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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  April 20, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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stands for irene. she had 36 doctorat degrees. in many ways was a woman way head of her time. dorothy i. height was a leader in the civil rights movement even though as the only woman to the speaker platform when dr. martin luther king delivered his famous "i have a dream speech." she wasn't allowed to talk. >> reporter: promment civil rights movers and shakers have high prize for dr. height. >> she counseled roosevelt and eisenhower. >> reporter: she was an organizer and leader with the ywica. she has mapped out a plan for
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the whole year. this is the seventh year. she has mapped all of the plans. she was the founding member of the service so wrote delta sigma fata and established the black annual reunion on the national mallment. >> she played the role as the glue in the civil rights movement. mrs.height could bring it together. as news of her passing spread, admirers stopped by the negro women building on pennsylvania avenue to pay tribute. this sunday at coppan state university in baltimore the schoolable is announcing an endowed chair in dorothy height's name and renaming the dorothy i. height school of
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justice. >> she is just such a remarkable woman and i interviewed many times. the last time i interviewed her was the day of the inagriculture race. i was so struck and i know you are too, shawn, with the level of clarity that she had even at the age -- i guess she was 97 at the time, showed no signs of slowing down. >> told her favorite story about trying to get into barnard college. they told they are the two spots were taken. they later apologized and gave her a doctorate degree. >> what was so amazing about her is she touched so many generation and you see young kids that are still talking about her. it's wonderful the impact and legacy she'll leave behind. >> we'll all remember her. >> karen gray houston, thank you. president obama has issued a statement on dr. height's passing. it reads in part "even in the final weeks of her life, a time
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when anyone else would have enjoyed their well earn rest dr. height continued her fight so people of every race, gender, background and face. our coverage of the loss of dr. height continues online. an independ look at the legacy she left behind. head over to our website, was held up early this morning at 15th and f street northwest. the robber took his wallet and a few other belongings. penn gave up a role on the fox series "house," but he is going back to hollywood this year. he was not hurt in the robbery. an update to the story you saw first on fox 5. police arrested a second person accused of trying to kidnap and sexual assaulting a teacher. jeremiah julie is being held on a $15,000 bond. police do not think the teenager knew he was abducting
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one of his teachers until they pushed her into his suv. the woman escaped with severe cuts to her arms. we're following developing news in the district. city officials giving the all cheer after a major water warning left some dollars residents high and dry today. this morning the water and sewer authority warned residents in much of northwest to shut off their taps. the reason high chlorine concentrations. the warning meant you shouldn't use water for bathing, drinking cooking. says routine maintenance for disinfection at the fort arena facility is to blame. >> the problem was just at the moment we were doing the cleansing of the system the pump went down. those two happened at the same time meaning the water being drawn in then we would otherwise have in the system and that's what triggered the alert. >> water quality crews are monitoring it. says so far no customer complaints and again they've given the all clear. well metro has had its
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share of recent safety troubles. now the heads of d.c. maryland and virginia are teaming up to personal ek get metro back on track. >> as almost everyone knows metro rail has had a terrible year. a fatal crash, work accident and derailments, federal regulators have put metro under the microscope and now there's a hen proposal for even more oversight. the governors of virginia and maryland and the mayor of d.c. spent much of an hour discussion metro state of issues and agreeing they want to personally intervene. >> we feel that changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: the board that oversees metro is selected in different ways. in maryland the governor appoints. in d.c. the mayor appoints half, the city council appoints half. in virginia, the governor has
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no say. local board members are appointed by the various virginia cities and counties that metro runs in. these three executives want more power over the metro board. >> it's time to be a little bit more hands on and we'll be working to either legislate it or -- >> reporter: the three executives also want inperson periodic meetings with metro's interim general manager and they want to strengthent tristate oversight committee. metro riders are dubious about increased oversight from the areas' three achieve executives. >> i'm not convinced by injecting themselves personally they're going to have much of an impact. presumably there's a lot of experts that are already involved in one way or another. hard to imagine that's going to do a lot. >> reporter: other passengers welcome the idea of more oversight and want the three
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executives to use metro's trains. >> they need to ride on it and see what is going on. they're a lot of things going on. they'll see themselves instead of people telling them. >> reporter: expect more safety oversight of metro from congress. the house oversight subcommittee wants to hear from the new interim general manager of the subway system tomorrow morning. >> john, thank you. all three leaders talked about area crime statistics noticing the regional murder rate dropped from 2008 to 2009. they promised law enforcement agencies would continue to cooperate across jurisdictional lines. this just into fox 5, d.c. city council passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the district. the bill will allow chronicky ill patients to use a doctor's prescription for medical marijuana. staying in the district, tonight a driver is facing manslaughter charges after police say he slammed his van
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into a car head on, killing woman and injuring several children. it happened at 36th and alabama in southeast last night. fox 5's sherri ly has more. >> reporter: colliding with a toyota camry head on the camry flew into the air so high it knocked down the traffic signal. then flipped over several times before landing on the ground. then the van caught fire. >> i mean this guy was booking and i mean he hit his car so hard to throw the van up in the air like that, i know he was passing me at every bit of 100, speeding down the street. >> reporter: the woman driving the car was trapped.
