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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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no more buses for thousands of kids. that could become a reality but there are ways that you can fight back. lookout, big other can hack your phone or computer legally. -- brother can hack your phone or computer alleged gang member and pregnant woman. something like this can happen to just about anyone. someone cuts you off in traffic you try to figure out what happened, maybe you are driving too slow. but once again, that makes them really angry and and pissed off. >> or maybe you are the hothead. aaa estimated 8 million people
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301 in riverview, one woman is bringing awareness to the issue. here's how recording the altercation may have helped if this happened to you. >> [ bleep ] >> and has to stop. people don't know this is going on in their neighborhood. >> reporter: jules was sick to her stomach after seeing a video of her pregnant daughter being verbally abused. the guy was upset she was >> my daughter and my unborn grandson. i was afraid for her well- being. >> reporter: jill says her daughter was ready to apologize after she noticed the driver get out of his car. she was at a red light with cars in front of her. >> just degrading things. the only thing she could do is record and that's what she did. >> reporter: claudia agrees.
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instructor at jujitsu and says your phone can be a powerful weapon. >> she has evidence now. because she stayed very calm, she did not make it obvious that she was videotaping. but you do notice that he was aware of it and he backs off. >> reporter: let's not forget that knowing how to defend yourself could help save your life. so, one day, one weekend, that is not enough. while you may feel safe having your pepper spray handy, these instructors say a lot of times it backfires on you. either the proper spray -- pepper spray guessing your face or they can take the taser against you. stay calm, use your body as your weapon. as for this mom and soon-to-be grandma, a message for drivers. >> we've got to be more friendly on the road. just stop and think about how you would want to be treated in
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now one of the worst places for road rage is right here in florida. in fact, south florida has been named road rage capital of the u.s. for three consecutive years. an apparent case of road rage near new orleans is under investigation tonight. a former nfl player, joe mcknight, was shot and killed. a man pulled the victim from his car and shot him several times after an argument. that man is in police custody tonight. he was a five-star recruit who played college ball at usc. from there he went on to the nfl, playing for the new york jets and kansas city chiefs. he had just wrapped up his first season in the canadian football league. this next story is hard to talk about but is a huge problem across the country. i have been so open and talking about how i was bullied in school, it hurt me so badly. this breaks my heart for this
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teenager and her family. she was cyber bullied for more than a year. 18-year-old brandy and her family complained to police but nothing happened. they were harassed by social media pages using her picture. on tuesday, brandy sent an email to her whole family telling them she was going to kill herself. her family rushed home and she was still alive and tried to stop it but it was too late. adding to the heartbreak, her father watched it all happened. >> we try to persuade her to put the gun down but she was determined. she says she had, too far to turn back. it was very unfortunate that i had to see that. it is hard when your daughter tells you to turn around, you feel hopeless. >> police are investigating the death as a cyber bullying
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facebook, you told us you want the bullies to be punished and asked whether the school did enough. we found today that the dallas county schools gets daily report on bullying. >> we have had kids that have been told to stop, don't stop, and then they lose the position at their current school that they are out. >> reporter: in 2008, a bill called the jeffrey johnson stand up for all act was passed in florida. thisqu address bullying. if you feel like your school is not doing enough, call law enforcement or us but do not stop trying to get help for your child. heads up if you rely on the bus to get your children to school, big changes could be coming down the road in hillsborough county. the district is looking to cut routes for some 7000 kids. tonight, we look at how money is driving the decision and what you can do if you are not on
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jeanette depends on the bus to get her to and from wilton middle. because her parents have to leave for work early. >> that means that it will take away time from my dad and mom's work. >> reporter: she lives less than 2 miles from school. look at what her walk would be. crossing a busy kennedy boulevard. >> that is really far and i would want my parents to take me then. because i don't want to get kidnapped. >> reporter: jeanette is merely one of 7000 le writers. -- riders. the school board believes that parents are responsible for transportation within 2 miles. >> we want to make sure that our primary focus is success and student learning. this is money that we could see go right back into the classroom. >> reporter: some parents are on board. >> i think it is absolutely
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approves the plan tuesday, impacted parents will be notified. some 800 students will keep their rides because of roadside hazards. a parent can protest the change if there is a safety concern. the speed limit, traffic count or near a walking path. the district will review it and ask the county to pick the problem -- fix the problem. jeanette hopes the district won't put the brakes on her and rides. in tampa, kendra conlon, 10news, wtsp. >> those would be for the next school year. the difference would be elementary routes. if you'd like to weigh in, the board meets tuesday at 3:00. pinellas county schools are coming under fire from the feds that the district is being investigating following a complaint filed by the southern poverty law center. it claims that the district
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students. the complaint calls for the department of education to make the district revise its policies, better track incidents, and also train employees. you may also recall that pinellas came under fire for failure factories. several schools in south saint pete that were neglected and failing students. 3 years ago, i introduced you to a local company making synthetic cadavers, a.k.a., fake bodies for medical today, i will show you how they are now going to the dogs. >> reporter: on these tables at the university of florida college of veterinary medicine, something completely fake, but oh, so real. >> it feels like a real liver which is really interesting to be able to do that. >> reporter: synthetic dogs complete with fake blood and beating hearts without the need for using real or sometimes live animals.
