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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"10news at noon" starts right now. good afternoon. th i am ian reitz. we are beginning with the wildfires in gatlinburg. 13 people have died in the fires. authorities made that announcement a few years ago. one person appeared to have a heart attack while getting out of a house. 1,000 homes and businesses were damaged in this fire. business owners and home owners are returning to the city today. this guy right here, this is being called a miracle. this is charles. when his family left monday,
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including charles. tuesday the family learned their home was gone but somehow charles escaped the fire. they say he burrowed his way into the mud near their house. he was a christmas gift for their daughter three years ago. the family is overjoyed beyond words. president-elect donald trump announced he will nominate retired general james mattis as secretary of defense. david petraeus is gaining support to be the next secretary of state. marlie hall is outside of trump tower in new >> don't let it outside of this room. do you promise? >> reporter: president-elect donald trump leaked a secret during a victory tour rally in cincinnati thursday night. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> reporter: james mattis, the 66-year-old retired marine corps general served 41 years
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expeditionary forces in iraq and afghanistan. mattis, who retired in 2013, will need a waiver from congress to take up the roll. federal law says the pentagon chief must be out of uniform for seven years. president-elect trump still has yet to make a choice on who will be secretary of state. he has been interviewing candidates here at trump tower. sources say there are four top contenders for the position, including former new york mayor rudy giuliani, former general david petr, corker of tennessee, and former presidential nominee mitt romney. general mattis told president- elect trump he prefers to work with petraeus. >> we know who makes the ultimate decision. it matters to him to take the counsel of the people he trusts to be in his cabinet. >> reporter: general petraeus interviewed with president- elect trump in his tower on monday. marlie hall, cbs news new york.
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tragic story out of south america that killed a soccer team. this man in the yellow jacket is a crew member on board that flight. he is one of six survivors. now, this was taken the moment the rescue crews reached the crash site. he told reporters the moment the plane went down everyone on board was standing and screaming. he curled up in the fetal position to brace for impact. carnival cruise lines is staying in tampa through 2021. port tampa bay made that announcement a few carnival plans to deploy another ship to tampa. this carnival miracle cruise ships will set sail from tampa starting in january of 2018. how would you feel if you found out your child's bus no longer picked them up or dropped them off at school? that could be the case for 7,000 kids in hillsborough county. if the district stops busing them, they can save between 8
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it's called courtesy busing and the state doesn't reimburse the district because they live two miles within the school. the school district will discuss it at their meeting tuesday. vacation rentals are a problem in beach neighborhoods across pinellas county. people are renting out their homes and sometimes throwing rowdy parties in what are typically considered quiet neighborhoods. clearwater, ma madiro beach, other anything about it. terry hamilton will enlist two doors down -- lives two doors down from one of these homes. >> they rented a porta-potty and put it in the front yard. this is waterfront property in a lovely, quiet neighborhood. it's a tragedy. i am also sensitive to the people that have to, for monetary r rent out some of their homes, tax and insurance going up, the cost of
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investment, to keep for themselves, they have to look at different options. our legislative leaders are seeing if they can overturn the state law and give communities a chance to make rules about how long and how often homes are rented. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, there are lots of events to choose from. the city of tampa a tree lighting ceremony at 6:00 at curtis hixon park in downtown. enjoy the buckhorn family will light the christmas tree before 8:00 tonight. also something to keep in mind after the ceremony, they have got a free movie in the park featuring one of my favorites, maybe one of yours, "a christmas story." >> yyeah. >> check out this annual holiday parade. it starts on main street and u.s. 301 tomorrow night at 7:00. a couple of road closures in that area as well. and then set decorated boats will shine at the venice
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by boat. they have got lots of spots along the way to drop anchor. the parade kicks off at 6:00 north of the albe road bridge. >> and the st. pete santa parade starts 10:00 in the morning with st. pete. make sure you come out and say hello. all right. we got lots going on here in the bay area. >> a couple things. >> over the next couple of days. first weekend in december. a cooler start today. it's still nice out? >> we will be in start. 80s tomorrow. you should do the parade on saturday and then go to the beach on sunday where it's going to be warmer than what we will see tomorrow. i want to get that santa parade forecast in for you. let's talk about that. it starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning. around 63 degrees. that's after a cool start tomorrow morning when we drop back into the 50s. we will see 40s up into the
