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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 20, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in centerville when he confronted the gunmen and backed off. the would-be intruders shot prosal legs -- rosales to death. police have artist sketches. both are african-american. one is described in his late 20s to mid-30s. he had a distinct voice. >> a distinct raspy voice. >> reporter: this older suspect with the raspy voice is believed to be the shooter of jose rosales. he was called slim by the younger suspect. the survivors are still frightened and hope publication of these sketches will encourage someone to call police. they agreed to an interview on the condition they not be
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identified. >> if you know them, don't hesitate. call the police. let them be tried. if you don't know them and see their vehicle or have any suspicion, call the police because it can happen to any of us. >> reporter: a couple of further details much the suspects were wearing either coveralls or jump suits, dark colored jump suits on monday. both were wearing close fitting knit caps. they got away, police believe in a white toyota pickup truck with tinted windows. police are hoping the sketches and the further information will lead to a phone call. >> thank you. a young child is in the hospital after a fall from a second story window in silver spring. it happened about an hour ago. right now we don't note child's name or gender but we do note child is younger than five
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years old. investigators think the child pushed the screen out and fell through. the injuries are said to be serious. >> the washington redskins are answering questions about steroid abuse. it follows the arrest of a canadian sports doctor. >> reporter: wide receiver santana moss is the player accused of seeing the doctor who deals in human growth hormone. hgh is among the banned substances though the league doesn't specifically test for it but players are subject to punishment if they're known to be in violation of the league's policy. santana moss is among four professional athletes who received treatment from the canadian doctor according to two sources. on tuesday the doctor was good samaritanned with smuggling and distributing human growth hormones. moss would not comment but the new head coach, mike shanahan
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did address the matter. >> my initial reaction, i've been in this league for 25 years. there's no substance to. it i'm going to have to wait and see. >> reporter: moss' name was first reported today by the buffalo news. the newspaper said at this point federal prosecutors did not intend to file criminal charges against moss or any other athlete with connection to the dr. as far as the league punishing moss? >> if you do something wrong, you pay the price. we understand the rules of the nfl. >> reporter: yesterday phillip daniels did not sound sympathetic when told one of his teammates was accused of using h dpsmed -- hgh. >> that isn't a good thing. i can see something over the counter that you bought at the
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store. that's different. >> moss is 31 and sitting out much of the redskins work so he can rehabilitate his history. he will likely be suspended by the nfl if found to have taken the hgh. floyd landis now admits to doing. he is now coming clean admitting to using the drug for most of his professional cycling career. landis is also pointing the finger at armstrong saying armstrong not only took steroids but told other cyclists how to beat the system. armstrong held a press conference today to deny those allegations. >> he has nothing. he's got no proof. it's his word versus our.
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i don't think there's a lot of credibility. >> landis claims armstrong's failed drug test was in 2002. the first paramedic on the scene testified today in the trial of three men accused of obstruction of justice not murder of robert wand. he was found stabbed to death in a due poupt circle row house. the first responder said his instincts told him something was not right as he entered the us a. paul? >> reporter: jeff baker is an important witness for the prosecution because he's the first person on the scene that night to witness the demeanor and the behavior of the three men inside that house. baker spent more than an hour on the stand today detailing every aspect of what he saw that night. jeff baker said he had little
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information on what went on inside 1509 swan street. a series of questions, baker told this story. as i approached the front of the house, i saw a man on a cell phone crying. to meet crying didn't seem sincere. i asked what's going on. as i went up the stairs i made icon tact with another man. i said what's going on. he pig ford me and ent into a -- went into a room. i saw a third man with his back to me. i said what's going on. he heard a screen and moved to the left without making icon tact. he offered no information. baiblger -- baker said the man at the door was victor. the man at the top was dillon and the man not room with the body was joe price. he told the court i rely on my knowledge, experience and instincts. my radar was up. people tend to help you out. the paramedic testified when he
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saw wand's body he saw three wounds to his chest. his eyes were fixed and there was no pulse. i saw a film, layer of blood on an abdomen consistent with kitchen lines. it's the plings' theory -- prosecution's theory the three cleaned up the crime scene before the police arrived. a woman testified when she saw the body she identified just a little bit of blood, not what i would have expected. the condition of the body is critical to the prosecution's case. this afternoon we heard from the medical examiner. what important information did she replay to the prosecution about his body? >> the doctor took the stand this afternoon. one of the things she said, the
