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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  July 7, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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today celebrating the king of pop. 12 days after the world lost one of its greatest entertainers, people gather to pay their respects to michael jackson. good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm holly morris. welcome to fox 5 midday news. that hour michael jackson's is on their way to the forest lawn cemetery in los angeles where we understand they'll hold a private service for michael jackson who died june 25th of apparent cardiac arrest. the private service to be
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followed tens of thousands more to gather on the streets. we join mindy meizell live outside of the staples center. mindy. >> reporter: we're now two hour as way from the start of this massive memorial service for michael jackson here outside of the l.a. staples center police are warning, if you do not have one of these, stay away. stevie wonder, maria carey and jennifer hudson of just three of the a-list stars expected to appear. 8750 lucky fans have received their tickets randomly picked out of the 1.6 million people who register online. >> taking part in this and being able to be here is the biggest memory of my lifetime. >> i have the hottest ticket on
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the planet right now, that's for sure. and it's priceless. i'll never give it up for any amount. >> reporter: officials are preparing for an onslaught of onlookers. >> you'll be standing on a hot city street with many others but not within eye shot of the memorial. >> reporter: for those who want to view michael's last dance, 88 movie theaters around the nation are simulcasting the event. >> the fact that the jackson family did this for the fans and put this together while they're in mourning, i want to thank them. >> reporter: officials won't say how large, but police presence is expecting out here later today and it is expected to rival the 1984 olympics. mindy meizell, fox 5 news. >> mindy there were concerns people would come and flock there. how does crowd control look right now as far as standing outside, those without a ticket? >> reporter: well you n see
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the fans who are out here. these are the ones who have tickets. there is no one here without a ticket that would be allowed in the vicinity other than police and media. they have roped off a large section of the downtown l.a. area. i can't even see the fans would don't have tickets, that's how massive this area would be for the area that is blocked off. these fans were welcomed half an hour ago into the vicinity and soon the doors will open and these people will about the brought there to the staples center? >> reporter: we've been getting reports throughout the day. last we heard is that the l.a. police department considered that an option with the family and the jackson family is
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leaning which way to go. they haven't confirmed there will be a casket brought here. we don't know if it would be part of their funeral service or just a memorial service and then bring the casket here. we're told if they do bring it here, it would have to be flown in. so we're waiting to see if anything starts to come. >> mindy meizell live outside of the staples center in los angeles. thank you, mindy. there are concerns over how the city of los angeles is going to pay for crowd control required for the memorial service. the city is dealing with a half billion dollar budget gap already. one councilman estimates police and other expenses could leave the city with a $2.5 million tab. and the drama surrounding his estate unfolding in court. a judge has ruled yesterday that jackson's long time attorney and family friend should take over control of the property. the order rejects a request from jackson's mother but backs what is in jackson's will. you can watch the memorial service today here on fox 5
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live at 1:00 p.m. our time. if you cannot get to a tv, you can head to your computer. wewill stream it live on our website, taking a live look outside this morning at the washington monument. a nice day shaping up. >> but will you need the umbrella this afternoon. tucker barnes has a look at the forecast. are we expecting rain? >> maybe a lone some scattered shower this afternoon. but a hot afternoon. temperatures jumping to the 70s and low 80s. bring along some water if you're going for a nice out door walk this afternoon. let's look at our satellite radar. going to max 2 and there is the cloud cover well off to the north and. and thunderstorms at this hour up into northeast pennsylvania. here in washington very quiet conditions. humidity in check as well. very blue sky. you can see the cloud cover pushing into west virginia. that is the leading edge of cooler air. and the thinking is ew could see a lone some shower or