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nice comfortable breeze. we are in for a really great day. now, this afternoon it's going to stay a little bit on the cool side. we had that frontal boundary pass to our south yesterday. so even though we have got wall- to-wall sunshine out there, we have got some 60s on our map. 67 in riverview. 63 in brooksville with much of the area south of i-4 already into the 70s at this point. coming up in just a few minutes we are going to talk about when we get the return of some rain chances back into the forecast and we are going to look ahead to a potentially so if you're thinking i don't feel like getting out and about this weekend, you may want to reconsider once i talked about how cold next weekend will be. i will have that forecast in a few minutes. florida fish and wildlife are making sure they rescue all the manatees from the lake. they want to make sure they are all right. they are looking for a mysterious fourth manatee with
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the manatees swam north from tampa bay to a canal. they got into a lake when a water control gate was opened from tropical storm colin. the manatees could become ill as that water temperature drops. coming up next, sam the movie man looks at some of the best movies from the year. it's awards season. we will look at some of the films up to be talked about. maybe one of your favorites made the cut. also, video you don't want to miss. this is just scary to watch. how a street lamp woman's life. and in health news, the fda just approved clinical tries to test an illegal drug on ptsd. we will see how it could help patients dealing with ptsd. for the holidays who couldn't use extra cash this time of year? join us on "10news this morning" for your chance to win 150 scratch-off lottery tickets. there is bound to be a winner, right? the florida lottery and 10news have teamed up to give away the
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this next video comes out of poland. shows how this lamp post right
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you see the woman walking along the side when a car turns left in front of another car. the second blue car goes out of control. here it is again. the woman notices the crash is about to happen. she tries to run. doesn't get too far when the car hits the pole and it stops. now, if it didn't she would have been crushed against that building. no one involved in the accident was seriously hurt. the federal government has okayed clinical trials outlawed drug ecstasy to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. how the drug is already working on some with ptsd. >> reporter: you might know ecstasy as molly or mdma. it's known for the euphoric effects. now we have clinical trials that have been approved and the drug is being tested for the ability to make patients feel more comfortable discussing traumatic events. the question is, will it work? according to the "new york times," there was already a previous trial for ecstasy and
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decrease in the severity of symptoms on average. by the end of the study, two- thirds of the patients no longer met the criteria for ptsd. the drug got its start in germany in the 1900s. a small number of u.s. psychologists started using it on patients in the 1970s under the government's supervision. then as the drug hit the underground scene in the 1980s it was banned by the government. according to the department of veterans affairs, an estimated 8% of americans have ptsd, but that number jumped higher when we are talking about the military. for men and women who have served overseas, it's 30%. so this could really help a lot of people. back to you, ian. we have a lot to get to. movie man sam hollenbeck joins us. there is a lot of buzz about one movie? >> so many movies.
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the one i am pegging that's going to kill everything is la la land. ryan gosling. it's a musical. i don't love musicals, folks. this one i did love. >> that's one of many. let's look at some of the other films. >> reporter: we are in the thick of it right now. this is the time of year when we lock ourselves in dark rooms for days at a time to wade through hundreds 103 by my count at the time of this writing to cast our votes on the years best. not a bad problem to have, but my retinas have a healthy tannerite now. the standouts, start with the spry saucy love tale about an actress and a musician who are trying to make it in la la land, which just happens to be the name of the film a musical starring ryan gosling and emma
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time. >> reporter: moonlight is the stages of life chronicle of a young child who grows into a man under the specter of drugs and violence in miami. it was only a matter of time before they made a film about the boston bombing. at least they made a good one. starring mark wahlberg, it's called patriot's day. due to be released wide in mid january. and speaking of boston, casey affleck plays a beantown handy man with problems of kind in the "manchester by the sea." so, new england, you can almost smell the chowder and name the best film from the national board of review. now, hell or high water has small-town texas running through its dusty veins in a horse kick of a tale about two bank robbing brothers and the ranger out to get them.
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jeff bridges. tom hanks earns his wings in "sully" as captain chesley sullenberger. the pilot whose jet ate a flock of birds for breakfast causing him to land his plane in the hudson and save all on board in the process. >> everything that boy do, he do for you. >> reporter: and finally, if ever there was a film that's meant for oscar nods, this year it is with denzel washington. they are struggling to raise a family, struggling with marriage, struggling with poverty, race relations. you would need a super tanker to transport this one into the cineplex. for 10news, i am sam hallenbeck. >> all right. so it's going to be one of those weekends. looking at the radar, you got to make outdoor plans if you can? >> for a couple of reasons.
