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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 30, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. breaking news right off the top tonight a. frightening attempted abduction. good evening, every june. i'm -- everyone. i'm laura evans in for brian. i'm shawn yancy. right now police are searching for to men who tried to snatch two kids off the streets tonight. fox 5's bob barnard live on the scene. bob, what is the latest? >> reporter: shawn, laura, police say the three kids are okay tonight. in fact, they weren't even touched. this all happened behind me here. thiss a parking lot with no other cars besides police cars now. a little grass field over here where the children were playing. you can see police are still out here investigating right now. the men who approached the children got away but not
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before the parents of two of the kids got a look at them. this happened about 6:45 tonight. two boys ages 8 and 9 and a young girl age 7 were playing on some grass near this tree when laurel police say two men in a beat up light blue pickup truck parked in this lot at villages of laurel tried to kidnap the children. >> the two men first told them -- to have them come closer, don't be afraid, don't be frightened. trying to get a little bit closer. saying come a little bit closer. that's when the kids actually backed away and that's when the female began running. >> reporter: laurel police spokesman jim collins said the men in their truck followed the girl to her apartment building a block away. >> the child ran into her building, pounded the door, got her mother. as the mother walked outside, that's when the truck left the
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area to 198. >> reporter: she was able to get a partial description? >> yes, a light blue, believed to abmazda pickup truck. as they described it as being very raggedy, dirty looking truck. should have a dent on the driver's side fender. they said it had a black bed. the bed lining. had clear glass with a tag 41641w but we're not sure which state. >> reporter: he says perhaps it's a maryland tag. we're looking li at police here investigating this attempted abduction in laurel tonight. they believe it may have a maryland tag because they believe these two guys are familiar with this area. this is an apartment complex off 198. they were in this back lot. so they believe that perhaps these guys know this area, although there are no other reported kidnappings, attempted abductions or anything involving men in a light blue pickup truck but they're hoping by perhaps broadcasting this story tonight, the word of this pickup truck, two men trying to
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kidnap three kids from a playground, a grassy area here in laurel tonight that maybe it may trigger something in someone else's head and they may give police a call. back you to. >> indeed. we hope police are paying attention tonight on the lookout for that truck. fairfax police working their own attempted abduction tonight, this one a teenager walking to school. well very more coming up. the john couey snatched jessica lunsford from her bedroom in 2005. he lived nearby. he died of natural causes at the hospital. trouble tonight for a u.s. capital police officer. an arlington woman claims she came home early sunday moing and found officer thomas mcmahon passed out in her bed. she called police police officers. they woke him up and arrested him. mcmahon had been drinking. he's now charged with few entry. an alert for those of who you drive in maryland. several new laws take effect on
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the roads in just a couple of hours. they include a texting ban, new speed cameras, a stricter dui sentences. fox 5's will thomas has the details tonight. >> reporter: we live in a changing world where actual conversations on cell phones are often replaced by instant text messages. >> it's a bad habit. really bad. >> reporter: as of midnight, kelly can't do it anymore, at least not legally here in maryland. it's going to be illegal to text and drive. >> i just don't know how they'll enforce it. >> reporter: anyone caught riding or sending text messages while driving in maryland now faces fines up to 500 bucks. >> i think it's a good idea but i don't think it went far enough. >> reporter: justin hubbard is talking about the fact the law doesn't ban reading text messages while driving. >> get out of the car and send a text message but you don't have to answer it right now. that's the convenience ever the text. you can get to it later when you're not driving. >> reporter: the latest studies show it's much more dangerous to drive while texting than even talking on the phone good that's interesting.