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thunderstorm pop up along the front. you can see it's a weak front. itbl pbuose siwe could se a lone some shower or thunderstorm along that ft on r trns te afn. oo reand r reou y atrapeemtures. wepee now 81. this map hasn't had a chance to update. 70s all over the map. ma i76 inew york, 78 in raleigh warmer than yesterday. it will feel summery around here for sure. partly sunny, a stray shower thunderstorm a possibility and high temperatures warmer than yesterday. about 87 degrees. so we'll cool down tomorrow and i'll have more details on that and look at the rest of the workweek coming up. back to you, holly, tucker, thank you. after nearly a dozen people were shot over the weekend, more deadly ceioenl in the en district. police found a man suffering from several gunshot wounds this morning. more details now from sarah simmons. >> reporter: neighbors say they heard what sounded like fire crackers at about 1:00 this
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morning. when police arrived, they found cars and homes riddled with bullets and 26-year-old anthony ford fighting for s life. a teddy bear marks the spot where anthony ford was shot several times in the early morning hours. >> someone took an innocent life. they took an innocent life. >> reporter: ford's mother came out to the scene. she says anthony was a loving father to his 6-year-old son and asked us to share this plea. >> if you know who did this to my son, please come forward with any information. please. i'm quite sure your name will be kept confidential. >> reporter: police say several shots were fired striking several homes. it took police hours to gather all of the evident. the motive is unclear but neighbors say a group of young men hang out on this block on a regular base and noticed fights brewing over the weekend. >> it's not a bad neighborhood. but when you have the element of young people hanging around
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being unproductive and not doing anything positive, a lot of things can happen as a result of just hanging around. and just hanging around doing nothing lends itself to negativity. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of a violent holiday weekend. five people, including a 10- year-old girl, were shot in the 600 block of 46th place southeast sunday morning. just days before, a 20-year-old man was killed on morton street northwest and a 23-year-old shot and killed in the 800 block of 50th place northeast. police have already made several arrests in those weekend shootings and expect more to come. chief cathy lanier is planning a all hands on deck this weekend in hopes of clamping down on violence. fox 5 news. >> police want to remind everyone there is a $25,000 reward to anyone who whoa sides information -- who leads them to a suspect and conviction in
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this case. the hunt is on for two men who tried to kidnap a girl in her front yard. police say the girl was playing in front of the home when one man grabbed her and tried to drag her away. he then signaled to a second man down the street but the girl screamed and managed to run away for help. gay marriage is now recognized in the district. a law recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states took affect at midnight. opponents tried to force a referendum but the board of election of ethics rejected the effort. people in one local neighborhood tied up and robbed at gunpoint but thsuspects didn't hit just once, three times one early morning. the victims stories up next. plus a new warning for computer users. the latest issue of -- of atth atyou should know about. and a pair charged with
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stealing a baby skunk. check out that story on don't go anywhere. we'll be back in just a moment.
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masked men terrifying victims in their homes, busting in as they sleep and tieing them up and robbing them at gunpoint. >> it didn't happen just once, but three times early monday within a couple of hours. the locations are not far from each other in prince george's county. wisdom martin reports. >> reporter: three hours, three home invasions, one horrific morning in prince george's county. it started at 4:00 in the morning in district hights as three masked suspects broke into this apartment building. they robbed the people inside, then fled the scene. this man, who lives in the building, it like many others in the area, worried they may come back. >> i have my kids here, man. i don't want people coming in. the building ain't secured. they don't lock it or nothing. you just go up in there.
