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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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folded it up and i was gonna take it with me, and then i was looking at the gatlinburg sign and i figured it would be best to keep it here at home. so i cleaned it up and hung it up there. >> reporter: the sign welcoming you to a city that has been visited by millions. now a city that will need to be rebuilt. officer henderson says during the last few days he has seen things he will never forget. >> it took me back a little bit because i was ei entire lives that were taken away and they haven't had an opportunity to figure out if their homes are still there or not. after taking that in and absorbing that, it was a little heartbreaking realizing what you are actually looking at and understanding that these people have lost pretty much their entire livlihoods up here. >> reporter: henderson says the smokies have been a huge part
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to hear from loved ones. if you need to report a missing person from gatlinburg, pigeon forge, call 1-800-tbi-find, that will get law enforcement it tennessee on the case. people are praising dolly parton for her part in helping the victims of the fires. the dollywood foundation will donate $1,000 a month to each of the families who lost their homes in the fires for six months. >> i know time for my people, and this assistance will help. beginning friday you can join our efforts to recover from these deadly fires by visiting the >> the dollywood foundation is expecting those donations to contribute to the fund. you can find that link on our wtsp app and a huge effort to turn around a tampa neighborhood went up in flames.
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winston park rec center? the fire was early this morning, but tonight investigators still do not know the answer to that question, what caused it. despite dozens of firefighters working to stop this, look at the flames right there, the fire destroyed the building. you can see the devastation. and listen to this. crews were in the middle of a multi-million dollar renovation to the rec center. it was funded in part by tampa bay lightning owner jeff this community. >> this park right here, this is the heartbeat of our community. everybody that has lived here has been to this park. everybody on the court. everybody has come into the rec center to play the activities as they were kids, you know. >> and in just about an hour on "10news at 6" you will see more of just how devastating this is for the clair mel dismount it's a crime alert raising serious
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safety. this man, brad bellinger, worked as a substitute teachner manatee county until detectives arrested him saying he sexually abused three girls. they say he knew the girls outside of school and the alleged abuse had gone on for several years. he passed a background check to get the job. some parents question whether that's enough to protect their kids. 10news sarasota newsroom reporter isabel mascarenas is taking a closer look at whether mental health considered. >> reporter: parents trust teachers to protect their kids, but when one is arrested for allegedly molesting a child, any child. >> that's one of the worst things you can do to a kid. >> reporter: some parents think psychological evaluations should be given, too. if there are red flags showing a tendancy for abuse. >> there are other jobs where they are not with children. >> there is nothing in a psych evaluation that's going to be
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says there are signs to look out for that might be confused for an enthusiastic and attentive teacher or adult. >> it's the grooming behavior. it's getting so close to the child. so involved with the child's life that really you would think it was more of a dating relationship. >> reporter: something else to look at is that adult's personal life. >> they don't have a developed adult life, close support system that across the board all of their activities are geared towards being around children. >> reporter: she says a molester can be intellectually stable and do a job well. >> that doesn't mean their emotional iq, if you will, is as high. >> reporter: she suggests principals change their hiring practices, international when interviewing a candidate.
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could have interviews in which psychologists are included in the interviewing team. >> reporter: one more step in keeping kids safe. isabel mascarenas, 10news wtsp. >> the manatee county school district says it is conducting their own investigation into bellinger. the sheriff's office says there is a concern over possibly other victims. this is unbelievable. this morning the nfl turned their attention to jacksonville -- the internet turned their attention to jacksonville because 11 bank robbery and a hostage stand-off. thousands of you watched this live as it was happening. 9:00 this morning the suspect walked into the community first credit union. for two hours he held those inside at gunpoint. finally he surrendered. a relief to many, especially a mother who watched the live coverage knowing her daughter was inside. >> it's good. unless you have a block top.
