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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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possibility of terrorism. reporter -- andrew horansky. >> reporter: the suspect is 18- year-old abdul artan. he is of somali descent but living here legally with permanent status. what officials aren't able to give is a motive. a fire alarm went off over a students and faculty were soon outside when a car came barreling into their courtyard. >> he looked determined. he exited the car pretty fast. >> reporter: martin schneider was feet away and said the driver decide say anything as he got out. >> at first i thought it was a freak accident. maybe he had a seizure or something. after he pulled out the knife, runs after people, you notice that it's not just an accident. >> reporter: it was the first day back following the thanksgiving break and for
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campus of nearly 60,000 students was on lockdown. many barricaded themselves in their rooms and posted to social media while a campus police officer came quickly. >> i heard multiple gunshots. i wasn't sure if it was real or not. as soon as i looked out the window and i saw the scene, i noticed it was really happening. >> reporter: a scene investigators say that all went down in a matter of minutes leaving that suspect dead and at least nine people injured. one of them critly might have been an active -- indicated this might have been an active shooter situation. again, he is believed to have acted alone. in columbus, ohio, andrew horansky reporting. >> and just into the newsroom, we are learning the officer who shot and killed the suspect you see here, alan horujko, has been on the campus police force for two years. during all of in the university sent out a tweet to students
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fight. what exactly does that mean, and when exactly are you supposed to do those things? we are breaking it down on "10news at 5:30". tonight in tampa a deadly concern, and this is something that you can change. another tow truck driver has been killed along a busy road in hillsborough county. >> i love him. >> like a best friend >> danny hand was trying to help another driver. tampa officers say this man, leandro perez, was drunk when he crashed into hand. three tow truck drivers have been killed along our highways, and tonight the towing community says enough. >> we are cheaper than that dui ticket you're gonna get. we are gonna sit there and save you from the heartache you are gonna give your family. more importantly, the heartache
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their loved ones, all we ask is for you to move over. give us room to work so we can come home to our families. >> hand worked for crocketts towing in tampa. the owners came one a solution he hopes drivers feel safe doing their job. >> 10news reporter shannon valladolid shows you what that solution is and how you can help these men and women who put their lives on help others every day. >> very days pointing that he lost his -- disappointing that he lost his life. >> reporter: it was supposed to be danny hand's last day as a tow truck driver. he worked part time at crockett's towing. his life was taken sunday by a drunk driver. >> the call he was on, got the lady outside of the vehicle, put the heat on for her. it was cold. sunday morning. got her closed up before it
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make sure this doesn't happen again. >> every vehicle that's broken down on the interstate has a road ranger that comes out to assist so there is somebody to block a lane. i think it's something that definitely has to be done. >> reporter: you might into the know it, but there is a law in place to protect responding to energies on the side of the road. it's the move over law. fhp works hard to get the word out, but. >> we still see people t not move over for various reasons. they are not paying attention. they don't know about the law. they don't care. >> reporter: when you are in the comfort of your own car you may not realize how fast you are going. for someone standing in the middle of the road it can be scary. here are things you could do to make sure tow truck drivers and first responders are safe. move over when you see one of these vehicles on the side of the law.
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down 20 miles per hour. say the speed limit is 50, you are required to go 30 miles per hour. the next time you decide to not obey the move over law, you could get a ticket or worse. you could take someone's life. shannon valladolid, wtsp 10news. >> months ago 10investigates went along with police so see how many of you followed the move over law. you might be surprised how many people parked on this busy street. car after car after car. that's why we have been working hard to get the word out to you. >> and if you are confused we want to make sure you are crystal clear with the law. one more time, move over one lane for law enforcement, emergency sanitation, utility service vehicles and tow truck drivers. if you can't move over, at least slow down. in most cases 20 miles an hour less than the posted speed
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on our 10news app. also you can find the story at our website all weekend and all day you have been talking about the death of fidel castro. right now thousands of cubans are gathered in havana paying their last respects. you see here they are lined up in revolutionary plaza mourning the former president. the mood, however, so much different in miami. cuban exiles are there celebrating. they are planning a massive rally, and they pledge to fight for >> this cuban community lives and renews today its commitment in solidarity of the cuban people inside the island. >> after a two-day ceremony at revolutionary plaza, castro's ashes will be taken in a procession across the island. his remains will arrive on sunday in santiago.