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i don't know that it's more dangerous. i think it's as dangerous. i text all the time. i have a business to run. but i don'do it while i'm driving. >> reporter: the maryland law books are also cracking down on drunk driving. now on your conviction in maryland, your license will automatically be suspended for a year. no more probation before judgment for anyone getting a second dui with an -- within a ten-year period. edmaryland's new speed camera law goes into effect thursday. they were first tested in montgomery county and are now permitted throughout the state but only in school and construction zones. >> i think the speed cameras at least will bring an awareness to drivers as they enter a work zone area to look at the speedometer and make sure that they really are traveling safety not only for the workers but for themselves. >> reporter: montgomery county is allowed to use speed cameras in neighborhoods with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less. the camera hours and school zones are restricted to the hours between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 in the evening monday
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through friday. one more note. the changes are not just coming to maryland. the d.c. sales tax goes up starting tomorrow from 5.75% to 6%. another automaker bites the dust. g.m. says it is shutting down saturn. it said it would sell the cars if someone would make them. they found a company would do that but saturn's board rejected that agreement. g.m. will keep making the saturn aura, outlook and view through 2011. owners can still go to g.m. dealers after that to get their cars serviced. now to a developing story in the pacific. the death toll from yesterday's tsunami is now more th 100. take a look at this amateur video right here. you can see there as the water comes in sweeping that white truck out there after the massive tsunami crashed ashore. also tonight, we're going to tell you the waves there were triggered by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in the south
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pacific. roby chavez is here now with the latest this deadly tsunami. >> reporter: at least 119 people have been killed so far. the biggest disaster area has been near the shore in at least 30 villages that have been hit hard. we do have one local small, tight knit samoa community here. many are only now hearing from relatives. the stories are amazing. many say they only had moments to get to higher ground. [foreign language] >> reporter: in the native language and a long way from their homeland, prayers and hope from the local samoan community at a tiny chapel in the fort myer army base in arlington, family members wait for word. >> my parents' home is gone. i have a beloved aunt that drowned in her home, died in her home. and there's six people that died in my village. >> when you lose relatives, when you lose friends and people that you grew up
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together with, it's always a loss. >> reporter: the images are tough to see. when the four waves struck the island, residents had only minutes to get out. >> it's a disaster. bad. very bad. >> all they could do was go quickly uphill. >> reporter: officials are already coordinating help. on the ground in american samoa, a team already stationed on the island is experiencing tough conditions. >> conditions are pretty difficult right now. about half of the largest island has no power at all. and the other half still has widespread damage. we're hearing that entire villages have been destroyed. >> reporter: with many of the residents living near the shore, the outlook is grim. luckily the american red cross has a warehouse on the island filled with critical supplies. it won't last long. >> we're looking to supplement that with an additional push of volunteers and an additional
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push of supplies. >> reporter: in the meantime, songs of hope and prayers for families torn apart by the tsunami. still the strong samoan hope is intact. >> when i asked how they were doing, she said they were shaken and it's worse than they thought, but they just seemed really resolved to the fact that they're going to get through this. >> reporter: pretty tough. the united states is concentrating its relief effort on american samoa. today two cargo planes left from honolulu to the area. fema saysit will be a long- term relief effort. it's concentrating both on airlift and sea lifts. we're live in the satellite center, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> thank you. if you'd like to help the victims of the tsunami, you can go to and click on web links. we'll take you to the american red cross' page to donate. we're following breaking news right now. another earthquake, this one in indonesia. it's killed at least 200
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people. the damage was caused by a combination of the quake and landslides that trapped people under collapsing buildings, including two hospitals. the magnitude 7.6 quake hit just one day after that quake hit the samoas. adding to swine flu fears in maryland, a 14-year-old girl has now died from the illness. state health officials say she had no other apparent underlying health conditions. destiny parker's family says she died tuesday after going to the hospital last week. her family does claim she had both the swine flu and double pneumonia. >> to actually stand a couple feet away from my niece and all i see is the machine doing the breathing, my heart was crushed. >> state officials report that this is the ninth death in maryland connected to the h1n1 virus. high profile terror cases stretching across the country. tonight we hear from the people keeping tabs on possible plots.
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wait till you hear what this local father is accused of doing with his teenage daughter that put hundreds of kids at risk. plus, a mother's heartbreak. could this sign announcing the happy news have led to a nightmare? we'll be back. 
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a father-daughter team is under arrest accused of using a local school as a gang recruitment center. fox 5's paul wagner explains how it went down. >> reporter: this is the man police say was behind the gang recruitment. police say he funded the gang through larcenies and robberies. that is until a school resource
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officer started investigating some of those crimes. >> our school resource officer conducted a separate but related investigation that kind of started that -- that led us to this investigation. so in that regard i hope it does send a message. >> reporter: according to the search warrant affidavit, the gang makes money by committing crimes such as larcenies and robberies at the direction of theodore olds. a confidential informant further stated that each member must pay $80 per month for dues. the informant also stated the dues are used for bail money, emergency funds and other benefits. in addition, the informant stated that when members do not pay or fall behind, theodore olds often threatens them with bodily harm. the affidavit says to students have identified olds and his daughter as attempting to recruit them into the gang. one said it has seen theodore olds on numerous occasions in possession of a fire arp.
