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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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from making the same mistakes. the bookers say they forgive smith, but they want to make sure potential voters are well aware of his past. >> i just want them -- his supporters to know what he did. he took my brother, my best friend, you know. he took my best friend from me. i couldn't believe it. the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. right off the top tonight, have you seen this man? police say he's a dangerous gunman who lured his victim with a phone chat line, pretended to be friendly. then robbed his victim at gunpoint moments later. it is the latest in a recent string of local crimes that all begin with chat lines. roz plater working this one in the newsroom now. >> reporter: brian, there is a warning from police tonight. robbers are hip to the latest technology. an innocent meeting could be down right dangerous. prince william county police say it all started with a cell phone app for a text chat feature. the 28-year-old manassas man
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said he just wanted to meet new people. on april 12 he exchanged text messages and pictures with a man he arranged to meet after work 2:30 in the morning. >> the suspect was chatting with our victim. when he showed up to meet the victim, came right along was a second unidentified man. >> reporter: they drove to a dead end in manassas. all three got out and began walking towards the town homes when suddenly one of the men he had met pulled out a gun and robbed him. using the picture the suspect sent via text, police are looking for this man. they don't know his name. they're trying to track him length strongically -- electronically but so far they've had no luck. >> people use prepaid phone numbers. >> reporter: the victim in that manassas robbery was not injured but it could have turned out very differently. just last month beloved d.c. middle school principal brian betts was found shot to death
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in his silver spring home. police say he was the victim of a robbery allegedly carried out by one or more people he met on a phone chat line. with the explosion of chat technology pairing complete strangers, police are urging users to be careful. >> if you're meeting strangers, meet at a restaurant or a place that is known to you. be alert. don't be so trustworthy of people that you meet online. >> reporter: there is another sobering reminder. last december 29-year-old anthony perkins was found shot to death in his car in southeast d.c. police say he contacted his alleged killer through a phone chat line. >> roz plater live tonight in the newsroom. the other big story we're following tonight, grief and shock on the campus of uva following the murder of a student. police say yeardley love was killed by her ex-boyfriend just weeks before graduation. now her parents are planning her funeral and her friends are struggling to understand what went wrong. fox 5's sherri ly live tonight on the campus in
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charlottesville. >> reporter: brian, it was a moving candlelight vigil here in charlottesville. thousands of people came out. they filled all the seats in the amp theater. then -- amphitheater. then they blanketed the lawn. they were here mourn be the death of yeardley love. at the same time the university is also taking heat for a previous arrest and conviction for her accused killer that the university says it knew nothing about. a sea of candles glowed during the vigil punt waited by the sound -- punctuaged by the sound of sobs grieving yeardley love's death. there was also anger in their voices at how she died. >> she did nothing to deserve to be beaten, to deserve to die. >> reporter: they were here to honor her but they could not ignore what has been a disturbing, confusing and heart wrenching few days good there was no honor in the violent attack that took her life. >> i think it's right to be outraged at this kind of
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violence. it's just not right. it shouldn't happen. >> reporter: no one said his name but they didn't have to. love's ex-boyfriend a uva lacrosse player is charged with murder, accused of beating her head against a wall. the university came under fire after details surfaced about huguely's conviction in lexington, virginia for resisting arrest and intoxication. an officer says she tasered him after he got abusive and threatened her life. >> we asked if the coaches had any knowledge of it. the answer to that was no. >> reporter: the university says huguely didn't report the arrest or conviction which is school policy and there's no way of knowing whether that would have prevented yeardley's murder. >> yeardley's death is beyond belief. >> reporter: if there is anything that comes from love's death, the school president begs students not to ignore signs of abuse and violence. he said do it for yeardley.
