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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  July 26, 2009 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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alexander yeas police chief david baker arrested on a drunk driving charge. we're following the fallout. but first, new at 11:00, a chilling hate crime leaving a maryland community stunned and police looking for a suspect. i'm will thomas. i'm sarah simmons in for mawr even. they're looking -- in for mawr even. they're -- for maureen. they're looking for the person responsible for graffiti. roz plater is live. >> reporter: this happened around 1:30 saturday morning in a strip mall along a busy highway but most shocking two doors down from a police substation. all over this brooklyn park hair salon, someone left symbols and words of hatred and intolerance. >> i was angry but when i got inside when they actually go inside, i was hurt because this area if you haven't noticed
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since you've been standing here, it's mult psatye icl.y : eranne arundel county police say it happened very early saturday morning. it's not just the graffiti but the thieves stole computers and salon equipment. then destroyed the rest by dousing it with fuel. >> they actually put gasoline and poured it in here. so if you turn this o you don't know what's going to happen. that's my money. that's my bred and butter. that's -- bread and butter. that's my bill money. >> reporter: she says this is the first trouble she's had in the two years she's been here. long-time residents like carol boid are -- carol boyd are stunned. >> i've never seen or heard anything like that. it definitely seems to me like it's racial which, you know, i think is ignorant. >> reporter: even more stunning, the shop is just two doors down from an anne arundel county police substation where officers come and go throughout the day and night. some of the hatred seems directed at the asian shop owner neighbors too and promises there will be more to
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come. brown says she's not flinching. >> i'm still looking but i'm not going to leave. i'm not going to stop doing what i've been doing, you know. this is my life. more to come. for me, that means the best is yet to come. >> reporter: brown estimate it is could take her a couple months to get back up and running. that's two months without the money she needs to feed her family. >> thank you. another big story, alexandria's police chief arrested, charged with driving drunk. arlington county police seder der ya police chief david -- say alexandria police chief david baker crashed his car into another car at the entrance ramp of 66 at north fairfax drive. chief baker blew a .19, that is more than twice the legal limit. today city officials in alexandria announced chief baker has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. >> i'm not prepared to say that right now.
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i think we are looking at all the facts of this case. obviously this is a very serious situation. i think the chief and i will be having more discussions today and over the next couple of days. >> the other driver in the crash was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. chief baker has since been released on his own recognizance. sarah palin no longer governor. we're everywhere at 11:00 tonight. just a few hours ago palin stepped aside as governor charting a new course for alaska and her own life. she told a crowd of supporters she'll always fight for the state, even though she's no longer in office. no mention on what's next, though. the former lieutenant governor sean parnell was sworn in and becomes alaska's new governor. to new york state and a deadly three-car crash in westchester county. eight people were killed around 2:00 this afternoon, including four young cousins and the mother of one of them. police say a minivan was heading the wrong way in the northbound lanes of a busy parkway when it crashed head-on
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into an suv. a third car was also involved in this. police say three children riding in the minivan were killed as well as the van's driver. three people in the other cars were also killed. a possible commuter headache on chain bridge if tyu're caught off guard that is. kiot says it's mang adjustments to improve traffic ro f m owarlington into the district. the switch to the new setup is ernit led to be done gh starting at 8:00 tomorrow and ldbe done before the morning rush on tuesday. and now you're everywhere at 11:00. turning now to the battle over the nation's health care. president obama's plan to universal coverage is hitting a stonewall. senate democrats say there's simply not enough votes to pass it but speaker nancy pelosi says the bill she takes to the floor will pass. the sticking point for many republicans, the price tag. how do you pay for a $3 billion bill. one ever the proposals gaining speed in the senate taxes so- called cadillac health insurance plans, the most expensive and generous plans.
