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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 28, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. the mystery surrounding a body found in this burned out minivan deepens. the new information we've uncovered. a health alert you need to hear. something that's supposed to make you look good is being called more dangerous than arsenic. but first, alexandria's police chief resigns just days after being arrested for dui. good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. i'm shawn yancy. chief david baker will end his nearly two decade career on friday. will thomas is live in alexandria tonight with more on the chief's decision to call it quits. >> reporter: we sat down with
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former chief baker's attorney tonight. he says he woke up this morning and got annual e-mail from the -- an e-mail from the chief that said he was resigning. on the criminal side we've learned he's going to enter a plea of not guilty. alexandria's police chief david baker with more than 19 years on the force experienced a career altering event last saturday night when arlington county police arrested him for drunk driving good david p. baker has submitted his resignation and informed me that he will retire as chief. >> reporter: baker's resignation letter says in part, "it is with a great deal of humility and remorse that i announce my retirement from the alexandria police department effective immediately." "words cannot describe the pride i feel having had the opportunity to lead such a great department." baker's lawyer gives us insight into why the former chief decided to call it quits.
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>> i screwed up and i've got to pay the price. you know, for me to set a lower standard for myself than i set for the guys that i've been in charge of for 20 years is just not right. >> reporter: baker's lawyer also revealed to fox 5 they will fight the dui charge. >> by entering a plea of not guilty, that simply means he's requiring the government to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: details of the night of his arrest are also coming to light. arlington county police say baker failed six dui tests. a preliminary breath lietzer that registered a .17. a nine-step walk and turn, the alphabet, a 30-second leg lift and once in custody a breath test which registered a .19. the complaint also states baker told police he had two beers 20 minutes before the accident. if convicted he faces up to a year in jail, a possibility the former chief will fight to
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avoid. >> there's the emotional trauma going to jail but there's also the potential for some real physical risk. >> repter: former chief baker will receive full retirement benefits. he's earned those after all after nearly 20 years here in alexandria. coming up tonight at 11:00, so he's resigned. he's remorseful yet he's entering a plea of not guilty in the criminal case. does that send a mixed message to the public? his lawyer weighs in as well as the mayor of alexandria. that's coming up tonight at 11:00, shawn. >> we'll see you then, will. thank you. the man in charge of metro's automatic train control system is now back on the job. matthew was reassigned just days after the deadly red line crash that killed nine people. it's believed a circuit failure may have led to that june 22 crash. he returned to his position as superintendent of the automatic train control system division. new tonight, more details surrounding the mysterious and gruesome death of a man found inside his burning niva n. olice are apparently still
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baffled by what happened on bradley boulevard in the heart of bethesda monday morning. bob barnard live in our newsroom breaking it down for us. what do you know? >> reporter: he was an immigrant success story. by all accounts a friendly and dedicated gas station employee of many years. tonight montgomery county police are telling us the fire that consumed his minivan monday morning did not start in the engine and not as a result of a collision but how? that's still a mystery. ebu sars was from gambia. a married father of three, he was 45 d anhad been living in the united states for nearly 20 years. he was last seen alive leaving his part-time job at this exxon gas station in annandale. it was monday morning around 2:30. 90 minutes later he was found dead inside his burning minivan on bradley boulevard in bethesda. >> to hear what happened yeerday was just a big shock. >> reporter: chuck mcbride
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worked with sars on gallows road and said this surveillance camera captured him leaving before his shift was over. >> he walked out of here, walked to his vehicle, came back, locked the door. we could see the vehicle drive away as he was leaving. >> reporter: his relatives say he left the virginia gas station because an alarm went off at the glen echo exon where he worked full-time and until 9:00 sunday night. >> they call the house. the phone call came to the house from the alarm company. then nobody picked up. so i assume they call him on his cell phone or something. then he shut down the gas station responding to the other one. >> reporter: police would not comment on that report but say the fire was not the result of a collision, did not start in the engine, but in the passenger compartment. >> so according to that, somebody must have ignited that fire from the inside. >> reporter: you don't think he would have done that? >> no, i don't think so because
