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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 3, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now at 10:00, a brutal beating caught on camera. a teen attacked is laid to rest. the voices demanding change. i would feel better after my 16 years of service and the school system if they could tell me why. >> some d.c. public school teachers and staff reacting to layoffs. many wondering why they were let go. and a tool promising you to avoid ticket trouble. we begin with developments in a bribery bust. courtroom developments and a boycott that could leave you
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without a cab tonight. thanks for joining us u.s. i'm will thomas and i'm maureen umeh. 39 suspects in a two year investigation charged with hundreds of somehow thousands of dollars in bribes. we understand they faced a judge today? >> reporter: for the first time. this taxi scandal is the talk of the town and some are drawg attention to the other problems. all tell fox 5 that federal investigion is picking up steam. suspects in a taxi bribery scheme told a judge they were not guilty but had little to say on the outside. >> i don't want to say anything. >> you are innocent? >> i'm innocent, yeah. >> reporter: 39 people are accused of bribing a city official to get taxi licenses. bribes topping $300,000. the two year federal investigation went public last
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week after teddy low and was charged with accepting bribes. he is chief of staff of jim gram. graham denied wrong doing. but uptown in the city's premere bar and restaurant district there is more taxi drama. a coalition of cabbies is staging a boycott of the area from 1:00 to 4:00 in the morning protesting a me italian plan. that plan is off the table for now. but drivers say the problems are far from over. >> we have no other alternative. the drivers can't pay their mortgages and have to send their children back to their home countries. >> we used to charge $1.80 a mile before the mile. and now with the meter we only get from $1.80 to $1.50. >> reporter: sit unclear what
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impact it is having. >> it is difficult before the changes and i can imagine it is harder now. >> reporter: some patrons made other plans. >> i support the boycott. i rode a bike here. fair is fair. we can't ignore how often cab drivers refuse to give you a ride unless you are going where they want to go. >> reporter: merchants sait was quiet last night and it is too early to tell if it has hit their cash registers. but the cabbies say they will keep it up. >> one note about the suspects they rdue back in federal court monday afternoon. another big story, layoffs in d.c. public school system. the dust settled after an angry confrontation sparked by a parade of pink slips. this video was shot by a senior
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at mckinley high school. tempers flaired after 289 teachers were laid off. we spoke to employees coming to terms with the news. >> reporter: you wouldn't know from the sign out front that anything was wrong. but in the back parking lot, ronda robinson cleaned out her office and was loading up her car. >> there is somebody at the door to make sure that you are not taking out d.c. public school materials. >> reporter: and that is not the only thing that leave as bad taste in her mouth. >> for the most part the people who have been ripped from this building all over 35 and all tenured. and so, that gives me cause on why we were let go. >> reporter: chancellor michelle reef says that budget constraints left her with no choice. >> there are about 25 schools
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that aren't losing any people. there are another 25 schools on top of that that are only losing one position, that sort of thing. >> reporter: the scuffle at mckinley friday is evidence that questions remain about the fiscal justification of the reduction. >> heart broken at this point. i would feel better after my 16 years of service in the school system if they could just tell me why. >> reporter: the mayor says his school's chancellor was grabbing with a $40 million budget shortfall but where does it leave the students? >> i have deadlines for schools and scholarships and recommendations from teachers who are no longer here. >> reporter: my class of 20 ho -- will be a class of 30, 35. >> reporter: the riffed employees have left but this isn't over yet. they are promising protests and legal action until they get
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satisfaction. at mckinley tech, kevin clark, fox 5 news. some of the teachers and students and parents are planning a protest on monday morning. a community is saying good- bye to a family. charles dalton shot his family and the dog before turning the gun on himself last month. investigators suspect that financial troubles were part of the motive but loved ones can't make sense of the loss. >> never understand it. it's hard. it's just a tragedy. >> it had a major impact on the community because i'm not sure that anything like this has ever happened. >> reporter: 14-year-old son was an award winning junior firefighter and his company got the call to respond to the home. the swine flu vaccine is
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due in a matter of days and the doses could not come sooner. the cdc says that the flu is widespread in 27 states including maryland and virginia. many pharmacists met today to talk about the pandemic and how to cope. john henrehan is working this one tonight. >> reporter: ben min is selling a lot of tamiflu and a pandemic has arrived in maryland. >> we are hang more and more patients. >> reporter: the university of maryland convened a pharmacist information session in shady grove. 100 pharmacists attended. they learned they are all short on child strength tmiu. >> what i said the other day is i don't have this available right now but we can make it available for you. it will take me a while to make it up so your child will have the right medication.