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medics trieded to save her but 37-year-old mary ellen winbush went into cardiac arrest. they tried to remove her but died. a 2-year-old was flown from the car and witnesses pulled three other children out, all had head injuries. >> everybody went running to see what was wrong, cart was full of children. all of the children were terribly injured. >> reporter: the van's driver and a passenger were pulled from the wreck. jones was charged with involuntary manslaughter. turns out court records show he also has at least four outstanding traffic charges including describe fox 5 ayou suspended license and drive ing or attempting to drive under the influence of alcohol. this time witnesses say it's remarkable the children survived seeing them so young and so helpless is something they won't soon forget. >> i just pray to god that they survive. i have never seen anything and i hope i never see anything like it again. >> reporter: police aren't saying exactly how fast the van was going but fire and rescue
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officials say based on the damage it appeared to be a high- speed crash. just to give you an idea, an officer on the scene said the immaterial pact was so hard the license plate from the van was embedded in the car's engine. will? >> sherri ly thank you. although the children were taken to the hospital in critical condition it looks like they all will survive. signs that troubles was missed. tonight the obama administration is facing subpoenas. >> a window of hope for the folks who have been stuck in international airports the last couple of days but is that window going to close? i'm tom fitzgerald at dulles international airport. remember the sex scandal that rocked his marriage. hear from the man at the heart of the coverup. john edwards' former aid is speaking out.
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very nice today but we have had some clouds this afternoon signaling some change. rain is on the way. keep it right here. fox 5 news at 5:00 will be right back 
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we're breaking down the federal
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government's plan. investigating the rampage at fort hood. the committee sent subpoenas to some members of the justice and defense departments. they want to know if the government had in information on nidal hasan that could have prevented the attack. nidal hasan is accused of killing 17 people. >> i think it's clear that the subpoenas are necessary because they're not getting the information through the normal methods. >> the committee wants to know why hassan was trained and promoted even as his superiors raised questions about his ability and sympathy for islamic militants. we're following breaking news across the pond. just moments ago british air space opened up for the first time in days. good news for the thousands of passengers stranded on both sides of the atlantic, thanks to that volcanic ash cloud but tonight there's another ash
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cloud that could cause problems. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is live at dulles. how are folks holding up out there? >> reporter: well the flights are coming in and out of dulles finally today, but there is a looming situation that many folks here are well aware of right now. scientists in iceland are concerned that a second even larger volcano could erupt due to the tremors that have been caused by the volcano that has been causing all of the problems for the last several days. inside to dulles here. fox 5 was on the scene as the ticket counters at air france were opening up today. folks say they arrived here because they were aware of the fact that some flights were getting out. passenger who's had reservations today were getting priorities but everyone else is being told to be on standby and
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they're not happy about it. people who have been stuck in europe for several days finally backed in here to the united states landed at dulles international airport. >> i was getting worried because they were running out in france. it really wasn't a bad place to be stuck. i was pretty fortunate. i enjoyed myself going sight seeing. >> everytime i called they said please go to the website and when you go to the website they tell you to call the number. it's just impossible. >> reporter: now this second volcano -- scientists say it harbors ten times the explosive power as the volcano in iceland that's been causing all of the problem and the big problem isn't the flights as much as the backlog. there's been six days worth of flights that have been canceled the dulles here alone. officials at the airlines say there's so much traffic in europe as far as those slots in
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takeoff and landing it could be well into next week before all of this starts to resemble something normal. live here at dulles international, sending it back to you. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you. travelers stranded in spain because of the volcano. finally made it home. this is the celebrity eclipse sailing into port in south hampton, new england today tourists who couldn't get home enjoyed the journey. >> not a bad way to travel if you can do it. it's took a couple of tries and a rare flyover of america's heartland but space shuttle discovery is back home. the seven astronaut crew touched down at the kennedy space center. the 15 day, $6 million journey to the international space
