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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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its largest school system in our area is facingen influx of students and less parents to handle them. >> fairfax county schools putting new fees in place to make up for budget cuts. we'll tell you why a controversial proposal to raise taxes on soft drinks is no longer up for debate. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey.
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>> let's say hello to tony perkins. >> good morning. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with the satellite- radar composite. it is i mixed bag. a mix of clouds an blue skies, sunrise occurred 10 minutes ago and it is not a gray day by any means. there is a little bit of haze and a couple of spots of fog. there is no advisory like yesterday when we had the dense fog. humidity is up there and as is typical with this kind of day, we start with a lot of moisture in the air. current temperatures are primarily in the 50s. right now at reagan national, it is 59 degrees. up in baltimore, it is 58 degrees. owe someone city is at 51 and in virginia at dulles airport, 5 # degrees at this hour. your forecast for today looks like this. it will be another warm one. early sunshine, more afternoon clouds building in and a high today about 84, 85 degrees. a warm day yesterday. we got up to 83 degrees. there is some rain on the horizon. we'll tell you when we expect to see that in our area
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when we expect to see it shortly. >> thank you. let's check with julie and get a look at traffic. >> kind. busy in anne arundel county along 408 at sands road. you will find 408 remains closed. route 4 out of anne arundel county will be your workaround. no problems to report at the american legion bridge. traffic running smoothly on the outer loop and inner loop at this time. 395 at speed leaving the beltway trying to get past duke street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story this more than, a new spending plan to schools in fairfax county that will cost students and family more money and cost some workers their jobs. >> the school board approved the $2.2 billion budgeet for the fiscal year which starts in
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july. that is $35 million less than last year. according to the "washington post," the budget will eliminate 200 portions in the senior high school system. athletes will have to pay to play, $100 per child per sport. there will be a $75 fee for students taking advanced placement and imb tests. fees will not be charged to students eligible for free or reduced price meals. our other top stories this morning include police investigating after a woman was found dead in a southeast d.c. apartment. investigators arrived at the cascade apartments on fourth street to also find a man who fell or was pushed from an upstairs window. he was critically hurt. it is not clear in the two cases are connected. they believe the woman may have been killed a few days earlier. >> there was explosive testimony in the trial for three men accused of covering up the 2006 murder of d.c. lawyer robert wone at their dupont circle town home. the deputy medical examiner took the stand and described
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what he saw on wone's body. unexplained needle marks, strange stab wounds and unusually small a blood and evidence that wone was restrained and incapacitated before he was killed. a paramedic who arrived on the murder scene testified that the three men would lived in the home behaved casually and and not to be upset by the murder. fairfax county police are hoping newly released sketches will help him track down suspects at a murder in a centerville mansion. these are the sketches two of the men police believe shot and killed a handy man at the home monday morning. police say one of the suspects had a distinctive raspy voice and the nickname slim. it has been nearly a year since the deadly crash on metro's red line. the national transportation safety board says it is getting ready to release the final results of the investigation. it was june of last year. nine team were killed including the train's operator who hit the emergency brake just before her red line train crashed into another one stopped on the
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tracks. the ntsb will release its findings to the public this july. metro says one of its bus drivers took the proper asks during a fightenning tax on his bus. ramona richards was punched in the face repeatedly by someone she did not know. the attack was unprovoked. the bus driver did not jump in to help going along with metro approximatelysy which requires that they notify the operations center and call police and an ambulance. the suspect has still not been caught. it looks like your soft drinks are safe from the tax man a proposed tax on sports drinks, tea and soft brings will not be a part of the 011 budget plan because it lacks support. another big story this try morning. stock markets tumbling around the world on fears of a double dip recession. stocks throughout asia were way down overnight.
