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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:30pm EST

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stop talking! the after thanksgiving sale at havertys. life looks good. ew right now. >> good afternoon. i am allison kropff. if you weren't around for the original run of the brady bunch, the popularity was in the spotlight for many generations. today we are remembering florence henderson. she was best known as carol brady from "the brady bunch." she died last night from heart failure at the age of 82.
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>> ? here's the story after lovely lady ?. >> reporter: florence henderson was best known as america's mom. >> the washing machine has gone crazy! >> reporter: in the fall of 1969 she became carol brady. the stepmother and nearly flawless matriarch of "the brady bunch." that was the crowning jewel of a more than 60-year career. >> florence henderson. >> reporter: that spanned all aspects of show business. >> the rules are very important, bobby. >> reporter: henderson cold sarah hughes on sunday morning in 2010 that the character may have been too perfect. >> a lot of women say to me, you know, i really hated you because my kids wanted you to be their mother. >> reporter: the show was among the first to introduce an audience to a blended family. it ended in 1974. reruns kept them in the spotlight for multiple
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family. >> reporter: ten kids, right? >> yes. >> reporter: born in dale, indiana, in 1934, her family was one reminiscent from television. her affinity for performance brought her to the american academy of dramatic arts in new york city and then to broadway. there she starred in multiple leading roles. >> this is the lovely singing star of florence henderson. >> reporter: that launched a multifaceted career that never seemed to stop. >> reporter: what is the one thing that i guess is the most different about you from carol brady? >> first of all, i have always worked. >> reporter: regardless of what that job was, to most of america florence henderson will
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>> she is survived by four children and five grandchildren. black friday is still one of the biggest shopping days of the year. over time online sales and early deals have chipped away at the traditional black friday rush. 10news reporter emerald morrow spent the morning in lutz where retailers are offering some deep discounts to get you back in the store. >> reporter: 50% here. 60% there. you don't have to look very hard to find a good deal out here this black friday. shoppers definitely came out to take advantage of it all. the doors here opened at 6:00 on thanksgiving evening and it looks like a lot of people skipped out early on their meal to do sol holiday shopping. the most popular stops, the coach and michael kors stores. >> i like the rush. getting up in the morning and going to shop in the morning. >> most of the stores, even though you have half off, you have an additional percentage
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you are getting 80% off. >> people know about it now. they know that this is a place where you can get good deals. >> reporter: the question now is, if you missed this early rush, can you still get good deal? workers say yes. most stores will offer the discounts through the weekend. if you want to be 100% sure you can call the store beforehand to find out. and if you are planning to shop, have until 10:00 this evening to snag your deals. back to you. >> the numbers just out black friday online sales are expected to surpass $3 billion for the first time ever. more and more stores are offering retail apps. why those apps could put your personal information at risk. >> reporter: shoppers stampeded into stores across the nation eager for those once a year black friday deals. but despite the rush, the real frenzy isn't happening in the stores. between midnight and 5:30 thursday evening $1.5 billion
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up more than 13% from last year. this year 41% of all sales are projected to be made on mobile devices. that would be a record high. >> any store that has an app, i use it. it's easier. >> reporter: an estimated one- third of retailers now offer mobile apps. people can use their smartphones to locate in-store items, find sales, and even check a competitor's price. but that convenience has made retail apps the perfect target chris mason runs a company that builds mobile apps for retailers. >> for every 100 taken down, there would be 200 coming up. it became a big game of whack a mole. >> reporter: he suggests only downloading apps if a retailer's website, checking reviews, and avoiding third- party publishers. >> reporter: a quarter of people shop online because nobody can tell what they are up to. if you are already home from doing some shopping today
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busy thanksgiving, you might be looking forward to a lazy afternoon on the couch in front of the tv. well, in that case you might not like to hear this. cities across the country are considering taxing you for using netflix. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck explains how they are using a loophole to get more of your money. >> reporter: can you believe this? a 9% tax just for streaming video off the internet. something you're already doing in the comfort of your own home while you simply sit on the couch. this is something that a lot of people ar you might be wondering, how the heck are they getting away with it? the answer? a loophole. get this. in 2008 voters modernized a law that allowed the government to tax cell phones since hardly anyone has a land line. now that could backfire. voters never expected their local leaders to apply that to video streaming. it's a debate happening around the country. in chicago netflix users are
