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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  May 23, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 6:00. a lot of rain and even storms moving threw the area. weather wise this whole month has been all over the charts. now we're in for a wet night. let's go to gwen tolbart in the fox 5 weather center. we did well for most of the day. we said it would not be a wash out so we dodged the bullet in some neighborhoods. on the other hand some of you felt the effects of the wet weather and there were even a couple of flash flood warnings in effect. now what we've got are pop up thunderstorms and heavy to moderate rain in some areas. some of you aren't seeing anything or a little bit of light rain. let's begin with a look at truview. you can see the spin of the system as it pushes its way
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through. we've got a low pressure system sliding its way to the south and a trough that's in place over us. a lot of instability in there so we are dealing with once again the rain showers and a few isolated thunderstorms across the area. a closer look as we go to fox 5 live doppler radar, we will show you some neighborhoods dealing with it. look at fredericksburg to the south. we've got an area where they're seeing a fair amount of thunder and lightning. there, they are seeing heavier pockets of rainfall from that system. through culpepper to the south as well and a little bit more to the north. this is an area that ended up having a lot more rainfall than some of the other areas over the course of last night. and basically our western burbs got from 2 to 3 inches of rainfall from last night. so into tonight, tomorrow, we'll see lingering wet weather. as far as temperatures are concerned, our highs a little a botch to blow
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seasonal, the mid--- above to we low seasonal. i'll have the dea tails in the five-day forecast. >> any time the weather affects your plans you can find the forecast right at jury fingertips. updated conditions and watches and warnings are posted on the murder of a uva student hatches the president asking for action says to students' criminal histories. yeardley love would have great substantiated from uva today. she was murdered in her apartment. her boyfriend george huguely is charged. he has a history of run ins with the law but the university did not know about the run ins. the uva president says he will push for a system that will tell university officials when students are arrested off campus. tonight we are learning more about the other victim of a traffic accident in fairfax county. an suv veered off the road friday afternoon killing 18-year-old abdelouahid chadli. the last we heard from his
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family. tonight we're hearing from the driver's family. >> reporter: gary thorne would have turned 32 yesterday. he was driving down lehigh way when his suv crossed several lanes of traffic and went off the road striking a bicyclist and slamming into a tree. today thorne's stepfather, kevin griffin, invited us to his home to talk about gary. he said he was a wonderful man, always had a smile and was devoted to his ten yaurt daughter. he told us there was nothing to indicate that thorne had a known medical condition that would have caused something wrong behind the wheel. >> we're still waiting. we don't know anything yet. we're waiting on them to do the crash reenactment, waiting on the autopsy report and they said they would get back to us as soon as they find out answers. we don't know anything. we don't know any more today than we did idea. >> reporter: 18-year-old abdelouahid chadli was a well-known student at fairfax high school. he was a star on the wrestling team. tomorrow grief counselors will be on hand at the high school for students who need help coping with his death.
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>> matt ackland thank you for that. chadli's funeral has already been held. thorne's family cannot hold the funeral until the autopsy is complete. joe he will latude's body was found in a home in laurel. police say his death was suspicious. the house was in disarray and baby was with a woman who was not his mother. bp says the amount of oil being pulled to a tanker on the surface of the gulf of mexico has dropped sharply. just over 57,000 gallons of oil came up in the last day. that's under a quarter of what had previously been coming to the tanker through a long tube inserted into a gushing pipe on the gulf floor. meanwhile, as fox's john henrehan explains the environmental toll is getting bigger. >> reporter: louisiana's boat captains say oil from the gulf spill is staying their vessels. >> as we speak it's probably halfway across the entire
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bay. it will be toward bay wilkinson, which is the northern end of the trt territory. >> it is poisoning nature's balance in some of the nation's richest wetlands. state and local officials are calling for help. >> i'm talking about 100 billion pounds of shellfish is produced in this area. so when bp doesn't try to stop it here, and federal government let's it up to bp to stop it, shame on somebody. >> reporter: fish near this boat mingling in the oil and coming to the surface for oxygen. >> my livelihood, way of life, altogether, is in great danger of being destroyed. >> reporter: birds are swooping right into the crude, soaking themselves in contamination. >> she got heavily oiled so they captured and brought her in. she was dripping with oil. >> reporter: oil giant bp is planning to try a top kill,
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plugging up the well with mud and cement or plug the well with golf balls, shredded tires and man-made debris. >> this is all being done at a depth of 5,000 feet and it's never been done at these depths before. >> reporter: so far wild wildlife officials have been able to rehabilitate at least 30 animals soaked in oil. their fear is for the thousands more they're unable to catch. in venice, louisiana, john musari, fox news. the epa is returning to the gulf for a third time to talk with residents frustrated by the mess. interior secretary ken salazar and janet napolitano will be in the region to check on the cleanup efforts. a congressional committee will be in west virginia tomorrow to try to find out when went wrong in a deadly mine explosion. relatives of four the men killed in the explosion will testify and so will the governor of west virginia. the explosion happened april 5th killing 29 workers.