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european markets seeing shawler declines during the day today. the losses follow a bruising thursday on wall street where the dow lot of 376 points, the biggest drop in more than a year. nasdaq also off more than 94 points. the s&p lost 4 # 1/2. losses come even as the senate passed the financial overhaul bill last night. president obama says that should prevent another economic crisis. >> i will ensure that we arrive at a final product that is both effective and responsible, one that holds wall street to high standards of accountability. >> what is in the senate reform bill? the senate version creates a new consumer protection bureau and restricts bank trading on their own accounts. it requires borrows are show pay stubs they can pay back
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mortgages. part of a toastal area in louisiana is coated and authorities are especially worried bay dead pelican found covered in oil. british petroleum still plans to plug that well by pumping mud in and sealing it with cement. bp says more oil is spewing from the wellthon -- spewing from the well than originally estimate. it sounds like science fiction and it is happening. we'll talk about what a molecular biologist created that could be major step closer to creating artificial life. we'll tell you about a threat that i jetblue pilot is accused of making that got him taken off the job. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be back after the break. 
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president obama will look to appoint a new director of
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national intelligence. current director, dennis blair, is resigning under pressure from the white house. blair's 16-month tenure has been marked by intelligence failures. in a statement, blair says his last day will be next friday. jetblue airlines disputing a report that one. its copilots was arrested for threatening to crash his plane. the airline said the pilot was removed for health reasons, not for making that threat. apparently, he sent his girlfriend an e-mail saying if they did not make up, he would crash the plane. the fbi questioned the pilot cho is now getting a psychiatric evaluation at a boston hospital. there is word this morning of a major scientific breakthrough as scientists have created artificial life. they're sin they had i go cells. researcher says they are the first species on the planet whose parent happens to be a computer. microbiologists say these cells can help in a variety of areas. but this also opens up an ethical debate as those cells
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could be theoretically used for unethical purposes. they are the same hungry couple that seems to find their way back into the spotlight. >> we are talking about the salahis. they weren't invited this time around either but another run- in just a few blocks from the white house landed them in the news. we'll tell you about it when we come back. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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it seems like the salahis just can't stay away from the white house. a secret service spokesman says they were inside a limousine that was stop ad long pennsylvania avenue wednesday night right by the white house as president obama hosted his second state dinner. remember, they crashed the first one. the limo drove through a red light and signaled to turn into a restricted area near the ellipse which is right behind the white house. officials ticketed the driver for running the red light. the salahis have been under investigation for crashing the first state dinner in november. the couple has land part on the
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real housewives of d.c. don't be surprised for find out the cameras may have been rolling. >> apparently the cameras were in the car with them. >> they just want to be in the news. >> there you go. >> they just figure, well, we haven't heard the name salahi in a while. >> i don't know them. so i can't speak to them as people individually or anything like that but the salahis an that whole thing represents almost he go that is wrong with our culture right now. the whole -- people wanna-bes, photographed with people and that make them into something and the reality shows. >> can you stop for just a second. fred, do you mind? >> i'm just sick it was. >> i know. oh, my. let's move on. >> what is the weekend looking like? >> it's mixed bag. i have to say it is a mixed bag. i will show you the weekend conditions in just a moment. let's start with the bus stop
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forecast for folks who are getting up early this morning, getting out the door, getting kids ready for school. temperatures primarily in the upper 50s. we have agot sunny skies. it is mild. sunrise was at 5:51. we have a mixed bag out there in terms of clouds and then some blue skies. so it is mixed out there. not the prettiest morning but it is okay. here is a look at the current temperatures our temperature in washington has gone down. it is 58 degrees now. so no big deal there. 60 in annapolis. it has begun up there. hagerstown is at 60 degrees and culpeper, it is a cool 48 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite and this really shows you how things are shaping up this morning. you can see must high clouds out there. some of those are thin clouds so we have some blue skies showing through and a lot of gray clouds as well. so it is mixed. there is your precipitation align wade frontal system and an area of low pressure. that is gradually going to push
