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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 1, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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live. >> they sound great. they look great too. >> yeas, -- yes, they do. >> looking forward to today's forecast. chuck barnes is here with the latest on this. tucker? >> and it's chilly. >> it's nice. beautiful. gris p. nice start to october. we're going to have sunshine this afternoon. today will be beautiful. hang in there a couple of hours and we'll other have highs upper 60 to about 70. 53. humidity is up a little bit with a cool temperature. 69. wednesday night is light. it should be a beautiful day. hang if there for another hour or two if you want warmer temperatures. they will arrive by afternoon. bright sunshine throughout the day. your morning and satellite radar. the clouds have broken up
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overnight. the only shower activity is well to our north. we're going to be in for a beautiful afternoon. a lot of sunshine. typical fall around here as high pressure moves overhead. no rain shower activity today. just sunshine and cool temperatures to start. here is your forecast. our high will e in the upper- -- 60s to about 70. should be a mostly sunny day. same can't be said about tomorrow and the weekend. more details on that in a couple of minutes. >> we'll enjoy today. >> ank you very much. to outop story now. an early morning water main break is flooding homes and wreaking havoc on the roads in one neighborhood. >> crews are busy at work trying to x it. it's happening at queens bury and queens chapel roads.
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sarah simmons joins us live on the scene with more. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. the water has stopped rushing. you can hear they are well at work trying to get repairs underway here. crews are back here at the site of where the water main break actually broke. they're trying to dig down. now that they have pretty much got the water stopped, this is pretty much the whole strength from greens bury road to east/west hay. it's taken them quite some time to get the water shut off. this started at about 2:30 this morning. water was seen rushing into people's basements from the backyards. it was a mess. water rushing down nearby roadways. it's surprising to hear that only two homes were affected by this. wsoc is telling us it's a 16-
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irchl water main that broke that dates back to 1933. at this point theye trying to figure out what the cause of that is going to be once they get down inside under the ground to see what it is. i spoke with one resident who woke up to fid ten irchls of water in his basement. >> around 2:00 a.m. he heard the loud popping noise. he woke me up and he said the driveway is flooded. and we went around there at the back and there was no rain. >> if you take a look at fernando's basement he says that is what it looks like. maybe six inches of water there right now. he was fire.
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150 people are dead. officials expected to death toll to rise. the u.s. government is stepping in with federal aid for the 65,000 people living in american samoa. we're going to get an update on relief efforts when we talk with the top official from the red cross. that's coming up at 9:30. another big story. iranian leaders maintain the program has peaceful intentions. the u.s. wants them to prove it. tyran tested missiles capable of reaching u.s. military bases in the mideast, israel and parts of europe. the u.s. and five other nations are meeting with iran top nuclear negotiator.
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the goal is to diffuse with dialogue. if that doesn't happen, leaders from five world powers are expected to implement severe sanctions. here at home more details about a deadly shooting. we're now learning the victims were teenagers. this happened around midnight along 56th avenue in riverdale. two teens were shot. 16-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. the second victim, a 17-year- old boy was treated for non- life threatening injuries. police have a look-out for three white or hispanic men said to be in a gray honda. prince george's county police officers recovering this morning after he was shot in the hanted during an attempted carjacking. this happened around 10:00 in the 7200 block of jaywick avenue in temple hills.
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investigators say two suspects approached the off duty police officer as he was getting out of his car. during a dlug l with one of the men, the officer was shot in the hand. the officer fired back but it's not clear if anyone was hit. both suspects ran off. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. e predators on the plow tried to -- they are on the run. in the area of thomas drive. police say the children ages 7 to9 played under a tree. two men in a beat-up pick-up watched from an adjacent lot and called out to the children. one of the kids ran home and the men followed her. >> the two men first said come closer. don't be afraid.
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we're about the same age as what you are. that is when the kids backed away. >> the mother of one of the children got a good look and a partial description of the pick- up truck. a light blue mazda. a partial tag. 41, 6, 4, 1, w. the hunt is on for the man who tried to abduct a fairfax county teen that happened iewdz afternoon. a man in a white pick-up truck asked the 15-year-old girl if she needed a ride while on her way home from woodson high school. he grabbed her when she said no. she was able is in copenhagen now. jeff joins us by phone. good morning.
