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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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i'm jenny dean, in for allison. and i'm ian reitz. a story parents absolutely need to hear this morning before sending your kids off to school: hillsborough county is looking to cut routes for about 7,000 kids. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the hillsborough county bus barn. sarah, do we know why they making this big change? it all boils down to money. so students that
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their own. these changes would impact middle and high school students who are considered "courtesy riders". here's why this is such a sticking point for the district: the state the district for the expense, because they think within two miles should be up to parents. and cutting those extra routes could save 8-10 million bucks. 6th grader janette rincone depends on the bus to get her to and from wilson middle, because her parents have to leave for work early.
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these cuts on tuesday at their board meeting, and they're hoping parents on both sides will weigh in. here's what i'm digging into at 5- 30...what else will they use this money for? i'm finding out for you now to get answers in 30 minutes.... a lot of you have been sharing your concerns on this story on our facebook page. right now, the search continues in tampa for a missing 12-year-old boy. from his home again last night. he had been missing earlier in the day, but was later found... if you see j-hova, call the tampa police department. president-elect donald trump has kicked off his thank you tour across parts of the nation. at his a rally in ohio trump announced plans to nominate retired marine general james mattis for defense secretary he is holding more meetings at trump tower in new york today as he continues to fill out his administration. but tensions
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election boiled over during a panel discussion between the top aids from both camps. it comes the same day he toured a heating and air conditioning manufacturer in indiana where he negotiated a deal to save hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. people in the crowd say they were happy to see mr trump make good on a campaign promise. and this has a lot of you fired up "pathetic! he is still spewing hatred! and so are his supporters." and austin says: "guy saves over a thousand jobs before even hitting office and people still hating on him. people hated reagan at first, now he's considered the best republican president of all time." florida attorney general pam bondi is heading to trump tower today in new york city to meet with the president elect. according to our newspartners with the tampa bay times, there's much speculation that she could be running for a job in trump's administration. when we find out
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com. this is heartbreaking. the search continues this morning for those who are still missing from the devastating wildfires in tennessee. emergency officials now say 11 people have died. about 200 firefighters, including several crews from agencies across the state remain on the ground in the hard hit areas of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. early estimates show more than 700 homes and businesses have been damaged or deye new this morning-- vacation rentals are becoming a big problem in beach neighborhoods across pinellas county. people are renting out their homes...and sometimes throwing rowdy parties in what are often quiet neighborhoods. and it turns out-- the cities-- like clearwater, maderia beach, indian rocks-- and hundreds of other communites across florida...can't do anything about it! that's because back in 2011 the state took away cities rights to make rules about vacation rentals. terry hamilton- wollin lives two doors down from a house that often
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legislative leaders are meeting to see if they can overturn the state law and give communities a chance to make rules about how long and how often homes are rented. this is interesting. some people who use air b-n-b will be limited to how often they can rent out their homes. in a major concession to regulators, airbnb will limit them in london to 90 days of rentals per year... 60 days in amsterdam. many american cities are pushing for similar restrictions. apple is counting on drones to help them make their maps more accurate. bloomberg reports the drones
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changes more quickly than on- the-ground cameras... all in an effort to surpass google's industry-leading maps. if you own an android phone -- yours could be among the million infected with malware. check point software... says they traced malware named gooligan back to dozens of legitimate-looking apps on older android phones. once on your phone -- gooligan can access your data from gmail, google photos, and google docs. new this morning -- the ceo of starbucks is stepping down. howard schultz, who largely helped the coffee company become a global brand will be resigning in april. he will move into a new role as starbucks executive chairman -- focusing on building up the companys reserve roasteries. schultz resigned back in 2000 as ceo only to return to the position in 2008. kevin johnson -- starbucks current president and coo will become the ceo. after having much success across the pond, a popular play could be in the works for broadway. coming up, how
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finds a slithering surprise inside his toilet! 10 news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands for the game! make sure you watch 10 news at 11 for the secret word to enter to win two lower level tickets to the tampa bay lightning vs. pittsburgh penguins hockey game. the game is saturday, december 10.
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to search for people missing after the devastating fires in tennessee. at least 11 people were killed in the wildfires and hundreds of buildings were damaged or destroyed. wipe road rage in tampa. a man jumps out of his car at a red light to yell at a pregnant woman he says was driving too slow. wipe parents in hillsborough county. the school district is looking to cut routes for nearly 7 thousand middle and high schoolers next year.> it's always amazing -- sometimes pretty shocking -- when you see an animal where you don't expect to. and it really seems like every few days we're hearing about a run in that catches someone off jenny is no exception. animals and
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surprising places. here is some video you have to see before you head out this morning. this may give you the creeps. a man in south africa found this eight foot snouted cobra inside his toilet. it doesn't end there...these guys are venomous too! this story even gets more terrifying. the handler accidently lost his grip on the snake and it slithered back into the sewage pipe! as of right now, they still don't know where the cobra
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closer to home...check this out. an alligator was spotted walking along a fence at a ruskin elementary school. this video was taken by linda vazquez as she was dropping her daughter off. she says the gator was walking near the car loop at cypress creek elementary. the school did call a trapper, but the gator eventually went on his way...on his own. all new this
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potter fans mark your calendars! barnes and noble is hosting a magical holiday ball! it will be a next friday, december ninth at seven-p.m. the event is inspired by the yule ball in harry potter and the goblet of fire. there will be wizarding games, enchanting music and spellbinding surprises. and speaking of the wizarding world the stage play harry potter and the cursed child could soon broadway. producers of the play are in talks with the lyric theatre to bring the play to the us by spring of 2018. right now the play is selling out in london where it made its debut back in july.
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if you're in the holiday spirit, but also looking for a new home...we may be able to help. coming up, the festive listing you don't want to miss. but first, disney world and universal studios may be top tourist spots but they also have something else in common you may not know about. a live look at tampa international
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cool. if you or someone you know is planning a visit to niagara falls, this is a must-see. thanks to a 4 million dollar renovation, 14- hundred new l-e-d lights were added. from the canadian side, you'll be able to see
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light up the american falls from nearly a half-mile away. not only are the lights 14 times brighter, they are more energy efficient. the falls started lighting up back in 18-60. when it comes to taking pictures in florida -- there are five places that get the most posts on instagram. usa today came up with the list: number 5 is the wizarding world of harry potter at universal studios. in fourth place-- universal studios florida epcot came in third. south beach came in second and the number one most instagrammed place in florida -- disney's magic kingdom!
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market to buy a new home? how about santa's house in the north pole! no we aren't no we aren't making this up -- saint nick's house is up for sale and on real estate website zillow! mr. claus' home is 2500 square feet. it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and sits on 25 gorgeous acres of land. the home was built in the 1800s but was renovated with modern-day amentites in 2013. the entry to the master bedroom has boughs of holly decking the hall and much much more you can have this lovely home for nearly 657-thousand dollars -- or rent it for 33-hundred dollars a month.
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and weather from the christmas decorations to the christmas meal -- the holidays are always a festive time of year but it can also lead to unexpected accidents. we have the much needed reminders on how you keep your safe as for those looking for soemthing to do this weekend -- there is plenty of holiday events for your and family. we've got the list
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