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>> reporter: the pharmacists were told that maryland now has some vaccine but it will be distributed to health cae workers first to keep them on the job in the pandemic. when the swine flu vaccine becomes widely available in coming weeks, the health care workers urge the public to get the shots. >> it is showing a robust immune response. it can work and vaccination is the best defense against the flu. >> reporter: registered nurse carole jordan knows more about the swine flu than most of us because she had it. >> even though people say it is a mild to moderate flu i was miserable for seven days. i stayed off work for a week. there was a lot of coughing and sneezing. >> reporter: she said it takes about ten days before an h1n1 patient is back to full strength.
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in rockville, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the u.s. government is distributing the doses state by state based on population. a student beat on the death after school and the whole thing caught on tape. civil rights attended the funeral. speed cameras popping up everywhere you look. we'll show you how to beat a traffic ticket and it won't cost you a thing. the bucs come to town with a new quarterback. couldn't ask for a better day, the first saturday in october. but what will sunday be like? we'll have the forecast on the rest of te weekend after the break. keep it right here your 90- minute power block of news is just getting started. 
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a beating on and off the field for the redskins after last week's loss to detroit. but can they recover? that is the question of the week. tomorrow they ta on tampa
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bay. >> it is a big game for the skins. can you remember the last time this early in the season this much was riding on a game? >> dire straits. >> let's talk about the game lindsay murray is on tap with more. >> reporter: the bucs are 29th in totals of and 30th in defense the bucs know on paper this game is more than winnable tomorrow. the bucs struggles with a new face under strength. josh johnson will start in his first nfl game tomorrow for the bucs. johnson took the reigns from byron leftwich in the second half of last week's game. since 2004 the bucs have had 15 quarterback changes. the redskins know what is at stake. and clinton portis says they
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don't need extra motivation. >> we have 20 people in the locker room who are rock solid. pumping guys up. we can do it, baby. i -- it's week three. i don't think it takes pumping up a guy or you know putting the guy in the car let's have a one-on-one, i think we just have to make plays. i don't think this is a time of panic. people are saying let's not panic we'll be already. but they are walking around we need you. everyone know what they are accountable for and know that we need them. >> no more hoo are, okay? >> there is a 50/50 chance portis will play tomorrow. >> just back it up, guys, that's all i'm saying. let's switch over to chicago. an olympic loss for the windy city but it is more than a bruised ego. the city cannot put hope in the
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$13.7 billion the olympics would have brought in. what is next? city leaders have lost sight of the things that matter to people like schools, snowplows and parking. >> i think there was a dramatic effort to look at the impics as the only way to solve a lot of the problems and no one had the vision to look at the whole slew of problems. >> reporter: the city has to come up with a plan b for the 37 acres along the lake front that would have been the olympic village. another big story from chicago, a funeral for a 16- year-old boy beat on the death with a railroad tie. it is grabbing attention from chicago all the way to the white house. and now an effort to stop the violence. laura ingle is following this one tonight. >> reporter: family, friends and loved ones say fair final
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good-byes to darien albert. he was beaten on his way to the bus stop. >> people embraced darian as if he was their grandson or son because this was a good kid on his way to greatness. >> reporter: those who knew albert say he was a good student who went to bible study. they are outraged by his death. >> the mom is quite upset as she should be. her son should still be here. >> reporter: the brutality has drawn national attention from top white house officials. >> this chilling video. >> reporter: to civil rights leaders and others in the community trying to stop the violence responsible for taking a young life. >> we have an obligation to the man and the children for safe passage. >> reporter: four teenagers are in custody. police charged erik carson,