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investigators have not pinpointed an exact cause but have said there was a dangerous build up of methane gas inside. the dangers of terrorism are usually far from a college student's mind but today graduates at american university were talking about t that's because their commencement speaker was eric holder, the attorney general of the united states. he is in the middle of several hot button issues on terror. karen gray houston was at the ceremony where politics mixed with pride. >> reporter: the faculty and platform party marched into to the strains of pipe band music. attorney general eric holder acknowledged au's law school has come a long way. >> today i'm proud to see that more than half of today's graduates are women on this campus as well as >> reporter: for the 520 graduates the day started with a class picture with many anxious to hear what holder had to say. >> i'm honored that he's here. i think it says a lot about this school that someone of
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his stature in the government would come and speak to us today. >> reporter: some of the students are receiving their jury is doctor. others advanced law degrees. they have a variety of opinions of the jobber i can holder is doing as attorney general. >> i think that along with eric holder or any other leader, american leader, they are clueless on what terrorism is all about. and they look at islam as a religion. islam is a political movement. >> i personally think his decision to prosecute the 9/11 terrorists in the united states was a good call. i think that it sends the right message that our justice system is capable of deeg with anything. >> reporter: while holder treaded lightly on the issue of terrorism, the law school taps dean had no qualms into treading into territory about water boarding. >> no matter what take place, what threat to our safety, it is not right to
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torture any time anywhere, not to torture anyone. >> reporter: holder collateral edged the grads to strengthen the legal system and improve the world. he talked about what justice feels like. >> when president obama signed the first law in nearly 225 years of the united states code to refer explicitly to gender identity, the matthew shep hard and james byrd hate crimes prevention act... >> reporter: hat american university, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. a different kind of accomplishment from the man you are about to see. wait until you hear what he pulled off for the very first time. a royal scandal. did sarah ferguson sell action says to her ex-husband? we'll tell you the tale of the tape. a horrific train wreck in china caused only by a force of nature. don't go away. we are coming right back. 
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19 people are dead after their train ran into a landslide in china. you can see just how bad the damage is. the landslide had buried the tracks the train was on. at least 70 people were hurt when they were trapped inside the train's cars. the rescue effort was made more dangerous by the fact that there was still a risk of land slides in the area. investigators vp found the two black boxes that were on a plane that plummeted off a cliff in india. it comes as relatives gather to try to identify the bodies of some of the victims.