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parents we spoke with outside fairfax high said it was the first time they were hearing the charges. >> what can i do right now? nothing. what they need to do is find out who's behind it, get them to jail. > scary. very scary. it's -- school is supposed to be a safe place. surely you don't expect the students to be helping with that kind of recruiting. >> reporter: theodore olds was arrested on the 25th of september. he remains behind bars held without bond. the search warrant affidavit also saysofficers went into the home of theodore olds looking for gang-related paraphernalia. tattoo machines as well as weapons associated with the gang subculture. they left with just a bb gun, a bandanna and a cell phone. in addition to the gang recruitment, olds has also been charringed with robbery -- charged with robbery and a firearms charge. hidaughter is chard with gang recruitment and gang
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participation. i'm paul wagner. fighter jets trailing a single engine plane before the plane crashed in an indiana field this afternoon. f-16 sent up after the air traffic controller lost contact with the pilot. the pilot was slumped over the controls before it went down. the military thinks he may have had some sort of health problem. the pilot was found dead after the crash. passengers on an american airlines flight out of boston moved to another plane after someone found a note saying there was a bomb on board. the note on a bathroom wall said, quote, "bomb on boar boston to miami." police searched the plane and luggage on the flight but they found nothing. tracking terror in the u.s. has led law enforcement to keep a closer eye on even more terror suspects a. source tells the associated press investigators are watching a handful of men in new york thought to be associates of najibullah zazi. zazi is the denver man accused of plotting to bomb new york's transit system. the source says more arrests are expected but as the conspire tores are no longer
10:18 pm
considered a threat. despite all the recent terror arrest, some analysts say it's not enough. their arounding the department of homeland security to broaden their scope for homegrown terrorists. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the details. >> reporter: michael c. finton under arrest charged with plotting bombings in texas and illinois. >> what if anything can we do to try to disrupt their use of westerners to carry out attacks. >> reporter: f.b.i. head robert mueller testifying at the senate homeland security committee saying finton's case -- [ inaudible ] >> it's to the point where they reach out to get the training and fall into exactly what al qaeda wants which is additional operatives. >> reporter: security officials call such suspects lone wolves,
10:19 pm
independent terrorists inspired by but having no operational connection to al qaeda. rooting them out has become a top priority. >>it's all about lean willing forward. -- leaning forward. it's all about thinking ahead. >> reporter: so far experts say the u.s. is staying ahead of the curve. >> most of the other cases we've seen have been largely sing case, long on intent, short on capability. >> reporter: the director of a george washington university homeland security policy institute says the goal is to intercept the lone wolves before they make direct connections with sophisticated terror networks. >> when the intent and the capability come together, that convergence, that's when i think we have some real challenges. >> reporter: recent arrests also serve as a remind their terrorism remains a threat. a recent poll found 49% said americans had already forgotten 9/11's impact. only 39% said it was not forgotten. feelings reflected by some here in washington. >> i really think about it -- i
10:20 pm
rarely think about it. maybe because i'm so busy personally i don't think about a lot of things. >> they have short memory, some of them. but i was here when 9/11 happened. >> reporter: u.s. officials say their efforts are baring fruit and point to the recent bulletin warnings about arenas and stadiums being the targets of terrorists. those investigations of course are continuing. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. a frantic search underway right now for a newborn snatched right from his own home. how the kidnapper got into the house. plus, the warning every single driver needs to hear before heading out on the road. new york, los angeles, miami and d.c. so what makes the nation's capital the hippest cityn the country?  using kmart layaway makes me wonder if everything...