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through our area. not today but tomorrow. the earliest that any of us would see any rain i think would be tomorrow afternoon out to the west. and then slowly making its way through the washington area. so let me show you -- i had actually forgot what i was going to show you. the surface map. warm temperatures again today as we have the southerly breezes so yesterday, we were in the 80s. today, we'll be in the 80s again. we'll get milder air in place for the weekend. there is that frontal system i told you about and that area of low pressure. as you can see, it moves through the great lakes but it drags a front through the mid- atlantic region with it. we'll get the shower activity developing over parts of the viewing area tomorrow afternoon and evening. forecast for today, some early sun micked with clouds. some clouds mixed with sun during the afternoon. warm temperatures, 84 degrees for your high. our average high for today would be 77-degree. then tomorrow, more clouds. maybe some morning sun and than more clouds. 75degrees p a chance of some showers in the afternoon and at
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night. sunday, a better chance. showers during the day on sunday, 73. we believe we dry out for monday and tuesday with highs up in near 80s. let's go to julie wright to find out what is happening with traffic. >> starting to get busy right now. we do have an accident to report northbound 7100 at the roberts parkway. northbound side of the highway is now closed. southbound traffic is able to get through but again, northbound 7100 roberts parkway closed off because of an accident. the inner loop of beltway coming from the wilson bridge in the direction of the springfield interchange just after that left hand exit, that big fly overram than would take you southbound on i-95. that is where we have the stent activity. you have to follow police direction to get by and delays are starting to form on this inner loop to go southbound on i-59 in the direction of newington. southbound # 70, still clear as a whistle. no problem reported leaving mva
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headed out towards 370 and continuing into towards rockville. -- southbound 270, still clear as a whistle. if you are on the beltway this weekend you should expect major delays on the inner loop telegraph road. only one lane southbound will get by. v-ited to is predicting delays of more than an hour and asking drivers to avoid the area if you can. another traffic alert for you. chain bridge will be closed again this weekend for repairs. work thes set to begin at 9:00 tonight. bridge will reopen by 6:30 monday morning. coming up is our business beat. we have a lot to talk about. the market taking its biggest hit in more than awe year. we'll talk about what was behind the latest plunge and where we go from here. remember jellies, the shoe fad of the 1980s? they are back again with a tea
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zone are twist. tea signers are all out with their own version priced from $100 to $230.
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we have a look at our business beat. the dow is dealing with the largest point and percentage drop so far this year. can it recover in final to friday's closing bell in lets ahead up to new york to talk more about this with chris cotter. down almost 400 points yesterday. so what can we expect today? >> yeah, you know, and it was so volatile too. at one point in time earlier in the afternoon, we had gotten it back up to down 2 # 0. that is no walk in the park but it is a lot better than where we finished. it is a purging activity right now, gurvir. so many investors that were loosely in the market, uncertain, they were nervous about what is happening in europe. we're shaking them out right
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now. we are trying to change the mix. we are in a correction now. we are more than 10% down on all three major indices. down 1% on the s&p. during that correction, you change the investor mix to those that are more confident and you get more buyers. so that is kind of what we're in the process of doing but that takes time and there is a lot pain involved and that is what we're going through right now. issues in europe, bad housing data, bad jobs data yesterday with that weekly initial joble claims number and that was terrible. that just conspired to send stocks lower. >> while all of this was going on on wall street yesterday, the senate actually passed the president's financial overhaul bill which is going to regulate not only the big banks but small hometown banks too. what can we expect as consumers out of this? >> well, you get the consumer protection agency soaked with this. how that will look is going to depend on the recollect sail united nations process between the house bill passed in december and this bill passed by the senate. both bill are fairly similar so they'll come up with a
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compromise. that is the big thing for us at least initially. consumer protection agent circumstance mortgages, credit cards, we'll get better information and things like that from these banks. i think that is really at least initially for us the big thing. for the banks, they are worried they won't be able to ache make as much money because they have constraints on them. >> thank you. the largest school system in our area is forced to find with as to do more with less. fairfax county schools pass a budget that includes steep cuts and parents will soon find themselves play paying extra from sports to some classes. we'll take a break and come right back. maes r i'suwetgip.tu
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careful out on the streets today. all across the country, it is bike to work day.
