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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 21, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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and it is 4:25 on this friday morning, may 21st, 2010. a live look to get you started at our nation's capitol. off to a pretty good start today after a lovely afternoon yesterday. let's go straight over to tucker. are you going to give us a sneak peek at the weekend? >> no. >> are you going for make us wait? >> no, because you asked, i'll give it. clear skies start the day and we'll have some clouds moving in. you can see the cloud cover for the most part is out to the west. we have a mix of clouds and clear skies across the region
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today. should be a very summery day. the winds will pump in warmer temperatures. yesterday, low 80s. how about mid-80s today and a little more humidity as well. see the clouds and rain out to the west? that will get in here t doesn't mean it will rain all weekend. you will want to pay very careful attention to this forecast. 62 at reagan national. here is your forecast and it is a good one there. you go. 84, early sunshine, some affect clouds moving in from the west. warm temperatures, winds out of the west at five miles per hour. more details in just a moment. >> thank you. police are investigating after a woman was found dead in an apartment in southeast washington. police arrived at the fourth street apartment to also find a man who fell or was pushed from an upstairs window and critically injured. it is not clear whether the two
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cases are connected. the fairfax county school board has approved a $2.2 billion budget that cuts 200 positions. budget also introduces fees for sports and advanced placement tests. we'll have more on this in a live report coming up. a star redskins player is facing allegations. santana moss received treatments from dr. anthony ga left a who deals in human growth hormones according to sources. the late now on the developing story out in the gulf of mexico. take a look at the oil gushing into the gulf after that rig ?roaded back on april 20th. british petroleum is now admitting that its estimates have been too small and now believes that # 10,000 gallons
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of oil are leaking out every day. that is equal to about 5,000- barrels. we have a report. >> reporter: new video showing oil continuing to rush from the sea floor and into the gulf of mexico. there is a smaller tube capturing an estimated 210,000 gallons of oil a day and bringing it to the surface. several professors who have looked at this video believe the leaking oil is much higher than earlier estimates. >> i think now we're beginning to understand that we cannot trust bp. people do not trust the experts any longer. bp has lost all credibility. >> reporter: meanwhile, a heavy brown ooze is starting to be seen on marsh glasses along louisiana's coast. the governor says it is quote the heavy oil that everyone has
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been fearing. noaa says some oil is moving through the loop current which goes around florida and up the atlantic coast. bp is prom iing to foot the full bill from this disaster. >> first torque provide immediate interest relief up to $15,000 to the more than 1,000 gulf coast small businesses that currently have loans out from the last disaster. >> reporter: bp's next plan is to aseptember a so-called top kill strategy where they will pump heavy mud into the leaking well and cover it way permanent layer of cement t remains unclear whether it will succeed. >> thank you. we have much more still ahead this morning, your weather, traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now.
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good morning to you. a lovely start to your day as we get a live look this morning at the washington monument. thank you for being here. i'm grips along with tucker barnes to bring us our weather for today. it was just beautiful yesterday afternoon. >> it was gorgeous. >> does any day start lovely at 4:30 in the morning? >> i love the mornings. >> i do too. it is a lovely start to the day for you as temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s. lots of sunshine for the first half of the day. the clouds will move in later today but no rain expected. we'll enjoy the very balmy temperatures with highs in the 80s. 62 at reagan national. 58 in baltimore. 54 at dulles and 62 in hagerstown. sort of all over the place but generally very comfortable temperatures. we should start the day nice and pride with sunshine here for at st half of the day. rain showers holing out to the
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west and that system won't be terribly well organized when it gets through here but the bottom line is the weekend is not looking picture perfect. we should have a lot of clouds around both saturday and sunday and an increasing chance for showers starting tomorrow afternoon. today should be fine although some of the clouds will start to move in. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds during the course of the afternoon. the important thing to remember is it is friday and temperatures will be in the 80s. can't complain about that. 84 in washington. 85 in fredericksburg and 82 for your afternoon high in martinsburg. >> that sounds great. thank you. let's go to julie wright and get an early look at the roads. good friday morning to you. >> how was that trip inbound? >> no, ma'am, i'm telling you, learned my lesson first time around. now, i take 7 west and hop back on 495. >> there you go. if gurvir can do it, you can
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too. she is talking about overnight construction lingering along the capital beltway. you will want to exercise your options in the meantime as it is being cleared. now, no problems reported if you are traveling in maryland southbound along # 70. lanes are open germantown headed out towards the split. top stretch of the beltway good to go. 95, 295 quiet out of laurel. all lanes are open at the bridge. the biggest overhaul of the financial sector since the 1930s and one of president obama's top priorities. the senate passed the financial reform bill last night by a vote of 59-39. the sweeping law regulates both small town banks an big wall street firms. it is meant to prevent another economic collapse but stock markets around the world are