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charges 6% tax on everything from apps to downloads. now pasadena, california, is trying to hop on board as well. >> where do we stop? is it julio? hulu, netflix? pandora? how is that legal? one internet expert says it might not be. >> utilities are electricity and water and sewer and all sorts of other types utilities. websites and apps don't fit that mold whatsoever. >> reporter: i checked and none of our local cities here in florida are trying to tax netflix, but who is it to say that won't be coming. back to you. president-elect donald trump transition team is fighting over who should be named secretary of state. there are calls for recounts in several states. weijia jiang has the latest. >> reporter: at his resort, president-elect donald trump
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works to fill key cabinet positions. three top jobs are still open. secretary of defense, homeland security, and state. mitt romney is on the list to head the state department. at least one member of trump's inner circle is questioning his loyalty. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> reporter: trump and romney attacked each other often during the campaign. >> the last election should have been won except romney choked like a dog. he choked. he went >> reporter: trump's campaign advisor hasn't forgotten the criticism either. she tweeted an article filed, some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state. she went on to praise the loyalty of former state department secretaries. third-party candidate jill stein wants to re-examine some of the votes that helped mr. trump win the white house. through donations, she has raised more than $4.5 million to pay for recounts in three
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safeguards so that we are not asking the question after the fact. >> reporter: today is the deadline to file a recount in wisconsin where trump beat clinton by over 27,000 votes. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> stein also wants votes recounted in michigan and pennsylvania. weather is hitting japan that people haven't seen in 50 years. we have the video coming up next. and a story developing out of california. a missing young mother is found while jogging. she is found alive, but tied up along the road. before you heat up those thanksgiving leftovers for lunch there are a few that aren't good to reheat. next the foods that may contain more harmful bacteria than others. the morning clouds have moved out. it's all sunshine. many of us already in the low 80s. how does that weekend look? that forecast is coming up. 10news and the lightning want to put you in the stands for a game.
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this is a bizarre story unfolding in california. three weeks after a northern california woman vanished while jogging she is found tied up but alive along a california road. michelle miller has her story. >> she was bound with restraints but was able to summon help from a passing motorist. >> reporter: 34-year-old sherri papini was taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries and reunited with her husband after her alleged captors let miles from her home. >> we are looking for a dark- colored suv with two hispanic females. >> reporter: papini also told police the two females were armed with a handgun, but so far no word on a possible motive or where she may have been held all this time. earlier this month keith papini made an emotional appeal for his wife's return. she went for a jog and never came home.
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-- her missing when she didn't pick up the children from daycare. investigators and volunteers spent weeks searching for papini and a six-figure reward was supposedly offered through a negotiator. >> you lead us to sherri. >> reporter: police say that offer does not appear to be linked to her release. >> this investigation is far from over. this has only begun a new chapter >> officials say there is sensitive information they are not able to reveal just yet. they are asking members of the public to come forward and provide information relevant to the investigation. chances are you have a fridge full of leftovers. we certainly have some from our 10news thanksgiving dinner. but some of those you shouldn't reheat. marlie hall shows you what to reheat and what you should toss
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leftovers from thanksgiving dinner, beware. not all of your favorite dishes may be safe to reheat and eat. clinical dietician lindsey malone of the cleveland clinic says don't save the rice. when it cools at room temperature bacteria can grow. >> that bacteria is resistant to heat. even if you are heating it to the normal temperature, it doesn't matter. that bacteria is still going to be there. >> reporter: another staple to toss potatoes cooked in aluminum foil. >> letting it cool into that temperature danger zone d then also keeping the foil on it, you have created a bacteria breeding ground. you may not heat it sufficiently to kill the bacteria. >> reporter: foods with a high moisture content like stuffing should also be thrown away. with poultry, reheat it to the proper internal bacteria and don't store the whole bird. >> that's setting up a situation for bacterial growth. cut it up into smaller portions.