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it is a push to get people to ditch their cars for two wheels instead. can you see some folks leaving the bike on the side of the road for now. cyclists meeting up in cities all over the area. be extra careful if you are out driving around. you will see a lot more of the two-wheeled creeks vehicles than you would normally see. >> who is that? >> queen. >> thank you for that music. >> it will be a find day for it t will be later today when you are riding home on your bike, you won't enjoy that as much. it will be a little warm out there. but this morning, fine conditions. take a look at the current conditions around the area. right now in wash, we are at 58 degrees. 54 at dulles airport.
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59 at bwi marshall and 54 in fredericksburg. -- right now in washington, we are at 58 degrees. we have blue skies and streamers coming through as far as high, thin clouds as well and that is what we see on the satellite-radar. the forecast for today, it will be a warm one. temperatures above normal for the second day in a row. into the 80s. 84degrees. a mix of clouds and sun. 85 in fredericksburg. 8 # in mart unburg for your high today. rain hold off until tomorrow. we'll tell you more about that coming up. today's ask the weather guy question is another weather- related question. this is unabout thunderstorms. fur. >> all right, julie wright, what is going on in the world of traffic. >> not a lot. i hope i didn't just jinx that for the rest of the day honestly, not a lot. lanes are open inbound on 50 through riverdale an cheverly.
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the outer loop of the beltway starting so slow as you work your way through university boulevard and colesville road. southbound 270 out of the hyattstown, we do have delays forming here at the struck scales. you will all find in you are traveling inbound along 66, we have light traffic volume there. northbound 7100 at the roberts parkway, accident activity blocking the northbound lanes. southbound, effect is open and glebe road here at the chain bridge, traffic flowing freely to and from virginia. no problems to report off the clara barton parkway and canal road headed down towards foxhall road. prince william county police are asking for help in finding a missing mother and her 22-month-old son. maria chicas was last seen pushing a stroller near her home. she is 5'1", weighs about 145 points. police say she is in need of medication. if you have any information, call prince william county police.
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job cuts for administrators, new fees for students. it is all part of the new school budge net fairfax county. >> school board approved the spending plan last night. sherry ly has the details. >> reporter: the school board meeting here went well into the night and in the end, they did pass that $2.2 billion budget making deep cuts an adding new fees despite the objections of parents and some board members. here is what we're looking at. next year's budget is $35 million less than this year according to the "washington post." 200 jobs will be eliminated. new fees will be added for sports and for advanced placement tests. the board also cut funding for some programs for at-risk students but it is those fees that were one of most contentious issues. they are expected to raise about $4 million to help cover the budget shortfall. students will now have to pay $75 for advanced placement and ib tests and students who take the psat will have to cover the cost as well. those who play sports will have
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to pay $100 per student per sport. some school board members tried unsuccessfully to eliminate the fees. parents argued that it is a hardship they can't afford. >> somewhere along the line, you would have parents that would be more selective on what sports the children would go out for and i think parents would have to make a decision on whether they would want their child to participate in every sport. >> i think it is horrible. i mean there are so many kids that it will take everything out, that they won't be able to play. >> reporter: the school system is waiving the fees for the students who can least afford it. according to the post, students who are eligible for free or reduced price meals will not have to pay. now, there is a silver lining in all of this. the budget situation was much more dire earlier in the year but there was a boost in state aid that allowed them to save some of the programs that had