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>> reporter: just like they like human bodies, medical professionals can manipulate just about any situation to tackle. >> i kind of want them to make a mistake and in some cases we will make a mistake for them to get a big leader so that we see the heart rate go up, blood coming out and adapt to that. >> reporter: so students can learn more efficiently and one day better treat your pets. >> getting students through the procedures here and make our mistakes next year is extremely helpful. >> reporter: in a way, it is a little creepy to watch. >> to be able to go through something like that, to feel, see and understand. >> is revolutionary. it has taken 2 years for the prototype to be completed. >> he tells me cats and horses
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i want you to meet public penny as a call her. she has affected our family and likely yours, and after 20 years, penny is saying goodbye to retiring. coming up, we introduce you to a woman who truly makes it a neighborhood grocery store. how would you like to find
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? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ?
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. here is something interesting. federal hacking is now legal. a new rule takes effect today allowing federal agents with a single search warrant to hack millions of americans computers or smart phones at once. the justice department says the rule is necessary to keep up with criminals as technology advances. a cruise line trying to cut costs will now pay even a record $40 million fine. the justice department says five princess cruise line ships were dumping waste into the ocean and lie to cover it up. at least one case dates back to 2005. it was all exposed by a whistleblower who told
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a special pipe to dump oil waste into the water. princess cruises calls it -- calls it an excusable. talk about terrifying. get this. a man finds an eight foot long cobra, a cobra inside the toilet in his apartment, in south africa. welcome to the wild. and in case you are wondering, yes, they are extremely venomous. >> it is a monster. >> he is still going, he is still going. oh, he just bit. >> did he say, he is still growing? it does not get much bigger than that. we have not even reached the truly terrifying part. the handler lost his grip on the snake and it got back into the sewage pipe. >> no, way. >> they still have no idea
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talking about using hot water to take care of that snake. are you kidding me? i would have to move. check this out, alligator caught walking along the fence, at an elementary school. this video was taken by linda vasquez as she was dropping her daughter off. this was caught near the car loop near the elementary school. the gator left, and i would probably leave him alon >> there is something now warm and fuzzy. started people you interact with every day and even if you don't realize it, they impact you and your family. >> one publix worker in tampa is that person. publix penny has had an influence on hundreds if not thousands of families including our very own courtney robinson. >> tomorrow, penny will be in the checkout lane for the very
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>> reporter: every day, this is my routine with baby harper. a trip to the publix on south hill maybury on neptune and a special hello. this particular hello was a surprise. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: you probably recognize a friendly face, contain just smile from the checkout line. this is publix penny as we call her. in those 22 years, she has made many friends, watched babies grow into adults. and now it is her time. >> tomorrow? >> i know, i know. >> reporter: it is easy to see why. >> her first orange from you. her first strawberry, from you.