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there are also new details about evidence in the crime that appears to implicate huguely. the charlottesville detail progress is reporting that police recovered a red stained jersey from his apartment as well as a letter to love. tonight the university says that the lacrosse teams will continue preparing for the national tournament later this month and that the family was behind the plan to continue playing. they say that's what love would have wanted. in charlottesville, fox 5 news. d.c. police are on the lookout for a teenager who opened fire on a packed metro bus today hitting another teen. it happened on minnesota avenue southeast during the evening rush. police say the two got into a fight. one pulled a gun on the other and shot him. he's expected to survive. no one else was hurt but the suspect got away. police found the gun in a back alley garbage can. we're learning more tonight about a maryland funeral home accused of piling human bodies up like trash. last week an inspector from the state paid a visit to chambers
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funeral home and crematorium in riverdale. she says she found a large pile of bodies stacked 12 feet high. many of them are cadavers from georgetown university school of medicine. georgetown says it's cutting ties with the crematorium. >> we are terribly sorry for this situation that has occurred. we have completed our agreement with the medical school. we did make a slight error in judgment. >> the state is shutting down the funeral home but cannot shut down the crematorium. the governor just signed a law this week that allows the state to regulate crematoriums but it doesn't take effect till october 1. a virginia kids soccer coach accused of sexually abusing one of his players. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> investigators say the a i buice -- abuse went on for years. luis hoil coached from 1998 to 2003 but he was just arrested yesterday charged with forceable sodomy against at least one boy. the abuse reportedly hanked
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repeatedly between 1999 and 2001. arlington police are worried there may be more victims. the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico is already poisoning the underwater life there. marine scientists say fish, crab and shrimp will be affected and they will poison larger animals in turn. meanwhile a crew is getting ready to take what's called a containment box to the site of the spill. they'll try to siphon the leaking oil into a tanker. people in tennessee are trying to get back into their homes after major flooding. this is how things look in clarksville. 13 inches of rain fell in just two days. in nashville the mayor says the damage could easily top a billion dollars. last week's storms and flooding have killed at least 29 people in three states. fox news has confirmed the suspect in the attempted times square bombing went to pakistan 13 times since 2003. faisal shahzad has a wife in pakistan and is accused of linking up with a violent terrorist group there. he bought a gun six weeks ago
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despite being otter i.r.s. watch list. new york police commissioner ray kelly testified before congress today that might have been the beginning of shahzad's alleged plot. >> he came back from pakistan in february 2010 this year so it may very well be an indicator of putting something, you know, catastrophic in motion. >> investigators certain add house in pakistan believed to be connected to shahzad's family. metro's new g.m. calling for big changes on the oldest rail line around here. find out what this means for you. plus, a local family demanding be. who shot and killed their dog right in their own backyard. you have seen this? an actor almost got shot by cops who thought he was a real criminal. the tense moments on the movie set. that's a little too close to reality. temperature right now 72 degrees. it's a beautiful night here in d.c. halfway through the workweek.
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can we keep it going into the weekend? we have changes to that weekend forecast. i'll have it for you coming up on fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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metro's interim g.m. wants the red line to change. it hasn't been updated in six years and most commuter line schedules get tweaked two or three times a year. the red line is metro's busiest. another commuter alert this time on the roads. plus, disturbing number abouts america's expanding waistline. shawn yancy is back with your fox 5 top five. >> we begin with a good reason to eat right and exercise. number five, nearly 30% of all americans are considered obese. according to recent data, the number of obese children has tripled in the last 30 years and obese people are more susceptible to heart disease
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and hypertension. obesity-related medical expenses cost $147 billion each year. number four, stomach cancer among men 25 to 39 years old has increased 67% in the past three decades but no one knows why. doctors suspect victims may be exposed to some sort of environmental cause. doctors say there are new early detection tools so make sure you get tested. number three, soon you will be able to skype with more than one person at a time. they plan to publicly test group video chat. it lets up to five people on the video call all at the same time. it will be free at first but they plan to charge in the coming months. no cars allowed this summer on campus drive. the university of maryland is closing the main road through its college park campus to all private vehicles and many buses. it's a test of long-term plans to creating traffic free pedestrian friendly zone. the closure runs from june 19 to august 15. and number one tonight, there is a new way to get around d.c. after a 50-year
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hiatus d.c. is rolling out streetcars. take a look you can even see one of the city's modern streetcars at 9th and 8th street northwest from now until saturday. the system is expected to be up and running within two years. brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. what kind of person would shoot a defenseless dog? a local family is demanding action after someone targeted their lab. the hunt for the gunman is coming up next. plus, you don't want to miss this one. cops storm a movie set thinking an actor is a real criminal. the dangerous case of mistaken identity is next. 