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tonight the hunt is on for a man who tried to abduct a teenager walking home from school in fairfax county. it happened late yesterday afternoon in annandale. fox 5's wisdom martin is live at fairfax county police
10:24 pm
department with the latest. >> reporter: shawn, it's something people in this community have done for some time, but tonight they're reconsidering letting their children walk to and from school after a 15-year-old is nearly abducted. the incident happened in this neighborhood tuesday evening around 5:00. a 15-year-old girl was walking home alone from woodson high school when police say she was approached by a man in a white pickup truck. >> he asked if she want add ride. she said no. she refused and he grabbed her. >> reporter: at the same time another motorist who was driving by saw the incident and asked if everything was okay. at that point the girl was able to break free and run home. the suspect drove away. >> the suspect at this point, a white male, probably about in his 40s, around 5'8", 220 pounds. the vehicle was described as a newer model white pickup truck and had two pittsburgh steeler bumper stickers. one on the back window of the cab portion of the truck and one on the left portion of the rear bumper. >> reporter: it was a
10:25 pm
frightening story for sean and her fifth grade daughter. at the age of 12 wile living in california, sean says she was almost kidnapped. >> i got out of the car, they approached me. my great dane was barking really loud. they kept trying to get closer. >> reporter: her dog scared them away but that experience and the news is a reminder for her family. >> with my little brother and everything, i kind of have more of my fears for him. >> i always tell us to be careful, we go over how to get away from a person, when you're close to a car good when somebody comes out to grab you and they're wrapped around you, you either get them in the leg, go like that. >> reporter: sean says they plan to stop walking when it gets dark and they have no plans for any of the kids to walk alone in the neighborhood. meanwhile police continue to search for the suspect as well as the person who intervened. police say it's really important to find the person
10:26 pm
who intervened because he may have seen something that the 15- year-old did not see that could lead them to the suspect. a tennessee mom pleading for the safe return of her newborn son tonight. the infant snatched from her home tuesday by a woman posing as an immigration agent. the baby's mother was stabbed in the head, neck, breast and thigh. by the time police arrived, the house was empty and the suspect long gone. relatives worry that a sign in the front yard of the victim's home may have provoked the attack and abduction. the mother is now recovering in a hospital. if you think sending just a quick text while you're driving won't hurt anyone, tink again. thousands of people lose loved ones every year to distracted driving. tonight we have their story. you know all about the seasonal flu vaccine and the swine flu version. now the government wants you to roll up your sleeve for yet another. we're taking you inside the star power heading overseas for the big push to bring the olympics back to the u.s. more and more,
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a wild scene in florida. a car plowed right through that mobile home. investigators say the woman behind the wheel had some sort of medical emergency causing her to lose control. she ended up trapped there. there's no word tonight on her condition. fortunately no one was inside that mobile home. >eart stopping video. watch this out of control car come into the shot nearly slamming into the little girl. oh, my gosh. today the woman behind the wheel pleaded not guilty to reckless driving charges. her car actually smashed into that metal pole lifting up the car completely missing that 4- year-old girl. police believe the driver hit the gas while backing up and hit a truck before jumping the curve. distracting driving is claiming the lives of 6,000 people every year. drivers texting behind the
10:31 pm
wheel were 23 times more likely to crash. it's not just cell phones the experts are worried about. fox 5's john henrehan has more on the rules of the road. >> rerter: it was a tale of two conferences. in one room scientists, researchers and policymakers. in another room family members of the victims of distracted drivers. >> he did not make it and i knew then and there i would never see my dad again. >> reporter: an inattentive driver killed his father while riding to work. jennifer smith's mother was killed by a distracted driver. >> first thing the driver did admit when he got out of the car was that he was talking on a cell phone. >> reporter: the researchers at the conference stress it's not just cell phone talking while driving that's unsafe. it's any secondary activity while driving like programming a gps. >> or repeatedly changing radio stations or operating a music
10:32 pm
player. texting, however, appears to be the most dangerous driving distractions. virginia tech profess ooh john dingus oversaw a major video of truckers that dialing a cell phone makes a driver six times likelier to crash. trying to read a map makes a driver to crash seven times more likely but texting on a cell phone makes accidents 23 times more common. >> nondriving related, visually demanding tasks should always be avoided. they simply should always be avoided. >> reporter: on thsday maryland becomes the 13th state to ban texting while driving. in january six more states will forbid the practice. in washington, john henrehan, fox 5 news. you have a brand new option for staying off those crowded roads. today amtrak launched its newest northeast regional service with a ceremony at the burke center station. service will begin in lynchburg starting tomorrow with stops in charlottesville, culpeper and manassas.