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historic trip. they are part of the first commercial flights taking off from miami to havana. their trip comes as castro's death raises questions about american cuban relations. just this morning president- elect trump tweeted this. look at your screen. he wrote, if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban- american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. what does all of this mean? here is the breakdown from the white house. >> well, just days before he was elect the, donald trump promised to reverse the nation's diplomatic deal with cuba. >> we will cancel obama's one- sided cuban deal made by executive order if we do not get the deal we want. >> reporter: on sunday, mr. trump's incoming white house chief of staff signaled the whole deal is up in the air. >> president-elect trump is going to be looking for some movement in the right direction
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deal with cuba. >> reporter: in peru earlier this month president obama reassured latin american business owners that u.s. ties to cuba will not be cut off. >> all those things i expect to continue. >> reporter: the white house and the president-elect were on opposite ends of the spectrum in their comments on fidel castro's death. in his statement, president obama left it up to history to judge the enormous impact of this singular figure. trump was more blunt, calling castro a brutal oppressed his own people. american alan gross spent five years in a cuban prison. he said the only thing keeping the countries at odds were the men in charge. >> i boil it down to a personality conflict between ten u.s. presidents and one cuban president. when we got to the 11th president and the cuban presidency changed, that's when we were able to move forward
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news, the white house. >> gross also added that castro's death might not result in much change for cuba. that's because castro -- [ inaudible ]. you could be one of thousands who could get hurt wearing a seat belt in a crash. how much are you willing to spend this cyber monday? the one cyber monday is annoying to many of you. we want to put you in the stands. make sure you watch "10news at 11" for the secret word to win
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you are taking a live look outside at downtown tampa. gorgeous sky out there right now. you know, a few showers in the area. bobby deskins is tracking them. in a few minutes, he will show you where they are headed next. if you get you rely on your seat belt. for some it could hurt you. we are digging deeper into research that could suggest that one-size seat belts don't fit all. >> i remember sitting there and my body was flipping back and forth. >> reporter: she ended up in a neck brace after a jeep backed into her car. her seat belt kept her in her seat but it may have contributed to her concussion and back injuries. >> probably would have went through the window had i not
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what i thought it would. >> reporter: the seat belt pam and the rest of use wasn't designed for the 60-year-old's 5'4" frame. >> a car can drive without a person controlling it. why can't we have a safety system that could respond to better save someone? >> reporter: he is using crash tests to study the amount of force needed to protect those with more fragile frames like smaller and older drivers. the goal is to have seat belts that automatically adjust to the on >> it will take more force to stop me from going into the steering wheel than it would a grandfather or grandmother. so that force against my thorax, you know, is not going to cause pressure on me potentially, but perhaps too much force for someone older. >> reporter: crash tests show how seat belts save lives. the driver at the top of the screen without a belt is launched forward. but when it comes to older drivers in particular, seat belts are also blamed for a higher rate of potentially
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injuries as older drivers tend to be more easily injured in a crash. seat belts are credited with saving nearly 14 how lives last year. researchers say everyone should wear your seat belt regardless of age or size, but you want to make sure the seat belt rests on injury shoulder. this area is stronger than your ribs, and have 10 to 12 inches between you and your airbag. >> now, once again we want to strongly point out this isn't an excuse not to use a seat belt. just make sure to wear that seat belt on the strong of your body. tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> we are going to start with stormtracker 10. something we usually do every evening here. but look. we actually have something to talk about since the end of september. we have not seen much rain. the last measurable rain in tampa was october 8. i still don't think we will see it. some rain in hillsborough right now. it's drifting to the north.
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the grass out that much. it is some light rain. it's gonna drift north across i- 4, dover to plant city. we are seeing the last of it now. this is moving from morrisville to los angeles franklin and further off to the north -- up to franklin and further off to the north. i think most of this will go over the 301 corridor. a sprinkle more to the east of you. in polk county we have a couple of showers left over, but mo polk city one little sprinkle left over and that is it. we are talking just enough to put the windshield wipers on for a few seconds or minutes at that point at all. fishhawk a couple sprinkles, too. they are falling apart in the riverview and brand-area. if you are headed out on 60 or heading into town you will run into a sprinkle here the next half hour. that's it. we had more in manatee and sarasota county earlier, especially eastern sarasota and
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cap teva right now. some of this will move to venice. you can see a couple of sprinkles. i think most of it will fall apart before it gets to longbow key. i can't rule that out. that is about 7, 7:15 or so. a sprinkle is possible. can't rule it out. most areas will stay dry today. look at this. big-time storms in louisiana. tornado watches extend from parts of louisiana into mississippi. the southern part of this line has the best chance for weather. that rain so much needed in that area and into the carolinas, and those areas will get rain not only today, but a couple days this week. it's going to help out there. for us we stay relatively dry, mid-70s out there right now from tampa at 76, tarpon springs at 73, riverview at 74, and look at this sunset right now out over the gulf of
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camera. mid-60s. that's it. did you notice the humidity? it's muggy. that's going to keep the overnight lows up. most of us low-to-mid 60s and eventually we will end up, i think, back out into the upper 70s to low 80s again tomorrow. we will start with a little bit more sunshine. i think we see some high clouds in the afternoon and some lower clouds developing as well, too. that's 3:00 and it's fairly quiet. 4, 5, 6:00 watch the model after 6:00 produce a sprinkle or two. the timing is off. we could see something to today, although i don't think there is much rain out there. next best chance for rain, this is wednesday night into early thursday morning. here is thursday at 10:30, 11:30. that's a weak front coming through and that will give us a 10 to 20% chance for rain. that's it. so the seven-day forecast warm and muggy in a couple days. the mornings will be warm, as well. if you are dressing the kids, it's shorts and short sleeves all day. the weekend, we will have that front come through thursday into friday. friday will be cooler.