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a virginia soccer coach is charged with assault after roughing up two referees. police say jason atkins chest bumped a 16-year-old ref over a penalty kick and grabbed the teenager by the shirt. he turned to the second ref, broke his sunglasses, shoved and grabbed him by the neck. they're both okay. a thousand dollars on the table for anyone who can irchts d. a gunman who killed a defenseless dog. someone shot the lab mix in his own yard. he had just been let out of the house on b street southeast. his owner is heart broken and just wants to know why her dog was targeted. paul wagner has that story. >> reporter: sandra benson said she stroked him as doctors put her buddy to sleep. as difficult as it was to see bear go, she just wanted him to
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know she was there. >> i cried all the way home when my daughter first told me. then i cried all the way to the hospital, cried in the hospital, cried all the way coming back home. >> reporter: she was out last friday night celebrating her birthday when she says her daughter called to say bear had been shot. >> when they told me he wasn't going to make it because of all of the damage that was double, i just fell apart. i couldn't take it, you know, because i loved him so much. >> reporter: sandra benson's 17- year-old daughter was just about to let bear back into the house last friday night when she heard a gunshot and immediately knew bear was in terrible trouble. he was whining. she immediately picked up the phone and called her mother. >> i just really -- just really want to know why. >> reporter: you really miss this dog some. >> yes, i do i really loved him. i feel -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: sandra benson says her grandkids loved playing with bear in the yard.
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they would chase each other sometimes playing fetch. the washington humane society says it would love to close this case. its investigators have some leads but they need more help. >> it doesn't sound like he was in the act of attacking someone. he wasn't being a nuisance. we just don't know what the motive was. it could have been an individual who for excitement decided to shoot a defenseless animal. >> i want to know why. was he targeted? what? why did they do it. >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5 news. did you see this? new york cops stormed an independent movie set thinking a crime was going down. convenient store surveillance video caught the whole thing. a movie crew was filming a hostage scene yesterday. a passerby thought it was real and called the cops. they arrived and saw the actor pointing a prop gun at the clerk and the officer drew his real gun, yelled at the actor to put up his hands. the cops backed off after they found out what was going o. the
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film maker took the blame saying he should have told police about the shoot. gl they're lucky nothing went wrong there. that would have been disastrous. a beautiful stretch going here but maybe some showers? >> there could be one or two tomorrow. that's the point we want to get across. i think most of the day is going to be gorgeous and most of you won't see showers but there is that outside chance so we want you to be prepared for all the possibilities tomorrow. thursday, it got here fast, didn't it, folks. it's going to be a really nice one. friday is looking good, too. we're going to make this a pretty perfect week all things considered. but the one thing we are going to be watching is a front that will be on the move. it's certainly a weak one. our high temperature today 83 degrees. raleigh 89. and we're finding a lot of warm air on the weather map but notice the cooldown that's coming across the northern plains where bismarck was only 51. minneapolis 55. that's our weekend cooldown. that's in the form of a second stronger front that's going to cross on saturday. so there are changes coming for
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the weekend but not only will the change be that we cool down but it's also looking like it's going to be a lot drier than it looked yesterday. on max hd satellite and radar, tonight we're not finding much in the way of cloud cover here but it doesn't take much of a journey to find showers and thunderstorms ahead of tomorrow's front. this is a weak one even though it looks like it's pulling off quite a few showers and storms. but as it gets closer to us tomorrow, we think it's going to run out a lot of that moisture but even so with a little bit of that lift coming, it is possible to see a shower or storm on thursday afternoon. but not for mother's day. this mother's day looks like it will be sunny and cooler. temperatures in the 60s. 67 degrees with a little bit of a breeze and at least it's going to be dry. i want you to also know that will be the coolest day of the next four because we're headed right back up to 83 degrees tomorrow. you may notice an uptick in humidity as well. friday our temperature 80 and a little bit of cloud cover but most of friday stays dry. if we're going to see some
