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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 5, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good wednesday morning. we are off to a really pleasant start out there today weather- wise. good morning. thank you for joining us for fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. we want to go straight to tucker to find out what to expect for the rest of the day. >> it will be a perfect day. yesterday, it got really nice in the afternoon and overnight tonight, things have cooled off. very pleasant conditions out there. wait until you see this afternoon's forecast. just about perfect. we'll show you the current look
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at our temperatures and our satellite-radar and there you go. temperatures have really cooled off during the nighttime hours. 61 at reagan national. frederick, 54. patuxent naval air station, 58. let's go cloud hunting and see what we can find. not much of anything. look how quiet that is across the mid-atlantic stretching from boston to virginia beach. very quiet conditions. should be a sunny day. just a few fair weather clouds moving in during the course of the afternoon. no rain expected today. low humidity and high temperatures about 80 degrees. great-looking day for our wednesday. mostly sunny skies. nice day. 81degrees. get out and enjoy it. winds out of the west. they will be shifting out of the south. some changes to talk about for the weekend and we have of mother's day forecast to look forward to. we'll have that in just a
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couple of minutes. we are learning more about the murder of a university of virginia senior. yeardley love was found dead monday morning. officers say her former boyfriend admitted he forced her bedroom door open and shook love repeatedly hitting her head against the wall. he is formally charged with first degree murder. police are not talking about a possible motive. a funeral home in riverdale has until friday to cremate 40 bodies and then it will have to close. a state inspector found dozens of bodies piled up to 1 feet high in a garage. some of them were looking fluids. the owner plans to fight the license suspension. authorities say the suspect in saturday's failed new york city bombing attend a terror training camp in pakistan before parking a suv rig wimbledon homemadedom in times square and trying to blow it up. he will likely face several
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terrorism and explosives charges. shahzad is a pakistani living in connecticut married to an american woman. they have two children. we have a commuter alert for you this morning. don't drive in the hov lanes if you don't have the right amount of passengers in the car. police from around the area will be out in force today looking for hov lane violators. it is are the part of hov awareness day. wisdom martin has the story. >> i have two kids that i take and when i see people would don't have passengers in the car t bothers me. >> it bothers me a bit. it just doesn't seem fair. i have to have two or thee people in my car. >> you get in one of those lanes where you don't realize you're on t that is where the cop seems to find me. >> reporter: for the first time, state police from maryland and virginia are teaming up with local law
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enforcement agencies to monitor the hov lanes during the morning and evening rush hours. it is called hov awareness day. >> i don't seat big deal coming from chicago and true rush hour traffic, i don't see what the big deal is. >> reporter: in virginia, they will keep an eye on i-66, 95, 395 anded dulles toll road. in maryland, they will watch i- 270 and route 50. law enforcement will be trying to catch drivers breaking the law who in some cases are checking to see if police are watching. >> they can drive by and see if if there is a police car waiting. if there is a police car waiting there, they'll cope going and i've seen seen people stop and go the other way. >> reporter: the purpose of having the different law enforcement agencies get involved in this is to get drivers to simply follow the law so they can keep the roads safe and keep traffic moving. law enforcement says enforcing the hov lane rules one day may not stop all the violators but it gets the attention of drivers and makes them think
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twice before they break the law. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> the first offense for driving alone if the hov lane is $125 t doubles every time after that. we'll have somebody toronto virginia state highway patrol join us during the 6:00 hour to talk more about the hov crackdown. we have much more still ahead on fox 5 morning news. we begin at 4:30. beautiful wednesday morning. it is may 5th as we get a live look at the washington monument. temperatures pretty mild to start this day. it was a good night to sleep with the windows open last night. a gurvir dhindsa along with my friend and colleague tucker barnes. you are my friend today. >> i should be your friend every day. just today? this will be a perfect day weather-wise.