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he wasn't even in any stress or anything that would lead him to do that. >> it's got to be foul play because he's sitting behind the wheel and -- i think he was killed before and the evidence -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: everybody is playing detective in this case because nobody really knows what happened. was he murdered and set on fire? did he accidentally burn himself alive? even the autopsy we're told hasn't shed definitive light on the truth. >> bob barnard, we know you'll continue to follow that us for. now to an update on a murder mystery in fairfax county. a woman found dead in her home- based business was targeted. a customer found her body in her annandale body friday. officers hoping the news that this was not a random killing will ease the community's fears. montgomery county police have arrested 30-year-old sandoval cruz for assaulting a woman later found dead. she was found inside an
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apartment on garland avenue in silver spring yesterday morning. police are calling her death suspicious. they say the victim had gten into a fight with sandoval cruz a few hours before she was found dead. police are cracking down on local pawnshops. she raided this pawnshop removing vacuums and tools and more believing they're all stolen. >> reporter: police say in the first six months of it year, there have been 1.2 million transactions at pawnshops in prince george's county. and police say a lot of those transactions have not been legal. >> my client is not a cowboy out there. >> reporter: ron swartz and his client who owns the maryland computer exchange pawnshop could only stand by and watch as police seized hd tvs, computer equipment, saws, drills and vacuum cleaners from their business. many of the items were still in new boxes. investigators say the shop is clearly breaking the law by buying and selling stolen goods. >> people do not buy products
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new in the box and then come to a pawnshop and sell them at 10 cents on the dollar. >> reporter: investigators say some of them still have stickers on them, stickers from places like wal-mart and home depot. >> we have evidence that there are transaction sheets that weren't filled out properly. we have information that people have sold this merchandise to the establishment here without proper identification. >> reporter: for years police say stolen goods being sold to pawnshops has been a major problem in the county. >> someone has got to be the scapegoat for it and it's the police trying to slough off their failure to do their job on the owners that are an easy target. >> reporter: just last week police chief roberto hilton announced the creation of a pawnshop task force to focus on this issue. >> these are low-level thieves and drug dealers and this is supporting their habit. >> reporter: swartz says they've done nothing wrong. >> my reaction is it's a big publicity stunt by the chief of
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police and after he's finished his publicity stunt, things will go back to normal. >> reporter: but others say it's the tip of the iceberg. >> if you're accepting stolen merchandise, stop it. if you can't stop it, shut your doors. if you can't do that, then we're going to come in and take your merchandise and shut your doors for you. >> reporter: now, investigators say a lot of these new items end up be sold on the internet. keep in mind this is still an ongoing investigation so at this point the owner has not been charged. >> wisdom martin tonight. to a developing story in lass las vegas. federal agents raided the home and office of michael jackson's doctor dr. conrad murray. >> reporter: police officers and first drug enforcement acts in vegas execute search warrants at two properties owned by michael jackson's private physician dr. conrad murray. >> they'll talk to everybody in the office and they'll look
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through the items that are outlined in the search warrant f. those items are -- meet the standard of what's in the search warrant itself, they'll be seized as evidence. >> reporter: the investigation is focusing on jackson's june 25 death and possible use of a powerful anesthetic called propofol for sleep. his home is inside a gated community and his practice both searched. >> the d.a. las vegas office is assisting the los angeles police department in the search warrant here at dr. murray's office. >> reporter: police say dr. murray is not a suspect and murray's attorney tells fox he's not talking about the latest search. federal agents also searched murray's houston officers last week. warrants for both searches are sealed preventing details of what investigators are looking for. >> we're looking for a lot of things but unfortunately i can't comment on what's in the search warrant itself. >> reporter: the los angeles county coroner owes office --
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coroner's office says it could release michael jackson's toxicology report as early as next week and the first of next week, michael jackson's mother katherine and debbie rowe are in a custody hearing over custody of michael jackson's kids. the investigation into the virginia tech massacre is getting a second look. why the governor is getting involved. a drywall contractor by day, training for jihad at night. the f.b.i. raid that's netted seven alleged terrorists. tonight one is still on the run. raging flames destroy a popular maryland building and now a community is searching for answers. and the beauty device you may be using that researchers warn could be as deadly as mustard gas and arsenic. sue? it's a real steam bath out there. temperatures still 82 degrees. the dew point off the charts. almost as troopically humid as a night in florida. get ready to throw that umbrella in the car. we probably won't be missing out on tomorrow's round of