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158 people died on the plane which burst into flames after it over shot the mountaintop runway. the fire was so intense many of the victims cannot be identified. >> even the people who have gathered there are not able to identify the bodies. so the experts have come to assist the local doctors. >> so far there is no evidence of any problem on the plane before it crashed. four americans forensic investigators are in india trying to help. american officials say north korean leader kim jong il was behind the sinking of a south korean naval ship. it may stir tensions where the north have threatened war if there is any retribution. more on how the u.s. is trying to sort out the diplomatic danger. a new york times report takes the blame a step further citing senior american officials who say the torpedo launch that sunk a south korean naval ship must have been
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authorized by kim jong il. one told the paper it's not an established fact but rather based on what the u.s. knows about how north korea and its military work. one expert i spoke with agrees. >> it would be entirely consistent for kim jongil to take this provocative behavior to show he's still in charge in north cree a. it's one of the reasons why the continuing existence of his regime is a threat to international peace and security. >> south korea announced it will take the case of its sunken naval ship not u.n. security council to get sanctions against north korea but they are unlikely to have much effect unless china is on board. secretary of state hillary clinton is in china for two days of economic talks. however, this incident is expected to play a dominant role in her discussions with the chinese. a senior u.s. official says the u.s. has already conveyed to the chinese how serious the united
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states and its allies, south korea and japan, take the marc rshg arc tack. the official says the u.s. and china remain at odds with how to deal with north korea, adding china is not yet con fined piong yang was behind the attack despite an international report that said the torpedo was fired by north korean submarines. the south korean president is to call for the united nations to condemn the attack and could cut trade ties with the north. north korea has threatened all out war if there is any retaliation. the war on cancer is far from over. and today hundreds came out to fight. see how a 7-year-old boy is leading the way even though he lost his battle. gwen is coming back with the full forecast. how long will it stay wet? find out on the other side of the break.
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the dutchess of york, sarah ferguson is finding herself in hot water over this undercover video. the tabloid claims that she tried to sell access to her ex-husband, prince andrew. ferguson reinvented herself becoming a media personality and author, and even had a gig with weight watchers. a businessman strikes a deal with the dutchess in order to gain access to prince
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andrew. >> 500,000 pounds really can for me open doors. >> was that the deal? >> yes. >> then if you want to go to... >> reporter: for the 55-year-old dutchess says the recording is authentic and ferguson is devastated. buckingham palace says it will not comment because ferguson is no long are a part of the royal family. how do we top that? that's some scandal with the royals. >> i'll settle with sunshine for you. >> i love that transition. >> queen of transitions. >> we're wearing yellow so we can get sunshine in the forecast. >> we would be grateful if you can get some sun in. it's been dreadful. >> there was a little bit of sun that have noon. we had a little bit of sun. a few breaks but not everybody did see it. it wasn't a wash out which is good news because there were a lot of outdoor activities going on today.
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not totally all bad but here's a look outside. gray skies and some seeing heavier rainfall and a rumble of thunder while others are just seeing the cloud and fog. here's what we're looking at when we look at the big picture of the system. a low pressure system has been sliding south. the spin is all the way to the atlantic. it continues to spin its way through and a lot of heavier pockets to the south where there are thunderstorms popping up. for us locally we're seeing the same type of thing. last night the storms developed a little bit later a few here, a few there and got a wide span of storms and rain that moved through. things are more isolated. let's look at the fox 5 doppler radar. near fredericksburg to the south we're seeing storms popping up here. front royal to the north we're seeing storms popping up here. and we have a river flood warning in terms of washington county here to the north. but we're going to see this continuing to pop up into the course of the evening hours and into tonight. and we're just going to kind
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of be that pop up situation. not everyone is going to get t they're going to see thoirz and everything else. just be prepared with it. where we see the thunderstorms popping up we're going to see heavier amounts of rainfall. overall the western burbs have gotten 2 to 3 inches of rainfall since last night. breaking a record of rainfall in dulles at 2.29 inches, that record set back in 1988. look at some of these numbers. frederick, maryland, 2 and a half inches of rainfall. more than that in rockville. potomac reached almost two inches. 3-1/2 for asheville, virginia and in west virginia they got their fair share of rainfall, 2 inches in shepherdstown. we've had a fair amount of rain, good for the grass and flowers and it's typical spring weather. isolated storms popping up in many neighborhoods. uncemented in monday. starting out with -- unsettled into monday. storing out with patchy fog
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and a few showers to the south. the sunshine is going to be ahead and we'll be heading up to the 80s for daytime highs as we move into the week. we've got improvement coming our way. not all bad. as far as our temperatures are concerned for today we reached 78 at national, 77 at dulles and 79 at baltimore. it's pretty mild outside right now. our temperatures are into the low 70s pretty much everywhere across the board. up the mid-atlantic we've got 68 at new york. cooler in boston at 56 but the warm-up into the later part of the week is coming from all the warm air in the mid and southern section of the country. look at the 90's. this is going to push its way through and we'll see that warm-up later in the week. fairly mild, we've got an isolated thunderstorm here and there. a shower here and there. you're going to have to be very cognizant of that. this trough is situated across our area. it's going to push off to the north. into tomorrow, morning fog, chance of showers.