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high abouts 80, low humidity, sunshine throughout the day and a nice comfortable start as you head out the door. take a look at our satellite- radar. we'll get to it. you can see why i'm saying it will be a great looking day. look at that. very quiet out there. and it should be for much of the day here bright sunshine from the start here at 6:00 hour right through the end of the day. i think we'll see just a few fair weather clouds touring the course of the day. no rain expected. let's talk temperatures. comfortable start at reagan national. that is the warm spot. 50s outside the beltway. 55 at both dulles and bwi marshall. bright sunshine throughout the day. 83 in la plata. 84 in fredericksburg. should be a nice-looking day and a nice evening. we'll look at the forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> now, if we could just get
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traffic to be just as nice as the weather. i don't know, julie. what do you think? >> i think right now i can do that. i mean things are likely to change later on this morning but right now, i think you'll like the commute around town. all lane are open if you are traveling in each direction down south at the wilson bridge. overnight roadwork in the process of being cleared. they had the inner loop blocked off so everyone was forced to go north on 395, ride the ramps and come back south. we are out towards the 14th street bridge, lanes are open in both the main line and the hovs. top stretch of the beltway holding steady, looking good as you travel west of 650 and continue around through silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. now, to today's top story and that is the murder which is rocking the university of virginia campus. we're learning more about the moments leading up to the death of 22-year-old yeardley love and we want to warn you that
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some of the details are disturbing. in court we learned the victim suffered a violent death allegedly at the hands of her former boyfriend and fellow uva senior. bob barnard reports. >> reporter: 22-year-old uva senior yeardley love was beaten to death in the bedroom of her off-campus apartment n court documents, charlottesville investigators say she was found in a pool of blood face down on her pillow. a large bruise on the right side of her face. yeardley's right sigh aye swollen shut. she had bruises and scrapes to her children. police say the door to love's bedroom was forced open, had a hole in it. in the documents, her accused killer and one-time boyfriend george huguely reportedly admits kicking in the bedroom door and shaking yeardley so that her head repeatedly hit the wall. but huguely's attorney says it was all an accident. >> we are confident that ms. love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> reporter: leaving the
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courthouse from left to right, that is george huguely's father, mother and stepfather. they had nothing to say to reporters. from yeardley love's high school lacrosse coach. >> there was not a mean bone in her body. she was goodness. >> reporter: another haunting question, how this superstar athlete with a prep school pedigree could become an accused murderer. this his mug shot snapped shortly after his arrest. >> until more information becomes available, it is our hope that no conclusion will be drawn or judgements made about george or his case. >> reporter: there are reports he may have family harmed love in the past. >> we don't have any documented evidence that is in the way of police reports or a protective order or anything like that with regard to things that may have occurred in the past. >> reporter: but
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charlottesville police say huguely admits stealing love's computer after the murder. bob barnard, fox 5 news. police in lexington, virginia which is home of washington and lee university are releasing more information about george huguely's railroad in that city in late 2008. police say a female police officer had to use a stun gun to get huguely into handcuffs during his arrest. he pleaded guilty to resisting arrest. his 60-day jail sentence was suspended. investigators may be looking for another suspect in the murder of d.c. principal brian betts. so far, three teenagers have been accused of the murder. court documents show cameras caught the three men using betts' credit card following the murder. police are not saying if any of those teens are the actual shooter. all are facing life in prison soirchlt you expect to find bodies at a funeral home but not 40 stacked up to 12 feet high and leaking fluids.
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a state inspector called it disgraceful and a health hazard and ordered the chambers funeral home to close. it has until friday to cremate all of the bodies and then close. the owner says many of the bodies were cadavers from georgetown university school of medicine. he plans for fight the suspension. we are herring more about the suspect in saturday's failed new york city bombing and the event leading up to the arrest two days later. 30-year-old faisal shahzad is an american citizen living in connecticut. he confessed to trying to detonate an suv bomb in times square after he was arrested and jfk international. authorities have detained at least seven alleged accomplices in islamabad. metro transit police have stepped up patrols at several metrorail stations following that failed bombing in times square. the transit agency says more officers have been placed in stations as well as in the kiss
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and ride areas and at stationent rans. metro says it doesn't know of any specific threats. it is just being vigilant. an historic vote in the district. the d.c. council has passed a measure to legalize medical marijuana. every d.c. council member voted to approve the bill and mayor fenty is expected to sign t that measure would require patient to have a doctor's signed permission to get their marijuana. there would be cultivation centers registered with the health department. d.c. would join 14 states that allow the use of medical marijuana. there are new developments this morning in the battle of arizona's controversial new immigration law. we'll tell you who is ready to take on that state now. big efforts to contain that massive leak in the gulf of mexico. we'll show you how officials would use a huge stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be back after the break. 