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virginia governor tim kaine is reopening the investigation into the massacre at virginia tech. the news follows the discovery of gunman cho seung-hui's missing medical records. fox 5' claudia -- fox 5's claudia coffey has the latest. >> reporter: it was a startling discovery that has shetd new intense -- shed new intense light on the virginia shootings that left 32 dead. last week the once lost medical records of the gunman were found in the home of the former director of the university's counseling center. andrew goddard's son colin was shot four times and survived
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the attack. boat were shocked by the revelations. >> he was a surprise as i was that the information showed up, especially in such an obvious place, you know. it's like it was hiding in plain sight. >> reporter: the news has led virginia governor tim kaine to announce the investigations into the shootings would be reopened but the panel that conducted the original investigation would not be reconvened. kaine made the announcement on wtop radio's "ask the governor" segment. >> we're going to reopen the factual narrative of that report and look at any information that has come in sin the report was done in september -- come in since the report was done in september of 2007. >> reporter: the families of the victims and survivors criticized the governor's decision not to reconvene the panel. lori haas's daughter was shot and recovered and is a senior at virginia tech. she says governor kaine's decision falls short. >> the amount of new information with the discovery
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of the missing records being the icing on the cake, if you will, just demands that the panel be reconvened. >> reporter: governor kaine said reconvening the panel would be difficult since most were volunteers. haas disagrees. >> i understand governor kaine's hesitation to ask people to volunteer for a big job, but i'm under the impression they want to. >> reporter: reopening the investigation with the full panel famies argue would paint an accurate picture of what happened that day, what went wrong and what people should have done. gods discard says not -- goddard says not only would it bring closure but it's a public safety concern. >> it's tremendous implications to anyone at a university or similar setting that should be using that document as a study guide as to what they should be doing for themselves. >> reporter: kaine also said cho's medical records need to be released to the public. now to a fire that destroyed a knights of columbus hall in prince george's county. fire investigators are sifting through the rubble looking for
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what sparked this blaze at the byrne manor in oxon hill this morning. the building's utilities weren't on when they got to the scene. knights of columbus members have been trying to save the building from foreclosure. >> [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ] it's sad to see it go like this. >> investigators did find two stolen cars parked behind the building. it's unclear if it's related to that fire. a memorial service planned for next wednesday for the four people killed in a helicopter crash in weern maryland last friday. three of the victims worked for advanced helicopter concepts. the fourth was a friend. the group was returning from a fund raising event where they gave rides for donations for their owner's youth charity. the memorial will be open to friends and family at frederick municipal airport. we're following a developing story tonight. the hunt for an alleged
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homegrown terrorist intensifying. he's' part of a north carolina terror cell planning attacks around the world. tonight seven people are under arrest. at the center of it all, this man, daniel patrick boyd seen there in the checkered shirt on the right. tonight his family is asking people not to rush to judgment. >> reporter: federal prosecutors say daniel patrick boyd worked as a drywall contractor by day but was the ring leader of a small north carolina-based terrorist group. they say he spent the last three years traveling to the middle east secretly buying guns, recruiting and training others for jihad across the globe. today a spokesperson from the raleigh chapter of the muslim- american society spoke on his family's behalf. >> i have raised my sons to be good people and we are a good family. indictments always seem factual in their appearance but to rush to judgment is not a part of the process. and we kindly ask for our right to defense on the charges alleged by my family. >> reporter: the boys' neighbors watched in disbelief
10:20 pm
as federal agents raided the family's home looking for evidence. some defended him calling him a good neighbor. others weren't so sure. >> you don't see anything around here except tobacco and cows. terrorists? that's a little much, don't you think? it kind of makes you feel unsafe anywhere. if you can't be safe in the country, where can you be safe at? >> reporter: all seven men are charged with providing material support to terrorism and conspiracy to maim, dnap and inju persons abroad. they don't know what they were targeting overseas but the family maintains they are not terrorists. >> we're an ordinary family. we have the right to justice and we believe that justice will prevail. we are decent people who care about other human beings. just because something is said in the media does not make it so. >> reporter: fox 5 has learned the alleged ring leader daniel patrick boyd is originally from alexandria, virginia and is a graduate of t.c.
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williams high school. the other men and boyd are expected to be back in court thursday. major action outside the courtroom for the trial of the mother accused of killing her four daughters. this house has proven that tossing a few mms now and then could actually be good r health. 