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showers overnight friday into the first part of saturday. then i think the afternoon dries out and gets a little breezy. 75 saturday. we showed you the cooler temperature of 67 degrees for sunday. temperatures right now still comfortable. we're still at 72 degrees in the district. not going to be a cold night. up and down the east coast we look and we find temperatures pretty uniform. i think we're talking upper 50s in the suburbs to 60 to 65 degrees in the closer in areas and downtown d.c. so we do have this weak front that will cross tomorrow producing a few showers mainly from 95 on east. but the sunshine will be here and then we'll watch for a second, more powerful front to swing through on saturday afternoon. that's when we think things will change. between now and then high pressure sets up for friday and here comes our second storm system that will watch for the weekend. but we think most of the showers are going to be missing us even with that one. a quick look at your five-day forecast. you know the drill. 83 for tomorrow. isolated shower or storm in the afternoon. several nice days coming, including the cooldown for mother's day. and speaking of cooldowns, the nats are back starting a home
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stretch. how did they do with their game and we're continuing to follow the moves of the phenomenal stephen strasburg. r mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the washington nationals can't win them all. the atlanta braves can't lose them all on road where they dropped eight straight prior to tonight. that was your scenario as the nats had to host atlanta and
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something had to give. bottom two, nats down. then the game is tie at 2. all right. so that's pretty g. late near the 2, roger had a great catch the other day. this one to left. down for a double for morgan. the nats had a 3-2 lead. but we would go to extra innings. tied at 6. matt diaz goes the other way. the nats drop 1 in 10 innings. 7-6 is the final score. stephen strasburg is in syracuse, new york getting ready for friday's debut. if things go well there, he could be in d.c. by the beginning of next month. possibly an early series against cincinnati but either way the nats' future ace, number one starter is taking everything in stride. so says his g.m. >> he's excited for the new
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challenge. it's a step in the direction that he wants to be in. you know, obviously his confidence level is high. he believes that he can be pitching in the big leagues right now and that's the confidence level we want him to be at. but he understands that we're doing what's best for him and what's best for the franchise and the organization and he's on board with every step. >> that's a good thing. o's and yanks in a matinee. bottom of the 4th, yanks lead 4- 1. a drive to deep left center field [ inaudible ] derek jeter scores followed by former nat nick johnson. remember him? yanks led 6-1. top of the 8th, still 6-1. a runner on. drives one to deep left field. it reaches the second deck for a two-run home run. the o's are swept by the yankees. 7-5 was the final.
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strange doings in chicago tonight for the royals and white sox. this girl is very drunk. she keeps leaning on her friend of the meanwhile a crazy guy gets on to the field, gets the ball but this guy was hammered too. so they give him the ball but then this guy holds on and says look, let's get some security over here because that guy is going to get arrested and then we go back to the drunk girl, she's still passed out and her friend is texting saying my friend is drunk and she has passed out. and how am i going to get her home? someone please call sue palka and get a friend. i'm dave feldman. we're not done, though, yet. hold on, sue w that cackle laugh in full effect at rfk stadium as d.c. united started to get out of an 0-5 funk. danny uses the left foot and goes up high for the goal. d.c. united had their first lead of the season [ inaudible
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] 34th minute d.c. united wins 2- 1. they're in the win column for the first time in six games. i'm dave feldman. brian is back to wrap up the edge right after this. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands.
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