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falling for another day. nick t nikkei is -- the nikkei is down more than 2.5%. the dow dropped 37 # points. the nasdaq and s&p also with a off. several reasons contributed to that slide including a disappointing jobs report and economic worries in europe. stock mark nets europe also posted big drops yesterday and they are opening down this morning. another big story we are following this morning, the fairfax county school board has approved a $2.2 billion budget that cuts 200 positions. the budget also introduces fees for sports and advanced placement tests and phases out the long-standing programs that have supported the county's poorest schools in the past. we'll have much more in a live reported later on this morning. making headlines a possible murder mystery in the district. police are looking into bizarre circumstances after a woman was found dead. they believe her body had been e
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eral days. this happened along fourth street in southeast washington. what makes this case even more mysterious that is officers arrived to find a man who had tumbled out of a window at that apartment. roz plater picks up the details. >> reporter: investigators sealed off a large section of the cascade park apartment complex. they even searched trash dumpsters for evidence after police found a woman dead in an apartment here and believe she may have been killed. >> i think it is horrible. i think it's horrible, you know. i think it's horrible. >> it's not safe. i'm scared for my grandmother. she is 79 years old. >> reporter: pair medicine ins answered a call for help about 3:45 in the afternoon and arrived to find a young man who either fell or was pushed from an upstairs window. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police aren't saying if that incident is connected to the
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woman's body they found. >> that body does appear to have been here for at least a few days so right now we are investigating this as if it were a homicide but we do not have a cause or manner of death yet. >> reporter: the normally quiet complex is home to lots of families and children and long- time residents here can't believe it all. >> usually pretty quiet. this is actually a shock to me because it is from they quiet. >> it is quiet around here. everybody get along. i've never seen anything happening like this. >> reporter: roz plater, fox 5 news. >> police haven't said anything about a suspect. they are still waiting to hear how the woman died. an important new clue is helping investigators track two killers. fairfax county police released these two sketches of the man they believe shot a handy man
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at a centreville mansion. police believe that one. the men had a raspy voice with the nickname slim. the buffalo news reports wide receiver santana months received treatments from dr. anthony galea who deals with human growth hormone. philip daniels doesn't sound sympathetic. >> there is no excuse. every guy knows that you can't use that. every guy knows that. you know if you're using it. you know that ain't a good thing. but i can see something over the counter that you bought at the store and you get tested and you come up positive. that is different. you didn't know it was in this. but hgh, you know what that is. >> in do you do something wrong, you pay the price. i think we understand the rules of the nfl. if someone doesn't abide by the
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rules, then they pay the price. we invite to you tuned because in our 7:00 hour, we'll be talking with a sports agent for more on the fallout from this incident. coming up, the latest on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. an admission from bp and more anger on capitol hill. plus a major heist at a museum. hear how the bandits were able to pull it off with relative ease. 
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the fbi questioned a jetblue copilot for allegedly threatening to crash the plane he was flying. he reportedly made the threat in an e-mail to his girlfriend telling he would crash the plane if they at any time get back together. he she called police in time to get the copilot off the plane before it took off from boston. jetblue claims the pilot was removed for so-called health ropes. now to the oil spill in the
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gulf where anger at british petroleum is growing in lieu will you and on capitol hill. the latest video shows a plume of oil gushing into the gulf of mexico even after a tube was installed. the oil is now showing up in louisiana marshes near the mouth of the mississippi river. there has been another health scare for rocker bret michaels. he is back in the hospital. his web site says he suffered what doctors call a warning stroke and has been diagnosed with a hole in the heart. the condition is operable and treatable and likely unrelated to the brain hemorrhage that he suffered last movement. there has been an arrest warrant that was recalled for lindsay lohan. it was issued after she missed a mandatory hearing stemming from two arrests back in 2007. she claims her passport was stolen in france this week and that is why she couldn't make
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it back in time. a low-tech crime at one of paris' best known museums. prized paintings valued in the millions of dollars snatched right off the walls. as fox's harris faulkner reports, it didn't take an elaborate scheme to get it done. paris police say the security system was broken. >> reporter: french authorities calling it a grave crime, a brazen after-hours heist at the paris museum of modern art. treasured paintings stolen right off the walls including major works by picasso and matisse. paris police saying the crooks cut a padlock on a gate and broke a window before sneaking in and carefully removing the paintings. security guards never saw it coming. >> there is a security system. there are three people in the museum at all times so they were there butt system was outsmarted. >> reporter: investigators sweeping the museum looking to any clues about the masked intruder who was caught on surveillance video and they want to know if this was a solo
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job or the work of many. the most valuable work, this masterpiece by pablo picasso . the museum says they are worth more than half a billion dollars. french police now saying a far more conservative price tag of $125 million. nevertheless about the value, the director of a different art museum in paris says the paintings are unsellable and calls the thieves nonsensical but no one would pay for t. >> we interviewed her. she had a full binder full of certifications. >> impressive cree ten shalls but what do you really know about your day care provider. maybe not as much as you think. we have a fox 5 investigation. clear skies and very mild
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temperatures to start the day. should be a nice summery friday for us. we'll have the details on it. julie wright is in as well with a look at your on-time traffic. that coming up right after the break. 
