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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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for the first time tonight, we're hearing the chilling 911 calls . >> a driver ran a car through a group of people. plus recess is back. an armed robber has been terrorizing -- valets in a place you would think is safe. >> the steak house in so ho -- >> it's the third robbery since may and we're talking with the first two victims that say not enough is being done to keep
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security lights didn't stop the most recent robbery and had been even darker in the alley before as the valets came face- to-face here demanding the cash from their pockets,. >> he told me to give him all the money and run away. >> less than a month later it happened to joe. ground and give me their money. >> such a minimum response from the restaurant and the valet company. >> there weren't a lot of changes, they put up security lights and changed the fence line. >> reporter: they're worried about the workers and for good reason, the would-be robber struck again on sunday.
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he knows that we have large amounts of cash late at night. >> reporter: four other robberies in the area this year and despite that, the police say that the violent crime is down from 77 cases to 65. investigators say they have been working with burns to make the valets less vulnerable. >> all parties involved have a responli it's alarming and everybody should be outraged. >> we need to catch this guy and bring him to justice. >> now burns says they're working with the safety with police and security measurements. the suspect is 150-pounds and may have a must attach or beard
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after responding to a call in tacoma. newly released 911 calls describe the 20 seconds that left 11 people hurt and one dead. >> we're outside here with the crowd. he rammed the car with a honda civic and ar people with a knife. oh my god -- >> the suspect was identified as artan. he was shot and killed a minute after the attack began. the fbi believes he may have been inspired by al-qaeda a bill is being introduced to
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fewer schools are letting kids to go out and play. we spoke with a parent that is leading the recess effort. >> reporter: it's dark here, so of course it's deserted here, but so is the scene for the day too. >> they don't know they're supposed to have recess and they don't realize what they're missing out on. >> reporter: according report, recess and physical education have dropped significantly since no child left behind. so there's a certain focus and narrowed others. >> so the minutes are calculated for them to get certain grades and the schools get certain grades and the teachers get the grades. >> reporter: p.e.
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less and less each week and now they want recess to be mandated. they have included 20 minutes of free play a day in the bill. >> unfortunately, unless it's mandated we can't be sure that schools will do it. >> maybe kids will have more time to play next year. >> now last year a bill was killed in the throw it over hemmingly passed in the house --. many still in shock after wildfires tour there gatlinburg, tennessee. many areas have seen the heavy rain, but now 7 people total are dead in the wildfires. even with the rain today, the homes are still smoldering.
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burned. gatlinburg remains closed and under curfew. two people killed in a twister. this time lapse video is the storm arriving in atlanta. a woman caught this on area. the area was under a tornado watch at the time it touched down and more severe weather is possibility for the south tonight. just the right touch, they add christmas light to decorations, but some are stealing the lights. >> reporter: it was not
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christmas, it is christmas. check out the lights here. there's just about everything and this year laser lights, they have become a target for grinches. each year since 1982 this man put out the goods. >> i do a little bit each day and keep going. >> reporter: part of his wonder land. was this a thief's dream? >> yes, at first, but now i put fish line around it and they will have to steal all of them to get it. >> reporter: some you just can't tie down, the laser, starry showers are beautiful. the gadget they come from, an
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the ground. they're about $40. >> people get excited and want to steal things . >> reporter: across florida, these lights specifically are catching the eyes of crooks. but there's something more, more important than a thief that you need to know. is biggest concern is where you point it. don't point it at the sky because you could blind >> a bold thief steals more than a million dollars in gold here from new york. the guards left in armored truck and grabs the bucket out of the bag. it weighs 86 pounds and makes
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1.$6 million worth of gold flakes, it could be in the miami or orlando area, police say they received a tip. crews had to pull a manatee from a storm drain and is now recovering at sea-world in florida. it was stuck in the drain injuries, other than that, it will be okay. it looks like a work out tracker or jewelry, but they're made to keep you and your kids safe. the latest wearable tech where help is just a push away. i'm tracking a cold front
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up. we're giving away two lower level tickets to tampa bay lightning's hockey game on
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well they risk their lives for our freedom but often times when soldiers return home they battle a different kind of battle. the fda says they will allow drug trials of exas thecy -- a party drug and usually gives them a feeling of it's now being studied for people to work through traumatic memories and studies suggest that it could help a lot of people that have few effective treatment options. if you found yourself in a dangerous situation, would you have a dependable way to communicate? what about your children? there's wearable safety devices
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always worried that something will happen. >> reporter: this mom does everything she can to protect her kids, too young for cell phones, but old enough to walk to their friends house, they wear a watch that has a g.p.s. locator. >> you touch this middle button and it says a name. >> it says a name and then she hits >> mom and daughters agree it's easy to use. >> i use it when i get there, i call my parents or babysitter to say i'm there. >> they have a g.p.s. tracker so i can see where they are. >> it works with your cell phone and costs $149 to buy and