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but republicans maintain congress has to find more savings. the president usually discusses the delicate matter of peace between warring factions from his desk in the oval office but in the case of the black harvard professor arrested in his own home by a white cambridge police officer, he plans to broker peace using a simpler tactic. we have the news edge on this one. >> reporter: call it brusky diplomacy. >> i know sergeant crowley told the. he was game. i read that professor gates is the same way. so hopefully we can get that done in the next several days. >> reporter: sergeant crowley was called to investigate a call involving, quote, "two black guys" at professor gates' cambridge home. turns out it was gateses trying to get into his own house and he proved it by showing identification. tempers flared and crowley
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arrested gates for disorderly conduct. >> professor gates begins to berate the officer, makes demands on the officer, talks about his officer and says you don't know who you're dealing with. >> reporter: the cambridge police dropped the charges against gates but didn't apolize for the arrest. civil rights activist al sharpton says it's important to sit down and talk so others can learn from the situation. >> i think now society can try to move forward by saying how do we define racial profiling, how do we define abuse of power and let's resolve this because we still have inequalities in this country. >> reporter: no word yet when gates and crowley will meet the president at the white house. in washington, fox news. the fox 5 storm force looking ahead to the workweek. >> a few storms tonight. some humidity, a little heat. gary mcgrady is back with the next five days. plus, former president clinton on a burger run right up the street. it's all caught on camera.
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we're taking t edge off with this one. >> i'm getting a little hungry. 
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we didn't get a thunderstorm today or this evening in the district but if you live out west, loudoun county, frederick county and up along i-70, you've got a pretty good dose of some severe weather moving through earlier this evening. it's all quieted down. down to the south it hasn't, though.
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look at the big storm still extreme southeastern sections of virginia, back across out to the shore now. this will stay together, at least for the next several hours. still a great deal of instability down south. overnight tonight for us, there's a little bit of instability left. you can see a few showers coming up across 66 and headed -- headed up towards 66, coming through harrisonburg right now. most of that will settle down overnight tonight. we get a shower here, a shower there, but it looks like 99% of us will be dry overnight tonight. high temperatures today very summer like. 91 for reagan national and at times today the heat index was touching 93 degrees and it was just about as warm for dulles with the temperature coming up to 90 degrees. 78 now here in the city. 76 for roanoke. still very hot down in the southern sections of texas, dell rio 93. look at phoenix right now. can you imagine? if i do the math correctly, 9:00 out of phoenix still 106
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degrees. 102 for vegas. the heat goes all the way the east coast. for portland it's still 88 degrees. and they're going to have several warm days out there. overnight tonight mild and muggy. temperatures upper 60s to lower 70s. again just a chance, a very slight chance that maybe one or two showers or a rumble of thunder passing overhead. tomorrow morning. so we start off mild. sun and clouds at noon, warm. another chance late in the afternoon tomorrow evening too for some scattered showers and a few thunderstorms. summer pattern is here. look at this. every day scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. temperatures one or two degrees from 90 degrees all week long. so i hope you like this kind of stuff because summer is here. will and sarah, back over to you guys. >> you know the pools in phoenix, crowded tonight. did you see it? president clinton grabbing a quick bite at a local burger joint. he went to z-burger in tinley
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town. >> the self-described burger enthusiast order a double price and a shake. you can see -- fries and a shake. you can see him giving his order. he hung around for 40 minutes taking pictures with the staff and diners. you never know who you're going to run into at a local burger joint these days. >> talking about his heart surgery, we pass no judgment. we all agree you've got to have your cheat day once in a while and maybe that was his. >> nobody is following us with a camera though. >> i don't think he knew he was being filmed. that's the reality, everybody with a phone and a camera these days. dave feldman, training camp right around the corner. he also spoke with coach jim zorn. what's on tap? >> i am a hamburger enthusiasts. i kite cheeseburgers and -- i like cheeseburgers and french fries, too. i think that shows. we'ltalk about jason campbell and plus a team champion.
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who they beat, how they did it and alled stinks -- all the particulars of a hot and steamy night that was success follow for tennis in downtown d.c. >> that looked like the place to be tonight. thanks, feldy. i'm going to take you out for a burg disbler that sound -- burger. >> that sounds good. that does it for us. want news and information 24/7, fox 5 news is always on. keep it right here. geico sports xtra two minutes away. medium or medium rare? >> medium. (announcer) you have dreams for your children.
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