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the chicago delegation is the immediate darlings in copenhagen with the president soon to arrive. the first lady and oprah winfrey already here. will that transcend into the vote for the international sports community. stay tuned. we have until tomorrow to find out. there have been high profile appearances. the first lay dpi's picture is splashed across two newspapers. dozens of fans turned out yesterday for her red carpet arrival at a chicago dinner. the international olympic committee members i don't get the sense necessary that they are so committed to chicago's bid just because these luminaries are here. and they say that they're going to vote because of the technical aspects of the bid. tomorrow their decisions will
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be made more upon the bid itself as opposed to the people backing the bid. some of this is dialogue that has said just because we are members of the press, but this is what the cities have been working years on the day of drama is building. the anticipation is building and the international olympic committee kicks off its opening ceremonies later this evening here in copenhagen. back to you. jeff, one quick question for you. in south america. en an does that make rio the front runner in this? >> in the eyes of many, it does. rio is positioning it bid on the fact that no games have been held in south america. what this comes down to is will
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international olympic committee members vote with their hearts which in that case would be rio or some people are saying their heads. and the corporate financial backing of chicago. it's viewed by many to be a two- horse race because sidney and beijing and upcoming london bear the three summer games. and the cities with the three summer games. it is a thought process and geographic cli the games now have to move west which will give you chicago or rio. >> we will wait and see. jeff, thank you. >> thank you. >> all right.   
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9:14. back with the latest search on a stolen bay bi. a woman posed as an immigration agent snatched him from his home on tuesday. the mother was stabbed in the head, neck, breast and thigh. right now it appears the attack was random. relatives worry the it's a boy sign in the front yard may have made the home a target. and a u.s. capitol police officer is on the wrong side of the law. 34-year-old thomas mcmahon is charged with unlawful entry. an arlington woman says she came home early sunday morning and found mcmahon passed out in her bed. she called police say shay he had been drinking. mcmahon has been put on administrative leave. swine flu fears spread in
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maryland as the virus claims another life. a 14-year-old girl in baltimore has died. she had no other apparent underlying health conditions. destiny parker's family said she died tuesday after going to the hospital last week. her family claims she had both the swine flu and pneumonia. >> i peaked at her. -- peeked at her. to stand a couple of feet away from my niece and all i se is the machine doing the breathing? my heart was crushed. >> state officials report this is the ninth death in maryland connected to h1, this1. the swine flu vaccine -- healthcare workers in north state being told they had to get the vaccination inorder to
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work. rolling out across different states. we are expecting the folks will be able to get their shot maybe as early as next week. -- the new york health department is saying their workers must get the shot. do you see this as a trend or state ise or the military required to get the shot. >> it's evolving. i wouldn't call it a trend. when you are going into a case and you're sick, you're one of those folks that does have under lying respiratory issues. those folks more at risk -- you want to feel more comfortable that you're not going into an area where you're going to be infected. that is the rational behind healthcare workers being asked to get the flu
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>> we lose over 30,000 from seasonal flu. it's not reported or a big deal. we accept that it's horrible and every death is important. but we're talking about children at higher risk. it's the different population. kids who don't have under lying illnesses getting the swine flu and dying. this is scary. you have people saying "we don't want our employees making anyone sick." we're seeing it now with healthcare workers. easily understandable. we may see it other places as different states have different labor laws. it becomes more of a legal question about what something.
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>> 30,000 people die from seasonal flu. i'm wondering if this is in the news and what we are talking about is there a push to do this when tens of thousands already die from the seasonal flu? was it mandatory for them to get the seasonal flu shot? i'm not sure. perhaps you can answer that. >> in some places it is. in some hospitals they will mandate that their employees get seasonal flu shots. it's work place by work place. what is different is the population it's targeting. the younger folks we don't expect to get sick or children. when you begin having someone do that plus the fact it's spreading so rapidly around the world. there is a pandemic.
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who is going to pay for these shots? >> we're going to ask the people who mandate you get the shot that question. the military folks are not going to get billed. if you are a hospital worker is your hospital paying for it? those are the kinds of questions i think are entirely reasonable along wth why are you doing this to me? when people come here we don't want them to risk getting sick. a loot of times mandates with explanation allow people to say you know what? i agree with your logic. let me go ahead and do. this >> sometimes stories like that the case involves no under
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released this week and details battles with alcohol and depression. >> the actor describes the day he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which would lead to his death. and new doll is hitting store sheafs. this one is different from who in mash served in korea .
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a new doll has hit store shelves. this is unlike most. doesn't come with a toy car or designer duds. >> it comes with a tail of tragedy. the doll is homeless. the company claims it will teach young girls the plight of the less fortunate. and as fox reports not everybody agrees. >> reporter: she has blond hair, brown eyes and wears a cute pair of flip flops. the one thing this american girl doll doesn't come with is a house. her name is gwen. she retails for $95 and she's homeless. >> i don't agree with it. >> reporter: some mothers call a homeless doll tasteless.