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eugene bailey, eugene riley and she loan yeah shannon with first degree murder in the death. president obama will send eric holder and arnie duncan to chicago to speak with students and the chicago community about violence. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. candy burris' exfiance died after a fight outside a club. a.j. joule appeared on the real housewives of atlanta. he got in a fight outside a club he partly owned. he was taken to a hospital where he died from severe head injuries. frederick richardson was hospitalized after the fight he was charged with manslaughter. a newborn baby has been reunited with his family. he was kidnapped four days
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after being born. a woman attacked the mother with a knife stabbing her several times in the neck and chest. authorities found the baby in alabama. silas is under arrest. the death toll continues to rise following massive earthquakes in indonesia as rescuers search through the rubble looking for survivors. they are holding out hope. david piper has the latest on the recovery efforts from padang, indonesia. >> reporter: there are concerns that the death toll from these two massive earthquakes could rise now dramatically. there are reports that three villages outside the town of padang were swept away by landslides during the earthquake and 600 people or more died including a wedding party. that hasn't been confirmed as yet. and the rescue teams are struggling to try to save the people under the buildings. behind me is one of the main
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hotels in padang and we believe that some people are trapped in the rubble there, three days after the earthquake struck. there was a message sent by one of the people yesterday saying they were beneath the rubble here saying there was perhaps eight people under the debris and they are digging to find these people. one body was brought out today but it's they have not found the people yet and there are hundreds of people mingling around here in hope that these people can bsaved. but the rescue effort is continuing. a lot of international help now. sniffer dogs are looking through the rubble. but when you drive around this city of 900,000 you see what has happened here. many of the buildings are down. and people still seem to be relatively shock by what has happened. we turn to the tsunami that crashed over samoa last week.
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the government is proposing a mass funeral and burial. samoa which is normally anaheim paradise is a paradise lost for now. john key toured the devastation. >> the important point here is to understand what is required and will be most effective. >> aid pour in. crews at mcchord air base loaded a relief plane. getting clean drinking water is the biggest challenge. and rain is scarce at this time of the year, combined with the fact that the piping was destroyed. >> absolutely. tough times for those guys. next she made headlines as the baby who was born twice. >> doctors were forced to remove her from the womb and put her back in. wait until you see how she is doing now.
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how the president and first lady celebrated their first wedding anniversary since moving to d.c. we know where they went tonight. and we hit the streets to find out what makes d.c. the hippest city around. the wall street journal is saying it. 
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thousands of people laced up and joined the fight against hiv and aids in the district. the aids walk and 5k walk kicked off this morning. 6,000 participants pledged $670,000. it is on pace to rank among the largest sums in that event. we couldn't beat the weather for the walk. a live look outside. it is starting to cool off after a warm fall day. a lot of events on tap tomorrow. i know you said it is the first
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saturday of october but it felt like summer today. >> it was an awesome day to be outside and it was great. clear skies and cooler. but look at the radar. del mar value dealing with storms. that is the frontal system that left us with a chance of a shower to the north of us but other than that we did well. let's go to the weather map. 64 at national airport this hour. humidity at 75%. a light southerly wind. and it is 57 at baltimore and 58 at dulles and 59 in fredericksburg. skies will be clearing tonight. cooler than last night. the overnight low 54 degrees. a southwesterly flow and the winds shift to the northeast and will be light. for the rest of the weekend we have good news for everybody i'm happy to say. i'll have the details and a look at the five day later.
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from your sunshine to a dark cloud. unemployment reaches a 26 year high at 9.8%. >> president obama's assessment of the numbers. what he is considering laid off workers. one of d.c.'s most sacred places in disrepair. what scientists are doing to fix up the cemetery. we are showing something that could save you from a traffic ticket.  you wanted more. you wanted videos and photos... email and broadband. you wanted to run your business from anywhere... and instant messaging to stay in touch with everyone. you wanted apps to find music, news, or the way home. ok your wireless companies... grow your world.
