times turkey trot. you skeet run enters clearwater taking part in the thanksgiving day tradition. >> kind of warm for it too. not to mention. >> 80 degrees? >> by this afternoon. but this morn, not to bad. >> maybe they had the turkey and go to the beach. that is how we do things here in the tampa bay area. it is quiet out there tonight. if you are still headed out and berk maybe getting in on some of those deals beau zimmer was showing you early, it will nice time to do some shopping. -- still headed out and about. quiet tonight as well. temperatures just lovely starting to cool off a little bit. crystal river down to 69 degrees. right now, mid-70s across much of the bay area. i want to go ahead and show you a travel forecast for friday. maybe if you are visiting and have you to get back home very quickly, we are sorry you can't stay longer but overall arc
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looking pretty quiet for friday travel -- overall, across the nation, we are looking pretty quiet for friday travel. we do have some activity out west so if you are headed you out to the oregon, northern california, portions of washington, we will see some rain and a wintry mix for the higher elevations. chilly across most of the nation as you wake up friday morning. 23degr 27 in denver. some areas will warm up nicely during the afternoon to temperatures back in the 107 across the southeast. 72 in atlanta. wilmington, north carolina warming up to 75-degree. here at home, another beautiful day friday but above average temperatures continue. today, we were seven degrees above average. tomorrow, right around in the same ballpark. so here is the set-up. high pressure still dominating our weather. our winds generally out of the
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the front won't be moving through here until late friday into early saturday. for tonight, temperatures staying in the low 107, upper 60s through about midnight. dropping down to a low temperature of only 64 degrees. we will see some patchy fog especially inland areas to the east of i-75. we have the right ingredients with a light wind and just a little low level moisture. we'll see the possible some of patchy fog. another warm day looking good for you, partly sunny skies. there is a very slight somewhere in the viewing area friday late but 99.9% of us are staying dry. i'm keeping the rain out of the forecast. here comes the front late friday into saturday. basically a try passage. again, we could use the rainment we are not going to get it with this front. there is that dry air that will be working into our viewing area late saturday into sunday too. and a really beautiful forecast. it is not every thanksgiving we
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but we are tracking otto. it made landfall in southern nicaragua earlier today. it will continue to push off to the west at about 12 and will weaken to a tropical storm as it emerges over into the eastern pacific and will continue to keep the same name of otto. your seven-day forecast, it's nice looking one for you. high temperatures staying in the upper 70s and low 80s. slightly cooler sunday more thanking with a low temperature of 56 degrees. from now until christmas, expect the malls to be ck if you are on a mission to save money and find deals, here are the top three items to avoid, avoid bidding on black friday. don't bother with air fare and vacation packages because traveling around the holidays can be expensive. next, gaming, laptops, best deals for those are usually around back to school time. and finally, winter gear. price are typically the lowest in january. >> okay. now to the gift giving guide
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pinch their pennies neiman marcus out with their yearly christmas book. this is an 18-carat gold nativity scene it will cost you just over $5,000 f you have something to hide, check this out. it's mattress. you see there the lockbox, the safe underneath going for $25,000. a little bit bigger, if you like to go to the grammys, maybe it is one of your dreams, can you buy a package that will five-star stay, red carpet and backstage access. once again, just about a half million dollars. for the most expensive item, i had to count all those desire
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sam bradford is the biggest turkey on thanksgiving day. vikings quarterback picked off in the final seconds. sets up this. lions matt operator, game winning field goal, lions, 16, vikings 13678 the bucs have
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the cowboys 38-10. two picks in the loss. thank goodness he isn't the quarterback still. here are the top three things the current bucs are thankful for. the running back, he has missed his last three games but he helped save this season. he ran if a crier high 101 against the panthers. outdid himself a week later. the bucs also thankful for that jameis winston is their quarterback. the ea team continues to improve. he will be a star in this league. winston's 20 touchdowns ranks fifth in the nfl. and the bucs are thankful for how pud peut rid the nfc south is -- how putrid the nfc south is. atlanta the om team in the division way winning record putting the bucs in the thick of this playoff race. finally tonight, an italian restaurant in the heart of
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families a reason to be thankful. >> donnatell o's opened the doors to give families a thanksgiving meal them invited superheroes and princesses to bring some free gifts for the kids to put under their christmas tree. how sweet is that? >> that is it for 10 news at 6:00. we hope you have a very happy thanksgiving.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room.
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how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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>> quijano: police under fire. officers are ambushed during routine traffic stops in several states. >> this incident shows that can happen right in our backyard. >> quijano: also leading the battle for a recount of the presidential election? a simple program is making life on the streets more bearable. >> it kind of adds a little dignity back into the equation. >> quijano: and a family reunion-- the women and their guardian angel. >> reporter: do you have any daughters of your own? >> no. those are my kids.


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