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three stab wounds were irregular, no tearing, no dragging, almost perfect stab wounds. the next question did he have defensive wounds. did he fight back. then show was asked -- she was asked when he was stabbed these three times with that render him immediately fatal. she said no. would he have been able to move. she said he would. then what is the natural reaction when someone is stabbed. he will put his hand up or a defensive wound. she said for the first time in the 45 stabbing cases she's ever done, there were no defensive stabbing wounds. >> the trial will continue tomorrow. >> thank you. another update tonight on the fuse at 6:00. let's move to another story that's made headlines for months in our region -- the
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deadly metro crash. there will be a meeting to go over the report. nine people were killed last june when a red line train slammed into another stopped on the tracks. the full cause has yet to be determined. the board said it has made progress investigating three other metro accidents, including one that killed two track workers near the rockville station and another one at the west falls church rail yard. >> another big shake up for the economy. the dow jones closed down over fierce that europe's debt crisis could spread around the world. this is the biggest one-day drop since february tween. it comes as the senate clears the way for a financial reform bit. president obama said that bill will prepresent wall street from causing another economic crisis. >> i will ensure that we arrive at a final product that is both
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effective and secures financial stability. >> the bill calls for new ways to watch for risks in the financial system that could lead to economic disaster. staying on top of the crisis unfolding in the gulf. heavy crude oil is now washing into louisiana's fragile wetlands and bp is saying more oil than first reported is leaking. so exactly how much oil is now leaking out? >> reporter: well, all we know for sure, at least what bp is saying what they know for sure is how much oil is being recovered. they inserted that mile long tube into the well and they say that they're now recovering $210,000 gallons of oil per day but the additional oil continues to leak out. now that 210,000 gallons or
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5,000 barrel figure was originally what the government was estimating was leaking out in total, so obviously, the spill is much bigger than anyone had originally thought or at least originally revealed. >> did they decide to come clean so to speak? we understand earlier today senator bill nelson sort of spearheaded the live web cam from bp. he put that up on his website. is that what prompted bp to say, okay, this is how much oil is coming out? >> reporter: bp is claiming they never came up with that original estimate. they say that original 5,000 barrel a day estimate earlier on in the spill, they say it was a government estimate. they say the figure they came out today with how much oil was being recovered was the first figure that they gave out. so that's what bp is claiming. meanwhile, you have folks on capitol hill who are demanding
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more transparent sigh, and as you reported finally got that live feed up on the web. >> thank you for the update tonight. they were just weeks away from graduation, but students visiting the nation's capital are facing expulsion instead. don't miss what capital police found. that's coming your way next. remember the salahis, the couple accused of crashing the president's first state din ?er? they've been pulled over by secret service again. a bus traveling at more than 30 miles an hour comes within a feet of a baby in the middle of the road and the whole thing caught on this dash cam video. >> keep it here. 
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breaking news in prince william county. a school bus and a car accident. we understand the school bus was full of children. none of the children were hurt. back on the scene from sky fox, in the ambulance is the driver of the striking car. we're told none of the children on the bus, including the school bus driver were hurt. we'll continue to follow this out of prince william county.
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also, developing in arkansas, two police officers have been shot and killed during a traffic stop and a sheriff and his chief deputy have been hurt in a nearby shootout. the two gunmen were killed not shootout. it happened in west memphis. who died is the son of the west memphis police chief. again, that deputy is dead. the deputy is -- in another case there was a shootout away from the original shooting where they finally caught up with the suspects in a van in this walmart parking lot. the deputy in that case is in critical condition. no word on the condition of thr also developing in philadelphia tonight the building that houses the liberty bell and the streets around it have been vacked -- evacuated. they are checking out a blue
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balloon device. another state white house dinner and the couple accused of crashing the last one are making headlines again. the salahis were stopped during last night's dinner. >> reporter: the salahi's 15 minutes of fame keep ticking, making them the talk of the town again. boy all accounts it was a gusty white house drive by. >> i'm about tired of it. >> reporter: tareq and michaele salahi, the infamous statehouse crashers make news again. they were among several passengers in a limo stopped near the white house wednesday night at the same time president obama was holding his second official state dinner. secret service says the limo driver ran through a red light blocks from the white house and was stopped by a uniformed officer. they said the driver had signal
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add turn into the eclipse parking area, a restricted area. the salahis had been under investigation for crashing the first state dinner. dr. smith is a psychotherapist. she hasn't treated them but said their antics indicate a disorder. >> clearly they want to be seen. they want the media following them. they want to be somebody. at least they want to look like they're somebody. >> reporter: the salahis ended their wednesday night here at the posh restaurant. >> they had about three photographers. >> and they were filming it. >> yes. >> reporter: the marketing manager said the group of 15 had a good time. >> they had appetizers, drinks, deserves. everyone was delighted to have them around.