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>> kids should be aware of homeless stuff and what's going on with the economy the way it is but i don't think it's a good thing. i think a 7 or 8 or 9-year-old was kind of scared by it. >> reporter: gwen is part of american girl's 2009 girl of the year line. these are depression era, victorian area. she comes with a back story and a book. gwen's dad walked out and mom and daughter started living out of their car and gwen was bullied by the out. >> reporter: parens say
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homeless families don't need a constant reminder. but at this price, homeless families won't be buying them. >> i, for one, love that idea. eight or nine, there are homeless kids out there. it is a problem. why not talk about it. and if you don't like the idea, don't buy the doll. interesting. >> right. don buy it. it's actually photos of the president and his smile appears to be unchanging. is the commander in chief really that consistent? it's amazing. >> this is a good story. we'll be right back.
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this is an astounding display of consistent sigh. keep an eye on his smile. it's a series of pictures at the metropolitan. he took 130 photos. his smile never changed. before you decide if it's doctored watch his hands. haze hands move a little bit. >> that's amazing. it's the same event. is she changing? >> everything else is changing. that's amazing. >> the presidt took 130
9:31 am
photos. >> i think that people like the president or if you are someone really popular. i think this say coping mechanism so that you are not exhausted and sweating. >> it doesn't look like he's breathing. it doesn't look like anything changes. >> it is rather amazing. i saw smokey robinson at an event once and he just stood in a corner. everyone came to him. he had the same smile in every picture. he was like a wax figure. today it's going to be sunny and beautiful. today should be a very nice fall/october afternoon with sunshine. temperatures in the upper 60s
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later. tomorrow mild in the 70s. the second half of the day will be mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms. your best chance for weekend plans on saturday. not going to rain all day on saturday but we'll have time in the afternoon for a good chance of showers. if you want to be outside next sunday is a better bet. by sunday afternoon lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 70 z. right now we are still 53. 46 in baltimore. 52 in frederick. 47 in fredericksburg. temperatures off in the mountains in the 30s overnight. very cool temperatures to start the day. we're going to rebound nicely over the next hour or two.
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there is that low pressure. it's taking the clouds with it. high pressure is going to build in. as long as high pressure is parked overhead we're going to be in for a nice one. quiet weather. cool tonight. we'll watch clouds increase during the day tomorrow. the forecast changes by tomorrow afternoon. here is your forecast. nice afternoon. many of us in 70s. >> an earthquake and tsunami. death toll 150. just yesterday two earthquakes in indonesia. the death toll now over 500 and expected to rise this as
9:34 am
countries and groups around the globe rush arksd to disaster zones. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. good to see. you let's start with samoa. what is the latest information you have in terms of what's going on on the ground there? >> right. reports are coming in with recoveries of people who have lost their lives. the damage to infrastructure is really the main issue right now. the reports that 100 people have lost their lives. that may rise. >> i know there's eight. can you tell me the nature of the eight?
9:35 am
>> international red cross has provided relief debt ri bition for people who need assistance with their homes. food and water is always a need at this time. >> there's a lot of experience responding to eartuake zones. a tsunami brings challenges. >> one of the major lessonings that we're familiar with in indonesia is around early warning. the education around, thesunami is much different than several years ago. when warnings come out people have some time depending on the nature of the situation. rather than running towards the shore, people tend to run away and go to higher ground. that has an impact of saving hundreds of thousands of lives which we do believe is the
9:36 am
case. >> as depends on how fast. >> in indonesia. >> werght quakes the numbers of deaths can rise significantly over a few days. right now we have confirmed numbers from the government. 500 deaths, serl several hundred injuries. those numbers could rise over the next several days. several buildings have collapsed. people are trapped. it was a major earthquake. those numbers are going to change. right now confirms a few hundred deaths. >> does the fact they have significant aftershocks. does that slow the response? >> it certainly can. indonesia has earthquakes much more frequently in a very significant magnitude than we
9:37 am
do in this part of the world. there are coping mechanisms that the government has but certainly with the danger of aftershock that hampers flow of finding out what's happening and being able to find and support people. >> they have strong red cross organizations there as well. how can the public help? >> the best way to help is by going to we have many on the ground already. the best way is >> we'll put that information on our web site as well. thanks for coming. allison, back to you. 9:37. colored lights illuminating the empire state building. these have caused quite a stir. why these colors drew
9:38 am
protesters. and it is a popular new york landmark. it was that cute little dog on a third story window ledge. excuse me, mary?