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welcome back. we are following that developing story down along the gulf of mexico where the fight continues against that 2,000 square mile oil slick off the coast of louisiana. officials are loading up a giant dome that they hope will help contain the massive leak that is gushing from a mile below the surface of the sea. fox's trace gallagher has the latest. >> reporter: the oil slick is now five to seven miles away from louisiana's beaches and bayous but there are reports of oily clumps and tar balls washing up at cat island, mississippi just south of gulfport. a nasa satellite image shows the slick is getting smaller down from an estimated 400 square miles to an estimated 2,000. but experts say that is because the oil is pooling like clouds beneath the water. while repeated attempts to use remote controlled submarines to stop the flow of oil at the source have failed, bp now says the first of three containment domes, 65-ton concrete and
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metal structures designed to cap the well will be on the ocean floor by thursday. >> there are significant risks associated with these domes as they have not previously been used at these depths. if they are successfully deployed, however, bp expressed confidence that they would catch just about all of the oil. >> reporter: even if the flow is contained or stopped in the next several days, the economic and environmental impact is already enormous. and while the winds have died down, they will start burning the oil again using something called a fire boom. they corral the oil and light it on fire. they can burn 1800-barrels an hour. that is 75,000 gallons. the light oil burns and the heavy oil sinks. and about now, they could use a victory. in venice, louisiana, trace gallagher, fox news. a new wave of dense
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volcanic ash from iceland has disrupted air traffic in scotland and northern ireland. most the airports there grounded flights. eruptions last month canceled more than 100,000 flights affecting 10 million travelers. there is no prediction on when they will stop. in arizona, the tucson city council has voted to sue the state in an effort to overturn the new immigration law. law requires law enforcement officers to question people about their immigration status if there is a reason to suspect that person is in the country illegally. council members say the cost to enforce that lou would be excessive. baseball says good-bye to long time broadcaster ernie harwell. generations of fans grew up listening to harwell. he was asked you would to receive the vin scully lifetime ashee. apardon today. the hall of fame announce are revealed last year that he had
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been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. he died at the age of 92. we have some important information about your health coverage coming up. >> changes are coming to your flexible spending account. i'll tell you what you won't be able to pay for anymore. and cooler temperatures have moved in. i'll have all the details on a fantastic looking forecast and julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic coming up right after the break. 
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hundreds of people gathered in d.c. to honor police officers. more than 25 federal and local agencies remembered officers who have died in the line of duty and prayed for the safety of all others. the event marks the beginning of national police week. tucker is back with another check on our weather now. really pleasant out and the moon was really pretty this morning. hopefully a good day on tap for us today. >> a great day on tap. temperatures have cooled off overnight. we are back in the 50s so everybody can turn off the air conditioner. dew point temperatures have fallen back owe the huge is a lot lower than it was the last
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couple of days. from my perspective, just about a perfect day. it was on the warm side but pleasant. we are going to be in the same region to high temperatures today as yesterday. maybe a degree or two cooler. we're cooler this morning. check it out. 61 at reagan national. 54 in gaithersburg. quantico is waking up to a temperature for you of 57. 5 # in fredericksburg and 50 out in martinburg, even some 40s on the map. look at that. cumberland way out to the west. 46degrees. so temperatures very comfortable here to start. should be a great-looking day. the sun will get up early at about 6:00 this morning. once it does, we should finance for bright sunshine throughout the day. very quiet map. this will be a fantastic day. cold front from a few days ago is off to the south and east. we are awaiting the next cold front which is north and west
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of chicago. that will get in here tomorrow night. until then, it will be great. high pressure will move across the region. just a few fair-weather clouds out there and high temperatures about 80 or so with low humidity. this is what we wait for much of the year. mostly sunny. a beautiful day. 82 for an afternoon high. tonight, a few more clouds in the forecast and it will be mild overnight. a little warmer tonight. 64 for your overnight low as we await the cold front. tomorrow, not bad. a few more clouds in the forecast. friday, we cloud up late in the day. could be some showers and thunderstorms with a cold front friday night into saturday. give us some early morning showers on saturday and then we'll cool down. look at mir's day. plenty of sunshine expected by sunday but highs only in the 60s. much cooler weather for the weekend. that is a look at weather. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright who is just
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chilling at this moment. not much going on. >> chillaxing. >> did you send my mom a card yet? >> it is going to be an e card. >> oh, my goodness. tucker barnes, you're just lazy. after all that woman has done for you. >> lanes are open from centreville in towards the vienna metro towards the beltway. overnight construction inner loop of the beltway at the springfield interchange in the propose she was being cleared. no incidents to report off of 95 to woodbridge. lanes are open, still at speed southbound 270 good to go gaithersburg to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have a traffic alert this morning. as we told you at the top of the hour, police from around the area will be out in force today targeting hov lane violators. it is the first capital region hov awareness day. police some maryland and v ince