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>> reporter: the young, old, and those with compromised immune symptoms are more vulnerable to food-borne illnesses. it's best to avoid having a refrigerator full of leftovers. >> for foods you plan on saving, make sure that you get that food into shallow containers and into the refrigerator within two hours. >> reporter: and if you are going to reheat the leftovers, use the oven, not the microwave. it's not the quickest, but it cooks more evenly. marlie hall, s >> malone says it's best to toss any leftovers after three to four days. you are looking at something that hasn't happened in more than 50 years. snow in japan in november. most of it didn't stick. an inch fell in the mountains northwest of tokyo. the last time it snowed in november was in 1962. tropical storm otto hit costa rica. the national weather service says ottawas the strongest atlantic hurricane on record
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so much damage to costa rica there. wild weather. you know, the heavy rain, mudslides, bad news. >> yeah. >> we were taking a look back here at the beach near the don cesar hotel. perfect weather. >> they are in the water. >> might be a little bit chilly? >> yeah. water temperature in the upper 60s right now. maybe if you are visiting from the north, you love it. there is that look. the don caesar hotel. yeah. look at the sunshine. hardly any clouds this morning and we will see some clouds drift in from time to time. but if you are heading out to the beach today, it's gonna be a great day. cooler by the beach with temperatures topping out in the upper 70s near the water. there is that water temperature. so if you plan to get in the water, it is chilly. temperatures inland very nice here. really everywhere. mid-70s in crystal river. 80 in brooksville. it's in the low 80s across a good part of the viewing area
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we are looking at temperatures of 84 seminole, 84 in largo, macdill air force base 82 degrees, st. petersburg 75. not a lot of wind. the winds have been light to calm all morning. that's what we'll see all day. winds topping blowing from the east at five miles per hour today. not a lot of wind. let's look around. some beautiful shots here. sarasota looking nice. st. pete as well. tampa looking nice. lakewood ranch, ey you see a few cumulus clouds, mid-level clouds, but nothing falling from the clouds. a little bit of light rain to the east trying to move onshore, but it's not going to make it here. we are dry. not only dry today, but dry through the weekend. we have some very slight rain chances perhaps as we head towards the middle part of next week. we are watching a cold front though to the northwest. however, it's going to come through dry over the weekend. it will cool us down a little bit. temperatures in the upper 70s
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should be a great weekend. in fact, we are looking at just a few clouds here this afternoon. then tonight we will cloud up a little bit as we get set for our weekend. maybe some patchy fog here overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. be on the lookout for that. you can see temperatures by tomorrow morning after falling into the 50s tonight back in the 60s, and then again we are in the upper 70s tomorrow. 82. sunshine tomorrow. looks like a great day today. towards the evening tonight again some clouds. temperatures in the low 70s if you are going to the beach for su again. overnight lows tonight in the 50s to low and mid-60s. that's a pretty mild night and should make for a great morning tomorrow. here is the weekend in detail. mostly sunny skies. saturday looking great. sunshine 79 for the high. sunday looking just as great. only one degree cooler. 78 for the high temperature on sunday. so it's a great weekend to be outside this weekend. all right. here is the seven-day forecast. so today is awesome. the weekend is great as well. and then next week look at
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sunshine monday and 81. 84 on tuesday. i know we need some rainfall, and really there is not much in the seven-day. we have some very slight chances wednesday and thursday. thursday is probably the better chance, but all in all, for the most part we stay dry over the next seven days. >> that is a pretty perfect looking weekend. all right. this 96-year-old is living proof that age is just a number. coming up, he now holds a world record. on 10news and s "frosty the snowman," "frosty returns," "macgyver," "blue bloods" and "10news at 11".
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a colorado man is celebrating after breaking a world record. bob mcadams lives in a retirement community, but at 96 years young he stays pretty active. mcadams broke the record for his age group.
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9 seconds. >> feels great. hey, i will try to remember it. i lucked out. i told my mother i would never be 55. that was when i was 19 and didn't know better. >> 96 years old. >> amazing. >> mcadams beat the previous record for a runner in his age group by almost two minutes. he thanked the crowd for cheering him on the entire way. >> when you run, you are happy to break ten minutes for mile, right? how could you not cheer him on. >> that is very cool. congratulations to him. >> yeah. if bob was here, he probably would be running. it is incredible. sunshine. 82 today. near 80 for the weekend. in the 80s next week. allison, that is a good -- >> it's such a good forecast. >> yeah, slight chance of rain thursday. >> enjoy. hope you have a great weekend. thanks for joining us at noon.