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but i've g a warm, fresh baked
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strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. that on the list of things kids love, our party pizzas have just passed t robots. ( crash, beeps ) kward. kids love totino's party pizzas. the fall season getting off to a rocky start in terms of the economy. 9.8, september's unemployment rate hits a high not seen since the 1980s in response, president obama says he is both confident and determined to get people back to work. >> the country is waiting on what some are calling a second
10:30 pm
stimulus package. we have the latest on the economy. >> reporter: the white house is not calling it a stimulus package but a economic triage aimed at getting americans back to work. just after president obama arrived back from cope hagen yesterday he addressed the jobless figures which place the unemployment rate at 9.8%. it is a sobering reminder that progress comes in fits and starts and we will need to grind out the recovery step-by- step and more economic action could be coming. >> i'm working closely with my economic advisors to explore any and all additional options and measures we might take to promote job creation. >> reporter: thwhite house has begun talks with democratic leaders on taking three steps to ease the financial burden on
10:31 pm
unemployed workers including extending subsidies for health insurance, extending the full unemployment package and extending the first time home buyer's credit. and the republicans say it is the wrong approach. >> the federal government reported that hundreds of thousands of americans were laid off in the month of september. all told our economy has lost roughly 3 million private sector jobs since president obama and nancy pelosi's stimulus plan became law. >> reporter: republicans saloer taxes with-- are the key. and democrats say they are-- have had only had preliminary talks about the triage plan. >> the president said that it would create jobs by making small business startups more affordable. if entrepreneurs can stay insured while switching jobs they will be more likely to start businesses and hire
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workers. a traffic alert from virginia to d.c. the army ten miler is tomorrow morning. it starts and finishes at the pentagon and runs through d.c. 30,000 people are registered to run. people urged to take metro. road closures are expected. and hopefully changes to the circulator will help you get around better. there have several new stops on columbia road and ontario road. the smithsonian loop will stop service for the weekend. but the wisconsin of a route will stay. if you have a lead not is probably one application you need for that cell phone. it is the app that helps you avoid tickets for speeding or talking on your phone. critics say it could lead to
10:33 pm
trouble. anita vogel is telling us more. >> there is a red light camera. >> reporter: austin powers and arnold schwarzenegger can save you from a traffic ticket. this one is $400. >> reporter: that is why this free service called trapster is one of the most downloaded mobile applications around with 200 million users who have signed up. >> it is a way for people to share information about police speed traps and red light cameras and speed cameras. >> i think it is a good idea. it keeps people, their eyes on the road. >> the less distractions the better. i think people are terrible drivers to begin with especially in los angeles. >> i stopped you from using your cell phone while driving. >> reporter: the california highway patrol hands out
10:34 pm
tickets for talking on a cell phone without an ear piece, violating the state law. and the cops believe that drivers don't need any more distractions. >> there are so many things that people feel the need to do when they should just be concentrating on their driving and the surroundings. >> reporter: trapster creators say they designed it with safety in mind and that drivers should mount their phones on the dash board so they can keep their eyes on the road. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. this one is interesting, a baby removed from the womb for an emergency procedure and then put back in. >> like the miracle baby. doctors say that's what she is and she survived and right now she is thriving. see the reunion with the doctors who saved her life. why are these people
10:35 pm
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the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies that i helped put in place... that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business. and i agree. because rebuilding confidence in our economy starts with responsible leadership from a new governor like creigh deeds.
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it is muscle versus machine, the annual plane pull took off at bull establish airport today. teams of 25 competed to be the fastest to pull a jumbo jet. the winning team did it in five seconds. it might not seem like a big deal. but consider pulling a 164,000 plane. that is 6500 pounds a person. this is the 1st year for the event which raises money for the special olympics. a fun way to raise money. >> thank goodness the plane had wheels. another maryland football game comes wn to the final second. >> and the caps play to a
10:39 pm
packed house. lindsay murphy here with the highlights. >> reporter: the caps have been carry good. they are scary good. ovechkin and the capitals beat the bruins 4-1. tonight the home opener against toronto. in the 1st period, no score. ovechkin rips one past the defender and the goalie his third of the year. later in the 1st period, the newest cap mike knuble scores his first with the new team. and 2nd period caps lead 5-1. ovechkin to semianyone. he still imagines to score. and the caps defeat the maple leafs 6-4 for their second consecutive home victory. >> as long as we can keep winning it doesn't matter who
10:40 pm
scores. but i mean, we'll get other guys to chip in every now and again. and you know, we'll score three or four goals a game. >> ten goals in two games, pretty good. maryland was off to a slow start at 1-3. they were desperate for a taste of a victory again against clemson. in the 3rd quarter. clemson trailing 17-13. tony leggen picks the ball up at the 44-yard li and heads the opposite direction. the blockers follow. he picks up 43 yards on the return and gets down to the 1- yard line and barely misses the touchdown. just three plays letter turner gets jacked up after he pitches the ball. he takes it in from a yard out. maryland leads 24-13. under a minute left and hart field comes up with a game-
10:41 pm
saving sack. maryland survives a thriller in college park, 24-21. unbelievable. a new season for us. >> these teams are good. we just got to keep fighting and keep persevering, man, this team is one of the best. don't worry about our record. >> much word on the victories and more college football coming your way at 11:15. >> we'll see you then. coming up at 10:00 we are back the sunday forecast. not exactly football weather. but are we in for a cool down? e wonder if everything...
