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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. i am allison kropff. >> i am ian reitz. the sunshine skyway is closed this afternoon. you can see the fog in the area. if you use the bridge to get from st. pete to sarasota, use i-75 and go through tampa for the detour. this fog has been with us since this morning. i talked with meteorologist kate wentzel. it's burned off except for this spot. so good visibility is about ten
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sunshine skyway is a mile and a half. we will stay on top of the story and check in with kate wentzel for an update. a hostage at a bank in jacksonville is over. a suspect took 11 people hostage for several hours today until s.w.a.t. went into the bank add the suspect surrendered. no one was hurt. for the safety of the jacksonville s.w.a.t. team, we are not showing them. >> the governor wants to make sure 5% pay raise next year. the governor says the state's 4,000 sworn law enforcement officers deserve a pay raise. he cited their heroic efforts at the pulse nightclub in june and two tropical storms. he says they deserve that raise for the work they have done
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for the state's emergency personnel comes as yet another officer was shot and killed in tacoma, washington, outside of seattle. the 45-year-old officer was shot wild responding to a domestic violence call. the suspect was also killed in the home. >> the tacoma police department did any and everything that they could to protect and serve. they wanted to protect the life of him, his family, and anyone else that was involved in this matter. i do not about the tacoma police department did wrong, the lakewood department did wrong. i want people to take a long inventory of themselves and see what they did wrong. god bless you guys. >> the officer's name has not been released. severe weather slammed the carolinas overnight. the latest in a series of violent storms ripping through the south. heavy wind brought down trees that snapped power lines and closed roads in south carolina.
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louisiana, mississippi, tennessee, around alabama. five people were killed and dozens of others hurt. >> i don't know where to start. >> reporter: connor hughes, like many in jackson county sharks returned to what's left of his home. he is struggling to scrape up the essentials of life. >> i am just trying to get some bowls and plates. structures were leveled and thousands are without power. he lost his business when the twister hit. >> my business is gone. i will get it all together and restart. >> it's coming right at us. >> reporter: you can see the path of destruction and ruin. the severe weather system began here in northeast alabama, blew into tennessee and georgia, and then headed for the carolinas.
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recovering from extensive property damage. >> we are extremely fortunate that we have not had a fatality at this point. i think that's something that we're very blessed to be able to say. >> reporter: the county's mayor became emotional sharing the story of a family who escaped the worst. >> in one of our hardest hit areas, a new child came into the world. that family's house had been destroyed, and they made it to the hospital and gave birth this morning. we had 20 new life. >> reporter: other watches have been lifted across the southeast. good news for communities that want no part of the misery. mark straws man, cbs news, alabama. here is some of the latest video we have in from gatlinburg where we know seven people are dead. families are waiting for news of those missing during the
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that area forced 140,000 residents to get out on monday. so folks are praising dolly parton for her part in helping the victims of the fire. the doll by wood foundation will donate $1,000 to all the people who lost their homes in the fires for the next six months. >> i know it's been a trying time for my people and this assistance will hope. beginning friday, you can join e >> they are going to be accepting donations that are going to contribute to that fund to help families. you can find a link to donate on our website and the 10news app. a lot of you are talking about this today. we have been telling you about those deadly storms and tornados in the southeast. during a tornado drill at a georgia high school the students were singing the christmas song, mary did you know.
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your baby boy ? >> so the students just started singing and it was all on a video and then posted to facebook, and it has been shared nearly 4,000 times. >> we have the entire video on our website. you can see that at if you are looking to get into the christmas spirit, lakeland is holding its annual parade tonight. it pays homage to the miracle on 34th street. you get to see 120 different groups along the parade route. next wednesday is 75 years since the pearl harbor attack that killed more many americans. the oldest survivor will return thanks to the fundraising efforts of his community. at 104 years old, this may be his last trip back. >> reporter: as the first bomb
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pearl harbor, then seaman first class ray chavez had just finished his shift sweeping for mines. he rushed over to help. >> the ships were smoking. black smoke because the japanese hit. >> reporter: more than 2400 americans died that day. at 104 years old, chavez is known as the oldest living survivor of the attack. the veteran didn't talk about what he witnessed until 50 years later. >> all the membership we lost, and the ships that were sunk. >> reporter: today chavez has not lost his fighting spirit. three years ago at 101 years old he started coming to this gym. >> very good. >> reporter: chavez weighed just 93 pounds. after six months of working out with his trainer sean thompson, he gained 20 pounds of muscle.