10:33 pm
the trains also serve bke, alexandria, lafante plaza and go as far north as boston. metro istaking extra steps to stop the spread of swine flu. metro usually does extra cleaning during flu season but they're stepping up this year because of the h1n1 virus. stations will be cleaned daily. rail cars will be cleaned weekly. >> we're trying to clean all the typical hand contact places. so we do encourage our riders to protect themselves also. if they don't have soap and water, use a hand sanitizer. >> the workers are using an environmentally friendly disinfectant. the swine flu vaccine is due to start rolling out next week, and doctors are encouraging everyone to get the h1n1 and the seasonal flu vaccine. they also want you to get a third shot. the pneumococcal vaccine. the cdc says nearly 30% of swine flu victims who died had
10:34 pm
a bacterial infection. the shot protects against the bacteria that causes pneumonia. a boost for the national institutes of health. president barack obama announcing new huge grants from the stimulus program during a visit to the n.i.h. campus in bethesda today. he said it won't just help live- saving research, it will also create new jobs. >> reporter: preside obama takes a firsthand look at where billions of federal dollars will go in the near future. medical research. >> that is brains. >> reporter: overall last year 787 -- $787 billion plan earmarked $10 billion for the national institutes of health. >> we've only scratched the surface of these kinds of treatments. >> reporter: so day president obama announced what he calls the single largest boost to biomedical research ever. $5 billion in federal grants for heart disease, cancer and autism research. >> we know that these investments in research will improve and save countless lives for generations to come.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: this grant money will fuel funding for more than 12,000 existing research projects. the president says it will also create thousands of research and education jobs over the next two years. medicaequipment suppliers and businesses in the field will also profit. he says the research should focus on public health, not private investors or corporate owners. >> the work do you is not easy. it takes a great deal of patience and persistence, but it holds incredible promise for the health of our people and the future of our nation and our world. >> reporter: some in the medical community have accused the prior administration of putting politics before science, but so far they say the obama administration is embracing science and research. >> we're grateful to have the support of a president who is as excited about the potential of this work as we are.
10:36 pm
major star power being added to the push to bring the 2016 olympics to chicago. first lady michele obama and talk show host oprah winfrey arrived. they are all hoping to convince the olympic committee that chicago is the place to be. >> chicago is a wonderful host city, great people, great facilities. it's known for its sports. >> there's just nothing like it. i think it's the greatest city in america and i said that even in new york city. >> president obama will join the team on friday for chicago's presentation. the windy city by the way is competing against reteenage gentleman nierro, ma -- rio janeiro and madrid. did you see it? we've got hillary clinton talking about being president.
10:37 pm
the redskins are not -- [ inaudible ] chris cooley and the redskins will have to regroup this week against another winless team. the plan for battling the bucs is straight ahead as the fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. ♪
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included temporary injection site reactions like redness, pain, firmness, swelling or bumps. smooth, natural. everyone will notice but no one will know. ask your doctor about juvéderm®. >> the top of the empire state building lit up in red lights. a small crowd protested the tribute questioning whether it's right to commemorate such a sensitive political issue considering china's history on human rights. did you see it? secretary of state hillary clinton joking at a u.n. security council meeting about being president. well, she was talking about being president of the security council. the former presidential candidate joked that she intends to relish the experience. >> thank you so much, i resume now my function as president of the council. a kind of like being a
10:41 pm
president. this may go on a little longer than anticipated. >> good sense of humor there. the u.s. holds the council presidency for the month of september. getting ready for another day at the office? you might want to pack more than your lunch after you see what germs we found lurking. plus, d.c. topping every other city in the country. find out what researchers say makes us the hippest place around. coming up in just minutes on the news edge at 11:00, a disturbing message on a bathroom wall at virginia tech. a cryptic scribble reminding the campus of the deadly massacre. n.f.l. star michael vick lands a big endorsement. which company is giving vick a second chance on the news edge at 11:00. up next, it is chilly outside tonight. in fact, some of you could see the 40s. gary mcgrady has your forecast. he's excited about this one. he has all the details coming up next. ♪
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when you think of hot, hip places to live, new york and l.a. come to mind. >> but a new survey says k street is the brand new wall street. we're talking about k street here. fox 5's claudia covery has more on why -- coffey has more on why the nation's capital has become the hot new magnet for talent. >> i think for young people it's a great place to start out your career. >> reporter: cosmopolitan living. >> it's an attractive city. >> reporter: and hip and cutting edge. >> we have a lot of restaurants here. >> reporter: d.c. is now the place to be. >> d.c. always has been a cool place. >> reporter: the nation's capital is expected to emerge as the number one post- recession hot spot tying with seattle. according to a study conducted by "the wall street journal," d.c. takes the crown for hottest, hippest destinations for educated workers in their 20s. >> it's a good place to live. it's an exciting place to live. >> reporter: william frye with the brookings institution, a washington, d.c. d.c.-based think tank was one ever the --
10:46 pm
with us one of the -- was one of the talents to rate. >> with the downturn of the financial sector in new york city, the government looks more attractive for people, whether they're taking private jobs linked to the government. >> reporter: the corridor is bustling with lobbying, law and accounting firms. barbra lange, the c.e.o. of the d.c. chamber of commerce says the city's cultural scene also sets it above the rest. >> there is such excitement going on in our citynow. the new administration, the restaurant scene is almost rivalling new york now. there's lots of really good things happening in the district of columbia. >> reporter: the rankings certainly give d.c. some serious bragging rights, but the ultimate compliment will be if all the publicity turns into tourism and more industry relocating to the region. along the new wall street, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> d.c. tied with seattle for the top spot.