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station was discovery's next on last flight. well they had a little bit of rain to deal with and i understand we're going to have our share of rain coming in soon here. >> seem it's arrives just in time for the weekend. >> shucks, the rain comes in. it's going to be here tomorrow and then it -- jumping ahead we have showers on the weekend forecast. let's wait and see what is going on out there. in terms of half is going on right now you can see we have clouds moving. we started with a lot of sunshine but late this afternoon and this evening some clouds arrive. you can see it easily on satellite. they will stay with us now right on through the evening hours into the overnight and we're tracking the rain. it's down to the southwest. it has moved anthony western sections of north carolina, extreme southwestern sections of west virginia. you can see how it is coming closer to us. this is not a lot of rain. looks like most will hold off during the overnight hours and we'll have a little bit tomorrow morning for the morning commute. very spotty, most of the rain shower activity comes in tomorrow morning later on and through the day tomorrow. we're dry this evening though just mostly cloudy. temperatures in the middle 60s
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at 70s. 61degrees at 9:00 and 59 degrees at 11:00. the winds will be light so all things considered not a bad evening out there. complete forecast is all coming up. a grand unveiling at the national poster museum. the national park service and postal service have joined together to create stayped post cards. there's ten different images all taken in america's national park. the two organizations have released a book that tells the history of america's national parks. there's only one famous apollo theater. it's in harlem, new york but you can celebrate the history of the landmark. the exhibition is called ain't nothing like the real thing. it's at the national museum of american history right now.
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apollo alumni helped open up the exhibit. ugum started performing at the apollo when she was just nine years old. >> the apalo contributed so much to all of us from dion to diana ross. patty labelle. all of us. it was thrilling when you got an opportunity to work the apollo. >> some of the memorabilia on display. a dress worn by ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong's trumpet. it lasts through august. we move to breaking news in antelope county. this is a river rescue going on right now. you can see rescuers right there in the blood pressure boats and black one there trying to get in closer. information is just coming in. --again, a river rescue going on right now. it appears they are looking for
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someone who maybe in the river. again, they are searching for someone in the water right now. how old again? a 17-year-old person maybe in that water right now. they are searching, certainly hoping for the best. we'll continue to stay on top of this breaking news. it's already been billed the tech toy of the year but not everybody is feeling love for the ipad. will the government snip on this debate. from restaurant to fast food. why you should leave it off of the dinner table, up next a
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pursuing leads in the new year's day of a possible principal. they are hoping to find a link to his violent death. he was found shot to death in his silver springs home last thursday. fox 5's paul wagner is live in the newsroom with the story gm police are working on the theory that brian betts was
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killed by someone he knew. investigators are positive betts was alive up until 11:0 that night. the rest is a puzzle they're trying to solve late last wednesday evening brian betts was in his backyard enjoying the weather. it was so nice he pulled out his blackberry to share his thoughts on facebook. betts wrote "wow, what great weather, grilling out, having a cocktail" the time stamp said bets uploaded that at 6:45:00 p.m. there were no other entries after that. >> we spoke with more than one person who related to us that they had spoken verbally with him and that's why we're able to confirm that we believe he was alive at least up to 11:30 p.m. on wednesday, april 14th. >> reporter: princess also know betts' suv -- police also know
5:32 pm
that betts' suv was in the home that morning. the car was later found 4th street. a witness told police he saw two men get out of the car between noon and 3:00 on friday but police have not released a description of the men. >> we're not able to confirm at this point the description beyond two male subjects. >> reporter: can you explain why you can't do that? it has to go with the integrity of the investigation. we want to keep some information to ourselves. >> reporter: gm police say some was taken from we'll knock with doors and check with friends. check cell phone and data from a personal computer. let us know where this person may have gone on the web, who they may have been contacting, what they may have set up. >> reporter: students at shaw middle school and garnet patterson have left heart breaking message for a man many