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determination inspired the gym and local rotary club to raise $13,000 to send chavez, his daughter, and thompson to hawaii to attend the% 75th anniversary ceremonies on wednesday. >> and they are proud to serve and help. quite a few people have told me that i inspired them. >> reporter: chavez knows this may be his last trip back, and he only has one request. to go danielle nottingham, cbs news san diego. right now crews have rescued a manatee stranded in lake tarpon. there is a huge rescue effort underway to save several manatees that made their way into the water during tropical storm colin. a few of those manatee sightings on the lake. manatees can live in fresh and saltwater, but they can't
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there before it gets colder. fish and wildlife officers say they think three manatees are in the lake that coming up on "10news at noon," find out about a unique music festival. the kids putting it on will provide a lot of free entertainment. most of you don't trust auto mechanics, right? we will help you pick one. we have one patch of fog sticking around, causing problems. >> it shut down the sunshine skyway bridge. we could sea a w showers this afternoon and then slightly cooler air on the way for friday. i will let you know how low the temps will go coming up after the break. 10news and the lightning want to put you in the stand for a game. watch "10news at 11" to get a secret word and then you enter to win and you could get two lower-level tickets to the lightning versus penguins
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there is a new survey from aaa that finds most drivers don't trust auto mechanics. they say they recommend unnecessary services and overcharge. the next time you have to take the car into the shop, here are a couple things to keep in
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>> reporter: nick spends a lot of time and money upgrading his ride. >> a ford racing car. >> reporter: he doesn't trust repairs to just anyone. >> it's usually by referral, and even then when i meet them i have to see if i like their vibe. we chat a little bit. i feel them out and make sure that they are not, you know, nothing shady is going on. >> reporter: for many drivers finding a trusted mechanic is of three drivers don't trust auto repair shops in general. among those surveyed, 76% believe repair shops recommend unnecessary services, and 73% believe mechanics overcharge for work. many drivers also worry the work won't be done correctly. >> on the other hand, the study found a majority of the drivers had found a trusted mechanic even though in general they don't trust repair shops.
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age is a factor in whether drivers trust repair shops. >> older drivers have had more experience with repairs and they have been taking their vehicles to shops for a longer period of time. >> reporter: aaa suggests doing research and asking for recommendations from family and friends before committing to a repair shop. >> i have a lot of friends calling and saying, is this a good price or is this necessary? >> reporter: that could save you time chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> some kids from throughout the bay area will be strutting their stuff on stage december 10 during a free festival. they will team up with professionals as they do it. kathryn bursch on the i am prodigy music festival. >> reporter: joining me today is devita bowl ins from the university area community development corporation. now, this is a center near usf that provides all kinds of
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one of them is the prodigy program. tell us about how this program helps kids. >> prodigy is an awesome program because it transforms young lives to the arts. what it does is makes our students stronger by allowing for them to express themselves through the arts. it channels whatever they are feeling inside through the arts, and it allows for them to be better people because we are teaching them life skills such as how to communicate better, how to problem so just be better stewards in our community and also with their families. so it's awesome. being able to use the arts in that way. >> reporter: many of them may have not been exposed to these things? >> most of our kids that we encounter, they may get experience in the arts in school, but not to the extent that we allow them to experience it. >> reporter: sounds like an awesome program. there is a chance for the
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action. you have a music festival on december 10 plus some professional moose professional musicians as well. >> they are going to experience some high-end performances by our kids who are going to be partnered with professionals, and what we're putting together is a stage show that will involve a headliner. so we have freddy montez and cool latin flavor. also a garage rock band and an eclectic hip-hop band called trc. so you have an infusion of local professional acts and then you have this stage show involving the kids. so you're gonna get auto cool and just very exciting -- get a cool and just very exciting experience seeing the talented kids on stage. we also involve the arts. we will have an artists.
