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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 4, 2009 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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candidates are working overtime to get the party faithful registered and quick. jennifer davis is here with how they're rallying their bases. >> reporter: well, will and maureen, since this isn't a presidential election, both campaigns know far fewer people will register to vote this november than last but with tomorrow's deadline fast approaching, both campaigns are trying to stress to voters it's important to have a vote this november because a lot is at stake. >> i'm a volunteer with the bob mcdonnell for governor campaign. >> reporter: at bob mcdonnell's alexandria office, they're getting the word out by phone. two sides in the virginia governor's race are far apart when it comes to policy, but they share the same goal of getting as many virginians registered to vote bid deadline. >> it sets the number of total people possible and help us get our target for how many we need
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to get. >> reporter: the g.o.p. has targeted 80,000 new people in virginia. but mcdonnell's lead is shrinking. [ indiscernible ] >> august we were down to double digits and we have closed the gap within five points. we've already turned it around. we're getting to win this. >> reporter: you might think there aren't anyone left after last year's historic esidential election but there is a small group out there. >> the people we're talking about registering to vote are new voters that have moved into the region, into the state or just turned 18. >> reporter: once monday's registration deadline passes, experts say the intense part the campaign season really begins. >> in this last sprint, millions of dollars will be spent. the phone calls will be made. the doors will be knocked on. this is kind of the start of the season. >> reporter: so you have until
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5:00 p.m. tomorrow to register in virginia. you can get your registration forms at a variety of places including online, public libraries and dmv and you can submit them in person at your local registrar's office or mail in your application as long as it's post parked -- postmarked by tomorrow. jennifer davis, fox 5 news. eight american soldiers are dead after a tall-ban--- taliban-led attack in afghanistan. the assault involved hundreds of militants armed with automatic rifles and rocket- propelled grenades. this was the deadliest attack since a similar incident in july 2008 where nine american soldiers were killed. the u.s. has stated it has plans to remove troops if that area. a gunfight between carjackers and an off-duty police officer, this one happened this morning in capitol heights. police say the officer was trying to park his car when two men tried to take it at gunpoint. they say the officer and the men exchanged shots. the officer wasn't hurt but they say one of the carjackers may have been hit. the men got away.
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members of the supreme court attended the annual red mats in d.c. today. -- red mass in d.c. today. vice president joe biden also attended the service. an american cardinal spoke out against abortion calling for the rights of the unborn. the red mass is held the day before the new supreme court begins. it's been held every year since 1953. former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan says tough times are not over yet on the job front. greenspan is forecasting an increase in the unemployment rate leaving many of us to wonder if a second stimulus package is needed to keep the country afloat. >> reporter: former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan believes the unemployment rate will push past 10% and stay there for a while. he called the latest 9.8 unemployment rate pretty awful and he's very concerned about people who have been out of work for a long time.
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six months or longer because they start to lose their job skills. >> the economy loses skills and people who are out of work for very protracted periods of time lose their skills eventually and remember that what makes an economy great is a combination of the capital assets of the economy and the people who run it. >> reporter: with over 7 million jobs gone since 2007 when theunemployment rate was 4.9%, indiana democrat senator evan bayh says he believes the economy would be even worse without passage of a stimulus package. >> if i'd been drafting the package, i would have to try to go into effect sooner and have it more directly related to jobs. it continues to go into the economic bloodstream and to keep things which is unsatisfactorying as they are from being a whole lot worse. >> reporter: republicans say lower taxes are the answer to a better economy and not more
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spending. the white house has started preliminary talks with congressional democratic leaders on new steps to ease up the financial burden on the unemployed. in washington, julie kirtz, fox news. we couldn't have asked for a better weekend, the first weekend ioctober. plenty ofsunshine. comfortable conditions as well. our high today a little cooler than yesterday. 72 degrees at national officially. 71 at dulles. and 69 degrees at baltimore. right now 61 in the nation's capital. 57 at dulles. we've got 61 at frericksburg. 54 at baltimore and 48 degrees at frederick. and overall skies are expected to stay fairly clear tonight. a ridge of high pressure in control. we have a few high level clouds here streaming in but areas to the far west and northwest over the potomac highlands and along the then then valley area -- -- the shenandoah valley area could see some showers. in the rockies one to three
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inches of snowfall for them. to the deep south georgia once again dealing with flood situations with plenty of heavy rainfall. we on the other hand will stay very dry. that ridge of high pressure is going to bring us into some sunshine for tomorrow. we've got a series of frontal systems to deal with, though, as we move through into the week. tuesday night into wednesday expect to see some rainfall as a result of a warm front lifting in from the south and another frontal system heading in from areas of the west. and then by the end of the week we'll be dealing with another frontal system. in the meantime ridge of high pressure is what we're talking about. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures in the low 70s. upper 60s pretty much across the board. here's a look at your five-day forecast. seasonal temperatures all through the week. winds will be pretty brisk as we head into wednesday behind the frontal system and a chance of rain tuesday night into wednesday before we get back to dry conditions once again with another ridge of high pressure on thursday. will, maureen, back to you. the redskins squeak by with a victory against tampa bay.