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have described as a superstar "rest in peace, mr. betts." "we love you, mr. betts." gm county police wouldn't say if detectives found anything of value inside betts' suv. they called the investigation their highest priority. d.c. councilman is angry over the voting rights act. the newest version of the bill call for a repeel of d.c.'s ban on assault weapons. councilman tommy wells says all it takes to make his case is the case of the ten people shot on south chemical street last month. "after seeing the images of grieving parents and their children riddled with bullets from an ak48 i could never support a compromise for voting rights by making assault reps legal on our street. house majority leader of maryland said congress won't
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take up that bill anytime soon. the white house is stepping up efforts to get financial regulatory reform legislation passed. the push on wall street is igniting another epic ballot on capitol hill. today the head of the white house economical council spent time meeting with republican lawmakers. democrats say it will eliminate loopholeses that led to risky wall street trading and funded bank bailouts but republicans say it will have a ripple effect far beyond wall street and could lead to more bailouts. the scandalous affair made headlines for months. the former aid to john edwards is speaking out about corruption in d.c. and ethics in leadership. it's all part his push to clean up his image. >> reporter: after all of the interviews and all of the tabloid covers of the john edwards' sex scandal, no surprise andrew young would draw a crowd. the man who helped coverup edwards' fair and originally claimed to be at father of the
5:35 pm
baby packed the house what does raise a few eye brows is the topic of young's decision at the university of washington. >> we're going to talk about ethics and the difficulty in pursuing the american dream. >> reporter: when young sat down with us, he talked at length about that dream and how it gets corrupted in washington, d.c. >> we have to realize that the people we elect, just like the sports figures we raise up to this unrealistic level, they're human beings and we have to lower our level of expectation and realize that they make mistakes too. >> i think the system is a whole lot better than he think it's is. >> reporter: former washington governor daniel jay evans has a slightly more optimistic view. what on the panel with young and argued there are still good public servants in our nation's capitol. >> when i was back there, a very high percent of those who
5:36 pm
served in the senate were smart, able, ethical. >> the simplest way of understand ing to you have integrity is if a person can make and keep their promises. that's it. clean and simple. >> reporter: andrew young says he didn't see a lot of that during his time as edwards'ed a. >> the part about this is the ego and arrogance and the entitlement and corruption. >> there were an awful lot of ethics missing both on his behalf and edwards' behalf during that -- i must say sleezy approach to the presidency. >> reporter: but in politics as in life there's always the shot at a second chance. a shot young is using to work on campaign finance and election reform to clear his conscious and his name. >> and i've said i'm going to spend the rest of my life working hard to make sure that this is not on my tome stand.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of ann arundle county. sky fox over patuxent river where the search is on for a possible drowning victim. the teenage boy was seen diving into the river. he's never came up. he's 17 years old. two police headquarters involved with a total of three boats at last check on the patuxent river searching for the 17-year-old boy. we'll continue to stay on top of this one and bring you the latest as we get it. they're barely on store shelves but college campuses are already pulling the plug. what some say is long with the ipad. the cast promising a blowout show tonight and we have your sneak peak. don't miss our one on one with jane lynch when fox 5 news continues. thr trnt pndntyon 
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you better hurry if you
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plan on getting in on the cash for appliance clunkers new mexico ---'s program begins thursday. virginia's kicks off april 28th. the concern is that websites will crash because of high volume. the problem has happened in every state that's it's rolled out its version. sites had to be taken down in a matter of hours. d.c.'s program kicks off in late may. the brand new ipad is banned at least one college thanks to a wireless glitch. dw has experienced network problems but princeton university has blocked 20% of the ipads campus. a report found it is causing interference for other devices using the network. >> they're still very popular. the sun was the star today. clear skies, cool temperatures. but according to gary, we shouldn't get too used to it. >> that's right. tracking wet weather heading
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our way. gary's full forecast when we come back. 