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>> reporter: perhaps there but not at a growing number of places where many are hoping the fame seeking couple's 15 minute of fame would go away. they begin a national media tour to promote their reality show and plan on writing a book and release a costume in time for halloween. you couldn't make this up. >> i don't think they're 15 minutes of fame is doing anywhere soon. this weather, i mean, it was like spring has sprung and summer was banging at the door. >> gare rirks is this going to -- gary, is this going to continue? >> listen, it's been real warm, temperatures in the lower 80s.
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tomorrow we'll be warmer. looks like it will be just has nice tomorrow. we'll have a few afternoon clouds. we really start focusing on the weekend. check out this evening. 78 or so. fair skies at 9:00. fair skies at 11:00 as temperatures get down into the 60s. so we are smooth sailing through the evening into tomorrow. again, we're focusing on the weekend. we'll tell you about that in the full forecast. a health alert for patients on viagra. doctors say there's a major problem with the little blue pill. also ahead tonight could the tragedy have been prevented. 29 workers died in a west virginia mine blast. now the company executives are feeling the heat. we'll take you inside the call for change coming up next.
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more than a month inside a
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west virginia mine, the company faced tough questions on capitol hill. >> we have more. tom? >> reporter: the fbi has already opened a big criminal investigation into the deaths at mine. senators looked on as the operators testified despite the laundry list of violations, he claimed the country had a better than average safety record. it is the worst coal mine disaster in 40 years. on capitol hill, the man who runs the company testified he did nothing wrong. >> no words can adequately describe the tragedy of april 5th. >> reporter: don blankenship, the owner of massey was raked over the coals as they wanted answers. >> it happened on their watch,
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their watch. >> reporter: federal inspectors find the upper big branch mine well over 1,000 times since 2005. massey's response, it settled four of the cases. the rest remain unpaid or unappealed. >> massey does not place profits over safety. we never have and we never will. >> reporter: but the president of the united mine workers said the opposite is true. >> why didn't don blankenship shut this mine down. he could have walked up and said this mine is shut down. this mine is not going to operate another minute until we correct these problems. >> we need new resource, including new enforcement tools. >> reporter: massey energy as a whole and don blankenship
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himself are the target of an investigation. he said despite 29 deaths, unpaid fines and a long list of violations, his company was merely playing by the rules. >> massey does not play the system as some have insisted but exercising our right for due process. >> reporter: those rules stand a good chance of changing. >> thank you. a second grader's question to the first lady turned into a hot topic on the immigration front. so what's next for the little girl who outed her mom's illegal status. have you seen this? a bus comes close to running over a little girl in the middle of the street. keep it here to find out what
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happened next.
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we're following news in southeast d.c. police are working an investigation. we have a live report. rob, what do you know? >> reporter: this investigation is just getting underway. they're investigating a suspicious death. this is in the 4200 block of 4th street southeast across from an adult education center and a catholic church. there appear to be a lot of families living here. police are focusing their attention on this building. inside the apartment is the body of an adult female. we do not note circumstances leading -- know the
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circumstances leading up to this person's death. they are just beginning to try and figure out what happened here. they got a call about 45 minutes to come here. we did see the chief arrive a few minutes ago. >> i know the details are coming in. i know you'll continue to work it and we'll come back to you for an update. a little girl in maryland putting the first lady in the center of the immigration debate. she hit the first lady with a tough question on immigration, even revealing that her mother doesn't have papers. now homeland security is weighing in. we have the story. >> reporter: that little girl is a second grader at new hampshire in silver springs.