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>> dylan: we believe adam newman, the prisoner, is being aided and abetted by his wife, chelsea. [ camera shutter clicks ] we now have a lead on the car she and her son used to flee genoa city. it's a gray sedan, wisconsin plate tah 7m2, last seen headed headed out of the city limits. now, if you have seen this car, if you have any information on its whereabouts, please contact the gcpd tip line -- the number's on the screen -- or our website. though the passengers aren't considered dangerous, it is urgent that they are found safely. >> chelsea: no. you are not turning yourself in. our new life, our new plans -- >> adam: compared to connor's health, none of that matters, babe. he needs to see a doctor. >> chelsea: okay, adam, you just
12:31 pm
think about this. >> adam: his fever's not going away. you said it yourself. we'll take him into town, we'll get him the medicine that he needs, i'll surrender. it's -- it's the only way. >> chelsea: wait, wait, wait. i have a better idea. >> dylan: please do not hesitate if you have any information. contact the gc-- >> victor: that press conference given by your son dylan has just sealed my son's fate. >> nikki: well, i don't know that dylan had any other choice. [ doorbell rings ] >> victore your son now, or what? >> nikki: darling, i'm not protecting anyone. it's just fact. he's a cop. finding adam is his job. jack. >> jack: victor home? >> nikki: it's really not a good time. >> jack: there is never going to be a good time for this. >> nikki: fine. [ door closes ] >> victor: what the hell do you want, jack? >> jack: i'm giving you a chance
12:32 pm
? >> lily: yes, 17th it is. i'll reserve the ballroom. yeah, my pleasure. okay, i'll be in touch. thank you. hey. >> devon: hey. >> lily: any word from dad? >> devon: no, not yet. >> lily: so, what did you say to change his mind about seeing his mother? >> devon: i'm not really sure he
12:33 pm
though? >> devon: yeah, but that doesn't mean things have changed between them. >> lily: well, it's a start. >> devon: yeah, but, lily, we don't know what neil has been through. >> lily: yeah, because he hasn't told us. i mean, do you think it's okay that he's kept us in the dark about his parents after all these years? >> devon: i think that we shouldn't expect much because sometimes the past needs to stay in the past. >> lucinda: neil. is that really you? >> neil: yeah. it is me. i talked to your doctors about your condition. they said you're not doing very well. >> lucinda: fools. what do they know? come closer, son. let's get a good look at you.
12:34 pm
stanford graduate, successful career, beautiful family. i've kept up with your life over the years. do you know that? >> neil: it's very clear that you never wanted to be a part of my life. so why did you bother keeping up my life. so why did you bother keeping up with it? attention pups and people! the toys"r"us black friday sale is thursday at 5pm through saturday! this is how fast you should get in here! save storewide at the black friday sale! get 40% off all fisher-price toys, 50% off disney princess dresses, and more!
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>> nick: so, this is dylan's idea of backing off? telling the whole world that chelsea's helping adam? >> sharon: he had to. >> nick: no, he didn't. he could have kept quiet about the lead. and then adam could have gotten away and then have some kind of justice or closure. >> sharon: dylan wanted to help. that's why he didn't go to paul right away with the car footage. >> nick: so, what? he waited a couple hours? that's not enough time to let adam and chelsea do anything, much less disappear. >> sharon: if paul had found out that dylan was suppressing evidence, dylan could have been me and sully. is that what you want? >> nick: no, of course not. >> sharon: he did what he had to do. he came forward with what he had. >> dylan: the phones should be lighting up. somebody must have seen something. >> christine: give it time. >> paul: i know how frustrating it must be, especially knowing since you were right about adam being set up for a phony murder. but i'm sure you will agree that going on the run, he's not doing himself any favors. >> christine: and dragging chelsea down with him. i mean, it's horrible.
12:39 pm
investigation? >> paul: well, we're checking all airport parking lots and, uh, tollway cams within a 100-mile radius. >> dylan: and i ran a check on the car chelsea's using. >> paul: and? >> dylan: impound. no registration. >> paul: wow. we're dealing with pros from start to finish. >> christine: and hired by victor, no doubt. his fingerprints are all over it. >> paul: if only he would leave some fingerprints. >> dylan: okay, look, i know we didn't get anything out of him last time. >> paul: yeah, i don't think confronting him again you're gonna get anything. >> dylan: but i want to try, paul. i got to trip him up, get to the damn truth. >> paul: you know, as satisfying as that may -- >> christine: just hold on a seco maybe there's another way to go at this. >> chelsea: what do you think? >> adam: what do i think? i think it sounds crazy. >> chelsea: no, it makes perfect sense, adam. you're not listening to me. i will take connor, i will go into town, take him to urgent care. i'll use the new fake i.d.s we have, get his antibiotics, and hurry back here. i promise we'll be back in time to catch the plane. no problem. >> adam: listen to me. i am an escaped convict on the run. i put a prison guard in the hospital.