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a texas toddler defied the odds twice. macy made headlines as the baby born twice. and now she returns to houston for a reunion with the doctors who saved her life.
10:45 pm
>> can you wave? >> yeah. >> reporter: meet macy mccartny. >> i think she is a miracle. >> a beautiful and bubbly 16 month old girl. after 25 weeks in her mother's womb. >> your world is turned up side down. >> reporter: macy was in the fight of her life. >> she had a tumor the size of a grapefruit. >> reporter: they turned to texas children's hospital in houston. >> i had never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: one of four places in the world equipped to save their daughter's life. >> this is a very risky surgery. it is on the cutting edge. >> reporter: tch had never done a surgery like this before. dr. darrell cass is one of the surgeons who removed the unborn in her d then tumor before
10:46 pm
mother's belly. she was born for the second time ten weeks later. >> life doesn't always go as smoothly as you like. >> reporter: against the odds the mccartnys never lost hope. >> you just keep hoping for the best. >> reporter: hope is macy's middle name. >> if we are honest and look back at the tough things in life, they are the things that shape us and grow us and teach us more than the good things. >> that is a miracle. developmentally macy is fine but she will need cosmetic work. over to georgetown where the kidney walk hosted by the kidney foundation broke all records this year. the number of walkers, teams and money raised surpassed our
10:47 pm
previous years. i was the honorary chair. the walk alone brought $180,000 from one little walk in georgetown. half of that is the result of the generosity of the ronald d. paul companies that matches the dollar raised. 700,000 people are affected and 1600 people are waiting for kidney transplants right now. staggering numbers in our region. >> glad raised the money. >> my mom 13 years ago last month got her kidney. great weather for the walk. >> drum up another day like today. >> we were taking our sweaters and jackets off. >> reenjoying october. it will not be all bad in the five-day forecast. let's look outside. skies are clearing. there is a look at the jefferson memorial. and today we had plenty of sunshine. there were a few areas with a
10:48 pm
sprinkle to the north of us but other than that there was not lot going on except for abundant sunshine. skies clearing overnight. and for tomorrow a pleasant day in store for you. hopefully you get out to enjoy it. temperatures near seasonal. and early week that is when we have the first chance at seeing rain. in the meantime the highs in the 70s above seasonal. we should be 73, 74 degrees. 77 at national airport officially. 76 at dulles -- 78, i'm sorry at dulles and 76 in baltimore. but other neighborhoods got temperatures warmer than that. 81 at lees burg. 79 at college park and the same at fredericksburg. it felt like spring as opposed to fall. it feels fallish outside now. cooler temperatures than last night. it is 5 at baltimore.
