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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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what started as one act of kindness is now growing. paying it forward. before you eat leftovers we have the one item that was on your plate that is most likely to make you sick and it is not the turkey. the black friday melee is underway. >> the retail rush is on. good evening. christmas just 30 days away. thousands of people getting the jumpstart out holiday shopping tonight. there are lines out the door in virginia, california, new york, a lot of people are hunting for
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out there? >> reporter: absolutely, i will get a list from you guys as well. let me tell you something we were here at 6:00 when the shopping center opened. it has gotten progressively busier throughout the evening. take a look at this place. it is 11:00 at night and this place will stay open overnight. we have little kids and people from around the world waiting in line to get into the shopping center. 50%, 70% off and even more. black friday jumping the gun with great deals tonight. >> it is exciting. this is what we wait for all year. >> reporter: retailers try to outdo the competition that offering offering the biggest discounts of the year. you are finding deals you
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>> reporter: this is definitely the biggest deal ever. michael is one of those stores offering deep discounts this discount this friday. there are so many people in the store and a line of people outside waiting to get in. >> this was 80% off. >> reporter: is that good? >> it is amazing. >> reporte line long over here at this store. people from around the world shopping. >> everyone knows the u.s. has a black friday sale going on. >> reporter: she is visiting all the way from china and says the prices here are half of what she would pay back home. >> we don't really celebrate thanksgiving in china. week -- we come here to celebrate the shopping
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>> reporter: even those working say the excitement is contagious. >> it is black friday, it is thanksgiving day, this is what we work for all year. >> reporter: we are here live with this woman who has been shopping tonight. what have you got in there? >> all kinds of stuff, vera bradley, jewelry. >> reporter: good deals tonight? >> yes, a lot of good deals. i would suggest i would suggest people come out and stt >> reporter: they are not the only ones shopping, take a look, i did a little shopping of my own. we wanted to take a look at prices last night and compare them to tonight, i can tell you, they had great deals last night as well. i got these shirts on sale for 50% off last night. but there are some additional door busters tonight.
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>> i am so impressed. his receipt was like this long. >> ii want to know what he got me. >> tonight, many people making frenzy a fun family affair. we have been store hopping at the best buy. i can i can hear a lot the excitement out there. >> reporter: it is packed and people are still coming in as you can see. check out this list. these are the door busters that they are already sold out of. while everyone wants to get a bargain this thanksgiving is really about being together, down to the smallest shopper. the countdown to christmas is on. for this six-year-old she is excited. being a part a part of the
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it is just about as exciting as christmas morning. >> i am getting a dirt bike. >> he asked if he could get the dirtbike. >> i want this one. >> reporter: but shopping with your child happy dance and the lows when reality set in, it is not christmas yet. >> wait until christmas. >> how can you say no to that face. >> reporter: now it is time for the checkout line. >> check out line. >> we have been here 30 minutes. >> last time i saw i saw the line it was two stores down.
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night to get into target. >> we celebrate thanksgiving on sunday. every year we do black friday. we are doing a little a little bit of christmas shopping. we also like to donate to charity. >> reporter: as for the hot items at target that big stuffed bear one for $10. this playstation is on sale at best buy. i can tell you, at store -- i can tell you at toys "r" us it is crazy. as you can see, for now, these shoppers are still going strong. >> they will be going strong for a while. head to for a peek at
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police are searching for the suspect to shot and killed two people and hurt four others. the shooting happened yards away from a football tournament. someone opened fire and several hundred people attended the event. today's death pushed the total number of murders in louisville this year to 112. a california woman has been reunited with her husband. she disappeared november 2 while jogging. this morning she was released by her captors along a highway and is now being checked out at a hospital. police are looking for two hispanic women. we have an inspiring story tonight, what about lending a helping a helping hand and
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it started with these two people, ernestina nunez, who lost her sun our to ptsd and richard newberry, a good samaritan. we told you he gave her a car so she would not have to walk to work. tonight, the acts of kindness from both continue. >> reporter: three months after ernestina nunez met the man who changed her life with a free car she now has a new smile. own thanks to richard newberry and the kindness of strangers. her house in largo is equipped with furniture and accessories. >> i am thankful to everyone. they helped me out. >> reporter: but even her new life is painful without her son. >> i would give everything back to have my son back.
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i am supposed to move on. but every day i miss him more and more. i don't know how to compensate. everyone keeps saying i have blessings, but at the same time i would like to have him back in my life. >> reporter: no material can heal the wounds of losing a child but may be love from others can help it out a little bit. >> he is smiling down on you. >> reporter: on this thanksgiving she is not only thankful for richard newberry but also another friend becoming family. >> she makes an impact on everyone. she is just so loving. >> reporter: now ernestina
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it and donate the money to help her but, instead richard newberry was able -- but, instead, ernestina nunez was able to keep it. >> i am paying it forward. the car was given to me and i will give it to someone who needs it too. >> reporter: ernestina nunez still has a lot of healing to do but she won't be alone with many watching over her. thanksgiving can be lonely when you are away from your loved ones. right now 6000 service members are celebrating thanksgiving in iraq. but they are still getting a taste of home. troops near mosul got to enjoy a game of football. the cooks whipped up a traditional thanksgiving a traditional thanksgiving feast with turkey, stuffing, pumpkin
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thankful for her grandfather who is also a military cook and inspired her to enlist. >> he taught me and i have loved it ever since. >> we are our own little family here. it is good to be back home but i don't mind being with my friends. >> the passion has led them halfway across the world and into the battle. we are very grateful and service. head to facebook right now. we want to know when you put up your christmas tree. it was a beautiful thanksgiving across the area in fact, even at this late hour it
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temperatures stay around for black friday shopping? i have the forecast coming up
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i am in north dakota and i wanted to i wanted to which my family in florida happy holidays. thanksgiving is just about over and black friday in about 25 hours. the big question is when do you put up your tree? is it the day after thanksgiving? a here are some responses. >> one was up the day after halloween. >> not until december. stop premature christmas. >> almost done. >> very nice. you may look forward to that thanksgiving meal but how long can you safely eat leftovers?