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it is day two of deliberations in the trial of a d.c. mom accused of killing her four children. >> banita jacks' four daughters were found dead in the southeast row house last year. as the judge deliberates, fox 5's beth parker returned to jacks' old neighborhood. >> reporter: 4249 sixth street southeast is being renovated. crews are preparing it to be sold but their work cannot erase the horror of what happened here back in january 2008, a u.s. marshal serving routine eviction papers discovered the bodies of
10:25 pm
brittany, nakia, asia and tatiana, the daughterses of banita jacks [ inaudible ] >> reporter: jeffrey johnson lived right across the street. news news as his former neighbor banita jacks is on trial for murder. you don't have to be her neighbor to be captivated by the case. helen raider is a mom herself and like others just wanted to be there in court. >> i feel a huge emness inside. i can't explain what it is but i feel like when this is over and i go home, i'm always thinking who's growing to take care of the kids and they're gone. it's really hard for me to get my head around the fact that there are four dead girls and they're really gone. >> i feel sorry for the kids, the way the kids suffered, the way they died and stuff like this. that was my feeling. it really touched me. >> reporter: now the jacks house is right back there. according to testimony this is the neighborhood store where
10:26 pm
banita jacks did a lot of her shopping. now, prosecutors say that according to the debit card records, her spending had dropped way off by the fall of 2007. they say that's because all her children were already dead. she was shopping for one [ inaudible ] she speak to everybody like nothing was going on. >> reporter: they say that's how banita cks looked in court too, like nothing is going o. the judge is trying to decide if jacks is guilty of first-degree murder. some neighbors say they aren't sure a judge is the best person to make the decision. >> actually i think -- put it in god's hands. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> you've heard it before. cigarettes are dangerous. tonight there is a new cancer health alert. what researchers say is more dangerous for your skin than mustard gas and arsenic. the swine flu now infecting one million americans and one thing could be putting you at a much greater risk. how you can be on the cutting edge of brand new cell
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a common blue food dye could help tre spinal cord injuries. tests in rats showed it helped block inflammation. the only side effect the mice temporarily turned blue. we have a health alert tonight for those of you trying to get the perfect tan this morning. no, this isn't about the sun. international cancer experts put tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation in the top cancer risk category deeming them as deadly as mustard gas, arsenic and tobacco. laura evans is here now with more on the ultraviolet dangers. >> reporter: cancer researchers with the world health organization now classify tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation in the top cancer
10:31 pm
risk category. as you said the international agency for research on cancer says that means tanning beds are now considered as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas. a rude awakening for sun worshipers looking to brown their skin in tanning beds. cancer researchers with the world health organization now compare fake baking to tobacco, the hepatitis b virus and chimney sweeping all definite causes of cancer. >> with tanning beds we're getting a limited range. you're getting direct double dose uv exposure. >> reporter: using a tanning bed can double, even quadrupling your chances of getting deadly cancer. >> we're always scared of be outside too much and getting burned but with tanning beds you're narrowing that range to the most carcinogenic range possible on human skin. >> reporter: after analyzing about 20 studies, the researchers found the risk of skin cancer jumped 75% when people used the bed before age 30. but many in the tanning
10:32 pm
industry disagree with the findings. the chief executive of the trade group the sun bed association released this statement saying, the fact that it's continuously ignored is that there is no proven link between the responsible use of sun beds and skin cancer. she says most people who use them do so less than 20 times a year. but according to the international agency for cancer research, most lights used in tanning beds give off mainly ultraviolet radiation which causes skin and eye cancer. and as use of tanning beds has increased among people under 30, doctors have seen a parallel rise in the number of young people with skin cans disbler typically we used to see patients who were 70 and up. i've noticed i ve 40-year- olds who are coming in with malignant melanomas. >> reporter: in britain we should note melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer there is now the leading cancer diagnosed in women in their 20s. normally skin cancer rates are highest in people over 75. >> thank you.