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it was a win they desperately needed after an embarrassing loss last week to one of the worst teams in the league but today's vicialghtry hardly -- victory hardly felt the way a victory should. >> the fans who threatened to wear brown paper bags over their heads if didn't -- if things didn't go well today, they tried but security confiscated the bags when they entered the stadium. if they had written on those bags "go skins," oh, come right in. giving them an idea. complete coverage of the reds skins coming your way next. thank now spending part of your weekend with us. we're back next weekend 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00. geico sports xtra coming your way in two minutes. good night. 
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good evening, everybody. i'm dave feldman. welcome to geico sports xtra. glad you stuck with us. like skin fans sticking with the burgundy and gold or not. there was much speculation going on in the press box today during the redskins-bucs game. especially the first half. would jim zorn replace jason
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campbell. would the fans keep booing so loudly that you could forget which stadium you were in? no. no. pre-game, field goal attempt is up and good. he has three goals in two games in hockey and now a field goal. redskins first possession against the bucs. jason cavern bell drilled by jimmy wilkerson. james adams recovers inside the redskins 10-yard line and a nightmare start for the skins. eight yards for the touchdown. two minutes into this game the bucs lead 7-0. second quarter, still 7-0. picked off by the bucs. this was his second interception of three on the day. he had campbell's number. campbell almost had a fourth interception. bounces off the defense.
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false incomplete. brown was okay. third quarter a momentum shift. josh johnson pass. intercepted by deanglo hall who cuts across the field weaving his way. he's got a new contract and now he's got some new yardage. returns 22 yards. filly taken down at the bucs 41 to set up field goal. skins trail. campbell rolls right and finds big chris cooley for a 12-yard gain and first down at the bucs' 24. four plays later campbell and cooley again. this time a 17-yard hookup for a touchdown. the extra point was blocked. redskins trailed 0-9. next possession, jason campbell going to let it all hang out. fires up the right side to a streaking santanmoss. 59 yards in stride for the game- winning touchdown. the redskins rally from a 10-0 decit to defeat the bucs 16-
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13. the redskins escape barely. campbell three picks and a fumble. more on his bad day in a moment. clinton portis has his best day of the season and santana moss with your game breaker. the skins get rid of a loss in the column but not the chip on eir shoulders. >> all these doubters out here, it might not be pretty but area go going -- but we're going to get it down. >> reporter: did you get down on yourselves at half time? >> no. we knew it was just a matter of playing 60 minutes. >> it's tough to be quarterback of this team. it's tough to be the head coach of this team. it's tough to be the owner of this team. d.c. want so much and we want to do that for them. you know, the only thing we can do is come out and play whether it's to your liking or not. >> we did win. i'm not satisfied at all spending the whole first half looking for yardage, looking for success and i'm going to
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spend this week trying to again come up with the right plan, the right answers. >> more from the v-man a little later when we return. jason campbell had an up and down day. the tale of two halfs when geico sports xtra continues. welcome to sprint's now networ population: 49 million. right now, 25,000 sprint nfl mobile live users are listening to live gameday audio. 600 are listening at the game. 2,900 fantasy owners conveniently waited until now to text their opponent their star player has a bye week.
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