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>> reporter: walking home alone can be scary and now you can have a wearable technology. it will notify loved ones if you need help. charms that start at $179 can transform into a call for help. it will talk to 911 for you and the makers are their first run. this woman could only use her voice when she was brutally attacked. >> he stabbed me, in a safe neighborhood, two hundred feet from a police station. >> reporter: that's why she went years making a ring that could call the police. she is currently taking orders and it's faster than trying to fine your phone and you don't
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operate it. >> this is a wear safe tag. >> reporter: i showed this to this mom. it can attach to anything. it will send alerts to designated contacts and live audio from the scene. >> and of course, this is great. you see this stuff going on in the news? >> this is people need. >> you canpreorder it and right now it only cost $5 a month for the wearable tag. we have all the information on and in the app. do you spend a lot of time on facebook? it will now likely increase with the classic games being
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or on the news feed and challenge your friends, you don't have to pay to play. the company says they expect to keep the users on facebook as long as possible. first thing in the morning, taking a look here. we have a lot of forecast on the next couple of days out there and it will be active tonight and tomorrow and then quiets down. i mean about 20 to 30% chance of rain here. it's 72 and so comfort about out there, with the south wind. it's kind of muggy and the wind stays. the clouds thicken up and yeah, even an isolated shower chance
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i don't think that the commute will be majorly affected but a little sprinkle out there. you can see the rain is back to the north and west and that's all ahead of the system, a cold front that extends to the gulf of mexico and goes up to east coast and pushing up the mountains in tennessee. so gatlinburg is starting dry out again. the best chance, 30% is really i-4 and northward. so the commute is looking good. the clouds will thicken up and we'll see an isolated shower. we'll see a better chance at 4:00 p.m. for the rain. not everyone will get the rain,
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30% chance of rain here. the average is 75, so we stay warm and kind of humid. then the dew points go up to the mid-40s and then slowly rebound over the weekend, so it will feel comfortable as well too. saturday, 75 and sunny, that's where we should be this time of year. a little warmer and humid on sunday. into next week, monday through es meanwhile in the northwest a shot of cold air is coming down the first week of december. i don't think we get most of it, but it will flip flop some warm air and go into really cool air. the hurricane season ended today and 15 named storms. 7 major ones and we haven't had that many since 2012.
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thank goodness and we'll track it for you. still looking dry for the weekend and we'll see the next chance of rain next week as well. a minnesota woman getting national attention for her idea to bring americans together. she designed and created yard signs like these, love your neighbor written in pretty large front. then below it this. >> i remember i was driving around with the election with friends and i noticed that people would get upset with political signs that weren't their party on both sides. so i wanted to have a sign that could unify and heal some of
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>> amen. >> yeah, it all depends on who you voted for. >> yeah. i'm with you. hundreds of messages from people across the country asking for a sign, so now she's working with a printing company to make them. when you win more games in program history you become a very hot commodity. >> stay
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quack quack, they're feeling the swagger in oregon. willy has enter as a strong contender. they rank seventh in the country and he's improved this team drastically. a program ten wins this season. the man he breaker, taggert can now call the junior quarterback the player of the year. he's the first qb to throw for 2,000 yards and run for a thousand. he is putting up the highsmen -- numbers.
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flowers. >> i just do what my coaches ask and what the players want to see and i just get out there and have fun. most of the time i sit back and think about what the program was and what i'm doing to help this organization and it's just a great feeling. >> a great young man and his story is coming up on friday. well i hope this team has a good airline reward program. they taggert and also macklerain. but he's refuting those reportsright now. he says he has not heard plans about the coaching position next season. things are heating up in oregon and it's always hot in
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fcc championship and check out that game here on saturday. we're fired up and we want to see those coaches stay here in florida. >> yeah, but you have to pay. >> that's what makes the world go around. >> show me the money, we'll be right back. =
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tonight the season is here when you see this, at rockefeller center. the tree all lit up, thousands gathered to watch the lights come on. if you hope to see it in person, it will be on display in the jan seventh.
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mill into lumber for habitat for humanity. it was first put up in 1931 and the first official lighting in 1933. >> it is packed. >> i grew up there. >> do they still have the skating rink? >> yeah, and apparently i love in florida now and it's beautiful all year round. >> [ laughter ] well, i never shop without a list. and at publix what's heis also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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ca our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella.
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt.
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that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, stephen. >> oh, hi lauren cohan from "the walking dead." thanks for being on the show tonight. >> my pleasure. you look really down is there it's just-- look, can i ask you a question? >> of course,. >> stephen: i've been fighting this one zombie pretty seriously for months and he has never once tried to eat my brain or rip out my guts. i guess what i'm asking is how do you know when a zombie is into you? >> stephen, what zombie wouldn't want to eat your flesh? >> stephen: i am well marbled-- >> besides, if this zombie doesn't want to tear off your face, you know what?


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