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she out of there, so i know she okay. god be the glory! >> so glad everyone is okay. you can see the suspect right here on your screen. this a little bizarre. according to officers, he walked into the credit union with a dog. again, no one was hurt. not even that dog that he brought in. the operator of a plane that crashed in columbia is suspended indefinitely. the bolivian civil aviation days after 71 people died. many of them soccer players. now we have our hands on some of the dramatic recordings from inside that plane. >> recordings from on board the chapecoense soccer team's plane. flight 2933 is in total failure. total electrical failure, and
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where is the runway? moments later, the air traffic controller says the plane is still over eight miles from the runway. as investigators now comb the plane's wreckage on the out skirts of medellin, colombia officials are presenting a possible cause of the crash. after not finding fuel at the impact zone or in the supply lines, our hypothesis is that there was a black out in th but the brazilian foreign minister, who arrived in colombia on wednesday, says they do not want to speculate. we are not going to put any one hypothesis forward, he says. six people, including three men of the team, were pulled alive from the wreckage. in medellin, colombia supporters held an emotional ceremony, chanting and singing songs at the field where the
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history. and back in the southern brazilian city of chapecoense, the faces of those inside the team's stadium reveal the community suffering and its pain. >> of the six survivors, one flight attendant reportedly told a colombia radio station that he survived by putting his bag between his legs and going into the fetal position. that's close to the brace position most airlines ask passengers to get into when a plane is about to crash. >> and running, and president- elect donald trump is kicking it you have in indianapolis. listen to this. he visited the carrier plant where he was there to seal a deal to keep jobs in the u.s. earlier this year that company, carrier, said it was closing its factories and it would move more than 2,000 jobs to mexico. trump negotiated to stop that deal. >> he stood up for us, you know, from the get-go.
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good on his promise. >> but not all employees will keep their jobs. and this just crossed the wires. it just came into the newsroom. i want to let you know about this. mr. trump, we have learned, selected retired marine corps general james mattis for secretary of defense, continuing his cabinet picks. hot on the web tonight a serious mission to save some of our sea cows. here is the situation. crews are rescuing a third manatee tarpon. this is the first manatee rescued today. the manatees made their way into the water during tropical storm colin. manatees can live in fresh and saltwater, but the concern is the cold water. so a team of environmentalists are trying to get them out before that water cools down. of course, we will keep you posted about the rescue throughout the next hour. you are looking at the sunshine skyway bridge. you can see a boat moving underneath that. it's back open.
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closed it down earlier this morning. just ahead, colorful, personalized memorials for nine people killed the day after christmas. but one question remains. who put them there? this sounds too good to be true. all of the chocolatey taste with way less sugar. one candy maker's scientific breakthrough. >> our first interactive question comes in. get involved over on which candy bar would you if it had less sugar it.
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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look at the gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous downtown st. pete right there. you know, you needed a t-shirt today. but bobby deskins says the cold front is moving through. he will tell you when in two minutes. the spirit and fun of the holidays taken away in a heartbeat. tornados hit texas back on december 26 of 2015. one of them hit i-30 killing travelers, and now all of a sudden someone has left behind a meaningful >> reporter: it may no longer dawn on you going 70 miles per hour on i-30 on the george bush turnpike, but this is where nine people drew their final breath as a tornado drew down on them. most people don't stop to think about that day after christmas nightmare any more, but someone did by casting shadows deep and
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stretch across their loved one's lives. no one is sure when the trees appeared on the hill between the highways. the canvas is wood. painted and glittering. stockings for others. then there are the details. cecil laurie spent 53 years and kimberly was a medical assistant. her one-year-old son cameron, the littlest among them, with a tree to match. we know this wasn't the work of rowlett or garland. txdot had no clue. the artist is a mystery, and probably prefers it stays that way. this is for the nine, and the thousands of people who drive
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them once again. >> those trees speak volumes. to be clear, the surrounding cities of rowlett and garland do not know who put the trees there. the texas department of transportation, they don't know either. well, it is nice outside, but bobby said it's going to get colder. >> yeah. cooler. not necessarily colder. >> okay. yes. there is a difference. >> in context. >> i mean, it's december, but it's not going to get colder. we are the coolest low-to-mid 50s for most spots and a couple upper 40s. that happens saturday morning. nice little break. beautiful out there right now. we have got a lot of sunshine. the sun is setting, but it's gorgeous today. december 1st. we topped out about 80 degrees out there. we will talk about that coming up. but a little bit above average for this time of year. should continue to be a beautiful evening out there with temperatures back down through the 70s into the 60s. that will happen by later tonight.