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restaurant, a man we know we can trust and he can create a killer mail. to bad we are about to sacrifice it all. but is on the menu? >> a traditional turkey dinner. i will start off making cranberry sauce. >> reporter: when we had the spread, turkey, cameras us, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. we put it in tupperware and sent it off with this food safety tester. the goal is to answer two questions. how can you leave it -- how long can you leave it out and how many days after can you enjoy the leftovers?
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of tupperware locking the changes in the food appearance over 12 days. that involved mixing samples with liquid concoctions, with the names we could not pronounce, and putting it into petri dishes. it is day 12 and we are back at the laboratory to see how the food is doing. let's check it out. one week later we got the final results from the food safety experts. >> we have some interesting res. >> reporter: first we examine the bacteria at six hours and nine hours. >> at nine hours the mashed potatoes had only 16 million bacteria in a single serving. >> reporter: in other words it was enough in the bacteria in the potatoes to cause illness, diarrhea and stomach cramps. but outside the potato family the bacteria stayed low in
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eat it although he would not recommend it. but what about the refrigerated food. >> so, four days everything seems fine. after that it starts to go. >> reporter: even at three days the mashed potato had high bacteria levels. equally shocking, the brussels sprouts and every sauce were still edible had 12 days. >> from a microbial stand point i could sign off on it. good thursday evening to you. this is a time lapse from the beach camera. just gorgeous out there. a lot of folks headed out to the beach, gorgeous sunset and the best news, we will keep more of it around for you on
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if you want to get up early and work off some of those calories it is going to be nice for your morning walk. we are looking at fog potentially in the morning until about 10:00 a.m. most of it will be to the east of interstate 75. low temperatures mid 60s for the bay area so it really miles gh temperatures across manatee county and sarasota county staying in the mid-60s. polk county upper 50s and low 60s. so a nice start to the day and it will continue taste stay nice for all those folks headed out tomorrow. it is looking good. here is your black friday
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that cloudy skies, warm, you can leave your jacket at home. even if you are headed out in the evening it is going to be nice. mainly a dry forecast. if you are traveling tomorrow morning temperatures very cold across the northern tier. minneapolis at 32. lincoln, nebraska at 27. a li and afternoon. atlanta you will be 73. once again above average temperatures for us. the high today was 83. we are tracking a cold front but it will cool us down much and really not until sunday. a very nice friday afternoon, wind out of the east at 5 miles per hour. he can to doubt the possible -- can't rule out the possibility
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as we headed to -- as we head to 5:00 maybe a sprinkle across polk county. overall, a very nice day. i want to update you the hurricane is now tropical storm otto and should be a merging over the pacific in the next few hours and continue to weaken. it should weaken as it moves west across the pacific. looking really nice, let's t highs in the low 80s. a little cooler on sunday morning. the next chance of seeing any rain is not until next wednesday and thursday as we track another cold front. the new some high school band marched in new york today for the macy's day thanksgiving day parade. last night i introduced you to
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and grandmother also performed to the parade. i talked with his mother today and she said despite the cold william was thrilled and will never forget the moment. tempers flared following the cowboys and redskins game. >> these two not in the holiday spirit. spirit. tussle?s said that sparked the oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. blix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
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turkey and stuffing it feels like christmas for florida state. jimbo fisher has turned down an offer to become the head coach and tom herman is now the front runner. things got uncomfortable early this week in tallahassee. the advocate reporting jimbo fisher was lsu's top target and he was very interesting. espn is reporting jimbo fisher's thoughts -- jimbo fisher's talks with lsu never got serious. so now they can focus on their game against the gators. we want to know which game you are fired up for. go to the facebook page and hit the love but -- go to the facebook page and hit the love button. the bucks have played only once on thanksgiving.
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tony romeo -- tony romo threw five touchdowns. that was back in 2006. tony 2006. tony romo did not throw any touchdowns today because it is no longer his team. it is now the team of dak prescott. following the victory the real action started. dez bryant hit corner josh norman. -- dez bryant going after it with josh norman. the scuffle started r bryant told him "we i am i am from we unload the clip." he did more talking on twitter posting "on through the week i will post film on how norman got exposed." let's spread some positivity! the top three things the box art thankful. we begin with rogers, he has
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he ran for 100 yards against 100 yards against the panthers and followed it up a week later with the san francisco 49ers. jameis winston is the leader of the team and continues to improve. he is going to be a star. more than anything else they are thankful for how bad the south is. tampa 5-5 but that is great news because they are only one game behind the atlanta falcons. they take on the seahawks on sunday. if they win that game we start talking playoffs. >> stranger things have happened.
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"grumpy cat" is making some
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blog. she posted her top ten best to treat at her blog. her top pet peeve is people asking her to smile. >> she is a pretty cat though.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the cubs are going to the world series! yes, after 71 years of waiting, the cubbies have won the pennant and are facing off against the cleveland indians starting tuesday night. rotation, hot cubs bats and the dark assistance of azmalor, the evil wizard who manager joe madden signed a blood compact with in exchange for a world series win. and the windy city is buzzing over the possibility that he might fulfill his dark prophecy and bring the cubs their first world series victory in more than 100 years. the cubs are favored in their match-up against the indians, thanks to their young, hungry


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