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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 17, 2010 5:00pm-5:06pm EDT

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crime scene investigators have been looking for clues all day, ever since somebody inside of this house made a 911 call around 10:45 looking for help. police received a call there was a robbery in progress at this address. they spongedded to the scene. we immediately sent out k-9 helicopter and began a search. >> reporter: the dead man has not been identified. police say he was acquaintance of the family of four who was home at the time. >> this individual and some of the family members and the suspects got in to an altercation and during that altercation this other acquaintance was shot, and then the apparent robber fled. >> what the men were looking for, whether they took anything, how many times. police aren't saying they have only a vague description of the suspect. >> back out here live on camp
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compton road, police are not identifying the homeowner or the family saying nothing about them. police want to talk to anyone who may have been in this area this morning who might have seen anything. we're live in centreville, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. back to you. >> we know there's a lot of unanswered questions with this case. do police have any idea was the home targeted? did the suspects know who lived in the house? what have you been able to find out. >> reporter: if police suspect the house was targeted they are not saying that at all. people who lived in the neighborhood say it is a huge house built several years ago, about 2006. some of the people who live in the area don't even know who the family is. we did ask police if they thought perhaps the family was known to keep a large sum of money or something in the house and maybe that's why they were targeted for robbery and we are not getting answers to those questions. we will have to keep following this investigation. >> know you will stay on top of
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it. thank you. it is an unsolved murder that captivated washington for years, who killed robert wone. today the trial of three men accused of a cover-up in the get of the dc attorney started. they are facing obstruction of justice charges. paul wagner is outside of dc superior court tonight with an update. good evening, paul. >> good evening. this is a complicated case. two or more years in the makes and it comes down to this, did three men conspire to cover up the murder of a good friend. the precipitation -- the prosecution says yes and there is evidence to prove it. but the why. there was no theory about that but the defense says the government's case is built on assumptions, speculation and innuendo. the police didn't investigate this case properly saying an intruder killed robert wone and they will prove it.
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>> reporter: they are not on trial for murder. in fact, no one has been charged with the murder. what the government believes is the three men have a bond so strong they conspired to cover up the murder. why? that was never mentioned in court. no theories were floated only that the evidence fits the crime. prosecutor glen care,ener told the judge the three defendants worked hard and fast and keep the conspiracy intact. ovtheorysaintherewas -- he was found stabbed to death on the second floor of the ate and dit wato to stay ther make long trip tome to his inoakton. bu they 180 illed they say blood samples taken in the swan
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street housd blood was found where robert wone was killed. sanse never wasimoreed the theory evidence killed by r. the defense rthe courtroom he pn sgo td the sec floor d now, i had to vet ou li to the proceedings. stoby chavez in ard he endwhat was going oin toy.t kathnewiow of robert was the ess. mshe sa>> there's a lo xiety leing up to th moment she ame face-to-face the ree defendants. a lot of it g aut their relationship, hoy t married and and mny tis se visd
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and his three roommates. that. ictures of e them togethat birthday ks re nth this case william veryeethmeni prosecuwereliving together as family. something interest at the pr


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