12:40 pm
all right? they're probably staked out on every street corner for all we know. >> chelsea: so if they catch me, at least you'll be free. >> adam: how? >> chelsea: i'll lie. i'll say i never found you. i was looking for you, we had a meeting spot, and you left without me. that's what i'll say. let them grill me all they want. every minute i stall gives you more time to get the hell out of here. and then once the search, you know, dies down eventually, connor and i can meet you wherever you are. >> adam: and if it doesn't die down? >> chelsea: it will. listen to me. we d we've come so far. i am never gonna stop fighting for you. for us. >> adam: me neither. you're right. you're right. >> jack: there is a massive manhunt underway for adam. now chelsea and your grandson are involved. you can put an end to this. convince adam to turn himself in. >> victor: you're talking as if
12:41 pm
powers to change. >> jack: are we really gonna play this game now? >> nikki: victor's telling the truth. he's under house arrest. >> jack: oh, that's child's play for victor. look, we all know you set your own son up to prove a point. things went terribly awry and now you're desperate to fix things. but in doing so, you have put adam and his family in grave danger. >> victor: you finished? >> jack: adam is more than just a friend to me, victor. he asked me to be connor's guardian. it's my job to protect that boy. >> victor: let me ask you something. how the hell dare you barge into putting my son's life in danger? >> jack: your son. i have been more of a father to adam than you will ever be, and
12:42 pm
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eucerin has been solving dry skin problems for over 100 years. discover eucerin advanced repair. it moisturizes dry, itchy, rough, skin. for immediate relief and proven 48-hour moisture. for healthier-looking skin... ...look for eucerin, now in the red cap. >> lily: okay, thank you. you know, i'm surprised that you have no interest in knowing dad's family history. think how different your life would be if you didn't know about katherine and tucker. >> devon: that's a good point. >> lily: yeah, that's 2.4 billion good points. >> devon: i am very grateful to know that tucker's my biological
12:45 pm
got to spend with katherine, but i just don't think neil's history is so happy. >> lily: but his mother sent him letters throughout his entire life. she never stopped trying to connect with him. so there was love there. there had to be. >> lucinda: i loved you very much. i always wanted us to have a relationship. that's why i kept reaching out, but you never answered my letters. i never heard from you, son. >> neil: you cheated on my father. you broke us up, the entire family. you walked away from me, from us. or maybe my father threw you out. i-i was never quite clear on that part of the story. >> lucinda: i left. i didn't have a choice. >> neil: you did have a choice. in life, everyone has a choice.
12:46 pm
you don't understand. >> neil: your marriage was over. but that didn't mean that you -- you had to stop being my mother. you could have arranged for visitation. but you didn't. you could have been part of my life. but you weren't. you thought that birthday cards and letters at christmas were enough. but it wasn't. you could have been my mother. but i didn't even factor into your thinking. >> lucinda: please, you don't understand. it's not that i didn't want to be a mother to you. it's that... ...i was in no condition. >> neil: meaning what? >> victor: so, jack, let me get this right. you cast yourself in the role of father figure, when the truth is
12:47 pm
stick it to me. >> jack: i am not here to rehash old grievances. adam and his family are in serious danger because of your machinations. you can do something about it, so damn it, do something. >> victor: what's going on in your head? you come into my house and you talk to me in this tone? [ doorbell rings ] who the hell is that? >> paul: i know it's late, but we really need to talk to you and victor. >> victor: are you serious? >> nikki: okay. >> victor: more accusations, i presume? [ door closes ] first jack barges in here, now you two, after dylan and nicholas were here already? what do you want? by the way, you can leave. >> jack: no, that's all right. i'd just as soon hear this. >> christine: we're not here to make accusations. we know you broke adam out. i'm here on behalf of the citizens of the city to offer you a deal. >> chelsea: hey. >> adam: hey. all right, bags are packed.
12:48 pm
>> chelsea: okay, good. hey. this is all gonna be okay. >> adam: yeah. i-i know. yeah, i know. i know that. yeah. come here. >> chelsea: it's all gonna be okay. >> adam: hey. i love you. that's all. i love you. >> chelsea: i love you. [ doorbell rings ] >> daniel: ooh.
12:49 pm
too. >> daniel: [ laughs ] yeah, i figured you'd be living at work. well, at least until they find adam. stopped by the station to say goodbye to you, and the sergeant told me i could find you here. >> kevin: i was helping out chloe. we're having a hard time getting bella to settle down. >> daniel: so... you and chloe. >> kevin: no, no, no, no. all hell has broken loose, and she's right in the thick of it. her best friend is on the run. i'm just getting her through it. she's asleep upstairs. i'm crashing on the couch. >> daniel: really? looks like a pretty comfortable couch. >> kevin: what is that supposed to mean? >> daniel: oh, nothing. just that i know you and your history with chloe. come on, man. i know you just don't want to be the good buddy holding her hand through a crisis. and you definitely don't want to
12:50 pm
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12:55 pm
>> dylan: hey. i guess you saw the press conference. >> sharon: yeah, we did. >> nick: did the police find adam and chelsea yet? >> dylan: no, they didn't, but they will. >> nick: well, i'm sure they will, considering every cop in the state's gonna be looking for them. >> dylan: whoa. hey, nick. as much as i wanted to let adam ride off into the sunset, i got a job to do. >> nick: it's not just adam who stands to lose here, all right? he chose to run. that's on him. but he dragged chelsea and connor into this.