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you have ever thought of trading in your car for a two wheel ride. the thought of pedaling everywhere you need to go isn't exactly appealing in. there's a new solution. melanie alnwick that's us for a ride on an electric bike. >> reporter: in many countries commuters dip in and out of traffic on bicycles. americans are slowly catching on businessman like jeff elliott are banking on it. >> it's a start and i think the big start is not having the car being the default all of the time. >> his company green pedals in
5:46 pm
annapolis, maryland specializes for all sorts of cargo if
5:47 pm
you're aat the beach. beach chairs, coolers. really you can get a whole week's worth of groceries in there. >> reporter: as the green revolution changes our habit it's hoped all electric vehicles will be a part ofit. and when is the last time you said that on your commute to work? melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> you know, the electric bike sounded appealing. it's a little pricey though right now. >> once you get over the st there's convenience. like that bucket bike for grocery shopping. >> you would do that. >> no, i wouldn't. i live across from the street from a grocery store. >> big changes, huh. >> at least showers coming back in the forecast. from time to time you have one day with some rain. it's not a bad thing out there but we have -- nice evening.
5:48 pm
temperatures are reflective of that in the 50s for just about everybody. muted sunshine with clouds out there this evening. clouds will stay with us during the evening hours but we're going to stay dry. grab the umbrella for the evening hours but you will need it for tomorrow. it's something you want to make sure you have in your car or your bag, somewhere where you can get to it. 7 now town. generally speaking it's in the 60s for just about everybody. folks down to the south. cullpepper, standing at 70 degrees. fredericksburg it's at 71 and all things considered it's nice up and down the east coast here from new york city. the same temperature. richmond is 71. right down into the carolinas, temperatures are holding into the 70s and back to the northwest temperatures were in the 60s. we're not expecting big cooldown. we will be cooler tomorrow simply because we'll have clouds. less amount of sunshine and they'll help keep the temperatures in the low 60s. mostly cloudy at 11:00 and 69. showers tomorrow morning.
5:49 pm
i will say at 8:00 though, may be a better way to say it would be spotty showers and the way it's looking right now primarily to the south of the metro tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. so we're hoping that this rain will hold off a little bit. at least the morning hour commute will mainly stay dry but by noon just about everybody will be in for at shower activity. high pressure to the south of us. so that's kept us fairly nice today. notice the clouds coming through. the high-level clouds. most of this rain is still well on off to the south of us as the area of high pressure comes to the south and the warmer air. they've had thunderstorms in southern georgia. thunderstorms popping up. we'll be on the northern extent of this. thunderstorms is something we're not going to deal with tomorrow. there will be a little bit of rain here. it's just moving southwestern sections of virginia now. it looks like we may be able to get a shower overnight but when
5:50 pm
you look at future casts, tonight at 8:00 we still have clouds in place here. pretty much where they are right now but watch the rain coming up. it dissipates. it's having a harder time getting into this more stable atmosphere. hopefully tomorrow morning, you see how future cast, this is at 8:00 a.m. keeps most of the rain south of the metro area and this would be nice for the commuters tomorrow morning but as we progress through the morning hours into the early afternoon the rain comes across for everybody and it looks like if we can escape a wet morning commute, we're not going to escape the evening commute. it should be wet with the showers moving through here. nothing too heavy. looks like mainly we're talking about a quarter of an inch moving through for just about everybody. some heavier amounts down to the east and down to the south. thursday morning we're back to sunshine with dryer conditions, however, we'll watch thursday afternoon and thursday evening because right now we at least have a chance for a few showers to the south of us thursday
5:51 pm
