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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  May 22, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> charlestown is doubling down, upping the ante on more ways to win. as of july 1st, full-scale illegal gambling will be legal and that could mean a win-win for visitors and for people who need jobs. >> reporter: this is the present in charlestown, west virginia. slot machines, 5,000 of them. and this is the future in charlestown, full-blown casino gambling is coming here on july 1st, thanks to a referendum overwhelmingly approved by local voters who want jobs and tax revenue. in 2009 as a slots parlor, this facility paid $257 million in taxes to west virginia coiffures. >> westbounder, winner, winner.
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>> reporter: the take and taxes are expected to be larger when people can play black jack, poker, roulette and shoot craps here. training classes for dealers started here in february. retired new jersey policeman joseph montez has a good pension. why become a dealer in the casino? >> to have fun and i'm a people person. >> reporter: most trainees have been hit hard by the recession and have been out of work for a long time. jenny worked for 18 years for city c do it?
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>> we're working on it. >> reporter: the general manager estimates with tips, his dealers will make $45,000 a year. and in tough thick times in west virginia -- tough economic times in west virginia, that is good money n. charlestown, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> and when july 1st comes, charlestown races and slots will change its name to the hollywood casino at charlestown races. still ahead on fox 5, doctors are notoriously late. that doesn't mean you have to sit in a crowded waiting room. high-tech way for an upper hand. and break out the cleaning solution. the dirtiest things in your home right now. what our tests found. and prom night with a twist. we'll explain. that is up next. first, a live look outside. a late edition of fox 5 news rolls on after this short break. t .ie h pll ckce
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>> trying to keep kids safe during prom season is the motivation behind a first-of- its-kind effort in southera virginia. law enforcement agencies are teaming up to make sure teens don't drink and drive. the proms and graduations underway, the officers say they know the kids will -- with the tag. they have seen the messages on the internet. >> i noticed there were comments how the officers were trying to ruin prom season and things of that nature and that is actually the exact opposite, you know. we're trying to ensure the kids have a successful prom and have a great time but consuming alcohol and operating a motor vehicle is not how we want them to do it. >> the police will enforce traffic laws, especially
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seatbelt laws and they will be on the alert for signs of criminal activity. for some, prom can be tough to navigate and being gay or lesbian in high school brings a different perspective to the party. roz plater takes us to a prom organizeed on facebook where those teens can feel comfortable. >> reporter: who doesn't love a prom? a chance to get all dressed up, kick off your shoes and dance the night away as you toast the end of high school. this is different. it's called shatter the silence. and it's a chance to celebrate and support prince william county's gay student's community. >> i'm gay. being able to come to a place where everyone is like you or supports you andis into being with you for who you are are.
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>> the students call david their straight ally, he, fighting for gay rights, he said s personal. >> when was younger, was made fun of for my reledgion or being short. i didn't want the bullying to happen to other people. >> at the end of the night, it was downright fun with a sense of the time they might be a changing. >> it shows that prince william county is welcoming and accepting of the gblcq, youth and everyone. >> there is so much on the news like hateful people that i feel like more and more people are accepting than they have been in the past. >> reporter: in monasses, i'm roz plater, fox 5 news.
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>> roz tells us organizers were not sure what to expect. there was so much publicity, they feared it might be protests. they had security on hand and turns out they didn't nor -- need it. harvey milk day in san francisco. milk was the first openly gay manpo win elected office in a major u.s. city who was a member of the san francisco board of supervisors in 1978, before he and mayor george moscowan were assassinated at city hall. >> 31 years ago yesterday, was the brutal decision, sentencing someone for seven years, for killing two people. yet, here we are, you know, 31 years later on the day after that anniversary, celebrating the inclusion of people, celebrating harvey milk day, which is more than just a -- the community, for any community of people who didn't
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feel included, previously or -- it's really a day where we can take pride in our diversity and san francisco is the epicenter of celebrating diversity. >> and events were held in 20 other states. waiting at the doctor's office can be a aggravating experience. the solution can be as near as your cell phone as is reported, one doctor came up with a smart way to warn you about the way. >> reporter: victoria? isa bell? >> 15 people ahead of you. >> reporter: there is nothing like getting stuck in the waiting room at the doctor's office to screw up your day. the very risk of the delay keeps busy people from going to see the doctor. as this lady who has five kids and a full-time job. every spare minute counts. >> if i can spend time off and utilize it better, i will probably be more apt to do the doctor visits. >> long wait times is the key problem. >> reporter: the key to knowing when your doctor is delayed, maybe that is the smartphone in your purse or pocket. this man developed software to
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alert patients of delays, called med wait time. >> for my user portal or doctor's or secretary's porthole, we can enter how many minutes we're running in late and basically, the patients can check online from any mobile platform like an iphone. >> reporter: the concept is simple. you log on to the website and say you have an appointment, you get updates all day long with a color code, red, yellow, green. red, the doctor's very late, green, he's on time and you don't waste your time in a waiting room packed with in- patient patients. it reminds me a lot of what the airlines do to alert you when the flights are delayed and you can take more time and work on your e-mails if you need to. >> reporter: some medical professionals with whom we spoke were skeptical it would work. >> we have lots of little crises all the times, patients with problems unexpected to interfere with our schedule all the time and so it's very hard to keep on track. >> reporter: the medical offices around the country
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expressed an interest in his application. because the physicians who use it is $50 a month, 300 for hospitals. mike tobin, fox news. >> if waiting in the doctor's office doesn't annoy you, maybe listening to other people's cell phone conversations does. researchers say there is a ran for that. the new study said the brain is distracted when you overhear one-sided conversations. the brain trys to press secretary what comes next and one-sided conversations make that much harder to do. and an oncologist in texas may have found a way to detect ovarian cancer earlier. wit's one of the hardest types to detect because it has few symptoms. the doctor's using a blood test called pa 125. she inside the study of 3200 women, it's proven to be a life saver by finding cancer far earlier than would norm-- normally be detected. >> the three o gressive ovarian cancers we found, we found them
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in an early stage, few false positives. very few women, needlesly, had to go to surgery. >> there is a larger study of ca 125 underway in the united kingdom. this next one could have you roving for the disinfectant. still ahead, fox 5 teams up with college students to reveal the five dirtiest spots in your home. plus, forces and local inmates, how both are teaming up to help each other out. we have had a bus i night in the weather center. we have rain moving in and also storms. take a look. the storms firing up along the line. this whole system stretches as far as georgia and we have a flash flood warning for central madison county. i'll have details and the look at the full forecast coming up. stay with us, we'll be right back after the break.


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