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-- police in maryland and virginia will be watching the roads. we'll talk live with somebody from the virginia state police in our #:00 hour about this hov crackdown. take a look at this. this suv didn't stay in its lane t crashed through a d.c. public library. the suv left a huge hole in the back of the mount pleasant library on 17th street in northwest. police say a teenager drove his mother's escalade into the building and took off with his sister. detectives say he returned a few minutes later and was arrested. we have a consumer alert on another car recall. nissan is recalling g 35 is he diocesans and coupes t involved about 135,000 vehicles. nissan saws a wire harness could wear down and interrupt the signal to the air bags. call your dealership if you have any questions. from the road to the airport, the clear program is making a comeback this fall to help you get through security screenings quicker in exchange for being fingerprinted, having
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your iriss scanned and handing over personal information such as social security numbers cork bypass the traditional screenings at certain airports. in consumer news, first it was amazon and then apple and now google wants a piece of the e-book pie. starting in july, they will sell e-books that can be read on any e-book device. no word on how much they will cost you. in health news, getting too much or not enough sleep could cause to you die early. an italian study found people would sleep for under six hours a night are 1% more likely to prematurely die than people would got six to eight hours. people would consistently sleep more than nine hours may va a potentially fatal illness. a tax benefit a lot of people use to buy over the counter medication is going away. it is just one of of the changes to your medical flexible spending account, also because of the new health care reform law. we have more on what you need to know. >> reporter: drugstores ring up
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a lot of sales in december. that is usually when customers with money left in their use or lose flexible spending accounts are trying to max out their balances. >> it is unscreens, the eyeglasses. it is the band-aides, advil and such like that. >> reporter: employees can use free tax tax dollars for medical spents not cover the by health insurance. currently, that includes over the counter medications but not after december 30th, 2010. >> it means that people will have to plan better. >> reporter: he saws the changes mean a few more tax dollars for the feds. >> it is two reasons. one to increase revenue to pay for health reform and two, it will put less money in the account and that means they will have less money available to use for health care and hope any, he will use less health care. >> reporter: the second benefit
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reduction will hit workers with high out of pocket medical costs. starting in 2013, consumer can put aside no more than $2,500 in these tax accounts. right now, there no limit. >> for the most part, that impacts people with chronic conditions and people that are going to use these accounts say on a one-time basis. >> reporter: such as childbirth or eye surgery. that has doctors like dentist brian gray advising patients to plan ahead. >> there may be a rush to have people fund their plans and then be able to take care of any treatment before the cap is put in place. >> reporter: dr. gray believes most patients won't go without treatment but it may pinch a little bit more. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> those changes are expected to bring in about $20 billion over the next 10 years and only affects over the counter purchases. employees who have this benefit will still be able to use it for other qualified expenses. rare territory for the washington nationals, flirting with first place.
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coming up next, the big bats came out last night as the nats kicked off their home stand. dave ross joins us with our sports breakfast on the other side of the break. big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bundle. [ chuckling ] home and auto together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. oh, or like burgers and fries. or pickles and ice cream. unicorns and glitter! no? bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today.
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welcome back. take a look at. this another fan on the field. this time, no taser n the ninth inning of the cardinals- phillies game last night. time was called after a man hopped over the fence into left field. police say the man from last night's game was quickly captured. he has been charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and narcotics possession. welcome, one and all to this wednesday edition of the breakfast. dave ross here and the nats return home to d.c. last night to begin a six-game home stand and with leavon hernandez on the mound against the braves,
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you had to like the nats' chances, right, right? because of plays like this. this is josh willingham. that was up, out and done. we were we were all tied up at one. but hernandez had great defense. way out in spectacular fashion, that is glovely. take that curveball out. only his second of the year but that put the nats up to four good. you think adam dunn can hit them a long, long way. two words, country strong and upper deck. that is four words but the nats go on to win 6-3. they are two games over 500. more good news, stephen strasburg one step closer. he is up to aaa syracuse. he has been promoted by the nats. he went 3-1 with a 1.64 era in five starts. he struck out 27 and walked
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only six in 22 innings. so gm mike rizzo, your thoughts on the promotion. >> he is in aaa now. he will work on a few of the things that we asked him to work on down in a a. he will get a taste of more veteran presence and we'll see where that take him. the orioles in new york taking on the yankees, third inning, no score. this is a sacrifice here. that one will get away. one run will score. everybody safe. os were up 1-0 but they wouldn't score again and the yankees took over with great defense. watch the catcher. watch out, francisco. he is in the correct dugout. the yankees beat the birds. the caps' season is now a distant memory. the playoffs went on with pittsburgh against montreal.
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who do we root for? i do not know the answer to that rhetorical question. this one was physical. watch the kid get taken down. you do that to the great one. well, you have to fight. how about this? the slapper to beat that. the penguins lead the series 2- 16789. game one between orlando and atlanta and this is all orlando and watch the big fellow, "twilight" howard spin me, one-hand me right there. oh, my goodness. super man was in full effect on this night. take it out of the sky, big foal owe. up head in the alley and there it is. kick it over to have


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