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>> reporter: penny did what she and all the kids love. but, the true sugar here is penny. she makes this store home. >> how do you make the customers feel so comfortable? how do you do it? >> everybody now makes me happy, i forget about everything. the whole city is like my family. >> will miss penny. >> past wonderful. >> i love that, the whole city is her family. >> and waddling down the aisle? so cute. you can still say goodbye to penny and wish her well in retirement, her last day is tomorrow. >> find her where she truly
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south film avery. cold front moving through the area right now, down let's say over fort myers, almost, the venice area now. it has moved to the tampa area, obviously to the nature coast, but it is nice out there right now. air is drying out, rain has gone away. we did not see mu with it. this is not rain. i still cannot rule out a sprinkle as the front will try to squeeze out moisture, even as it comes through, most of us won't even notice it. there is toward northport right now and rain on the southeast coast of florida but for the most part, we are done with it. now, it is a little bit breezy earlier where the front came through. winds have come down but they're all out of the north, an indication that the front is through us. that is the cooler, drier air
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the temperature, 62 in carol wood, lakeland, 64, 69 in bradington, same thing, venice. all of these numbers falling down to the 60s, into the upper 50s and low 60s for tomorrow morning. look at this come here, the dry air, dewpoints 69 degrees, 68 degrees. now down to 59. when you wake up and walk outside you're going to feel the difference right away. it'll be cooler, upper 50s to low 60s but the dewpoint will be in the upper 40s by that point. and so it'll feel even drier in the morning where we get highest humidity levels. tomorrow afternoon, 76 degrees, very low humidity, it'll feel very comfortable and mostly sunny out there. so a beautiful looking friday. winds out of the northeast at 10 to 15, 2 to 4 foot seas and a moderate chop on the bay, low tide, 10:00 tomorrow morning,
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upper 70s to near 80, saturday and sunday with sunshine and a few more clouds and humidity by sunshine -- sunday. what you can see, friday morning, tomorrow morning, upper 50s to low 60s. saturday will be our coolest, even some upper 40s for parts of hernando and citrus county. making a road trip to do some tailgating and watching a football game in atlanta? 58 degrees outside with it is going to be on the cooler side. look at this moisture in the atmosphere, you see it kind of pulling back here and starting to move eastward. that is a friend that is going to move our way. i think we've got a pretty decent chance for showers on tuesday and then, guys, this is going to be a big newsmaker next week because here comes a decent shot at cold air next wednesday, thursday and friday, most of the country is going to be freezing.
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are going to be staying in the 70s. might be some upper 60s, we will keep our eye on that as it gets closer. tonight, niagara falls much brighter than ever before, all thanks to poor million dollar renovation, 1400 new l.e.d. lights being added. a dazzling rainbow of colors from the canadian sidelight of the american falls for nearly a half mile away. the colors are 14 times brighter, wow. the lights are also more energy efficient. the illumination of the falls started back in 1860. hitting rock bottom.
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there is no sugar coating, following the lighting's third straight loss, brian vogel said he would love to playin is easy. sure was easy for the blues tonight, five goals against the blue jackets, no better against the blues, one minute in, change, tarasenko, and it is only beginning. second period, 3-1, blues, power play, kevin shattenkirk, oh, my. jon cooper cooper has seen enough, both were off with -- both with a fourth straight, 5- 4, allowed 19 goals during
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maybe it will be better by next saturday. we sure hope so because we want to send you to the both language and -- bolts-penguins game. text this number. chris archer told the tampa bay times earlier this week he has, quote, very, very good insight. he will be pitching in tampa next season. that is of course unless matthew silverman throws a curveball in next week's meeting. the team president of baseball operations said he would not turn away any form of trades involving his stars. that includes specifically about archer and evan longoria. i think they both stay foot, -- stay put. but, he would not say neither were untouchable. >> is there a guy that is off
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>> nothing is off of the table for us. we have to listen and talk. that is who we are and it would be a disservice to the organization if we immediately turned ourselves off to conversations. pinned to the top of joey i the's twitter is this picture of the gators linebacker. not stacking a quarterback but pointing to the sky. the caption? it is all for you, sis. as uf gets ready championship, iv continues to do it all for his sister jordan who died in a car crash. >> i think being able to honor her life helps him move past it because you know, you never really get over a loss like that. you know, it is not a wound that just kind of heals up. it is more like an amputation.
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brian bass will have more on the family, remarkable family, and the gators tomorrow in atlanta. also flipped on 10news to watch florida, alabama in the championship. joey, the linebacker, also has a brother who is on the gators but no longer can play because of a hardship condition. more on that tomorrow. really a remarkable group. >> i think the gators have a chance. >> you are going on that? >> i can't talk money right now. [ laughter ] >> i think the gators have a chance. we'll be right back.
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because bumper to bumper should not describe your morning commute, i will help you be the backup with traffic updates every 10 minutes. finally tonight, this beaver is not waiting until the last minute to finish up his christmas shopping. it appears he was trying to
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he went through the aisles at a dollar store in maryland and was caught going to roles of gift wrapping and tree lights, the employees called the sheriff on him. animal patrol caught the beaver, took it back to the animal wildlife rehab center, minus the christmas stuff. >> it is getting a good deal. >> that is interesting. you almost made it through. that was a lot you almost made it through.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: what? cbs wants me to promote what? a victoria's secret fashion show? look, with all that's going on in the nation right now, i just don't know if i ha i don't know if it's appropriate. look, you don't have to tell me, victoria's secret makes a variety of quality products. i'm wearing a spangly thong right now. ( laughter ) look, i don't want to fight. i'll get back to you. what do i do? i've never been so torn! stephen! hello? >> stephen: adrienne, are you here to help me with my dilemma? >> yes, promote my show.


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