10:33 pm
pregnant women likely to be the first in a group of people advised to get the swine flu vaccine. pregnant women account for 6% of u.s. swine flu deaths since the pandemic began in april. a federal vaccine advisory panel is meeting tomorrow. they'll discuss who should be the first to get the h1n1 shots. health care workers are at the top of that list. talk about the donation scandal that's plaguing the d.c. fire department. remember the surplus fire truck and ambulance being sent down to a resort town in the dominican republic? the mayor of that town is now here in d.c. but as fox 5's karen gray houston shows us, that's just one twist in this story. >> reporter: they call them the head bangers, a boxing team that practices at a rec center in southwest. some teen members went to the dominican republic in november of '07 with the nonprofit group face productions and peaceaholics which sponsored cultural exchanges for at-risk youths. >> i heard news about the fire
10:34 pm
truck saying it got in the way. >> reporter: the fire truck and ambulance now being housed in a d.c. warehouse are embroiled in a controversy. who authorized the donation to the dominican republic when city rules call for surplus equipment to be auctioned off. why were nonprofits the middle men and why did city officials refuse to cooperate with council investigators? >> we have warehouses full of surplus equipment, government- owned equipment, is it walking out the door to favorite people? i don't know. >> reporter: dorothy brizill organized the press conference. >> we really need this over there. >> from a humanitarian perspective, we thought that we could assist a city thahas antiquated fire trucks. >> reporter: the mayor has appeared at a d.c. council deposition and spoken to the inspector general.
10:35 pm
>> things can be legal. you can have a good purpose in mind and you still shouldn't do that. that's what we looked from this and that's why we won't do it agai >> reporter: faced productions seizedded fire truck and ambulance as gestures of good faith. the sponsors are hoping that the folks in the dominican republic will eventually get them so they can continue their boxing exchange program. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> the mayor says he'd like to get the fire truck and ambulance but since they never arrived, he wants the $11,000 back that his town spent to have them shipped. d.c. schools launching a big initiative hoping to woo students away from private and charter schools. 13 public schools will receive extra programming. the chosen schools will have technology, arts or world culture. just when you thought every airline was nickel-and-diming you, one is now offering you a break. plus, his dry cleaners
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could be the last capital forethat guy right there. the federal judge threw out the wrongful termination -- [ inaudible ] in the suit pierson claimed the owners after dry cleaning shop lost his favorite pair of pants and their satisfaction guaranteed sign was deceptive. judge sonia sotomayor is one step closer to a seat on the supreme court. the senate judiciary committee voted today 13-6 to approve president obama's nomination. next week the vote comes before the full senate. the sole republican vote in her favor, south carolina senator lindsey graham.
10:40 pm
four other republican senators have publicly announced they'll support sotomayor's nomination. >> so i took her speeches and advocacy role and put it up against her record and i leave believing that she is well qualified, of good character and her record over a long period of time is within the mainstream. >> if confirmed by the full senate, sotomayor would be the third woman to serve on the supreme court and the first hispanic. now to the health care battle. president obama pitched his plan for reform at a town hall meeting sponsored by the aarp today. a public option may not be included in a health care reform bill the president is still pushing for one. >> we spend about $6,000 per person more than any other industrialized nation on earth. six,000 more than the people -- 6,000 more than the people do in denmark, france, germany. every one of these other
10:41 pm
countries spend at least 50% less than we do and you know what? they're just as healthy. >> president obama has relaxed his push for congress to pass this bill before the august recess. he says a bill will be completed by the end of the year. kate mis eight coming to maryland? we have the new details coming up next. plus, it might not be so easy to hit up the atm in the next few months. we're going to tell you why your local bank branch my soon be out of business. coming up in just minutes on the news edge at 11:00, how does a family's baptism party end like this? cops stormed in, taser guns in tow. took down a grandfather and a pregnant woman before they were done. what sparked the trouble at this family celebration? we'll take you inside the investigation. the latest heartbreak? turn it into a booming business and cash in. the summer storms seemed to stay away today. sue says don't put the umbrella away. she'll have the forecast on the
10:42 pm
other side. 
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see. you could why your news any time you want it. >> reporter: that's made possible through a computer chip. it's like a microtv receiver that can either be attached on to or embedded into cell phones, laptops or pdas. now, there are already portable digital televisions but just like your dtv set at home, the signal can be finicky. it can drop out or break up, just with the slightest move and imagine if you're in a car or walking around somewhere. this new mobile broadcast technology is supposed to change that. the signal on this portable dvd player doesn't waiver as lg electronics john taylor demonstrates this. >>his takedigital tv to the next level. >> reporter: viewers will have the added benefit of being able to get emergency alerts like weather warnings wherever they. >> reporter: that would be a good reason to have it. >> reporter: fox 5 and my 20 are among the first stations in the country to broadcast the new mobile tv signal. washington, d.c. is the test market for the new technology which should be available to consumers in about a year.