12:56 pm
him, then connor's gonna be without both his parents. then who's gonna raise him? you? me? who do you think's gonna jump at that chance? >> dylan: victor. >> sharon: oh, my god. are you saying this was all victor's plan? >> christine: tell us where chelsea and adam are, and i'll see to it that chelsea isn't charged with anything. you can spin this any way you want. >> paul: and given that you're fresh out of prison after having committed several felonies, i'd say it's a damn good offer. >> christine: yeah, adam goes assaulting the guard. end of story. >> victor: wait a minute. this is all predicate on the notion that i know where the hell they are. >> jack: listen to them. they're offering you a way out! >> victor: you. >> paul: you've got to tell us now, victor, because it's only a matter of time before we catch them. i don't know if you've heard, but we have a description of the car that chelsea was driving. >> victor: you do? well, hell. follow that lead. ain't gonna get anything out of
12:57 pm
in about five minutes. just relax. take it all in. >> adam: chloe, what are you doing? how did you find me? >> chloe: well, i figured out chelsea was coming to meet you. so i figured out where. i mean, i guess it doesn't really matter how. i assume it was victor's plan. so does everybody else. right? start over, find a new life. >> adam: for chelsea and connor. >> chloe: i'm glad for them to have that dream. but for you... yeah, for you, not so much. because you get to just [scoffs] -- you get to just walk away again. just like you did with delia. >> adam: i... i was right, wasn't i?
12:58 pm
visiting him in prison. you set me up, right? >> chloe: yeah. it was elaborate. and difficult. and the worst part was having to say, "i forgive you." because i will never forgive you, adam. >> adam: this whole thing... >> chloe: it was genius. [ scoffs ] i mean, it was almost genius, to go and mess everything up and turned around, you and victor. and now here you are, almost a free man. well, almost. >> chelsea: mommy's gonna get you some medicine, okay, baby? i just need to find the nearest
12:59 pm
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thanks for loading, sweetie. ...oh, baked-on alfredo? ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through... your toughest stuck-on food. nice. cascade. >> neil: you were in "no condition" to be part of my
1:03 pm
my mother. that's the only condition that mattered. >> lucinda: son -- >> neil: don't! don't you call me "son." you haven't earned that privilege. >> lucinda: i'm trying to explain to you, neil, that life is never that simple. >> neil: what does that mean, lucinda? a mother/child relationship is as simple as it gets. you have a child. you take care of that child. >> lucinda: you don't understand. >> neil: no, i don't understand! why don't you make me understand? i am right here, right now. enlighten me. >> lucinda: if that's why you're here -- >> neil: of course that's why i'm here! >> lucinda: good. because i thought maybe you'd just come to yell at an old lady lying on her deathbed. because if you want to understand, you've got to shut
1:04 pm
but if you just want to prove yourself... and be angry for the rest of your life, just keep yelling. >> neil: i'm listening. >> lucinda: good. i walked away. i left you with your father because... it was safer f m the choices i was making. >> neil: what choices? >> lucinda: the bottle was the center of my life then. where was the next drink coming from? that's all i cared about. neil.
1:05 pm
>> neil: [ sniffles ] >> nikki: all right. you've asked your questions. you've gotten your answers. going to arrest us? because if you are, i'm going to call our attorneys. and if you're not, you know where the door is. >> paul: we're not going to arrest you. >> christine: i'm afraid you're gonna regret this decision. >> victor: i think we are done here. kindly show yourselves out. >> paul: let's go. they're missing the point. >> jack: i don't believe this. >> nikki: jack, please don't. >> jack: you have been through hell standing by this man, trying to be there for your family, to hold them together. you've sacrificed things no woman should ever have to. and somehow in all of that, you have maintained your integrity. don't let him rob you of that. >> victor: darling, are you gonna stand there and take that from him? >> dylan: i'm not saying it doesn't make any sense that victor's endgame really is connor, but i just -- i just don't think so. >> nick: why? after all the damage my father's done, you don't think he's capable?