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been threatened. live in farr faction county, county, sherrily, fox 5 news. -- live in fairfax county, sherry ly, fox 5 news. a look at other top stories this morning. police are investigating after two by star incidents at a southeast d.c. apartment. paramedics were called to the cascade apartment complex to fourth street southeast and found a woman dead inside. she had apparently been there for several days. but it is not clear how she died. originally, they had been called to the scene for the report of a man who fell or was pushed out of an upstairs window. that man was critically injured. no word on if the two incidents are related. fairfax county police are hoping newly released sketches will then them track down a suspect in a murder at a centreville mansion. these are two men police believe shot an killed a handy
6:36 am
man at the home late monday morning. jose rosales was shot and killed. police say one of the the suspects had a distinctive raspy voice and went by the nickname slim. metro says one. its bus drivers took the proper action during a frightening tax that happened on his bus. ramona richards was punched in the face repeatedly by somebody she said she didn't know. the tax on monday was unprovoked. the driver did not get involved in the incident which is part of metro's policy to protect their safety. going along with that policy, the driver stopped the bus, notified the operations center and requested police and ems crews. the suspect who attacked richards though is still on the run. it look like your soft drink is safe from the tax man at least right now. convincette gray says a proposed tax on sports drips, tea and soft brink drinks will not be a part of the 011 budget plan because it lacks support. they wantedded to charge a penny per ounce to fund a
6:37 am
healthy schools bill. a redskins star accused of using a performance enhancing drug. what the team's head coach is saying about the controversy surrounding santana moss. >> and shrek is back on the big screen but he has a little late night controversy. kevin mccarthy is coming up next. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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a lovable ogre makes yet another appearance at the box office weekend as the shrek saga comes it a close. his biggest competition, probably will be the bumbling action hero macgruber. here is the laughing kevin mccarthy. >> i want to doe a new thing i want to explode. that is the new thing now. >> that is macgruber. >> i just love the explode. you have to do it. >> have you to make the sound effect with it as well. >> let's talk shrek first.
6:41 am
i am a big fan of the shrek series. i have seen the movies. i couldn't tell you which scene was in which movie. >> that is what the fourth one does. it is remashing the first movies. loved the first shrek, loved the second thoirk shrek. third one is okay. this one is better than the third but nowhere near as good as the first two. he is living a groundhog days life. he is waking up every more than, feeding the kids, the same thing every day. tired of not being that scary ogre. makes a deal with rumple stilt skin to give him a day of his life. turns out he take the day that shrek is born, basically turning everything upside down making him the king of far away. >> kind of like the dark side. >> and then shrek has to have 24 hours to find the love of his life again, fee own and kiss her f he doesn't to that, he will cease to exist.
6:42 am
so basically remeeting donkey and puss in boots and repeating the caches. it seems tired. effect also little bit old. i do want to say this though. donkey played by eddy murphy is easily one of the best voice casting of all time. that is great the have i a problem sometimes with big name stars playing animated characters because i can't separate myself from the animated character and actor playing them. but mike myers does a great job, eddy murphy. i felt like the movie was a little bit tired. i'm kind like between a two and a half and a three. i think it is a very average film. but they are releasing this in shrek 3-d imax. >> i was going to ask this. we talked before about is this flooding of market with 3-d? >> i'm in the a huge fan of need. i think it is taking away from
6:43 am
the story of films. look at clash of the titans. they up-converted that. i thought this was completely unnecessary. it was really good in how to train your dragon. it was great in avatar. you could pay $15.50 to see this movie in 3-d this weekend being imac. personally, stay away from the 3-d. it is unnecessary. i kept taking my glasses off because the actual color of the cgi was more vibrant without the afl-cios on. the 3-d i thought was very unnecessary, more of an afterthought. i agoing to give this movie a solid three. i think it is a good movie to take your kids to see. i wish they did a little more adult humor. what made that so special was they had the line where the adult could take the kid to the movie and see a completely different film because there were so many underlying adult jokes. this has maybe two of them. the rest are all kid friendly jokes. >> people will go though. >> it will make $100 million. >> let's talk about macgruber.
