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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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until then we pray logan grows to understand his birth was a blessing and his life a gift. >> we're always open to them having a relationship. also we don't have any expectations. i just hope that we stay in contact. >> the families are forever changed. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. we'll start the news edge off tonight with a disturbing discovery in maryland. dozens of bodies found piled up in a garage at a prince george's county funeral home. tonight the riverdale business is under a state investigation. fox 5's bob barnard down in the newsroom following the latest developments. bob? >> reporter: brian, the president of maryland state funeral board confirms the story first reported by "the baltimore sun." harry close says the remains of some 40 men and women that were supposed to be cremated were found in bags in a garage at the chambers funeral home and crematorium in riverdale. this video of that business
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shot by skyfox a short time ago. its owner tells many of the bodies were cadavers from georgetown university's school of medicine. william chambers is quoted as saying they have limited space and things were in disarray. he called that, however, unacceptable. state inspectors reportedly found some of the remains leaking fluid and without name tags. the funeral board director calls the discovery shameful and a health hazard. the company's license has been suspended. it has until friday to cremate all of the bodies and then its doors will be closed. owner william chambers tells us they handled things appropriately and have hired a lawyer. >> the story we will stay on top of. bob barnard live in the newsroom. to a news eninvestigation now. outrage today over juveniles with violent records back on the streets. these are the three 18-yards accused -- 18-yards accused in -- 18-year-olds accused in the
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murder of principal brian betts. roby chavez working this tonight. >> reporter: brian, these documents show the teens' very violent past and they have a history of being fugitives from justice. the case of brian betts is the latest case where kids who the city has lost track of have committed murder. as of this hour no answer from the city. the tragic murder of brian betts is allegedly another death at the hands of kids who the district lost track of. today we asked the mayor how many of the district's 800 kids are out there on the run with serious criminal histories. how many kids today are not accounted for, are not where they're supposed to? adrian fenty never did get back to reporters as promised. as a result it's a dangerous fact that remains unclear.
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good to place them back on the street is really a time bomb. >> reporter: the union representing juvenile case workers says citizens should be outraged. >> residents should be amazingly aharmed. -- alarmed. it should be a major concern to everybody. >> reporter: here's why. court records show the three betts murder suspects had lengthy criminal records. alante saunders was charged with first degree sex offense when he was just 11 years old, also attempted armed robbery, assault, theft, purse snatching and robbery. saunders fled custody in early april just days before the murder of betts. 18-year-old deonte gray has a history of theft and burglary. all were supposed to be under dyrs care but the city admits the agency lost track of them. one was supposed to be in a secured facility. still the mayor defended the
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troubled agency. >> the days when kids were completely lost and no one knew where they were and there was not the emphasis on rehabilitation, those days are in the past. >> in my personal opinion, this summer if something does not change with this population, it is going to be one of the worst summers we've seen. >> reporter: leaders say the three teen murder suspects charged with killing brian betts are proof of the dangerous consequences. >> given the circumstances, he may still be alive today had these youths not been out in the community wreaking havoc. >> reporter: johnny walker says case managers are overwhelmed and assigned as many as 40 juveniles making it almost impossible to manage a troubled population. >> roby chavez tonight. as for the three teenagers charged in betts' murder, they made their first appearance in court today. a judge ordered them held without bond. according to cowft document --
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court documents gray has already confessed to the crime telling police he was inside the house the night of the murder and stole property. there's no mention who the gunman was but documents hint there may be a fourth person involved in the murder. a day in court for the suspect of a murdered uva student. the ex-boyfriend admitted he kicked in the bedroom door, shook love repeatedly hitting her head against the wall. his attorney, though, calls it an accident. >> we are confident that miss love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> we don't have any documented evidence that is in the way of police reports or a protective order or anything like that with regard to things that may have occurred in the past. >> huguely told investigators the two had broken up. police won't talk about a moifer. they're investigating whether he had threatened yeardley via e-mail in the days and hours
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before the murder. another big story tonight. the suspected times square bomber talking to the feds. faisal shahzad says he admits to trying to blow up a car bomb in new york. fox 5's will thomas down in the satellite center with the latest details. will? >> reporter: brian, let me start with how they captured him. newnew york city police commissioner said the big break in this case initially came from the vin number associated with that bomb-laden suv in times square. the commissioner says the police detective actually went under that suv and founded hidden vin number on the engine block. that identified the owner of record who was able to i.d. faisal shahzad as the man he told it to three weeks ago. he is 32 years old, married to an american woman and has two children. customs agented captured him shortly before midnight yesterday just moments after he boarded a plane set to leave j.f.k. for dubai. they think he was eventually going to islamabad pakistan and transferring planes in dubai. his named popped up on a no fly list and that's when they pulled him off the plane.