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>> we're broadcasting -- [ inaudible ] we've all heard about the advertising market being tough. a lot of competition from cable and satellite. a lot of good products comg from cable and satellite. broadcasters have to reinvent themselves. >> reporter: and prove thatthe old dinosaur still has a few tricks up his sleeve. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> right now the technology is only available to a test audience, but by next year you can expect to get free programs on the go, including fox 5 news and some of your other favorites. more signs that we are closer to fixing the financial mess. home prices in may posted their first monthly increase since the number of 2006. the cost of homes went up in 13 of the 20 cities that were tracked. prices rose a half percent from april but they are still down more than 17% from last may. the news follows reports that newly built and existing home sales rose in june for the third straight month. bank of america could soon be coming hundreds of its branches. a company spokesman says if customers continue to use on-
10:48 pm
line and mobile banking, the bank could close as many as 10% of its 6100 branches. bank of america has received $45 billion in federal bailout money. united airlines is offering passengers a break. the airline will become the first major u.s. carrier to roll back frequent flier service charges. it will drop fees ranging from $75 to $100 per ticket for passengers to cash in tir miles. analysts say the move will cut into a rich source of airline revenue and retain some its best cusinlorsg ok fo oweweinreoklo g for a job or you have one to post in these tough times, fox 5 is here to help you ou toyou have to do is go click on the nemotab and look for the objop sh we are kicking off a brand new job search next week but employers can start submitting openings right notice. >> let's hope our jobs aren't on there. >> we'll be checking. >> if they are, just ignore them. >> posit on facebook. let us know. a lot of sweating in the shade today. >> it is so steamy.
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i checked the dew point before we came up which is 72 which is kind of meaningless. if it's over 70 it's oppress ef. ifauauul-- oppressive. beautiful weaer photo. load. this is one we saw brewing wov fox 5 yesterday. we thank fred shah for that great photo. if you have one, sndendt to myweatherphoto at tomorrow i think e'll see some storms featuring heavy rain. let's get a start with a look at trueview because we did not see much storminess around here today. we have had a cluster of storms that are now diminishing across central virginia and in richmond and one or two isolated showers and thunderstorms that roamed across maryland earlier today but thbig feature with them was heavy rain because of the amount of humidity in the air, they're able to rain out an awful lot of moisture and i think that's going to be the big feature tomorrow, torrential rain in some areas. high temperatures today, we got
10:50 pm
up to 92 degrees at reagan national. dulles was not far behind at 91. bwi88 degrees. so i think this is the sixth time so far this july we've been in the 90s. our high so far this month was 96 on july 16. but you'll recall that day, it was extremely dry as opposed today which is almost the polar opposite with all the moisture in the air. that means it's hard to cool off at night. dulles is still 81. d.c. still 82. baltimore that had a thunderstorm earlier today 76. but hagerstown, you're 83 degrees. fredricksburg 81. ocean city 83 degrees. great week to be at the beaches because it is so incredibly warm and stifling humidity that i think you may be really enjoying the water. but again keep a very close eye because tomorrow does look pretty stormy. not a lot of sunshine. clouds are going to build in early. left over from a lot of rain we're going to see to our south tonight. the big feature in any of these storms is going to be the amount of rain it can put down. one, two inches of rain would not be uncommon out a single
10:51 pm
storm, emily if ty're not -- especially if they're not moving very fast tomorrow. do be aware some of those underpasses fill up. you may have to find a little bit of an alternate route. temperatures are going to soar after tomorrow. tomorw the mid-80s but we may be talking 94 or mid-90s on thursday. not what the redskins want to hear when they start their camp. we stay steamy right on through the weekend with daily chances of thunderstorms but tomorrow by far and away looks like the most widespre chance for showers and thunderstorms. overnight some clouds and rather muggy out there. maybe an isolated shower or storm but those chances seem to be well to our south and they are greatly diminished now. 74 degrees overnight. scattered showers and storms tomorrow. the big feature will be the heavy rain they're able to produce. maybe some gusty winds. occasionally some hail. temperature 84 degrees which is considerably cooler than we were today. max hd satellite and radar as you can see not much around
10:52 pm