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welcome back. you might see a lot of this on the roads today. thousands of area commuters are expected to take part if bike
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to work day today. there is a pit stop outside city hall in alexandria with food and drink and also prizes. >> that is cool. and early in the day, should be pretty nice. the humidity shouldn't be too bad. >> very pleasant conditions right now. we have 50s and low 60s. not too warm, not too cold. no rain expected here for the morning and i think even this evening if you are biking home from work, no problems. dry conditions expected. we are dealing with a little bit of -- people have been complain bath sniffling and sneezing coming back. the tree pollen is back. >> oh, no, don't tell me. that is usually what i suffer from. >> okay, let me know how you feel later today. yep, it is medium, moving in
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the high direction for trees. not so much for mold. tree pollen, the count is on the increase with sniffling and sneezing. that is probably why. let's take a look at temperatures. it is a nice start. 56 to start the day in quantico. frederick, 57. hagerstown, 52. manassas, 60. it will feel more summery today. our humidity levels will start to increase during the course of the afternoon. the high cloudiness, see that streaming into the washington area. that will start to win out this afternoon. we'll start the day with bright sunshine but by this afternoon, we'll start to see some of that high cloudiness move in. the rain showers will hold off until this weekend. the area of low pressure associated with this is going to push up into the great lakes and kind of drag this energy through the washington area. so, yeah, tomorrow i think will probably be i amostly cloudy day for our saturday and we'll
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see showers develop late in the day. i'm hoping they will hold off until nighttime hours tomorrow night. on sunday, we'll have the risk of rain also. not going to be raining the entire weekend but it won't be picture perfect either. warm temperatures, 84 for your afternoon high with winds out of the west at five miles per hour inform you have outdoor plans tonight, no problems, clouds, mild temperatures, 60. no rain expected until sometime tomorrow afternoon. there is your five-day forecast. cooler tomorrow with the cloud cover, 75. i think the best chance for showers will be the second half of saturday, saturday night and then again on sunday. these will be scattered showers. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. julie, everybody should just go to the beach today. >> hey, no complaining for me. i'll drive the bus. the bus has a nice big sun roof, just so you know. >> yeah, i bet. >> on the roads, you will find lanes are open, no incidents to
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report as you continue to work your way around the capital beltway leaving college park continuing around towards colesville road. along the stre coming in out of laurel. 66 behaving nicely now. overnight roadwork cleared at the beltway so lanes are open as you exit onto 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. emergency repairs to an overpass will narrow the highway to one lane. those restriction will go into effect at 9:00 tonight and last until 5:00 monday morning and chain bridge will be closed this weekend for final deck repairs. it will close tonight at 9:00 and reopen on monday at 6:30. working parents don't have a choice. they have to put their children in day care. do parents really know what goes on after they drop their children off. this morning, we show you why some parents may be taking the ultimate gamble.
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tisha thompson has our fox 5 investigation. >> reporter: as they watch him play today, erin and michael call their son noah a miracle child. >> he really is a miracle. >> nobody thought he would be anything like this. >> reporter: about a year ago, erin was at work when she got a phone call. >> a police officer thought my child was going to die. >> you don't want to think that you are putting a price on your child but unfortunately, you have to. >> reporter: they picked an in- home day care after seeing what they thought were impressive credentials. >> when we interviewed her, she had a full binder, one of those one and a half inch binders full of certifications. >> reporter: but just five weeks after noah started day care, they found themselves in an emergency room being told their son's brain was full of
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blood. >> this was not an accident. this was inflicted injury. >> a vier convicted her of child abuse after determining that she violently shook noah. >> reporter: today he average abouts 0 seizures a day, can't speak. >> what that is? >> reporter: has trouble balancing and is partially blind forcing him to tilt his head up just to see his mother. >> you hope for the absolute great post your son and now you realize that the absolute greatest for your son might just be normal. >> reporter: when it comes to day cares, virginia has seen its share of frightening cases this year. in march, a dale city day care provider murdered by her ex- boyfriend while her 1-year-old daughter watched over seven kids downstairs. and a one-year-old died in july after a richmond day care worker left him in a van for seven hours. >> it was a mistake. i can't take that back f i could, i would. >> when i talk to parents, i say do not assume anything.