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investigators say he confessed to it all immediately. >> based on what we know so far, it is clear that this was a terrorist plot aimed at murdering americans in one of the busiest places in our country. >> reporter: investigators say faisal shahzad admitted he received training in making fertilizer-based bombs in his native pakistan in the five months he was there prior to returning to the u.s. in february of this year. he faces mass destruction and terrorism charges. with regard to pakistan authority there is have rounded up at least seven individuals thought to be tied to this bombing plot in manhattan. that is the very latest from the satellite center, i'm will thomas, fox 5 news. as for the developing story on that oil leak in the gulf, it is not confirmed but there are reports tonight oil is washing up on a barrier island off louisiana. bp is now planning to drop those domes over the leaking well in the next 48 hours. it hopes the 65-ton metal boxes will cap the well. above water mother nature seems to be cooperating a bit
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allowing crews to lay more of those containment booms and fix the ones damaged in the stormy weather. a historic day in d.c. medical marijuana has gotten the initial green light. how and where will doctors distribute the drug if it becomes law. we'll break that down next. forget the long wait through airport security. a program to let you breeze right threw is about to make a comeback. gentle breezes out there in d.c. tonight. it's a gorgeous evening. our temperatures dropped to 72 degrees. humidity is nice and low. what about wednesday and the rest of this week and the weekend? your forecast is coming up on fox 5 news edge at 11:00. stay with us. 
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legal pot for the sick in the district. a his tore ec vote today. every single d.c. council member voted to approve medical
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marijuana. mayor fenty is expected to sign it and it will go to capitol hill for congressional review. but as fox 5's karen gray houston reports, there are restrictions. >> reporter: the new bill doesn't let just anybody smoke marijuana. you have to be sick with debilitating wrong medical conditions. >> instead of going to open air markets, they can go to licensed dispensaries that have quality control so they can get medical gauge grade can bass. >> reporter: this woman said she started smoking marijuana because she couldn't deal with the side effects of oxy codeine. >> when i started using this and tried it and said oh, my god it relieves my pain. >> reporter: the bill would require patients to have a doctor's signed permission to get the marijuana. there would be cultivation centers that would be registered with the health department. five dispensaries would be licensed to operate in the
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district and that's where sick people would buy their drugs. >> those dispensaries, they're not going to look like hash bars or coffee houses. in fact also included in this bill is a prohibition on use of medical marijuana at the dispensary. >> reporter: the bill's main sponsor is hopeful congress won't reject it. >> i feel very comfortable with what we have now. i think it's going to be very defensible before congress. we always have to be very careful. sometimes it's more restrictive than we might otherwise like. >> reporter: what about the suggestion that this measure is the first step toward legalizing the recreational use of marijuana? >> it's people who are afraid of legalization and would arrest patients in order to prevent it who are taking advantage of sick people, not the other way around. >> reporter: the council rejected an amendment that would protect patients on the job. protecting people under the influence would not be helpful, especially if they had jobs in law enforcement or anything that would endanger the public. i'm karen gray houston in the
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fox 5 newsroom. in maryland today governor martin o'malley signed new laws targeting sex offenders. one requires mandatory lifetime supervision for violent and repeat sex offenders. the law also increases minimum sentencing for child predators. today marks the 40th anniversary of the deadly -- [ inaudible ] four students were killed, nine others injured. the university marked the anniversary with a walking tour and a candlelight vigil. coming up next, tomorrow's not the time to bend any traffic laws. we'll tell you where police will be out in full force. imagine being stuck on a roller coaster up side down for 20 minutes. it happened to those people. find out why the ride stalled.
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we're back in a few. h pll ckce
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can a smartphone reach the four corners of the earth ?
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can it make unlimited skype-to-skype calls to any country without using any minutes ? "hello." im anyone on skype, anywhere ? giving you an all access pass to the world ? droid can with skype mobile. one of thousands of apps that can run with other apps- from the ever-expanding android market. when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does. stuck for 20 minutes on a roller coaster upside down. it stopped working yesterday. five passengers were left hanging 50 feet above the ground. that's five stories. a rider's poncho got lodged in the mechanism causing it to stall. they freed the riders. they're all okay. the roller coaster is supposed to be the steepest in the world. shawn yancy with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, brian, google wants to help you read.