1:06 pm
>> nick: because it's the first place he would go. you know my dad has a sick need to control all our lives. >> dylan: and i know victor feels guilty about what he did to adam. that's why he busted him out, okay? i can't prove that yet, but i'm -- >> sharon: can we please stop obsessing about victor?! it accomplishes nothing. i watch you get sucked in time and time again, and it's got to stop before it ruins all of our lives. now, i know you did what you did to stay on the right side of the law. if victor's now committed a new crime, we'll worry about that later after we make sure that adam and chelsea and connor are okay. [ cellphone rings ] >> dylan: you're right. i'm sorry. >> nick: this is nick. >> chelsea: oh, thank god you answered. i'm with connor at a motel on highway b. we really need your help. >> kevin: this is all chelsea had in the fridge. >> daniel: oh, this is perfect. thank you. >> kevin: salut. >> daniel: cheers. [ bottles clink ] [ sighs ] [ chuckles ]
1:07 pm
you and chloe. >> kevin: dude. >> daniel: mmm. you know what? i hope that things work out for you this time. i really do, man. you know, that you guys can get back to whatever it is that you had. it's just i don't think that i would be much of a friend if i didn't tell you to be careful. >> kevin: thanks. look, i'm just taking things day by day. but so far, things are moving in a positive direction. i just know her so well. i know the way she thinks. i know that she trusts me. great. it's just -- >> kevin: slow, easy. got it. [ bella cries ] oh. it's bella. let me get her before chloe wakes up. >> daniel: [ sighs ] [ scoffs ] yeah. slow and easy, kevin. [ chuckles ] >> adam: chloe, don't do this. >> chloe: you know, if you had gotten out of your car that night, this is what you would
1:08 pm
my little girl suffering on the side of the road. >> adam: what's your plan? >> chloe: i'm gonna watch you >> chloe: i'm gonna watch you die, of course. attention pups and people! the toys"r"us black friday sale is thursday >> chloe: i'm gonna watch you die, of course. is how fast you should get in here! save storewide at the black friday sale! get 40% off all fisher-price toys, 50% off disney princess dresses, and more!
1:09 pm
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dden valley original ranch, sour cream, spinach and water chestnuts. then share with a spoonful of our favorite memories.
1:11 pm
>> neil: all -- all those years. i wonder why my dad never told me. >> lucinda: probably easier for ellis to make me out for some
1:12 pm
easier to explain to a child. but when i cleaned up and wanted back in your life, he made it hard. you made it hard. >> neil: i didn't know. >> lucinda: all you knew, i was your mama and i walked out. all this time i've been trying to make amends. >> neil: mom. i'm an alcoholic, too. i have been on the program, and i-i understand how important it is to make amends. >> lucinda: i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. >> neil: no.
1:13 pm
i know. i forgive you. you've made your amends. i just... i wish i would have known something, you know, that someone would have told me something. [ sniffles ] i-i thought that you didn't want me. all those years, all -- all the wasted time. [ sniffles ] >> lucinda: i have regrets, too. the pain i caused you, the pain i felt being away from my boy. >> neil: so, let me ask you something. [ sniffles ] if you had it to do all over again... would you -- would you have done it differently? would you have stayed? >> lucinda: no. >> neil: all the pain, though. all -- all the lost time.
1:14 pm
shape i was in, no telling what would have happened. i might have never been sobered up, and you growing up with a dangerous drunk for a mother, you could have been really hurt. or worse. >> neil: but it also could have worked out. we could have been together. and now we'll -- we'll never >> lucinda: i know. i made the right decision. all i have to do is look at the man you've become. neil. the way you turned out, i'm proud of you, son. i'm so proud of you.
1:15 pm
mom. >> kevin: somebody thought that there was a big, scary monster under her bed. >> daniel: oh, no! did you chase it away? >> kevin: no, it was a false alarm. but we're gonna let mommy sleep, right? bella, this is my friend daniel. he has a little girl, too. >> daniel: yes, i do. her name's lucy. she's in kindergarten. >> kevin: kindergarten? geez, time flies, huh? tell me about it. >> kevin: can you say hi to dan? yeah, i know. he has that effect on women. i don't think the mustache is helping. >> daniel: [ laughs ] story of my life, right? [ sighs ] look, man, i don't want to bail on you guys, but if i want to catch my flight, i got to go. >> kevin: [ sighs ] it's always so great to see you. >> daniel: oh, group hug. great to see you, too. really hope things work out for you and chloe, man. >> kevin: thanks. me, too. >> daniel: tell her i said goodbye, hello, goodbye, whatever.
