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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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"10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> someone wanted to kill a lot of people and a lot of people all in one place. >> you never, like, think something like this is gonna happen. it's mind blowing. >> we live in world, unfortunately. we have to continue to do ourself to protect yourselves. >> a car and a butcher knife. that's what officers say a man used to attack nine people at ohio state university today. the only death was the attacker himself. shot and killed by a very alert campus police officer. terrifying moments on campus. the student, staff, and teachers there at the university, they tweeted out three important words to keep
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run, hide, fight. that got us wondering, would you know how to run, hide, or fight? 10news reporter phil buck is going to walk you through it. >> reporter: we have a tweet from ohio state that says to everyone on campus, run, hide, fight. but i am here to find out what those words mean. what are we supposed to do with this information? i am talking with an expert. chris sutton of cobra defense. when you saw that tweet, what did you think? >> words aren't a action, steps are. when someone says run, hide, and fight. of course, i am going to run. of course, i want to fight. of course, i want to hide. how do i do it? we have to train people to be their own first responder and not just memorize word. curling up in a corner and taking a bullet and crossing your fingers and thinking if i don't do anything, he will go away. we see it all the time. that's not the case. >> reporter: when do you run, hide, fight? >> you have to recognize what's
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in an active shooter situation? most people, never. when it happens, guess what? that's the sound of a possible active shooter of the gunfire, the screaming, and the commotion. the first thing is get out. you are no hero. exit awareness. >> reporter: if you can't get out, experts say find a place to high and secure your hiding place by barricading the doors, turning off any lights, and making sure your phone is silent. if you have no other choice, your last resort is and to know the best opportunity to attack the shooter. >> stop! 2.1 seconds. 40 feet. so if a gunman is reloading, there is your window of opportunity to survive the situation. >> reporter: give me one thing. what should people not do in an active shooter situation? >> nothing. that's one of the things people say. training saves lives. period. >> now, we are staying on top
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police continue their investigation. you can find the latest on our website at and the free 10news app. i want you to check this out. the 2016 election results are making headlines again. here in the control room this is where we get results on election night as the votes pour in from across the country. tonight one word is calling all of that into question. recount. 10news political reporter mark rivera answers all of your questions t presidential recount that's about to start. >> reporter: okay. this is what you need to know about the recount in wisconsin and the potential ones in michigan and pennsylvania. hillary clinton and jill stein have both said it has nothing to do with changing the results of the election and everything to do with protecting your vote. we have been taking your questions on facebook all day, and the first big one, will the recount change the results of the presidential election?
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lars hafner is joining me now. if wisconsin or michigan, maybe both of them, flip to clinton, could she be president? >> it would have to be all three, mark, and the fact that that's what makes it difficult. with wisconsin being the first to go and not about 20, 27,000 vote differential, even if they not to that plateau, the other states, especially pennsylvania, is a much higher bar. in order to change this election result, it would have to be all three states. >> reporter: let's look at as you said, hillary clinton is down to donald trump in wisconsin by about 27,000 votes. she is down to him in michigan by about 12,000 votes. and in pennsylvania by 70,000 votes. so that is a big margin to overcome at this point. you said she would need all three. the second big question we have been taking from you on facebook, if the recount isn't going to change the results of the election, then what is it for? what do you think? >> there is a couple different
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the election to make sure that there wasn't any mischievousness happening through russia hacking perhaps the state or two in the election process. the bigger reason potentially could be this makes jill stein and the green party relevant because she -- we're talking about her right now three weeks after the election. and the fact that she has gone online to raise money from small contributors builds a base for the green party in the future. and by doing this, she is also forcing hillary clinton's attorneys to sign on to go for this now, too, because they cannot be left out of this process if something was to occur. >> reporter: our third big question on facebook is what happens now on the ground in wisconsin? a lot has changed in the last couple of hours. wisconsin rejected jill stein's call for a full hand recount. what does that mean? >> it means she is going to have to go to court to try to get that hand recount because that's what really matters to her. we are trying to see what the validity of the election is,
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can see how it compares to the machine count and then go from there. but the way wisconsin has said it now, it's each county can make up their minds whether they want to do a machine count or hand count. >> reporter: they have decided a timeline on this. we have it right here. the you can see today they are going to give a cost estimate to jill stein. it's about $1 million to do this recount, and then tomorrow she'll pay that fee. it could all come down to wednesday when election staff ou recount, if a judge decides it's going to be all by hand. that's when that would be enacted. thursday the recount will begin. but we also have some deadlines. >> december 13 is the wisconsin deadline. we know the big deadline is december 19 when the electoral college happens, and that's when we elect our president of the united states. >> lars, thank you for your help today. appreciate it. back to you guys. >> good information there. now, scrolling through your facebook feed, this video
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reality show. an olympic skater performed a routine with a holocaust theme. watch this for yourself. [ music playing ] >> on our facebook page some of you are calling the routine a slap in the face to survivors 10news reporter tammie fields spoke to a senior rabbi about this controversial routine. >> reporter: interesting. >> it's an insult to the jewish people. >> i don't see anything wrong with it. >> reporter: people on the street watched and weighed in. some said it's appalling. others say it's art. >> i think it's fine. i think it's very theatrical.