6:44 am
not to call out tony but a couple of days ago, we were all saying it may not have been the best skit let alone lone make the movie out of it. did they pull this off when at the take this from the short skit on saturday night live into a full length movie. >> this is the twelfth film based on an snl skit. the best being the blues brother. this is the best snl sketch movie since wayne's world. i know people going into this are going to say the trail ares are bad. trailer to be honest is not good. it is not funny. all the best parts are in the movie because it is a hard r rated comedy. there is a 90 second sketch on saturday night live and they turn it into a hour and 40 minute film. it is a macgiveer spinoff. you are in a world where effect
6:45 am
is absolutely stupid. you have to take that in. at cleverly stupid movie. it is well written. i was laughing so hard that i was breaking out into a sweat. >> were you cry something. >> no. they told me not to say i'm he crying anymore but i was crying i was laughing so hard. >> at least they were tears of laughter. >> i got a call from the producer don't say you are crying on the air anymore. >> if will forte makes you cry. >> i wasn't crying because it was sad. it is like tears of laughter. nothing streaming down my face, just a couple of wet eyes. >> what did you give it. >> i gave it a four out of five. five means go see it now, four catch it in theaters. have you to realize what you are watching here. this is not the godfather. this is not citizen kane. this is not a great film.
6:46 am
it is pure entertainment. >> it could be the sleeper hit. >> it won't beat shrek. it will be successful. it is the best saturday night live movie since wayne's world. >> who is on the show this week in the junkies spoke with ryan phillipe. i will be joinedy justin bar. this a. in a new movie called the holy rollers. i will be joined in coming weeks by george romero. >> know what you are getting yourself into with macgruber. know you are watching a cleverly stupid movie. >> thank you so very much. tony, i hope you weren't taking your words oust context. >> i like cleverly stupid movies. i loved tropic thunder.
6:47 am
i had no interest in this but based on your review, i will go see it. >> the tailers are dumb. but watch the movie because it knows what it is. val kilmer was great. it is funny. >> they talk about chick flicks. maybe this is kind of a guy flick. >> and kevin, i know what i'm getting you for christmas. a box of tissues. >> i wasn't crying. >> he is very emotional. >> i'm going to get fired for that. >> we got to jump into weather here and get to weather guy. let's start with the current temperatures across the region. not a bad start to the day right now. we have a temperature of 58 degrees here in the nation's capital. we have some school spots out there. manassas, 48. culpeper at 48 degrees. you've got a temperature of 06 degrees up in hagerstown and in annapolis so we are a little all over the place but generally speaking, a mild start to the day. we'll show out satellite-radar for the region. we've got some screamers, some high streaming clouds coming
6:48 am
through. here is your rain out west of here across indiana, ohio, into kentucky, ten ten. atlanta getting some storminess right now if you are flying anywhere. you got a connection in atlanta, you might encounter some delays of heavy rain coming through there. our futurecast today, right now, fairly clear skies. later on, some more clouds build in and then as we head into tomorrow, that is when we start to talk about the possibility of moisture. there is in the afternoon and in the evening. primarily out to the west in the afternoon but certainly by evening, we'll get some of that precipitation working its way in here. some rain showers linger into sunday as well. not raining solidly all day long. still some rain showers around on monday. primarily to the south though. here is your forecast for today. early sun, some afternoon clouds, warm temperatures, 54. 84degrees for your high today. we'll see rain showers in the afternoon and evening over the weekend.