evening. we'll keep an eye on that if for some reason that creeps up to the north we'll let you know but we're talking about clouds tomorrow. showers arrive late morning and right on through the afternoon hours. temperatures only into the upper 50s and lower 60s. so it will be cooler than what we've had today. right back in for thursday. temperatures reflect that. friday looks nice, 70 degrees. right now it looks like a fairly unsettled weekend. so we'll talk more about that in the days ahead. >> all right, thank you, gary. talk of the town on tmz's former house star kal penn robbed at gunpoint early in d.c. this morning. tmz's jack holt is live in los angeles. kal left the show to work for the obama administration. it's broke this story. so what do you know? >> basically we know he was out walking around the neighborhood around 1:20 in the neighborhood. a guy approached him with a gun and stole his wallet and other
5:52 pm
personal belongings and took off with him. we know kal did report it to the police immediately after and they have launched an investigation into what what happened. >> but he's okay as far as you know? >> yeah, he's okay. there was no shots fired or anything like that. i think it was just a scary moment for him. he handed over it and the guy took off. >> white house credentials is something he would probably carry on him. as i would call from credentials they generally don't say white house on it. is his pass still active or has it been deactivated as a precaution. >> i assume it would be deactivated the second they found out about it. i don't think the white house would chance that by any means letting that run loose. i think it was long deactivated, probably about 1:22 this morning. >> jack holt live in los
5:53 pm
angeles, tmz on tv. right here on fox 5 tonight at 6:30. don't be surprised if you see members of team u.s.a. out and about in d.c. over the next few days. the olympians are in town to visit the fans and share some of their experiences. today gold medalists were in town for a meet and greet. members of the u.s. olympics and para olympic teams will visit the white house tomorrow. >> that's cool. imagine being a kid and seeing a gold or silver medal up close. let's check in with brian and find out what is coming up next at 6:00. the nation is mourning the loss of dorothy height. a look back at accomplishments but it wasn't just politics that grabbed the nation's attention either. coming up the woman behind talks about her friend. the skies, the trees, the flowers. a new study indicates our kids maybe missing all of this
5:54 pm
because of this. and the cloud is lifting for thousands of airline passengers. they're finally able to cross the tailback. cross the atlantic. rnndeaise
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it is the night you've been waiting for. >> the most anticipated hour long all-madonna episode of glee. >> we are so anticipating tonight's show. featuring all madonna and you got us ready with that vogue video. jane lynch, i just want to say something to you, you were fierce in it. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> did you sing as well because there was a debate here when we were watching it. do you sing? >> it's me singing. >> fantastic. >> there's a debate? >> i know, i will tell them
5:58 pm
they were all wrong. >> they were wrong. >> as we go into tonight's show there's so much anticipation about it. tv guide is covering all the way and you all are posed asthma donna in event different times in her life. how big is this episode? >> it's kind of huged. in my unobjective opinion it's the best hour of television. it's relentless. it's ten madonna songs and so a whole new generation will be introduced to the power that is madonna. we worked hard at this one. when we saw it as a cast we were screaming and laughing and crying. just when one was over, the next was starting. >> did you think there would be resistance. sometimes these mega stars want to give too much. it was a show so huge you have to say yes, madonna? >> she offered us her entire catalog, so we took advantage of that and i think we have ten madonna songs. she was way behind it and i
5:59 pm
guess her daughter, lola, loves it. and she loves our show and so madonna just released a statement saying she saw a copy of the episode saying it was really good and she was proud of it and she thought the message was really good. we're tickled pink that she approved it. >> it's a big night here on fox 5. tune in for a brand new "american idol." seven "idol" wannabes will sing their hearts out and catch the madonna episode of glee. it's madonna all the time tonight. it all starts tonight at 8:00. will, this is so big you're going to a watch party tonight. >> it is a watch party and it promises to be a big one. i won't give you this address it's a private address with but we're going to be there and we're scheduled to appear in the 10:00 show tonight. the news now is far from over. the news edge


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