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>> reporter: at 5:00 in the morning in glenarden, -- suspects entered through the back glass and tied them up and robbed them up. >> we had our suspects who were masked, handguns were seen, at least one handgun was seen in a majority of the robberies. >> there were no injuries in any of the attacks. investigators say its possible the victims may have been targeted and the criminals may have been the same suspects police are trying to catch in other crimes. so police are stepping up their efforts to catch the criminals. >> our residents in district heights and glenarden can expect to see increased operations from our community response teams, our special assignment teams to work that area. >> reporter: wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> police say there is nothing they have found so far connecting the victims. new information today about
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the circuit problem that likely played a role in the deadly metro crash. the ntsb said a sensor malfunction caused the train that was struck to disappear from computers. metro officials -- officials referred to it as a flickering that was a freak occurrence, especially since the system is designed to be fail safe. that type of system failure is known to experts who worked with automated transit systems nationwide, also like bart. in san san, they installed a separate backup sensor system. bart is considered a sister system to metro. they were built around the same time with similar technology and suppliers. you will likely see more law enforcement officials swarming some metro and marc trains today. a terrorism exercise tasks are not response to any known security threats, they are
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designed to mimic a response to a real emergency situation. checking national headlines. the man believed to be the serial killer in south carolina police say 41-year-old patrick burris killed five people since late last month. he was shot to death yesterday during a burglary attempt in north carolina. investigators say his gun matches the one used in the murder spree. burris' long wrap sheet includes offenses in virginia and maryland. tease knee's monorail is back up and running following sunday's deadly crash. two trains colliding, killing one of the drivers. no passengers were injured. disney officials say test runs were performed before the monorail reopened and safety sensors were added. we are learning more about the days leading up to the death of steve mcnair. the former raven quarterback vacations with his girlfriend three months ago. here are pictures from the
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vacation. it is confirmed that kazemi found a semi-automatic gun under his body. official -- officials with waiting for ballistics news to see if it was planned in the shooting. and funeral plans for robert mcnamara. he was defense secretary under presidents kennedy and johnson and helped escalate the involvement in vietnam. in his memoirs in 1995, he admitted that the war in vietnam was a mistake. he was 93 years old. fellow republicans censured south carolina governor mark sanford for secretly leaving the state to meet with his mistress last month. 22 members of the state g.o.p. voted to reprimand him.
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10 others voted to ask him to resign. he vows to serve his remaining 18 months in office. al franken will soon be sworn in. it comes after a long court battle over election results. walter mondale is expected to escort him to the capitol. franken gives the democrats a supermajority of 60 votes, allowing them to block any attempt by republicans to stall bills. ♪ taking a look at a live picture of the cemetery in california where the jackson family is finally arriving and where it is said that they will have a private ceremony before they will go to the big ceremony happeningality the staples center at 1:00. >> and we're told that that funeral home or mortuary is the forest lawn cemetery, in the hollywood hills. and we saw last night another
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private ceremony it seemed to be, camera spotted la toya jackson and one of the family members seen last night. but now there will be more of a formal private ceremony word on how many people will be at the private ceremony, if it's just family or close friends as well. the family, as you can see there, arriving. it has been very tight-lipped as to how this will all come about. but we are getting word just now they are xpected to have about 100 people at this ceremony here at the cemetery. and then there is some question as to whether the casket will be taken to the staples center
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or not. but we know the family is arriving and they are starting to go inside there and pay their last respects to michael jackson. just a so many per scene. hard to still believe. but again michael jackson, 50, dying last week. and today they've decided that they will open up the ceremony after this private ceremony you're seeing, as the family walks in, with a larger venue and some 11,000 people now getting confirmation will be admitted plus another 6500 ticket holders at nokia theater overflow section new york. in new york we saw a bigjumbo screen set up to take up in the service as well. we're seeing people walking in. it's hard to see who that is. it looks like it could be michael's mother, katherine jackson. >> it doesn't look like she appears to have the kids with her. and she is the one that
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temporarily has custody of them at this point. and even as this is such a somber, sad day, everyone is taking the time to remember there is still so much controversy surrounding all of this regarding how he died, what will happen with his estate, what will happen with his children. still a lot of unanswered questions. >> there you see now, just going back and giving a little hitory before this scene from the associated press, a motorcade from michael jackson's parents' home before this scene reaching the hollywood hills for this private service and in advance of the again more public ceremony with the stars in attendance plus fans. and those cars arrived, again coating the associated press, under the watchful high of california highway patrol as we saw the streets empty except for those black vehicles headed from the parents' home. it would be 8:00 their team, reaching the memorial park, and
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reaching there a couple of moments ago. >> the california highway patrol shut down the freeway during what would be the morning rush hour during th 8:00 hour. and even though this is a small ceremony, but all 100 peoples are arriving via the motorcade so that's a sizable motorcade to get to one location. they are definitely arriving all at about the same time and preparing to go in and take part in the small ceremony to remember michael jackson. >> we would like to encourage you to stay with our website. we will be streaming this and also the ceremony, which will get underway at 1:00 o time, just about an hour and a half or so from now as we see more vehicles come there at the private ceremony. we urge you to stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back to fox 5 midday news.