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>> reporter: linda smith is the executive director of national association of child care resource and referral agencies which rates states on how well they regulate day care. she says virginia, maryland and d.c. do well when it comes to inspecting large child care centers with multiple employees inform your child goes to a smaller in-home facility run out of a private home, it is another story. >> i think in this area, virginia is the concern. >> reporter: they ranked virginia at the very bottom of its annual survey this year because it doesn't license or inspect day cares with five children are less. smith says that means the people inside do not need to get a background check, a sex offender check, a child abuse check or any training whatsoever. >> and when i say training, i don't mean, you know college courses in advanced child development. i'm talking about has somebody talked to them and trained them in first aid, cpr, basic child development. >> we work very hard to make
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sure that children in facilities are safe and by and large, they are. >> reporter: brent kennedy is with virginia's department of social services which oversees day care inspects. he says virginia has one of best online databases in the nation where parents can quickly look up inspection reports. >> consumers can easily go online and look at inspection history and compare facilities. >> reporter: the organization agrees but warns parents to watch out. >> if nothing shows up, they assume that means there is no complaints. guess. what they don't have object on there because they don't have to be licensed. this is where parents get fooled. >> reporter: the couple says they did not know smaller in- home day cares are not required to be licensed. it was only after the provider went on trial that she learned she was not a u.s. citizen and had never been licensed or inspected bit state. >> my instincts now is not what anybody wants to hear. my instinct is not to trust anyone, not trust anyone that
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you wouldn't trot with your own life. >> reporter: both maryland and tease tend to do much better in the rankings because these both require inspects and extensive training but there are still problems. to see state by state comparisons about what states do and do not require in day cares, go to our web site, >> what a scary story. virginia did not require that particular day care provider to have a license because she did have fewer than five children in her care although she did have a permit from the county. last month, a judge sentenced her to more than 10 months in prison in the beating case. experts say parents should always check both state and local reverends for any day care they might be considering. a triple play, inside the park homer. what did the nationals and mete r. mets do for enencore -- at
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the mets do for an encore. sports breakfast is coming up on the other side of the break. in land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil, there are just the natural ingredients. delicious sweet cream, canola oil and salt. nothing hidden, nothing artificial. spread pure, natural goodness straight from the fridge. discover land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil. land o' lakes, where simple goodness begins.
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good friday morning, one and all. welcome to your sports breakfast. a wild night at the old ballpark. the nat has a triple play go against them. had an inside the park home run go against them but somehow, some way still managed to beat the new york metropolitans. what would they do for an encore? trouble in the very first inning for the home team. bases juiced for of the day wrieghtd from virginia beach. slicing to the gap in right and let the morey go round begin. one run will score, two ones runs will score. all three runners will come around to score. the mets take a 3-0 lead after one. it would get worse. 8-1 in the sixth and you can make it 2-1. a two-run shot and the mets win in d.c. 10-7.
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birds in texas last night taking on the rangers. they had problems of their own in the very first inning. this is nelson cruz and that ball is getting out. a three-run shot. part of a four-run first inning for the home team. more big bats for the home team. remember this guy? used to be in anaheim. he is enjoying his stay in the lone star state. a two-run shot there. nhl playoffs last night north of the border. in montreal, game three between the flyers and canadiens. remember this guy, that is his playoff leading 13th goal. they cut the flyers series lead in half two, games to one. decisions, decisions. sometimes they are quite simple.
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other times not so much. yesterday, it was time to end a dilemma identify local goalie who has tides ties to two local teams, one not so local playing now. here is the deal. washington freedom goal tender erin mccloud is of canadian descent and team canada's starting goal keeper. and this sunday at george mason university, the freedom will take on canada in a friendly match. yesterday, at the canadian embassy no less, she tea sided to choose the freedom in part because she will not be traveling with team canada to norway next month for a preworld cup friendly and also because she would like to see her canadian team might mate and goal tender get some work. >> it is a good situation because she is one of the best keepers in the world and one of my role models. she gets to play and so do i. that doesn't happen all the time. >> while i am done for the weekend, i will see you on the other side. until then being make it a


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