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number five, google want as piece of the e-book pie. starting in january it will sell e-books that can be read on any internet connected device including apple's ipad. number four could get you through the airport a lot faster. the clear program is making a comeback this fall. in exchange for being fingerprinted, having your irises scanned and handing over personal info, you can bypass traditional airport screenings at certain airports. not getting enough sleep could cause you to die early. people who sleep less than sings hours a sleep are 12% more likely to die early. number two heads up infinity owners. nissan is recalling 135,000 g35 sedans and coupes. there's a problem that could cause air bags not to deploy in
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a crash. call your dealership if you have any questions. and number one tonight, heads up you hov cheaters. police in maryland and virginia are partnering up to target hov violators. they will be watching i-66, 95, 395 and the dulles toll road in virginia. in maryland they'll be watching i-270 and route 50. they're hoping to get drivers to follow the rules to help keep the roads safe. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. we were just talking about the grass growing season. >> the grass is really growing. the pollen is changing too. we're starting to see tree pollen come back in a big way. grass pollen beginning to show up but the grass is really growing. tomorrow will help it keep on coming on strong which is probably bad news for a lot of people. you don't want to spend part of your weekend hacking it up but lots of miracle grow coming from the weather department these days. and it is a beautiful night as we look live at the capitol. it's really comfortable out there. temperatures are still in the
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low 70s but dew points are in the 40s, down from the 60s at this time yesterday. now, today we were watching satellite and radar to see if any of the activity we were watching up through pennsylvania would make it on down. it did not do that. there was another storm to the south. we stayed safely in the middle but we will be watching this moisture that you see up through minnesota and the western great lakes. that is a frontal system. might be in our neighborhood sometime thursday morning. could produce a thundershowers. -- could produce a shower. the pollen count was low for a while but it's surged back up again to the high rate with 315 grains per cubic meter. grasses are beginning to show up. a lot of people are really susceptible to that. if you have new itching and wheezing, it might be grass pollen. it's going to be high for the next several weeks. mold showed up too. that's the first big reading we had on mold. keep the antihistamines handy if you've got allergies because grass and mold may be starting to bother you too. lots of heat across the country. we're looking at the high
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temperatures. it was 83 in st. louis. 84 in omaha. cooler behind our front that will be getting in here on thursday although the cooler air for us will wait until late saturday to roll into town. here in d.c. we were 84 degrees which is well above normal by some 12 degrees. we should be around 72 for this time of year. we'll be above it again tomorrow but 72 is where we are right now. so our high for today is where our 11:00 temperature is. a few spots have dropped to the 50s. baltimore still at 70. leonard town at 61. annapolis 65 degrees. a little cooler as we get up and over the other side of the mountains but not a lot of cold air showing up on these weather maps. more warm days are ahead for us. now, for tonight here's our forecast. clear skies. we'll be in the 50s in the suburbs. light winds. tomorrow sunny and warm. 82 degrees. breezes out of the south at 10 to 15 miles per hour. front royal it will probably get to about 80 degrees. germantown 82.
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fredricksburg 84. and waldorf 82 and lots of blue skies with just a few clouds in the afternoon. now, we will watch what happens on thursday because we do see this frontal system coming. i'm pausing it here at 3:00 in the morning. we see it just on the other side of the mountains. notice how it falls apart according to futurecast before it comes into our area. but late friday into saturday we begin to see another batch of showers heading in our direction. we think they will be out of here for sunday. it's more beautiful days than bad days. nice tomorrow at 82. pleasant on thursday at 83. storms late enough in the day that they shouldn't bother any big plans you have. showers and storms probably the better day for that is going to be saturday. temperature gets knocked down to 75. mother's day sunny and cooler at 68 degrees. dave feldman is talking about stephen strasburg. he is on the move. we've got the sports edge when we return.
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♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty
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♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪ good evening. i'm felt felt. the washington -- dave feldman. the washington nationals are enjoying their status as the premier local team. braves in town tonight to kick off a six-game home stand. nats trailed 1-0 in the 2nd but not any longer. this is josh willingham and a solo towering shot to the left. fourth of the year. we're tied at 1. defensive gem of the night courtesy of roger. oh, man. that was special.
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then the big bats took over. first waits on a breaking ball. that's gone. second of the year. 3-2 nats on top. and we're not done. adam dunn, this one is no exception. his fifth of the year. nats go two games over .500 with a 6-3 win. yet very more good nats news. stephen strasburg just moved one step closer to the big leagues. he was motored to syracuse. he went 3-1 with 1.64era in five starts at aa harrisburg. i hear he's coming up in june. what do you have? >> well, he's in aaa now. he's going to work on a few of the things we asked him to work on down in double a. he'll get a taste of a little more veteran presence and hitters. we'll see where that takes him.
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>> orioles in new york taking on the yankees. 3rd inning no score. runners on 1st and 2. lays down the sacrifice bunt. burnett fields it but throws wildly to first. everyone is safe. birlds lead 1-0 but the yanks would take over from there. led by some great defense. nice catch. easy. be careful. yanks win 4-1. o's now 7-20. kevin nickelberry has been named the new basketball couch at howard. he's 45, grew up in the district and went to central high. he was the head coach at hampton from 2006 to 2009. nba eastern conference semis, game one. orlando in atlanta. big night for dwight howard. a spin move. orlando up 4. he was just warming up. how about defense-offense. he takes this away from josh smith. the alley-oop. this one got out of hand in a
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hurry. magic was up by 20 at the half. it got worse. back to howard who had 21 point, 12 rebounds, 5 blocks. the magic destroy the hawks by 43. they lead the best of seven 1- 0. penns and canadiens game three and a physical one for sid the kid. gets taken down. crosby students like it. if he doesn't like it, some pens are going it fight about t. scoreless in the 3rd. guess who gets the last laugh? a former cap. all those names sound familiar to me. pens win 2-0. they lead the series 2-1. i'm dave feldman. you're caught up. brian is back to wrap up the edge right after this. have a good night. .
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this five-day forecast is so nice. we couldn't resist showing it to you again. get out and enjoy tomorrow. thursday looking great. friday briefly interrupted late at night for a round of thunderstorms that may linger into saturday. cooler for sunday. >> thank you, sue. taking the edge off with a bizarre candle. this is the light castle scented candle. you can freshen your home with the smell of slider ham


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