10:47 pm
new york, portland and austin, texas round out the top five. d.c. really is a fun place to live. >> indeed. we have a lot going on including gary mcgrady here. >> where have they been? we've known this for a long time. gary, you just have to fix the weather we had today. >> just a little rain. i'll make up -- more than make up for for tomorrow. chilly to start. as a matter of fact, i'd say probably down right cold to start, emily in the bush -- especially in the burbs tomorrow morning. in the 40s out there. you can't see that it's cold but temperatures are already cooling off pretty nicely out there this evening. let's start locally with the numbers and show you where we are. check out dulles 54 degrees. frederick is close to the upper 40s there. harstown is 55. you can see. numbers here in the city lagging behind. a little bit of a heat island from around the city. it absorbs all the heat from the day and it takes a while
10:48 pm
for that radiate back out of the atmosphere. eventually overnight tonight temperatures will get down close to the upper 40s even here in town. pittsburgh 46 degrees. cincinnati 48. here's our source for some of the cold err air coming -- colder air coming in. there is a frost advisory posted already back out to the west of us. this is west of i-81 there. and then all the way out through the ohio river valley. most of ohio, as a matter of fact, i believe all of ohio is under some sort of frost or even freeze advisory. it's where the coldest of the air is going to be. hey, when you wake up tomorrow morning with clear skies, lots of sunshine, it will be chilly out there. this upper level storm system we've been watching for several days which is kind of parked up to the north of us, it's finally weakening. it's drifting a little farther to the north and the northeast. that's helping us out a little bit. tonight the skies have gone just about clear out there and
10:49 pm
with clear skies and the winds today minutishing, it is going to be cold. so that's what happened, you know, with these clr skies. there's no clouds to act as a blanket. so all the heat from today just kind of radiates up into space and we end up with very, very chilly conditions. how cold? well, 50 here in the city by early tomorrow morning. germantown in the upper 40s. it may be a little colder than that the way it's dropping out there. could be as low as 46 or 47. winchester believe it or not lower 40s tomorrow morning. manassas 49. and fredricksburg 51 degrees. lots of sunshine tomorrow. certainly more sunshine tomorrow than what we've had the lastcouple of days. temperatures just able to get i believe right up to 70 degrees here in the city but only mid- to upper ofs on back out to the west and the northwest. there's bowie tomorrow only about 68 degrees. here's max hd future cast. high pressure in control for us tomorrow. so we're talking about lows -- loads of sunshine. a few fair weather clouds late in the afternoon. as we progress into friday morning, there's at least a
10:50 pm
chance for more clouds overhead. and i suspect there may be a spotty or a very isolated shower coming in, too. there's going to be some warmer air aloft moving in. sometimes that kicks off a shower. most of the showers, though, do wait till friday night. this is at 11:00. notice we get some showers coming on through that will linger through saturday as well. looks like saturday morning we'll have showers still intact. maybe even a line of thundershowers trying to form here and the question is will this last all day. it looks like for the better part of the day, at least from the district to the east, we'll have a chance for some showers and maybe even some thundershowers as well. temperatures for the weekend will be warming up. here's a look at your fox 5 forecast. 70 tomorrow. not any warmer than that, though. that's probably going to be the warmest we'll be able to do. most of you will stay in the upper 60s tomorrow. we warm up with more clouds on friday. there's a chance of an isolated shower but it looks like most of the rain hangs out or holds off until friday night and
10:51 pm
through the day on saturday. we could actually have a couple of thunderstorms on saturday. notice temperatures warm up into the middle to upper 70s. and we dry out now. it does look like we'll dry out for sunday. a lot like last weekend. saturday was kind after wash qowt and sunday was much -- washout and sunday was much nicer. >> we have a skins game going on. >> 1:00 start. feldy said yes. now to the state of the skins. as you know the team is trying to regroup and move forward after an embarrassing loss. >> very embarrassing. the big question now they have to answer, what is going on now with this team. a few players told us what they think. fox 5's sports director dave feldman here now with more. >> laura, no one is panicking yet, at least publicly and here's why. the season is only three weeks old. while the skins have disappointed dropping two of their first three, they have the exact same record as the defending super bowl champion pittsburgh steelers. lindsay murphy now with more on where the team is going and where they've been.