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can get almost for sunday and monday. so right now i am going with a small chance for a shower. that may go up, especially for sunday. i think right now monday we will have the best chance. i will alert you when we get a better chance. it's that time. get your phone, tablet or laptop out. we are giving you a chance to interact with us. head to tonight's question is do you prefer a real or fake tree? you see the votes coming in. fake all the way so far. 10news reporter shannon valladolid spent the day with families loading up their christmas trees to kick off the holiday season. >> reporter: the sweet smell of pine in the air. >> smells good. >> reporter: means one thing for the woodside family. >> this one. >> reporter: getting to bring one of these home and continue
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thanksgiving. >> i like to be with my family. >> reporter: and with so many years of taking out trees, jayden knows how to get the best one. >> i want to make sure it's full. this one is nice and full. we also want to make sure the bottom is straight. it brings out christmas to me. i like -- i have always liked having the tree. >> reporter: many other families also had this same idea. >> like the other one one? >> reporter: say good-bye thanksgiving. >> it's pretty fun. >> reporter: and hello christmas. in plant city, shannon valladolid, 10news wtsp. >> all right. just a minute ago we asked you what do you prefer, a real or fake tree? we have seen the votes at the bottom of your screen go back and forth. right now it's split in half. >> 47% say real. 53% of you say fake. i can tell you those north
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are buying a real tree. keep your devices out. there are more chances to interact with us. if you get the real tree, you know the struggle is real to keep those green through christmas, especially here in florida. no need to google. we found some easy ways to help you out. first, lots of water. you want at least a gallon day. keep that christmas tree away from the sunlight. the needles will dry out fast and then you will be vacuuming up every day. your evening commute along i-4, not too shabby. don't forget you can get a live look at traffic conditions in your neighborhood with our free 10news app. just search wtsp in your device's app i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together.
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i don't know if anybody told you, but today is cyber monday. you have a little less than seven hours to shop your heart's content out online. we want you to take va will. on you can tell us what you're doing over there. >> yeah. we are curious about this. are you spending maybe less than 150, more than 150, or maybe you're just boycotting it and spending nothing at all. while you vote, here is something you may not know. cyber monday kicked off in 2005 by a division of the national retail federation. brilliant on their end. since then we have heard this common complaint.
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chris writes in to say cyber monday apparently means waking up to emails from any company i ever bought anything from in the last decade. isn't that the truth? ashlyn tweeted, deleting hashtag cyber monday emails so fast. ugh. so tempting. finally, ted clearly had enough, saying sorry, i have to cancel our meeting, i have a thousand emails i have to undescribe from. #cybermonday. >> the best pas tomorrow on tuesday you are going to get emails saying the cyber monday deals continue. >> always. >> and here is how you're voting when we asked you about cyber monday, how much you are spending. you can see right there 71% of you say nothing. you are probably tired of the emails. 6% more than $150. less than 150 24%. most of you not participating this year. >> thanks to those of you who did decide to vote. keep in mind that there are
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"10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> someone wanted to kill a lot of people and a lot of people all in one place. >> you never, like, think something like this is gonna happen. it's mind blowing. >> we live in world, unfortunately. we have to continue to do ourself to protect yourselves. >> a car and a butcher knife. that's what officers say a man used to attack nine people at ohio state university today. the only death was the attacker himself. shot and killed by a very alert campus police officer. terrifying moments on campus. the student, staff, and teachers there at the university, they tweeted out three important words to keep


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