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so, a couple of showers left over. most of the rain has fallen apart, and we did not see much at all. if you saw a sprinkle today, you're lucky. there is some just south of lake garfield. they are falling apart. lake wales, i think we are done with it. sebring, we are dry. now, the frontal boundary is coming through. you can see it sitting over top of us. watch this line right here. you see that pushing southward and falling apart? that's the front itself. cooler, drier air is back behind it. nothing major. out ahead of that front you get a southwesterly flow. see this right there? that's the fog from early this morning that shut down the skyway bridge. what happens is the water has cooled off. the gulf water near shore is 69, 70 degrees or so. the moist air coming in from the south and the west has a dew point of 69 to 70 degrees. so when this warm, moist air is over top of that cooler air,
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it down, and you get saturation. you get a cloud to form and that blows into the mouth of the bay. we typically see that when we are in the low-to-mid 60s and a lot of times in the spring. but it can certainly happen this time of year, too. i don't think there will be any problems with fog on the skyway through the weekend. we shouldn't have to deal with it closing like it did. winds to the north and west. that's a sign a front is coming throughout -- coming 8 in tampa. that's just starting to fall. 81 lakeland. the front is pushing through there, too. look at the dry air behind it. dew points 39 in tallahassee right now. 52 in gainesville. 67 in tampa and 70 in fort myers. that's that moist air that cooled over top of our gulf waters. that's going away. the drier air moves in and our dew points go down into the 40s
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tomorrow. quiet evening out there as we get rid of the clouds and fall back down through the 60s. it will be cooler tomorrow morning. upper 50s to low 60s as you head out for friday. nice and sunny. a few clouds around. we will go mostly sunny in the afternoon. still mild. i mean, mid-70s. 75 is the average high. we will be 77 degrees. northeast winds tomorrow. two to four it's bump your further offshore. 2:00 in the morning is the high tide. tomorrow during the day we start with a low tide around 10:00 a.m. and high tide at 10:00 in the afternoon. attempt we've got football on saturday in atlanta. if you are heading out to tailgate, the game is indoors, but 55 degrees. it's going to be chilly for our standards. lot of sunshine for the tailgaters. that is our weekend forecast here, guys. upper 70s for saturday.
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and dry. and less humid than what it has been. look at your seven-day forecast. finally a decent chance for some rain. that looks like it's gonna happen on tuesday. we may get another shot on thursday. >> bobby deskins, you might want to come over here for this story. this is a no-brainer. you could eat this chocolate, 40% less sugar. grab this from me. would you do it? if you are nodding your head saying, heck yeah, i'd eat that, you are not alone. the maker of some favorite candy bars thinks it has the solution. nestle researchers found a way to naturally change the structure of sugar. so even when they use less, you taste the same sweetness as normal. nestle is patenting this. they plan to start using it in 2018. it has about 21 grams of sugar. a kit-kat 21 grams of sugar. that would be 12 grams t could
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earlier we asked you which candy bar you would eat if it contained less sugar? you're saying it would be the butterfinger. don't you dare put a finger on my butterfinger. keep those devices out. another chance to vote coming up. >> totally okay for all. >> so good. 10news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands for the game. watch "10news at 11" for the secret word to enter to win o
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z26pjz zy6z
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check this out. it will probably show up in your facebook feed tonight. with 24 days left to get all of that christmas shopping done, this little guy decided he needed to get on it. >> he is kind of big. >> this is a beaver in a dollar store. >> it's really cute. >> he is browsing. >> maybe a dollar christmas tree he thinks? no. then he opted for a santa. right there he was going through -- there is th christmas tree. he went through some rolls of gift wrap. eventually, somebody called animal control. they grabbed the beaver and tonight he is back in the wild with all of his friends. but i hear that he is a good beaver, so maybe santa will bring him something nice. >> stay with us.
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"10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> who doesn't want more money? governor rick scott getting a lot of credit today. he wants to give state law enforcement a 5% pay raise. that's for highway patrol troopers, state police officers, and wildlife officers, but not local law enforcement. naturally, thousands of you liked and commented, showing how much you loved this idea, but just wait just one minute. t' that's when thousands of you were mad about workers demanding minimum wage to be raise today $15 an hour. that got us wondering, when you break down the numbers, which one is more important? a 5% raise or $15 an hour minimum wage. weigh in at while you are voting, 10news reporter mark rivera shows you how much money is at stake for
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florida workers. >> reporter: we got this conversation started with you on facebook earlier today. there are people on both sides of this issue. i want to break down the numbers to understand what we're talking about here. the starting salary for an fhp trooper in florida $18 an hour. that comes out to about $35,000 a year. give them a 5% raise, and that's an extra 1700 bucks in their pocket. governor scott says this is gonna affect just about 4,000 workers. people on minimum wage are making. they are making $8.05 an hour. make that $15 an hour, and it's a raise of $13,000 for 183,000 workers. that's huge. so i asked you, what is your priority? come on over.


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