1:16 pm
>> kevin: safe flight. i'd say i'm the lucky one, huh? what do you think? >> nick: doc, thanks so much for coming. we really appreciate it. i also appreciate your discretion. >> chelsea: i don't know what i would have done without you. i mean, when i saw that -- that amber alert, i completely just -- my heart sank. >> nick' called and gave me a chance to help and try and make this right. i really hope you and adam have a safe and happy life. >> chelsea: thank you. [ sighs ] >> nick: look, you cannot get back on the road, not in your car, anyway, so i'll take you. we'll go pick up adam, and then we'll go to the airstrip. >> chelsea: no, that's -- that's really sweet, nick, but you can't be involved in this. >> nick: i'm already involved, chelsea. let's go. look, we're not gonna argue about it. this is happening. >> chelsea: okay, you know what? let me just call adam so he doesn't panic when he sees your car pulling up. >> nick: okay.
1:17 pm
oh, it went to voicemail. hey, it's me. connor's gonna be okay. we saw the doctor. everything worked out just fine. so i have the medicine and we're on our way back, but, um, nick is gonna be with us. i'll explain when i see you. just make sure your bags are ready, and come out to the car when you see us pull up, okay? we're gonna be able to make it to that plane in no time. i love you.
1:18 pm
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1:22 pm
>> paul: [ sighs ] that was really good. >> christine: you were starving. >> paul: yeah, i was. you know, i'm just so glad that we could have dinner together. >> christine: me, too. >> paul: [ chuckles ] you know, sometimes i just feel so damn lucky. that at the end of the day, we have each other. it makes it all worthwhile. dealing with victor? >> paul: well... >> christine: [ chuckles ] >> paul: not every day's perfect. yeah. you ready to go? >> christine: more than ready. okay. >> paul: all right, then. hey, hi. >> lily: how was your dinner? >> paul: fabulous. >> christine: excellent as always. >> lily: good. >> paul: in fact, all we need is the check. we're ready to go. >> lily: actually, there won't be any. >> christine: what do you mean? >> lily: uh, that woman over there, she took care of your dinner. said that you two reminded her
1:23 pm
>> paul: aww. >> [ laughs ] >> neil: so, it's getting late, and i should probably get back to genoa city. i'd love to come back and see you sometime, uh, maybe next week? >> lucinda: next week? >> neil: i mean, yeah, if that's okay. i got to tell you that i'd love to bring my kids. you know, devon and lily. and then i got this beautiful boy, moses. and i-i have grandkids. they are your great-grandchildren, and they are responsible for putting all this together. >> lucinda: [ voice breaking ] you don't owe me anything. but i want to ask you for one thing. >> neil: sure. what's that?
1:24 pm
>> neil: yes. yes, of course. >> dylan: [ sighs ] >> sharon: i'm sorry i lost it earlier. >> dylan: it's okay. come on. let's have a seat, okay? here you go. >> sharon: thaou >> dylan: i know that there's a lot going on. >> sharon: the thought of us being separated, the thought of you losing sully, the thought of you even taking a risk like that because of some dire need to go after victor? >> dylan: it's not gonna happen. you have my word. >> sharon: okay, well, you say that now, and i know you believe it, but i've seen what this has done to other people, including nick. and it's all bad.
1:25 pm
victor is the least of our worries until we figure out where adam, chelsea, and connor are. [ cellphone rings ] sorry. it's the station. give me one second. mcavoy. okay, thank you for the update. [ sighs ] they spotted the car. >> nikki: jack, i'm going to say this as someone who has been married to you and values our friendship very much. don't stand in judgment of me or my marriage. >> jack: nikki, all i'm saying -- >> nikki: nobody knows what happens, what goes on between two people. but i do know this. you would be better to examine your own relationship and stay the hell out of ours. >> jack: okay.
1:26 pm
[ door opens ] [ door closes ] >> victor: my baby. >> nikki: [ sighs ] >> victor: you never cease to amaze me, you know. >> nikki: oh? >> victor: everything will be all right now. >> nikki: if you say so. >> victor: yeah, i say so. if christine and paul had something, they wouldn't have expedition. hang tight. everything will be fine. [ car horn honks ] >> nick: all right, i'll go get him. >> chelsea: no, i'll go. you stay with connor. i don't him to get spooked if he
1:27 pm
>> nick: all right. just try and hurry. >> chelsea: okay. i will. all right, you be a good boy for uncle nick, okay? i'm gonna go get your daddy. >> nick: chelsea!! >> next on "the young and t r could win. the answer is yes. but your chances would be a hell of a lot better without your wife. >> victor: husbands come and go, you know. i'm here to stay. >> victoria: travis wants to get married sooner rather than later, so we're thinking around
1:28 pm
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
? ? >> for some, it's more than just a game. it's a way of life. it's 15 weeks of joy. and despair. it's college football.


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