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you are looking at live pictures hereof forest lawn mem or yeah park in hollywood hills where the jackson family and their closest friends are gathering and preparing for a private funeral service for michael jackson. >> family leftheir home at around 8:00 l.a. time and this of course is in advance of the huge public memorial that is to take place at the staples center for michael jackson at 1:00 p.m. our time. >> meanwhile, dozens of movie theaters a -- across the country are showing the memorial. >> and fans are coming together for the gathering. some here in our area. and karen gray houston live at a bar in maryland. >> reporter: this is a popular spot. arrington's restaurant and there will be a big viewing
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here sponsored by wkys, 39.9. and they have monitors around the restaurant. people will be able to take a look. the service starts at 1:00 but they're saying show up here at -- between 12:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. they have a big screen up here. and you may not have all of the glitz and glamour from what is going on at the memorial service outn hollywood, but we have a little glitz and glam. this is tommy ford. he's an actor. you will remember him from -- i'm going to say it the right way. from the martin lawrence show, a fox show that's been very popular. >> that's right. >> reporter: and you're missing the big action out in california. >> i'm missing the big action in california. however one of the greatest things that we seal brit about michael jackson is not just -- celebrate about michael jackson was that he was a giver. he loves children and did so many things for charity and that's one of the things i'm doing. i was influenced by michael by all of the awesome things he did for young people. >> reporter: you're in town at
11:27 am
arc. >> it's an awesome place in south east they house wonderful things for children. they have a boys and girls club, a gym, a health clinic, school of art and dance and all week long we're doing a program to empower young people there at the arts and we're doing it for free. >> reporter: they have music down there. >> tear doing music and we have a big talent show called the last kid standing this saturday on the 11:00 at 1:00. >> reporter: michael jackson music. >> we've been doing auditions all week. kids are did -- doingmichael jackson show. and they have wonderful talent. so michael influenced us as a wonderful artist but as a giver as well. >> reporter: i have to put you on the spot. do you have a favorite michael jackson song. >> just want to be starting something, don't you. >> reporter: clever. thank you very much tommy ford. >> we're going to be here all
11:28 am
day. i'm signing autographs and we want people to come on out. reporter: so when they said 12:00 to 3:00 they didn't mean it. >> that's right. we'll be here. >> reporter: thank you, tommy ford. it's a celebration of -- of michael jackson's life. this is going to be somber, but i'm guessing there will be a party in here allison. >> i bet it will break out into that with michael. thank you very much karen gray houston. and back to what is happening in los angeles. this is a very somber ceremony for really more than just an entertainer, we're talking about friends and family of the late michael jackson are gathered here as forest lawn memorial park here in hollywood hills. they're now attending a private ceremony for the fallen singer. >> and this is a famous cemetery. there are a lot of notable people buried here.
11:29 am
just recently ed mcmahon was buried here. and there are a lot of celebrations going on and it's difficult for family and friends to say goodbye and that's what they're having to do this afternoon. if would you like to watch this, we'll continue to stream it live on our website, and -- and we'll have more coverage when fox 5 midday news comes right back.