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so nice. it's the weekend. why not do it? also, if you are not a big fan of chillier temperatures, next weekend's probably not so hot to get out and do the same stuff. looking like the weekend. don't make any excuses. find a day to get out there and do it. right now our radar is quiet. this how it's going to look all weekend. there won't be any rain we are tracking through the weekend. early next week, a different story. we will be talking about our rain chances coming up in a moment. meantime, let's talk gorgeous fall-like temperatures out there. we are around 70 degrees across the bay area, and we are going to warm up a little bit more thanks to all of the sunshine that we are seeing. this is pretty much the view all across the area. this happens to be from the airport, but you can look up and see about the same thing. clear blue sky as far as the eye can see. aside from maybe a couple of high cirrus clouds, there is not going to be anything going on. so we will warm things up. we will cool down very, very quickly. so if it's date night tonight,
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by your 8:00 hour. temperatures fall from 75, 76 this afternoon to the mid-60s already. so it will be chilly. 76 at most is the numbers we are going to see. there is going to be a lot of 73s, 74s around the area. and then those temperatures get pretty chilly overnight tonight, and particularly they are cool as you are getting outdoors tomorrow. we will see 50s for the bay area. low 50s and some upper 40s the nature coast. unlike this morning where we're flirting with 60, we are solidly into the 50s getting out the doors tomorrow. we will be back near 80 during the afternoon. the rain chances. earlier this week we said we thought monday was the day. that timing is pushed back. monday morning we are seeing that rain well out west. overnight monday but especially early tuesday morning is when we are likely to see the first batches coming in.
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and it's likely not going to be exiting until at least your evening commute before we can clear all of that activity out from the bay area. so there is a possibility that tuesday could kind of be a washout, although monday we are going to get a fair amount of sunshine in the forecast. this weekend looks great. we will see temperatures in the low 80s both days. then we get the rain chances moving in especially for tuesday. behind that the bulk moves out. we could get a stray sprinkle in here wednesday into thursday, and thursday you will want to take those winds are going to be getting. that's ahead of our next front that looks like it will be moving in friday, and then behind that one, as we look ahead to next weekend, i think many of us won't get out of the 60s. we could see highs in the upper 60s as we look ahead to next weekend. that's why you will want to get outside and enjoy this saturday and sunday. ian. >> all right. we have an exciting day ahead of us. we had an exciting morning. we got to hang out with our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. check out this crowd up with us
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you what makes lakeland senior high school stand out. if a friday night where you are ordering pizza, hanging out at home. we have lots to get to. at 8:00 the i love lucy christmas special, "hawaii five- 0", "blue bloods," and then "10news at 11".
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. 10news and the tampa bay lightning are teaming up to put you in the stands for the game. join us at 11:00 for secret word for the lightning- pittsburgh penguins game friday, december 10. our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> they have got school spirit. >> lakeland high school has a lot to cheer about. the school is making moves in
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the principal says they have a lot to be proud of. a partnership with harrison school of the arts and challenging a.p. courses. >> they are skyrocketing in the district and possibly the state of florida. >> a part of that is thanks to the students' hard work and teachers like sheryl pierce. she teaches the honors and afternoons p. chemistry class. she has been there 16 years. she was a student there, as well, which is cool. and the principal of the school was also a student. t >> i love when you hear about that when former students return and they are able to teach at the school they went to. >> there is so much more involvement when they have been on the other side of the desk, too. >> it's an awesome opportunity. duke energy of florida present them with a $1,000 catch. if you missed the highlights, we have it on and the 10news app. good to go for friday afternoon? >> great to go. lots of sunshine.
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>> nick: all right. christian is down for his nap, which means i am all yours, beautiful. what do you want to do? you want to play some games? we could, uh, do a little, i don't know, father-daughter mani-pedi. >> faith: you didn't tell me everything that happened in court. >> nick: why would you say that? >> faith: gc buzz. mom and dylan can't be around christian or they could get arrested. it's because you think they'd steal him? >> dylan: we walk into the courtroom, try to get visitation of a kid that we love, and i know that he loves us, and we walk out unable to be within 500 feet of him. >> paul: granted, it's not what


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