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with it. >> without knowing the back story, it would be terribly distasteful and upsetting for a jew to watch. >> reporter: richard watched the routine, too. it shows two skaters wearing the gold stars of david in striped uniforms resembling those that jewish prisoners wore in concentration camps. the routine is supposed to be based on this 1997 movie life is beautiful. it's about a father try of living in a concentration camp together. >> the boy is made to believe that everything going on around him is truly an adventure. as you miss the emphasis on the horror, it comes across as simply being a joyous ice skating event. >> reporter: he says the female skater says she created the routine to teach children about
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like through their historic torah, 175 years old, written in hebrew that came from a synagogue the nazis destroyed. >> we have have students chant parts of the torah. >> reporter: he says as dire and horrible as the holocaust was, making it into a work of art is like a slap in the face. >> it normalizes the event, and the holocaust was anything but normal. >> repor h escaped from a concentration camp, his life was never the same. it was certainly his life, my dad's life, was never an ice skating event. >> now, the executive director of the florida holocaust museum in st. petersburg released a statement saying, quote, while in performance is deeply unfortunate, it clearly came from good intention to educate and remember the holocaust.
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rise of anti-semitic and racially charged incidents taking place in the country and the dangers of remaining silent in the face of racism and hatred. >> well said. we want to know what you think about that skating routine. share your thoughts with us. you can join in on the conversation. we have this posted for you on our facebook page.
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. she disappeared more than three weeks ago then reappeared just in time to spend thanksgiving with her family. sherry pap peney's story inspires hope.
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a lot of people on facebook just aren't buying this story. >> the one person says it reminds them of the runaway bride incident in the '90s. a california woman was kidnapped in 2015 and then sued police after they called it a hoax. that's why we're breaking down a timeline of sherri papini's disappearance and reappearance so you can decide for it starts november 2nd when she disappeared from her home in california. her husband said that she disappeared while jogging because when he got back to the house he realized she hadn't picked up the kids can from daycare and he also found her cell phone on the side of the road. >> bring her home. just bring her home. bring her home safe. >> officers did consider her husband keith who you just heard from a person of
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on november 10 after he passed a lie detector. eight days later the fbi joined in on the search. a negotiator and anonymous person came forward offering up a $50,000 ransom for sherry's return. i was retained for one purpose and that was to find a way for sherri to come last wednesday that negotiator doubled it then withdrew the row ward. a day later, thanksgiving day, sherri was found. she showed up about an hour south from her home. she waved down a driver who called police. >> she is chained to something. advising she is heavily battered. >> and officers do not think that all of that money has
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return. she told investigators two hispanic women held her at gunpoint. there is one more thing adding to the skepticism. officers say there is sensitive information that they just cannot release about her disappearance. you know when the story broke, i just said, h philippine hm. now police say >> somebody's gonna talk. >> it might be legit. you never know. meteorologist bobby deskins, we are talking about khaki christmas sweaters. everybody's got one. it needs to cool down first. 80 degrees today. it's like playing golf weather. >> very much like playing golf weather. 75 is average this time of
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everybody in town was trying to do the same thing. right. exactly. now they are making them. as reggie said, it's tough to wear them with 80-degree weather. we are going to stay like that through thursday and then we will cool down towards the weekend. 75 is the average. we should be in the upper 50s for lows. we are going to be in the upper 60s, i think, next couple of days. much warmer than it should be. showers finally. we have some rain on the map. not a lot, but you can see it moving cunningham estates towards dade city, saint leo campus. this is tracking to the north at 21 miles per hour. that puts it in saint leo 5:53. you have about 15, 20 minutes or so. a couple of showers still left over down on the coast. let's go into venice. this is moving by right now, but it's moving into the laurel area. it's falling apart. it will not last. clouds have thickened up.