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taking a look at our top story, a live look at the what will be the last curtain call for michael jackson. this is the sayre pony preceding the larger -- the ceremony preceding the larger event. in about an hour and a half, a service will be held at the staples center in downtown l.a. michael jackson's body will be driven to the service. you can watch the memorial service here on fox 5. we'll carry it live at 1:00 p.m. our time. if you can't get to a tv, we'll
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stream it on our website, also making news today, alaska governor sarah palin returns to the public eye, four days after announcing her resignation. but she's doing it as far from the media as possible. appearing in a small fishing village north of the arctic circle. she'll sign a bill to bring public safety officers to small towns in alaska. she has said she's looking forward to going fishing with her family. 81 degrees this midday. >> it's getting hot out there. it's beautiful still. blue sky and humidity is in check. but noticing the heat more than yesterday. >> and there might be some rain showers? >> not that much of a chance. not much of a chance today. beautiful this afternoon. we'll start with rahd dar and see what we can find. we'll look out and about. r ad is d urovery urowaowd ran will eeouswarp nd ard an ndd . atanwhd whdodoyou see? >> nothing.
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>> you don't need to be an . t e hits blky s across the area. watch this afternoon and see if we don't get one or two showers popping up on the radar, but just a nice looking day. best chance by the way is east of the city later today. it looks like we might see some development along chesapeake and east. but still maybe 10-20% chance you'll see a passing shower or a thundershower during the course of the day. so for the most part a nice, dry afternoon. temperatures are beautiful. getting hot. 81 degrees at reagan national. humidity is 54%. and winds are now out of the south at 7 miles per hour. i think you'll notice that humidity will start to trickle up here during the course of the afternoon. although still by early july standards it should be comfortable around here across the area. 83 in baltimore. patuxent naval air station is 82. fredericksberg is 82 at this hour. great looking day. dulles is 84. so warmer than yesterday. remember yesterday we were in the mid-80s and then on sunday
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in the low 70s. so it will feel summery around here, but most of the shower activity should stay at bay for the remainder of the day. a little pop up there, but very light cloud cover across the area. lots of sunshine. that's the cold front reaching back into sections of southeast ohio and pittsburgh. you can barely -- and in pennsylvania, out towards pittsburgh. you can barely see the cloud cover there. we'll see if we don't see a shower or thunderstorm popping up. but again, this is a very, very weak cold front. a few degrees cooler tomorrow. maybe a touch of the humidity out of the air but other than that, it won't change much. and we don't need to. the forecast around here has been nice for the last couple of days. maybe a spotty afternoon shower or thunderstorm and that's about it, and a nice looking day tomorrow. for the remainder of the day, partly sunny skies, thunderstorm a possibility. winds out of the west at 5-10 miles per hour so bring along water if you're headed out to
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walk the dog or out in the garden. probably feed a little water. tonight we'll cool off but on the mild side. partly cloudy. seasonal temperatures, wind out of the south and west at 5 miles per hour. tomorrow slightly cooler. 84 degrees. just a few clouds in the forecast. we'll bring back a chance for thunderstorms on thursday. that's not a great chance. friday is 86. there is a 90-degree temperature by saturday. more humidity and the best chance for showers and thunderstorms in the fiveay forecast will be late saturday and saturday night. >> just when it heats up. thank you, tucker. president obama spending another busy day in russ as he comes to a number of new agreements with leaders there. he's also reaching out to the p e.laneo 'll have a closer look at his trip next.
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president obama is already in the midst of north long day in russia. >> he's wrapped up a number of
11:40 am
new agreements with russian leader this is morning. and as doug luzader reports, he's reaching out to the people of russia. >> reporter: this has been a whirlwind trip for president obama. he's gone from talking about nuclear weapons to addressing college gradates. [ applause ] >> reporter: this is the kind of reception the white house was hoping for as the president delivered a commencement address at moscow's new economic school. >> i believe on the fundamental issues that will shape the century, americans and russians share common interests that form a basis for cooperation. >> reporter: it is a message the president has been pushing throughout this visit. he even met with russian prime minister vladimir putin after saying he still had a cold war mentality. >> we believe there is an excellent opportunity to put u.s.-russian relations on a much stronger foot. >> reporter: and there's no question the footing has changed somewhat.