here today. a lot of moisture is available to be tapped and will be pushed in our direction by a frontal system. this front will slowly be approaching the region but it will tap a lot of this copious moisture we've been seeing down to the south and send it in our direction. in terms of severe weather tomorrow, the storm prediction says maybe east of 95 into northeastern maryland and the delmarva you could see the stronger storms. but for most of us it's going to be that real heavy rain we'll be watching out for. bermuda high off the coast continues to pump in all the humidity. frontal system won't clear us tomorrow but there will be a trough in the area so that will be the trigger. while we'll have quite a lot of cloud cover around, any of those thunderstorms that do develop in the afternoon could have some very copious moisture. we'll be watching it very closely tomorrow afternoon in the weather center. here's your five-day forecast. as a result of the clouds and rain, only 84 degrees tomorrow. then 10 degrees warmer on thursday with just isolated showers and thunderstorms. friday 92 degrees. more scattered storms in the forecast. we keep that going right on
10:53 pm
into the weekend. we're going to talk about the model data and show you the timetable for some of the storms on the news edge at 11:00. >> sounds good. the crew of the space shuttle endeavour preparing to head back to earth. they bid their international space station colleagues farewell before closing up the hatches. they wrapped up 11 days on the space station. endeavour is scheduled to touch down in florida on friday. back here on earth the story that's blowing up on the internet. radar on-line is reporting kate gosselin bought a condo in rockland, maryland. her bodyguard turned boyfriend reportedly bought a condo in maryland. two purdue university students are spending their summer giving out compliments. they are known as the compliment guys. their owe on a ten-city tour to give people walking buy a kind word. the gesture started on a campus in lafayette, indiana when the
10:54 pm
guys noticed people weren't smiling enough. they say their goal is to cheer people up. >> we wanted to cheer people up. we had flyers taped to the ground because everyone walks down with their head down all day. we wanted to cheer people up so we went out there and started giving free compliments and it's stuck and we've been out there every wednesday sleet, shine, snow. we'relike the mailman of compliments. >> they began their trip in new orleans and they are making stops all along the east coast with their final stop in new york city. >> there's a fine line between a compliment and condescending by the way. don't cross the line, guys. not so funny. we're working hard on the news edge. what went wrong at one family's baptism. it ended up with the cops busting out the tasers. tonight a staple at the dentist office is getting the green light. and is he bound for the burgundy and gold? feldy is all over the michael vick redskins talk. the skins have made a definitive answer and they're not the only ones.
10:55 pm
we'll shed some light on michael vick coming up on the news edge at 11:00.  if we don't act, medical bills will wipe ou their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied covere because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%.
10:56 pm
and he'll have to cutbenefs for his employees. but we can act. the president and ngress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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10:58 pm
if you're traveling some summer take not. a massachusetts family remembered all their bags but they left one very imrtant thing bend, their child. turns out they left her in the cab. >> reporter: seven-year-old kadisha charles of mattapan took quite the ride. >> never happened to me before. >> reporter: around 3:00 p.m. 39-year-old cabby veteran joseph cohen picked up the family at logan. they were fresh off a long flight from haiti. the family of ix was dropped off at their home but the little girl asleep in the back never got out of the cab. >> the family was very tired, you know. they didn't think, you know,
10:59 pm
about the kid. >> by this time we are finished i talked to the driver and unfortunately i don't realize that the kid was inside the car. >> reporter: while joe was removing the luggage, the parents had already gotten out of the cab. unbeknownst to them their daughter was still back in the third seat. she'd put her head down and fell asleep. she was hidden. joe got a phone call 15 minutes later. >> the state police were looking. i said for what? the baby. i said to him what baby, you know. >> reporter: joe turned his head and saw the little girl sound asleep. she didn't wake up until she was back in her father's arms 20 minutes later. >> that was probably the longest 20 minutes of your life. >> it was. it was. >> you must have been really tired. was it a long flight back from haiti? >> yes good is that why you were so tired? >> yes. >> they said to me, you're a hero, you did good. shook my hand, you know. >> thank goodness she's all right.


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