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well. we are in the mid-70s right now. we will fall slowly through the 60s. the dew points up there, the 60s. its going to stay muggy tonight and tomorrow and we will bottom out tomorrow morning in the mid- to-upper 60s. tomorrow afternoon a lot of sunshine around. 80 to 83 degrees. so we stay warm. a few clouds in the afternoon. we will have an isolated it got breezy today. south winds 10 to 15 knots. a moderate chop on the bay. there is severe weather. tornado watch in louisiana to mississippi. look at all that rain, guys. that's moving over areas that really need the rain. they don't need the severe weather. they need the rain because of the drought. that's the threat today. that's tomorrow. then up into the southeast as it diminishes over the next couple of days. unfortunately, most of the rain will stay there, too, which means we will not get a lot. that frontal boundary gets a second push, comes through
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and saturday. sunday and monday are up in the air. i will talk about that in 30 minutes. stay tuned. countdown is on. 17 days until the national ugly christmas sweater day. >> i know you have december 16th circled on your calendar. >> can't miss it. >> the trend is back big time this year. tacky sweaters are selling for as much as $250 on etsy. you can find them in stores. on amazon about a $100. on ebay there originals going for $500. you can just make it yourself. you know that? we want to see your ugly christmas sweater, your holiday sweater, whether it's brand new -- >> is that -- >> yeah, i think they are dressed up. >> no, who put that on? [ laughter ] >> i did share my ugly christmas sweater picture. i don't think it's ugly. it's the same one that chris bosh has on. >> okay. >> we wore it the same year.
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etsy. it was not 250 bucks. it was like 25 bucks. >> post it on our facebook page. search 10news wtsp. we can't wait to see them. another way to get into the holiday spirit, shop, shop, shop. >> spend that money. you have seen ads online. major stores and websites, they are pulling out all of the stops for cyber monday. we wanted to hear from you. >> how much do you spend on cyber monday? you can see right here a lot of you have been voting. less than more than $150 9%. as producer brittney said, maybe people are going to wait until they get off work.
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it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing going to the super bowl. if you're not on the field, the average ticket price can climb to $3,000. >> all right. how would you like to go to the next 51 super bowls for free? >> love it, love it, love it. >> this is a contest that's gone viral. >> now, what are the chances of winning? grady trimble is doing for you. >> reporter: it's a prize worth dancing for. tickets to the next 51 super bowls. they could be yours if you find a golden bud lite can. >> i am gonna start buying bud lite and see if -- i might start drinking again. >> my husband is a bud drinker. we my have to stock up. i think the odds are crazy that we'd win, but, you know, it's always fun. we love games. >> reporter: we are heading back to school to find out just how crazy the odds are.
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around 280 million cases of the beer each year. if they are all 18-packs, that would be 420 million cans every single month. multiply that by two for the two months this contest is going on, you get 840 million cans. that means with 37,000 gold cans out there, about 1 in 25,000 is gold. but only one out of those 840 million cans will be the actual winner. >> i think you'd have to buy an autism lot of beer -- awful lot of beer to have any chance. >> reporter: not worth it? >> not for me. >> i don't want to throw my money away in the lottery. at least we will get budweiser that we are going to drink anyway. >> ? it couldn't be done, but it can be done ?. >> reporter: after hearing the numbers, if you think it can be done, good luck. grady trimble, 10news wtsp. >> bud lite.
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lite. they drink tons of it. >> you need to get with them. you know, let them buy the beer. drink the beer. >> yeah. >> and then hopefully you get the gold can. listen, if you don't want to drink all that beer, buythal beer, grady trimble found the fine print. you can print out the golden label online. >> oh. we have a link at our website and also on our free 10news
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an accident or dog abuse? growing outrage tonight after a man is seen throwing his dog into the water. >> only on 10, hear from a man accused of kidnapping. standardized tests, this eighth grader took the a.c.t. now. good evening. i am dion lim. outrage is growing in a local beach community after a dog drowned. was it an accident or abuse? >> now, that's the debate on facebook right now. we got a tip about this story. a viewer wanted to know why the dog's owner walked away without being arrested. 10news reporter garin flowers spoke to police and tracked down that owner to get the answers. >> reporter: you can see the
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many people upset, mad, and confused. a man allegedly tossed his dog off of this pier causing him to drown. one post shows the man being questioned by police. >> you are hearing about that. that's messed up. >> reporter: gulfport police haven't charged him with anything, adding more fuel to the fire. so what really happened? i tracked down the the dog. >> i love my dog. >> reporter: joe bradford had his put bull rock since it was little. he says he is not the man being portrayed on social media. he was trying to get rock in the water to clean him. >> i dump him in like that. the first time he came back and swum to me. this time i forgot the chain was too heavy and end up i am looking at him like, damn, he is drowning.


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