6:49 am
not everyone will get them but most will. sunday being rainy. monday and tuesday temperature in the 70s to around 80 degrees. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. time now for ask the weather guys. the segment where tucker barnes an i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related on otherwise. today's question is from chris in stafford virginia. he writes i was looking outside at a storm to the north and noticed the anvil shape on the top. i began to wonder why is it flat and spread out. why does it do that on the top of super cells. fantastic observation, chris. yes, the anvil clouds are associated with big storms. we'll show you a couple of pictures that are great. i'll let -- tucker loves this kind of stuff and it is fascinating. they are also called shelf clouds. tucker will lain it to us. >> i want to bin with a quick story. yesterday, i had the opportunity to present the weather to about 100 kids at wood acres elementary school in bethesda, maryland and the kids hay chance to ask me a lot of questions. one little girl said what is
6:50 am
your favorite cloud? and i had never heard that question before. my favorite cloud is a cumulonimbus cloud. that is that thunderstorm cloud that we'll be talking about that has the anvil shape on the top of the cloud and what happens is, when the atmosphere is unstable, we get rising air in the spring and summer months particularly around the washington area and that air reaches all the way to the top of the tropics here. all the way to the top of our atmosphere, of the lower part of our atmosphere. when it reaches it, it can't go any further up. >> those clouds that you see there reach up to 40,000, 50,000, 60,000 feet up and can't go higher. >> i want to mention, which picture was provided to us by eric h edmonton l ge. son. the second picture we saw from noaa. we thank him for that picture. very cold up there. it is frequently snowing up
6:51 am
there at the top of those clouds. and sometimes if you look closely, you can see some streams of snow coming out of the the clouds but the snow does not make it down here obviously. some of it turns into rain. >> i think it is kind of sweet that tucker has a favorite cloud. >> i have to research that for myself. i can't of one offhand. >> me either. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and you can upload your question there. >> that is billee holiday. >> how about hey, you, get off of my cloud. let's check in with julie wright with we'll start off with the crew in sky fox checking out your ride along 7100. we've been talking about a wreck this all morning long at the roberts parkway just north of burke lake. you will find the accident activity there. it appears some track is able to get by to the left as you travel northbound on 7100. rollback on the scene. we have at least one car up on the scene already up on the
6:52 am
rollback. again being northbound traffic has now been released single file to the left. southbound, all of your lanes are open. again, burke lake ark good alternate route for you to work your way around this. now, if you are traveling in from the west off of 66, you will find delays there starting to stack up your drive as you continue in from business 4 trying to get past the virginia visitors center. volume delays from colesville road headed through silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. mike shanahan says he will not rush to judgement on allegations that santana moss is linked to a doctor charged with supplying human growth hormone. the buffalo news is reporting that moss has received treatment from dr. anthony galea. if he is found to have taken hgh or any other banned substance, he likely would be suspended by the nfl. >> i've been in this league for 25 years and i've had so many
6:53 am
of these things happen. there is no substance to it. i will have to wait. sometimes there is substance. we'll say the waite sand ewhat happens. if you to do something wrong, you pay the price. i think we understand the rules of the nfl. some someone doesn't abide by the rules, than they pay the price. >> these are just allegations at this point. we'll have more on the story ahead in the 7:00 hour. we'll be talking with a sports act for more on the fallout. we have a health alert this morning. the government is warning against picking up those tar balls that are showing up on beaches in the gulf. noaa says that they won't hurt most people but noaa is warning that they could cause an allergic reaction in people sensitive to chemicals. oil is still spewing from the massive spill minister gulf of mexico. there is also a warning about swimming pools i'm new government report shows the cdc shut down one in eight swimming pools. inspects found they had dirty water or other problems like missing safety equipment. worst are kiddie pools. they have the most germs from
6:54 am
fecal matter to the wrong amount of chlorine. fresh is best when it comes to food. next, holly is wrapping up our offbeat experts week. >> she is live showing us what it take to be a shrimp farmer. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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>> good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. happy friday to you. we are wrapping up our search for offbeat experts. welcome to her lock, maryland. our offbeat expert specializes in perhaps seafood you like. they are shrimp farmers, the only indoor shrimp farmer that sells on a commercial basis in the nation. there are only a handful in the world and how lucky we are to have them in our area.
6:58 am
these are two young guys, they have been friends, went to college now they have literally transformed the aqua culture industry. they are producing the freshest shrimp, most environmentally sustainable and they can harvest it on a daily basis and send it out in 24 hours. we will go through the process and see something we haven't seen before. get the cocktail sauce. >> that will do it for the 6:00 hour. allison is in with steve for the next few hours. coming up, world markets take a beating on global money fears. can congress stop future meltdowns. the senate passes the biggest
6:59 am
financial overhaul since the 1930s. the largest school system in the region facing financial problems of its own. more and more students are coming into fairfax county but the money to support them isn't there. it's 7:00 on this friday morning 2010. this is the southern end of the beltway in northern virginia. enjoy that view with not a lot of vehicles on the roadway. you want to avoid this this weekend as major roadwork is planned. thanks for joining us, i'm steve e


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