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a tribute to communist china. the state building was lit red and yeow. a small crowd protesting. they are questioning exemployeding a sensitive political issue including china's history on human rights. >> who thought that was a good idea? very strange. check out what caused the commotion on the streets of new
9:42 am
york city. this is extraordinary. a dog perched on a window ledge of an apartment building on the upper east side. he appeared to be stranded outside the window. he was very calm. some people snapped pictures. he got out through an open window that closed behind him. a police officer eventually came to the rescue opening the window and letting the dog back in. that is great. the dog who looked pretty calm anyway -- smart the church praise and worship studio. they're coming up next. getting ready for fall. you can do.
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you can too. if you get in on this event, it's sure to get you in a fuel mood. we're going to
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you can tell fall is here. we find holly at a big fall festival. good morning. >> i stopped by the market and got this small bag of kettle corn. i'm just going to have this. what are you going to have? >> i'll just have some of the crumbs. i love kettle corn. >> it is so good. as is this festival. the largest in the d.c. area. now that the sun is up you can
9:47 am
get a better idea of how big this play land really is. 90 acorrs of farm fun for you and your family. now you can understand why the cox family says you might want to allow four hours to enjoy all the different things they have out here. no, i'm not sharing lucas. okay, maybe with you i will. some newer things this year. >> we did a kid zone. it's all for ages four and under. we have a lot of fun stuff. an area just for them. >> you were having requested for that. something the real little kids will do. it's all geared towards very small people.
9:48 am
here we go. >> one of the fun simplicity. disble disbl we have the animal helpers. >> this was bert. he was born ptember 14-g9. and this is thumper. >> thumper has the most beautiful color coat. >> thumper was born about a month ago. >> so when you guys aren't doing the farm festival what are you doing other than preparing? >> that's one of the big things. some of the animals -- this one was born on a farm. and getting everything ready for the other one. we do a green house and sell
9:49 am
christmas trees. >> it's a working farm. >> all year round. >> you got it. >> another thing they have here is entertainment stages. of course it's farm entertainment. we're going to tv. >> what do you like about the festival? >> it's for the children. a lot of these kids have never milked a cow. they are city kids and think it's kind of nice clean farm living. >> the city slickers cong out here. >> let's talk about dolly and this little pumpkin. >> this is or gjio. she is three and a half weeks
9:50 am
old. she's a sweetie. we have them in back for the kids to pet. they are the sweetest. >> these are the biggest cows in the world. to get milk you have to be a mommy cow. she just had her baby. we encourage every child to milk a cow. if you have never milked a cow i think this is your big chance. >> you haven't lived until you have milked a cow. >> absolutely. come on down here, holly. sit on down here in this clean dirt. here we are sitting under a cow. >> i'm just
9:51 am
tony what do you have? >> joining us now we have this group that competed at the verizon center in the how sweet the sound competition. it's a big deal. they were the regional members in the small choir category. robert giles. i love what everyone is wearing. thank you all for coming. we appreciate it. happy to have you here. tell me about the competition. it's a big deal and must have been a thrill to win. >> the competition was a big deal. we were the small members. this is a great opportunity to share with the world what happens in our church.
9:52 am
>> tell me what does happen on a typical sunday morning. you ha an award-winning choir so things must be pretty good. >> the music department in our church is really good. >> how long have you been together? >> it's been pretty fun. >> every now and then you do something outside the church? >> every now and then someone calls the church and wants to book us to sing. we're there. >> the church is in northwest washington? >> very good. southern baptist church family. we love them all. >> what are you going to sing for us today? >> the song that won the
9:53 am
competition. there is no way i could live without you. >> the choir director and the group from the southern baptist church praise and worship for center. >> there is no way i could live without you. >> there is no way i can go on. >> too much sfoats there is no way -- ♪ there is no way i
9:54 am
could live without you ♪ there is no other way -- there is no way i can live without you i have tried over and over and over -- but there is no other way.
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time. i'm guessing jay disblee. who was the only regular cast member on the tv show m. a.s. -- m. a.s.m.? the answer is jamie. he played clinger.
9:59 am
he served in the army in korea after the war. i would not cheat with a choir here with us. this must ave been an easy question. we only got correct guesses. >> do some shout-outs. >> congratulations to go out to kenneth, jason, constance, paula. karen, dawn. janice, michelle. john, chris, tasha and denise. you're all winners. very good. very impressed. >> really quick look at the fie- day forecast. beautiful weather. 70 expected. 56 will do that too. should be nice into tomorrow with temperatures in the the sht


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