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a homeland security spokesperson said immigration is based on law enforcement work and not classroom q and a. the grown just have been talking, and, yes, shouting about immigration reform, but it was this soft voice of a little girl that has truly brought the issue into focus. >> that's something we have to work on, right,000 make sure that people -- to make sure that people have the right papers. >> my mother doesn't have papers. >> we have to fix that. >> at that second grader's school in montgomery county one sign of the sign out front is in english, the other in spanish. her situation is no surprise to
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this immigration lawyer. >> i hear it directly from kids land also parents who are worried about being deported, not so much for themselves but their kids. this generation of immigrants is no different from any other generation. >> reporter: he is part of a group called help save maryland. >> this was a setup. what 7-year-old would ask a question about papers and mom being kicked out. the whole family should go home. >> did you fell bad for this little girl? >> no. he said as a maryland taxpayer he didn't want to pick up the tab for that little girl's education. both sides seem to think it came down to a difference of opinion about what america should be. >> now all cases are different. as it stands right now, if you've been in the u.s. illegally for more than a year, you have to leave the country for 10 years before you can
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legally return. one thing we can tell you is homeland security did say today they will not be pursuing this mom and her family. >> thank you. state workers in maryland with same sex spouses can sign up their parter in for insurance. caught on camera, a frightening close call in san antonio, texas. a bus driver stopped in the neck of time. the bus narrowly missed a babysitting in the middle of the road. >> reporter: after midnight and seven and a half hours on the road, this bus driver sees this -- a baby sitting in the middle of the street with nothing on but a diaper. >> from a distance i couldn't make what it was. to me, it looked like a dog in
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the street or trash bag. >> reporter: oh, but it wasn't, it was 14-month-old destiny flores. >> sitting there with her eyes wide open, big eyes. >> reporter: the father came out to get her but michael said there were no thank yous, just shocked. >> ran out and picked the baby up. >> my understanding, the sound the bus made when michael stopped the bus and honked the horn is what prompted him to go outside. >> reporter: some of the neighbors said they don't even want to imagine such a thing, like becky. she raised two children on south flores street. >> we would walk them. we would be afraid to let them walk by themselves just a block and a half because of fears. >> reporter: michael is glad he didn't run over destiny.
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traffic wasn't bad that morning. at roughly 30 miles an hour, she could have easily been a goner. >> the parents are under investigation by child protective services. a new owner for viagra users, long-term use could cause hearing loss. they are twice as likely to experience hearing loss than those who don't. it's the story that just won't did away. now a bench warrant is out for her arrest. but lindsay lohan isn't showing any signs of complying, why she said she's stuck in france.
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this valedictorian turned the tables on someone very special in the crowd. don't miss this sweet surprise. t .ie
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a trip to the nation's capital ends up with six students being excused. one of the students brought some pot laced brownies. then one student got caught by pot pipe by capital security. that's when teachers began searching for more. >> they held us on the bus for like an our searching all of our rooms. they searched everything. they came back on the bus and listed the names of kids say hog had the drugs in their room. >> if you look at them, none of them got in trouble.
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they apologized to everyone. >> the students are now writing letters begging school officials to give their friend as second chance. the principal said there is a zero tolerance for drugs and all of the students signed contracts before coming to d.c. >> what a difference a day makes. the sun finally beat the clouds. >> gary is looking over the models right now. your full forecast is ahead. one person pulled off a brazen break-in. we're talking $6 million worth of art. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected tyour doctor through e-mail. test results fm home. check cords. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected toach other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe thaif knowledge is power shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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if you're stocking up on fruits and vegetables, area already goating some nutrition but there are some that could really keep you healthy. we show you how to make the most of super foods in the
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kitchen. >> reporter: if you want to get the most bang out of your healthy food, food we're putting the spotlight on fish, high in omega three's. we will show you a cooking style you might be apprehensive trying until now. most expert ace agree fish really is brain food, full of heart and brain healthy omega three's. >> americans tend to focus on the salmons and the cod. there's a broad range of fish that offer many types of taste. it's a good source of protein and oils. >> reporter: that's one of the reasons the chef offers fatty fish on his menu. we met him in his cich & we'll do an olive oil poacheddally
5:46 pm
but the. -- poached halibut. we'll do it with specific halibut. >> reporter: you aren't frying it but warming it. poaching it in a light oil keeps the fish moist. >> when you poach, you don't bring the temperature up to a high temperature, usually 185 degrees. >> reporter: it's pretty easy. start by flavoring the oil with things you like. he's using garlic, rose marry and thyme. >> beautiful halibut. >> reporter: when it comes to which type of fish you eat, he said go smaller. >> if your i'm is to -- aim is to get omega three fatty acids go with smaller. >> reporter: large fish contain
5:47 pm
more contaminants. >> smaller fish tend to be safer in general. if you can have small general, afford the swordfishes, avoid the tuna, partly for sustainable issues and they're big fishes that condition tain the toxins. >> he said if you don't like fish, try fish oil tablets. to print out his recipe, go to you can also print out the shopping list for tomorrow's meal as we wrap up our week long series on super foods. graduation surprise at set fair ri college in new jersey. the valedictorian popped the question during her speech the man she proposed to, second in the class. she barely beat him out for the top spot in the class. >> i would like to thank one person in particular. this person has kept me
5:48 pm
focused, make me strive to be a better person. josh, i love you more than anything. will you marry me? >> the hug gives it away. of course he said yes. the two have been dating since their sophomore year in high school. >> i'm all teary. that was sweet. >> i thought you just sneezed. you don't hear about the woman proposing very often. >> the weather was nice and sweet. a little warm but i will not complain. >> this is so much nicer than where we had been earlier this week. just a couple days ago we were stuck in the 50s. yesterday stuck in the 60s. today voila! we're not upper 80s. 68 degrees. wait until tomorrow, we'll be
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in the middle 80s. mostly sunny tomorrow morning 67. quickly up to 80 by lunch time tomorrow. temperatures out there pretty good. 81 in the city. technically speaking, officially i should say at national we made it up to 83 degrees for a high today. gaithersburg 79. frederick in the 80s. the only thing and i mean the only thing we have to contend with this evening and tonight will be some clouds, blowup clouds from a complex of showers and storms to the west of us. yesterday all of this was over oklahoma and kansas. don't worry. this will not get through the nice stable atmosphere. that will change as we get into the weekend.