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looks like most of the showers will be to the south but i can't rule out anything into the d.c. metro area. be aware of that for your commute and later in the day. tonight, cloudy with isolated storms. 2026 the overnight low -- 62 the overnight low. the five-day forecast, sunshine, we like sunshine. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. not bad at all. i'm happy to say it. i had to wear yellow because of that. into the 80s by the end of the week. >> no complaints about that future forecast. the shuttle actuallies is on its way home -- atlantis is on its way home. it undocked from the international space station after a week's worth of work. it sent supplies and new equipment to the station. it is scheduled to come back to earth on wednesday and be retired. a 7-year-old may have lost his battle with cancer but the fight continues in his memory. 500 people laced up for the first pediatric cancer walk honoring maddie brown.
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the alexandria boy died last september from osteosarcoma. his parents launched the matty miracle cancer foundation. they set up a website about the organization and their son's courageous fight. lewis pugh is the first to swim a cross a glacial lake on mount everest. a boat paddled alongside in case he got into trouble but he didn't. his icy one kilometer swim took 22 minutes. he's hoping to draw attention to the melting him lay an glaciers. the battle of the beltway, the nats try to take it to the orioles and seal the deal. dave feldman contingency up next in sports. for ten points,
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good evening, i'm dave feldman. a couple good things with the rubble rubber game. the good was so good the bad became irrelevant. this is where you were if you can't choose between the o's and the nats. when gwen wears a canada usa shirt. are onlying are bernardino drives one to centerfield. adam jones can't get t three runs score. nats took a three-run lead. lugo with a flare to the
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field falls. caps' first blown save of the season. 3-3 bottom of the 10th. clay meredith facing josh willingham and hammer wins this battle a fly to left center. game winning solo home run. willingham's eighth of the year. nats edge the orioles, 4, 3, and 10. lindsay murphy files this report. >> reporter: matt cap's first blown save of the season was easier to swallow thanks to josh willingham's walk off home run in the 10th and the nationals win in extra innings for the first time this season. >> that's what you dream about when you're a kid so you know when you're up at the plate you can't really be trying to do that. it usually doesn't happen. i was just trying to get a good pitch and hit hard. >> he's a professional hitter and squared it up as good as he could and save the day for us. >> reporter: the battle of the beltway bragging rights belong to the nationals who will hold a 14-13 record
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all time against the orioles. from nationals park, lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> lindsay, thank you. last night's game 3, settles and magic, rajon rondo back and reverse and fakes everybody plus the foul. wow. later second. red i can's pass deflects off tony allen. rondo out hustles williams. boston led by as many as 32 points. celtics pound the magic 94-71 to take a game 3 to none series lead. nhl playoffs game 4est western conference finals, blackhawks hosting the sharks. hawks in the power play, dustin byfuglien scored the game winner. they defeat the sharks 4-2 to complete the four-game sweep. they punch their ticket to the stanley cup finals for the first time in 18 years. eighth seed stoney brook against virginia. kevin crowley is wide open and scores to tie the game.
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stoney brook fans sense an upset but they hold on. colin briggs scores the game winning goal, virginia edges stoney brook, 10-9. the chavez advance to the semi-finals for the six time in the last ten years. >> venus williams in search of an eighth grand slam title against the porter top ten player patty snyder. she wins 6-3, 6-3 to improve to 27-4. serena won the australian open and is the number one seed. the mistakes lose to the connecticut sun. the final score 80-65. gwen and maureen, you're up-to-date. >> i'm not going to let you start fighting about the canada/usa shirt, the dig you manage to get in. >> it's a compliment. she works them both. >> and i represent the
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weather. >> fog in the morning and also some showers possible. be prepared for that. but we have sunshine the rest of the week so get out and enjoy it. we're heading to the 80s, folks. that does it for us at 6:00. back tonight at 10:00 and "news edge" at 11:00. and geico sports xtra. >> we'll see you later on. bye-bye.   
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