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alley. we will have a merchants row and arts and crafts with the kids. >> reporter: it sounds like a fun family event for people from all over. you have a beautiful facility out there. >> yes, we do. so for people who haven't gone over to the university area cdc yet, what they will find when they go is a lovely park ground, the band shell. it's just a nice place to gather. >> reporter: what a wonderful experience for these i am prodigy music festival on our website. if you would like a tour of 10news call (727)577-1010 or email i am kathryn bursch for 10 community. we want to get back to breaking news that we are on top of. the sunshine skyway remains closed this afternoon because of heavy fog. a couple different cameras to show you. this is from the base of the
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distance. if we can switch over and show you how it looks at the top of the bridge, no cars. still closed. a lot of you use it to get from st. pete to sarasota. you have to use i-75 right now through tampa to get around. >> fog has been an issue since this morning. you have been watching it. it's really just in that area? yeah, different location of fog throughout the morning. good news as we take a look at our visibilities. it has -- well, it did improve. visibilias now it's 1.5. the sunshine skyway bridge is still shut down due to safety. even though i know it's a hassle get to go where you need to go, it's better to stay safe. we are dealing with fog and we are also tracking some showers, which is something we haven't been talking about much lately. that's due to this cold front that will be pushing south across the bay area. as you can see, a few showers across the nature coast right now. i put a storm track on those
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12:43, 1221 crystal river. more rain out there in the gulf. these are very light showers. so not a big deal. nothing to cancel plans over. we were tracking a sprinkle over safety harbor. that has dissipated. across polk county a few little scattered showers again. very light in nature, hit or miss. here is a live look for you from our suntrust financial center camera. we are lookin bay area. you can see that haziness and clouds, but peeks of sunshine as well. current temperatures, a big difference. 66 in crystal river. but check out lakewood ranch. 80 degrees. and mulberry warm at 83. so our winds right now basically out of the west, but they are already turning to the northwest across the nature coast, and eventually we will see northerly winds after the front pushes through the region. breezy at times with sustained
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especially for those areas to the west of i-75. so for this afternoon those high temperatures heating up to the low range of the 80s. just a few isolated showers. not a big deal. and then you're gonna notice those dew points dropping overnight. so less humidity, drier, cooler air behind that front, and friday's looking pretty good. in the meantime, just mostly clouds, but a few stray scattered showers and then we dry out through this evening. looking pretty good there. the weekend is gonna gorgeous one. make your plans now to get out and about. cool start saturday morning. so the christmas parade downtown st. pete, if you are headed down there, light jacket. sweaters would be helpful. sunday warmer with a high temp of 82 degrees. our next cold front comes early next week. monday night into tuesday we are expecting some showers. that's good news because we really could use the rain across the bay area. so about a 30 to 40% chance of showers monday into tuesday,
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wednesday with a high temperature of 81 degrees. allison. coming up tonight on 10news
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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with christmas a few days away, this guy decided to do a shopping in maryland. it's a beaver in a dollar store. it was just browsing through the aisles. he checks out some of the christmas trees. it checks out a santa at one point it even went through a few rolls of gift wrap before somebody called the sheriff's office. animal control had to come out. they caught the beaver and let it go into the wild. >> a little bit of everything for the holidays, right? >> interesting he wasn't checking out the food aisle. you would think most animals would go there. that does it for us. thank you for joining us. we will show you the sunshine
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>> lily: have a good day, you guys! bye! well, the twins finally made it on time for their bus for a change. >> cane: [ wincing ] >> lily: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. let me help u. let me help you. um, i have a question. shouldn't you be using your crutches? >> cane: um, i'm gonna walk into the office on my own two feet today. >> lily: really, cane? is that such a good idea? >> cane: no. but i'm still gonna do it. hey. don't worry. i'm okay. >> lily: well, if you feel like you can handle it, i guess it's fine. i'm sure you've been bored working here from home all day.


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