11:41 am
the president and russian president medvedev signed a number of agreements yesterday, one of which reduced both nuclear weapons arsenal by as much as a third. and we are allowed to use russian air space to access afghanistan. >> before we just heard that, all decision have been made. they do notconcern you. >> reporter: but russia still has big problems with u.s. plans to build a nuclear mission shield in eastern europe and the u.s. needs russian help on a number of other fronts. >> iraq, afghanistan, north korea, those are questions on which the russians can be helpful. >> they can be, but will they. that makes it a diplomatic gamble and the white house is hoping for a big payoff. and the president will spend one more night in russia and then he moves on to his next two stops, italy and ghana n. washington, doug luzader, fox 5 news. >> the stop in italy is the g-8
11:42 am
summit where he will meet pope benedict xvi. and she was the queen of camelot. new claims about jackie kennedy. and we'll head over to studio b. to see what our guest chef is cooking up. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's cooler time. >> bloop, bloop, bloop. >> we're a little late today. we apologize, but a lot of news happening. in the meantime, a court battle in california brewing over a 7th grader and her controversial t-shirt. the mom claims her daughter's first amendment rights are being violated when the principal forced her to take off her pro-life t-shirt. the shirt shows a fetus in the womb violated the dress code. the girl's lawyer says you can see the same image in the
11:46 am
science book. the school district is trying to have the case thrown out of court. for more information go to and momma is saying her freedom of speech is being hurt. >> can you wear shirts with the american flag on them. that would be similar. that would be something in the history books. >> it depends on the school district. if the school district -- they can decide what they want to decide and if they decide its inappropriate and distracting, then that's it. >> if it's distracting to learning, in some way, shape or form. >> or provocative. >> or offensive. we go through the sexual harassment training thing. if you have something at your desk that lots of people are fine with but it's offensive to someone else, then you have to take it down. and they don't have to come to you and tell you, they can just report it and have you take it
11:47 am
down. >> i wish i had seen it. well we'll see how that plays out. i'm just trying to say i wanted to see if it it was just like a -- does it have a message. >> this story repeats itself in different forms over and over again. so everybody should just be respectful and not cause controversy. >> a distraction to learning. >> people need to go to school and make a statement. >> do it in college. >> right. okay. could a scandalous love affair in camelot be revealed. a new book claims that jackie kennedy and brother-in-law robert kennedy had a long love affair. the author of bobby and jockey, a love story, how did you come up with that name, says the former first lady and the senator had a four-year romance after president kennedy's assassination. the book claims kennedy insiders knew about it, even bobby's wife. >> well we've heard this before. we haven't heard the details
11:48 am
that are in this book and it's quite detailed, but we've heard this before. so it seems to be -- >> it seems in poor taste but he was still married, that's the thing. >> i don't think its easy to come out with these tell tale when everybody is gone. i love to read books on kennedys, but i would probably not buy that one. >> it seems cheap somehow. >> and there is also an allegation that jackie had an affair with marlin brando. >> maybe i will buy it. no, just kidding. >> allison. i have to go cook. >> that works really well. i like that. >> this is her statement. she's not buying the book either, clearly. she's walking out on the story. >> she's had enough. >> so allison, hava rivaled in
11:49 am
studio b. -- have arrived in studio b. >> what is the procedure on taking things that aren't broken and fixing them. >> if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> where is allison? >> i think she headed over to studio b. here i am. quick change. that was smooth, did you see it? this is chef daniel. everybody is a critic. this is the chef from restaurant 1789. it's called the quint essential washington, d.c. dining experience. and what are you doing today? >> we're doing a linguine with clam and instead of using clams we're using this attractive thing here. it's just a giant clam and this is a foot, which in the normal clam is not that big. >> wow! >> and it's delicious. once you peel this outer skin off it looks like a normal clam and it has a fresh taste.
11:50 am
>> i don't claim to be some fancy diner with -- with vitals, is this considers fine dining. >> the larger ones run for about $20 a pound and your typical clam costs about 25 cents, and this will cost you $10. >> the fill fillet mignon. >> and how do you prepare this. >> the skin peels completely off and you're left with the foot. you cut it off and trim it and you're left with this here. so this is just straight claim meat, which i know doesn't look like that but once you cook it up, it becomes tender and delicious. and we're making bing weenie with clams like your standard pasta dish that many people i'm sure have enjoyed, which consists of just extra virgin olive oil, garlic, a loaf of tomatoes, parsley and chili flake and that's it.