10:49 pm
64 at national. 85 at dulles and 59 at fredericksburg. and 66 degrees at new york. and our skies, as i said, clearing. tonight, temperatures under the clear skies in the upper 40s. more to the west and north of us and elsewhere in the low 50s. a little cool. and we'll have the a cooler start if the day tomorrow as well. be prepare in order. not lot cloud coverage going on. but look at del mar value we have storms. looking at radar we have a closeup look at that. and this is the frontal system that moved across today today and brought showers to the north of us. it is kicking up storms with lightning and heavier pockets of rainfall. but it will move out tonight and tomorrow. back to the weather maps then. as we take a look at what is happening with the frontal system it will push out. in the course of tomorrow high
10:50 pm
pressure builds in. next frontal system is going to head our way as we move into the tuesday, wednesday period from the west. that brings a chance of showers and that same front that moved out the tail end lingers across the southeast, stall out and move north as a warm front as we move into the same period of time. we could see a chance of showers then. in the meantime tomorrow, no showers, plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the low 70s. it will be a nice day. the jet stream for sunday and monday not much variance in it as the high pressure builds to the north. the jet stream slides more. we will not be dealing with many changes as we head into that period. things change for tuesday night into wednesday. so be prepared for that. in the meantime tonight, clearing skies and cool. tomorrow nohortage of sunshine. it will be breezy tomorrow. and you will feel the winds pick up be. prepared for that.
10:51 pm
but the five-day forecast, things are calm. tuesday night into wednesday is when we are looking at rainfall. it is cooler on wednesday. and then back to sunshines we move into late week. >> breeze and 74 degrees. i will close my eyes and imagine i i'm in mexico. >> kiel come over and speak spanish to you. >> have some margarita. no fanfare here, the president and first lady celebrating their first wedding anniversary since moving into the white house. they had dinner at the blue duck tavern ifoggy bottom. they were married 17 years ago. i will take barcelona. >> oh, my. >> take me too. >> forget new york, barcelona, new york, miami, the hottest and hippest place in the usa is in washington. >> a new survey says that k street is the new wall street.
10:52 pm
>> reporter: when ou think booming economy. >> i think it is a great place to start. >> reporter: cosmopolitan living and hip and cutting edge, d.c. is the place to be. >> d.c. has always been cool and hip. >> reporter: the capital is expected to emerge as the number one post-recession hot spot 2008 seattle. d.c. takes the crown for hottest, hippest destinations for educated workers in their 20s. >> it is an exciting place to live. >> reporter: william frye was one of the panelists that ranked the cities. he says that d.c. beats out others because of its job opportunities. >> with the downturn in the financial sector the government looks more attractive to people whether government jobs or private sector jobs that link to the government.
10:53 pm
>> reporter: many are calling k street the new wall steet. barbara lang the ceo of the chamber of ommerce says that the cultural scene secrets it above the rest. >> there is excitement. the new administration, the restaurant scene is almost rivalling new york now. there are good things happening. >> reporter: the ranking gives d.c. bragging rights. but the ultimate compliment is iit turns into tourism and industry relocating in the region. >> we're sold. >> no argument from us. up next, sacred burial grounds. >> vaults are crumbling. how scientists are fixing the problems at the cemetery. 
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
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it's one of the district's most sacred spots it is the burial place for fbi directors and vice presidents. but it has fallen into disrepair. and preservation is a priority. as fox 5's cardiopulmonary resuscitation shows us the crews are balancing the need to make the repairs with a desire to respect the dead. >> reporter: the gates at congressional cemetery has opened and closed on a lot of history. >> okay. >> reporter: now anthropologists and archaeologists are sorting through the remains of some of those bureauyed there. >> 30% are gone because they were not maintained. >> reporter: with help from the smithsonian they are working to preserve the remaining vaults.
10:58 pm
some are buried in wooden coffins dating back to 1838. the coffins collapsed on each other so workers removed the wood and carefully sort through remains. in this case they reveal a tibia. in another vault the iron coffin of a child. >> this was an expensive coffin. >> reporter: the work is done with the permission of the families. they are preserving and respecting what is here. >> these are people just like us. >> reporter: doug is a forensic anthropologist. >> just like you can read a book if you are experienced in the field you can read a skeleton. >> reporter: the remains will be-- be separated and returned to an individual grave after the mason have made their repairs. lot of the work is along the ceremonial walkway. if you were buried over here
10:59 pm
you were more working class. >> the founders of washington, d.c. are on this walkway. this is the heritage of the city. >> reporter: a past preserved and prepared for the next century. in southeast washington, beth parker, fox 5news. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. military families and peace activists creating an illuminating display protesting and calling for change in afghanistan. it comes as the anniversary of the war nears. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. demonstrators hope to sway president obama who could make a decision on the war effort in a maer of days. ing thing the's j.d. j.d. is
1:06 am
or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach


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