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tomorrow warm and sunny. temperatures will go into the middle 80s for highs. we start off not commit get and right into the 70s and 84 at 4:00. tomorrow warm, sunny. i think the only this morning we have top contend with tomorrow, a few late day clouds, again blowout clouds. now saturday morning, more cloudiness and at least the collapse of a spotty shower early saturday. don't think it will be a beg deal. 99% of us will be dry. as we prodress through the day on saturday, look at all the activity to the west of us. this mostly holds off on saturday with a chance of late day thunderstorms with sunshine on saturday. saturday night, this is about 10:00 when some of the rain starts coming across the
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district. sunday is a completely different story. sunday is mostly cloudy with showers across the area. the weekend forecast has changed a little bit. saturday looks nicer. sunday is taking a bit of a turn for the worse but temperatures will stay in the 70s. the only big change, sunday will be mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. there could be one or two thunder showers on saturday. mainly we're just talking about showers. saturday, for the most part looks good. we'll have scattered showers late in the evening and one or two thunderstorms for the late afternoon, so not too bad there. tomorrow is just perfect. >> all right. looking forward to it. tms is working breaking news. bret michael is back in the hospital. he had a brain aneurysm last week or the week before.
5:52 pm
what have you learned about his situation right now? >> he started feeling this numbness, which is warning sign to a stroafnlgt ultimately doctors determined he may have some kind of hole in his heart. it can be treated with blood thinners, using outpatient methods or surgery. doctors say this is treatable but it's an interesting turn. also, he was just on oprah. it seemed like he was getting better and then this. >> the appendectomy, the brain aneurysm. also, we understand a bench warrant was issued for lindsay lohan. what's going on and do you think show will be sent to jail? >> i think she's in big trouble this time. the judge was ticked off. partly because we have pictures of her on the site partying it up in france last night. here she should have been in
5:53 pm
the united states for her hearing this morning, so the judge set $100,000 bail, bench warrant issued. the judge will make her use a scram bracelet, which means no alcohol and random drug testing at least once a week. on top of that she faces 180 days in jail if the judge finds there was a probation violation and the judge said there's probable cause there may be a probation violation. >> somehow i feel like she loves all the press. let's look at what's next on the news at 6:00. secret confessions of high school students exposed. tonight one of the students & the massaponax yearbook staff is telling her story and explain yg she did it.
5:54 pm
shocking revelations. did the cdc mislead the public during d.c.'s drinking crisis. mexico's president lays into congress over the immigration law. "os
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millions dollars worth of art snatched through the museum. >> and we're talking about picasso. >> it's a grave crime a brazen after hours heist at the pear rise museum of art, including major works by i cass soap and matisse. the thief carefully removed the painting.
5:58 pm
security guards never saw it coming. >> there is a security system. there are three people in the museum at all times. they were there, but system was outsmarted. >> reporter: investigators are sweeping the museum looking for clues about the mass intruder. they want to know if this was a solo job or the work of many. the most value baling work? this masterpiece by pablo picasso. their value? the museum said they're worth half a billion dollars. french less said a far more conservative price tag of $125 million. nevertheless the value, a director from another museum said the paintings are unsalable because no one with risk hard time from buying the
5:59 pm
paintings. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. take a good look at these sketches. fairfax county said two men who tried to rob a man look like that no. not only do we have the sketches but we have more about the clothing the assailants were wearing, the cap they were wearing and the pickup truck, but it's the detailed sketches that may crach the -- crack the case. >> reporter: jose rosales was shot to death. here are the suspect's sketches. both are african-american. the younger assail lappet is


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