11:51 am
>> chef, does it taste the same? so if you love clams, will you love this as well. >> exactly. if you lover claims, this is your -- you're going to be very excited about this. it's extremely fresh and it holds longer. most clams go bad within 2-3 days but these can hold for a week because they're so large and stayresh. >> okay. >> so we'll get this going. if you just cook a little bit of garlic and chili flake. once again, very simple dish. just kind of knocked up a touch with a little bit of exotic ingredients which you don't see too often. >> and the linguine is what we're used to. the simple dish but stepped up. >> we make it at the restaurant and that is something you can buy and make it yourself. and it's a recipe that we put on the internet. it has everything, how do to this pasta. but it's simple. once again, just boiling the pasta. and pasta into the water. we're not quite at a boil
11:52 am
there, but that will work. a little chili flake, garlic and once it gets hot, it will cook. >> this is our world class cook shop here. >> but once again it's a simple precipitation. all of it is not seen quite so much. but you get the gist. garlic, chilly flakes. these are sun gold tomatoes which we have just peeled. their coming from virginia and you can get them at any farmer's market or any local supermarket. and we'll saute the clam and once it gets hotter, we'll add it but we don't want to add it yet. a great summer sauce, very tasty and flavorful. and you can adjust the chili flakes as you care to and some people like things spicier than others, let me remind you, as we are warming up here, that if you would like to see a restaurant or a dish prepared
11:53 am
here on the show, drop us a line at and this entire recipe can be found on our website, so. that's in there until -- >> the clam will become completely open ache and at that point it will season up and we'll add the pasta and toss it and seven it. >> we'll show this product when we come back. stay with us. [ sniffs ]
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an olive. [ sniffs ] green, with pimento. ooh. he's good. nothing gets past him. [ sniffs ] piece of cake. [ male announcer ] kill bugs on contact without the bad smell. raid ant & roach killer is specially formulated with no lingering chemical odor. what's that? [ sniffs ] i don't smell nothing. raid! raid! raid!
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raid ant & roach killer kills bugs dead! with no lingering odor. sc johnson. a family company.
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hey, i went to summer camp this morning. i was out at camp winona, specifically girl scout camp. because you know the girl scout council in the capital is now more than 82,000 strong. there are some 4200 troops in our area. and so they really nowadays, it's come a long way. it's not just activity. you do all of the swimming and gardening and canoeing, but they have cookie camp and they
11:57 am
have movie camp and they have diva in the woods camp, where you learn how to make natural shampoo and nail polish and it teaches the young girls wonderful leadership skills. so if you have a young girl, allison, you have three, you might want to consider three. >> skylar. she's a brownie. group 23. >> very good. >> wow!. five-day forecast, this afternoon will eb utea. biful i didn't have that kind of up if bringing. >> your not a boy scout? >> no. i just played soccer. 84 tomorrow, cooler. and maybe a thunderstorm thursday and a better chance on saturday. more humid by saturday too. >> have you heard of gooey duck? dave, back up. that is the clam too big for his shell. >> a giant clam. >> and that's what we're doing today. >> i'm getting a fork down
11:58 am
here. >> it's linguine with gooey duck and sun gold tomatoes and chef daniel is here from 1789 restaurant. i don't eat shell fish. >> he'll take your plate. >> you can find that probably anywhere. >> so you ha to come to -- >> they have to come to the restaurant. >> fishing for clams. >> i want to know, are you a clam guy? >> yeah. >> it tastes pretty good. >> you didn't even try it. >> i loved it. >> you try that. >> it's actually very good. it was very good, chef. >> we want to -- thank you, chef. we want to remind you about the service for michael jackson. the public ceremony happening on and on fox 5 starting at 1:00 today. thanks a lot.
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