10:52 pm
>> reporter: on monday following the redskins loss to the lions, there were more questions than answers as to how the team would move forward. does it boil down to just xs and os or is there a deeper divide. >> we're not sitting here like this team is falling apart. we're not sitting here panicking about losing two games. i feel like, you know, you go through those situations in this league. you have to lose. you have to win. it's one or the other. >> reporter: the redskins happen to be on the losing side already twice this season after just three weeks. they open theear with a loss to the giants. then barely beat the rams and then last sunday fell to the lions who were on 19-game losing skid. while this situation may divide some teams, it also may unite them. >> i hope it do, you know. people are ready to throw in the towel. it's week four of the n.f.l. season. there are a lot of teams in the same situation as us. because we've had close games with the rams and lions, it's like oh, we suck. i think for us as a team, we
10:53 pm
know the talent that we have and i think we have an opportunity to go and do something special. we still have a long season ahead of us. >> reporter: a long season indeed. there are at least 13 weeks of football still on tap for the skins. maybe more if they can get themselves established in the win column. jason campbell knows this is a time that will really test his team. >> right now we're hearing a lot, you know, we're going through a lot. this is the time that you find out the real character, you know, of our team and how can we push through. because if we can get through this, it makes for a good stretch for us down the road. >> for the next two games, the skins are assured of playing a winless team. the bucs are here sunday. they're 0-3. the following week they play at carolina. carolina is 0-3 now. but they don't play this week.
10:54 pm
it's a by week. >> thanks, feldy. semifinals for our fox rocks contest underway at clarendon grill in arlington tonight. three groups hit the stage for the battle of the bands. our semifinalists take the stage next wednesday night. the win letters compete for a chance to -- winners will compete for a chance to compete on fox 5 morning news. let's head over to shawn yancy now with what's next on the news edge. fans of facebook beware. a warning tonight that you need to hear before you log o. how thieves are using your friend toses drain your bank account. a man dedicated to giving his family a better life found tortured d killed on a playground. tonight first on fox, we're learning more about the victim and the family he leaves behind thousands ever miles away. -- of miles away. more and more,
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no matter how clean and organized you keep your desk, your office could still be one of the dirtiest places around. if you don't believe it, check out what nadine with our sister station fox 5 in san diego found at her workplace. >> reporter: you can't really see it but it's everywhere. >> there are bacteria and viruses on every surface all the time and there's nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: bacteria can get you sick, especially in the workplace. and it doesn't discriminate against news rooms like ours here at fox 5. >> it's gist bad. i'm stuffed up in the nose right now. >> reporter: there are millions of bacteria but only 50 species are dangerous like e. coli or salmonella. >> you can get pick -- pick up stuff like pink eye and cold
10:59 pm
viruses and so forth from common everyday items. >> reporter: just how much bacteria is lurking in our workplace? >> 100,000 bacteria in a little area. >> reporter: professor kelly says hundreds of thousands of bacteria live on office items like keyboards, a computer mouse or telephone. >> bacteria viruses you can pick them right off the buttons. >> reporter: sharing these items with coworkers can get you sick. >> maybe they didn't wash their hands and they touch the door knob and then you touch the door knob and you get a diarrhea infection. >> reporter: when it comes to choosing whose keyboard to use, professor kelly says choose wisely. just call it a bacteria battle of the sexes. >> on every surface men had significantly more bacteria than women. >> reporter: to avoid picking up nasty bacteria, professor kelly says remember what momma always told you. always wash your hands. nadine torren, fox 5 news. >> yuck, where ist


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